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Kaitlyn Bush
"Do I want to learn how to play blackjack" What? NO! I want to learn how properly throw a snowball
Comment from : Kaitlyn Bush

Helpful video but kind of annoying with the music when you are talking.
Comment from : ZH

Android Beast
How can I summon Exodia in this??? pls help
Comment from : Android Beast

Beth_Waters A_Glam_Doll
went to link, but can't set up account because it doesn't have my country nor does it except my number
Comment from : Beth_Waters A_Glam_Doll

Devil's Advocate
"Do I want to learn how to play blackjack". Oh, no. Not really, I came here to order some teriyaki chicken.
Comment from : Devil's Advocate

So example i have 15 and i stand, the dealer keeps on drawing a card, how do i win?
Comment from : kkranezz

cs go
Comment from : redas36

Online Casinos Canada (OCC)
This has to be my favorite game at the casino. The rules are simple enough, but you can try out different strategies. I like sitting at the tables with my friends.
Comment from : Online Casinos Canada (OCC)

My friends forced me to play black jack. I never knew the game before, we all bet around $10 so the pot was $50. My first try I got a tie(?) with mutual friend, I was at 17. The dealer asked if I wanted him to hit me or stand. I said hit me, my friends called me an idiot for saying "hit me", I got a 4 and they all were freaking out. Honestly, I had no idea what happened... lmao... Thanks for the tutorial, now I understand.
Comment from : Tony

International man of mystery
Teach me how not to be affraid
Comment from : International man of mystery

Amazing video helped me
Comment from : MonkeyMoo

Comment from : NeonFluffyCakes

Jacques LeDisco
FREE Blackjack21 iPhone & Android

Comment from : Jacques LeDisco

abd-elwhab saied
now i can play blackjack in fallout new vegas
Comment from : abd-elwhab saied

what is the advantage to doubling down?
Comment from : SpirusOfH

Godfrey Koko
This is a knowledge refresher on blackjack basics
Comment from : Godfrey Koko

Axelelele Movies
Now I can bet on csgo
Comment from : Axelelele Movies

Sleeping Lion
If u gamble online. Do not use bovada. They will rip you off
Comment from : Sleeping Lion

in the beginning of the video I said "naww...duhh why do you think I clicked this video" LOL
Comment from : Mom

Thomas S
thank u
Comment from : Thomas S

Chaklader Asfak Arefe
Great introduction for the beginners.
Comment from : Chaklader Asfak Arefe

Vanishree Govender
Relevant.Easy to learn.
Comment from : Vanishree Govender

You never know.
There's a mistake at 4:54. Dealer had 17 and therefore he/she should stand and not hit another card(7).
Comment from : You never know.

Melissa The Great
How to Play Black Jack:

1. Bring in 500.
2. Play 5,5,15,30,60,125,250.
3. If Lose, bring in more money.
4. Play for about 1 Hour.
5. Before you leave wait for a 3 in a row.

Comment from : Melissa The Great

Shayan Sarnevesht
i dont get it
Comment from : Shayan Sarnevesht

Jason H
474k views and only 6 comments, seems legit.
Comment from : Jason H

Brad Hennigan
Helpful instruction, but I would vote to lose the music. Thanks for the video.
Comment from : Brad Hennigan

Cyrus Jafaro
Nvr bn crded
Comment from : Cyrus Jafaro

Its like 21, awesome
Comment from : TW3EK69

Marioud Yolo
Never knew this was 21 i thought it was different but thanks
Comment from : Marioud Yolo

I'm actually watching this so I can play Fallout: New Vegas.... heuheuheuheuheu
Comment from : Raider

Uncle Ruckus
Comment from : Uncle Ruckus

"Do you want to learn how to play Blackjack?" No... I looked up "How to play Blackjack" and clicked on this video because I wanted to learn card tricks.
Comment from : Skios

Max C
like the music!
Comment from : Max C

Miles Rima
perfect butlower the music cant really hear you clearly
Comment from : Miles Rima

Harikrishnan Jayaraj
Thanks ! It's very useful
Comment from : Harikrishnan Jayaraj

I have a question:

if you have a total of 21 points with 3 cards and the dealer has 21 points with 4 cards, is it a tie or does the person with the fewest/most cards win?

Comment from : Brownscarf

Nipun Shenoy
Ur awesome man! Thanks soo much!
Comment from : Nipun Shenoy

Winter Is The Best Season
Im just hear for Fallout New Vegas
Comment from : Winter Is The Best Season

You won't in yer right mind split tens!
Although available, insurance bet is not advisable unless there are loads of tens remaining.

Comment from : m9801

Andy Cokeski
This isn't 21, 21 is a game for children and has much simpler rules. In 21 there is no betting and side-betting, the dealer doesn't reveal any cards and there is no double-down. Blackjack is a game played for money at Casinos whereas 21 is a game you play with your kids to teach them the fundamentals of gambling without them knowing. #BESTPARENTINGEVERYOLOBITCHES
Comment from : Andy Cokeski

He sounds like Prince Charming from shrek :)
Comment from : Melloooowable

i have to say its well explained :)
(just unsure now of what doubling up is in the game) sadly its not in the vid

Comment from : karld17

Heitor Massola
This song is awesome! Name, anyone?
Comment from : Heitor Massola

I learned it takes no talent and it's fun
Comment from : aazz0099503

THANKS!!! this is indeed helpful... I learned some things about blackjack.

p.s. just an advice...
I think it just taught me more of the 'basic rules' in blackjack.. rather than 'how to play' it...

Comment from : goldwin818

watchurassMF hellboyhere
thank you..
Comment from : watchurassMF hellboyhere

Good, simple guide :)
Comment from : Richnoooob

2 million rules hard to follow
Comment from : u320017

Claremonts Casino
Great video and a fantastic way to teach people! What about having some live footage of the hands being dealt from the shoe? This may help people to learn even quicker!

We will soon be releasing our own series of tutorial videos, covering Roullete, Poker, Blackjack and more!

Subscribe to our channel for excellent upcoming videos!

Comment from : Claremonts Casino

Abhishek Mahipal
Amazing! ThanxXx A Lot! BTW, Which Song Is Being Played In The Background? PLEASE TELL ME!
Comment from : Abhishek Mahipal

The voice in this video sounds so cool...Like james bond
Comment from : TheGentleman

John McMiller
Won 53 units on Willhill yesterday not sure about card counting it can mess up your head what worked for me is that Dealer Beater Guide's strategy it was well explained took me a couple of reading but than i assaulted the tables :D So far so good ill leave counting for those uni kids 
Comment from : John McMiller

Thank's this was really helpful!
Comment from : MagicGarage

very helpful thanks
Comment from : KokoPuffsX3

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