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Escape Felicity
Try mine:

Comment from : Escape Felicity

Escape Felicity
Gotta love the way this guy says you'd have to lose 7 in a row to go bust.
As if I hardly ever happens.
Maybe on his planet.

Comment from : Escape Felicity

what about the antee?
Comment from : jeanious2009

Devil Inside
Do not switch or chose single color because i loss color 14 bets in a row WARNING MARTINGALE!
Comment from : Devil Inside

Andreas Jacovides
Oh okkkkkkk😆
Comment from : Andreas Jacovides

Phred Flypogger
Seems to accumulate small profits OK but you lose it all when the ball lands on one of the two house numbers, 0 or 00. "chances are that you won't lose 6 in a row".......each spin has a 53% chance of losing (18 in 38) regardless of the outcomes before it.
Comment from : Phred Flypogger

Jeremy and Amber Sanders
The Martingale is a bad system. You’re just bet chasing.
Comment from : Jeremy and Amber Sanders

Her accent though..
Comment from : craigzilla100

Harjinder Singh Lotey
Great share!
Comment from : Harjinder Singh Lotey

Lads Leaks
Your modified martingale is flawed because even though you’re risking less when in recovery mode it means that you need more wins in a row to get ahead
Comment from : Lads Leaks

Cable Car
My roulette system is safer and more profitable.
Comment from : Cable Car

Vishal Gupta
Dont use martingale by yourself. Eventually Casinos will catch on and they rig. Play red and have your friend play black. That way casino cant win, unless they hit 00 every single time.
Comment from : Vishal Gupta

Lottery Secret Society
😕Interesting video I swear on my mom i'm going to love my profits

Now a overnight professional Gambler thanks www.youtube.com/channel/UCNgfrwFuHnMtUDnLTBcaQOA

Comment from : Lottery Secret Society

why da fk does she say BLAAAYK and RAAYYD
Comment from : Solomate

Vidisha Alwani
Why have they hidden their faces?
Comment from : Vidisha Alwani

Keith Kubo
don't most casinos have a maximum bet of $200 in and out
Then you wouldn't be able to bet $ 240 or more

Comment from : Keith Kubo

Elizabeth Harrington
The martingale is a good strategy, important is to start with low bets. I use this strategy on sharkroulette
Comment from : Elizabeth Harrington

Cleve Stone
You need to bet on red
Comment from : Cleve Stone

Craig Hall
Even Odd, Red Black, 1-18 19-36
Comment from : Craig Hall

After 15y, now and then playing, I just wanted to say, you can't believe how much I have seen 9 or even 11 times in a row the same number 😳
I use more or less your system, but on many locations.
Usually, the last 1/3, uneven and red with 10€ chips and in the meanwhile my favorite numbers with 2,5€ chips.
My "real-world" conclusion over all those years?
More or less break-even, I think a little loss, like 1500€ over 15y, which is acceptable for have 100ths of hours fun.
This can be 1 day losing 600€ and another gaining 800€.
Biggest losses is the wine I drank in the meanwhile 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

Comment from : CarChrisMC

mike martin
Have you tried this on the video roulette? I have tried other systems on video roulette and found is was much more profitable because of the faster pace. So much so, that the casino changed the rules after the last time I was there and lowered the max bet on the 1-12 option I was using.
Comment from : mike martin

Black Cracka
One thing to absolutely understand about this system if that jeffrey epstein didnt kill himself.
Comment from : Black Cracka

Erick Alvarez
I have LITERALLY copied step by step what u described in this video and I’m telling u RIGHT NOW THAT this strategy ACTUALLY WORKS . Follow this strategy precisely and u will win it’s so unlikely for the 7th spin to fail. It can happen but is very rare! So far I’ve made 2000+ and never lost a 7th spin. Ppl that are making fun of it probably never tried it and lost money at casino
Comment from : Erick Alvarez

Andre Tullier
If its red that much I'm switching.
Comment from : Andre Tullier

JOE Bozza
Comment from : JOE Bozza

Ivan M
I usually look at the tree and I don't see "0 or 00" I play that table with a $400 stack of $10 and place one chip on each of the two numbers "0,00" and usually hit by the 9th roll.
Comment from : Ivan M

88 Casanova
Comment from : 88 Casanova

wise doctor
Dude ur Cringy and a nerd
Comment from : wise doctor

Robert Miguel Pantaleon
I tried this method. It works if you are in it for the long run, in one hour I made $234 betting $1 and sometimes $2 per play. I would recommend if you reset your chips after being down double or nothing, change the betting color.
Comment from : Robert Miguel Pantaleon

I've seen it go red about 30 times in a row... People lost big time using this system.
Comment from : itsGuy

Your wheel is impractical as it’s not full size obviously and I don’t think she’s your sister due to the accent I’ll bet on that
Comment from : sniper10666

Wow!! Your either a blank blank- or a special needs person, either way congrats on getting so many views for your silly randomness on a completely b.s. system:))
Comment from : B-TRAY

i am sure every roulette player has seen it hit like black 10x in a row
Comment from : OKAYYYY

Charles Smith
So 7 win streak and your up 70$ 7 lose streak and your down 1000$.......... I’ll just stay home
Comment from : Charles Smith

Left Blank
All of the numbers 1 to 36 add up to 666
Comment from : Left Blank

Dude bet red man!
Comment from : MattyYoungcloudsArt

weber 45
Comment from : weber 45

Thank you this was great info.
Comment from : ADEB SIZ

Mohammed Turab
Very informative and straight to the point thank you
Comment from : Mohammed Turab

roulette is not beatable ! 32 times red I saw it live good luck with your strat there
Comment from : Heldiros

Fonzi Fonzarello
Let me know how that works out for you....in a real casino
Comment from : Fonzi Fonzarello

Isse Mexfincano
Roulette doesn’t care what it’s done before! It’s pure chance every time. I’ve seen 20 times black/odd/low in a row.
Comment from : Isse Mexfincano

Yes yes... 5.67% house advantage... if you use this method 100% you gonna lose.
Because on roullete every spin is unique.. if you see 7 blacks in a row and you say omg i go all line on red bcs this time needs to be red. Every time is a new spin with exactly +5% house advantage what ever you'll do you gonna end up losing .
I have 7 years as a gambler and right now i play to recover my money. If you want to winn just go big 1 time followed by instinct if you got it never play again, if you lose it never play again.
If you use this method go with you instinct black or red that will not destroy the strategy.. every spin is unique !!!!

Comment from : R3BORN GT

10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune
Give me $200 and I'll make $100 in 4 spins with 80% of the board covered 80% of the time. Hit and run Baby and make it easy.
Comment from : 10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune

een aza
thats is martiangel system.....you will loss if your money is not good enought
Comment from : een aza

For your information also 1-18 and 18-36 is 50% ...
Comment from : FreeLife

Nicole Walker
You've clearly got this sussed you must be amazing it look at your setup very professional
Comment from : Nicole Walker

Be Happy
I read new roulette strategy 'Sweet Spot One-Third Roulette Strategy (OTRS)' book on Amazon, best roulette system out there, all tested on live wheels not manipulated air/computer wheels/toy wheels. you can't test a proper roulette system on computer generated wheels, for fun money will allow you to win for real money will cause you to lose, is not truly random. i think most people know this.
Comment from : Be Happy

Nakara ladka
I don't have words to thank you🙏
Comment from : Nakara ladka

Nakara ladka
Sir you are my god😇🙏🙇
Comment from : Nakara ladka

[JKF Gaming]
You can hear the excitement in his voice when he wins a few times, gaining profit. Almost as though he doesn't expect it...
Comment from : [JKF Gaming]

daniel ali
This guy is so dumb but thinks he is Einstein. Doesnt even know which bets you can do which are the even money bets. Good dealer 😂. Let me put these chips over here so you can see the profits - puts them out of camera shot.
Comment from : daniel ali

Ardani Event
Most casinos are using RFID chips ... so inside of each chip there is RFID ic that makes each chip countable and each bet by each person countable .... the roullete table system know that which number if placed gives more profit and less lose to casino .... this system it works only if you play in crowded table and in long run its successfull
Comment from : Ardani Event

Patrick Carrott
What is this? A roulette wheel for ANTS?
Comment from : Patrick Carrott

dude... iv had balck come in 25 times in a row before don't use this strat guys just double everytime you win.
Comment from : ArtemiusTGM

eduar ed
Come on man i seem 9 reds come out in a row..or 10 blacks lol what will u do during those time the roulette go crazy...or when low numbers come out for like 3 minutes of playing lol i think i know all the strategies in roulette but it doesnt matter because u always loose when roulette start goin crazy like 3 zero coming out i a row ect ect we just need to learn to walk out when we have somethin solid dont stay there for long
Comment from : eduar ed

Mark Grint
Lol. Eejit. 6 consecutive blacks happens 1 in every 75 spins ; 7 consecutive happens 1 in every 154 spins; 8 once every 325 spins. Wow, so few, I hear you say. But let me remind you why you're doing this - to make money. And if it's making money for you, you're going to keep doing it. And when you do it long enough, the laws of large numbers jumps up, bites you on the bum and you lose everything on that 8th throw that you've made AND MORE. Don't believe me - work out how much you'll have made for the previous 324 spins (even if not on the same day or at the same place) then calculate how much you lose when the dreaded 8 comes in. These systems have been rubbished so many times anyone still promoting them, especially with silly plastic roulette wheels, is either an idiot or an casino agent.
Comment from : Mark Grint

oliver jensen
How can 18 and 19 be red?
Comment from : oliver jensen

No system can overcome the House vig Of 5.26% in long term play. A bet on Red gives you 18 numbers, the House has 20. Now, how long can you last fighting that disadvantage?
Comment from : JIMI T

Aryan Ali
very stupid you dont know a thing about ods and maths ..
Comment from : Aryan Ali

This only works if you have large amount of money to start with, I’m talking 10k, and even then if you roll 20 of one color in a row it’s gone
Comment from : Squidboy88

c biscuit
Yeah that chick is a trash dealer
Comment from : c biscuit

Milo The Russian Blue
The title of this video is misleading in order to get clicks for ad revenue. There is no system that will make you win every single time.
Comment from : Milo The Russian Blue

This video is basically martingale minus trying to win back your original bet, and just trying to break even. Still mathematically, there is no system that will win 100% of the time. It’s impossible
Comment from : alextheskaterdude07

Chim Chim
Just tried this system for the first time. Hit black 8 times in a row. Lesson learned
Comment from : Chim Chim

Ryan Weston
Is this his slave in the basement seems like it😂
Comment from : Ryan Weston

Mark Solheim
You cannot win at roulette. I dealt Roulette for many years, and I always knew where the ball was going to drop. I could also put the ball anywhere on the wheel that I wanted. No one when I dealt. On a very bad day, my table held 30 percent.
Comment from : Mark Solheim

Schröder sys
The only system that can make money (Drehmaschine system) it's free
Watch the video and judge ,

Comment from : Schröder sys

Hey man made 500 in 7 hours I'm insanely thankful bro
Comment from : grathado28

Jeffrey Turnage
If it worked you would have a legit roulette table not this POS....
Comment from : Jeffrey Turnage

Garrett Wilson - Life in Miami
I've seen red come up 22 times in a row at a Vegas casino...Imagine betting black all those times LOL
Comment from : Garrett Wilson - Life in Miami

1234 .1234
Good video ! I have some strategies on my channel too
Comment from : 1234 .1234

Lucky Phothirath
Headline says win everytime? In video he says if you lose 7 in a row walk away. Lol that's because you lost all your money.
Comment from : Lucky Phothirath

Meme Star
8 commercials in a 16 min video damn
Comment from : Meme Star

jon gimbo
Kinda of seems like this method is like picking up nickles in front of a steamroller. I wonder what the expected value would be of this method, wouldn't be too hard to calculate.
Comment from : jon gimbo

Jeff Culler
Nice "roulette wheel." You can buy those in any cheap Vegas gift shop--usually they double as ashtrays LMAO!!!
Comment from : Jeff Culler

Jeff Culler
You are truly a special kind of stupid. Greetings from Las Vegas!
Comment from : Jeff Culler

Tony Hood
what ajoke vid
Comment from : Tony Hood

Josh Chupik
Real casino roulette try to keep the sections in balance, ex. Red 47% black 47% green 6%. At worst red 40% black 55% green 5%, i play numbers only 35 to 1 pay. I try figure a red or black hit only play red numbers. If 1-12 have had lots of hits and 25-36 hasn't had a hit in forever i bet red numbers 25-36, trying to make the board as small as possible, also watching the 1st-3rd rows for hits to because the whole board needs to stay balanced. I try to find numbers that haven't hit yet, most casino's show the last 20 hits, i play the odd hot number or look for repeating number hits.
Comment from : Josh Chupik

Last night went to casino with my buddies. I started with $50 and walked out with $325. One friend started out with $30 and walked out with more than $100. Last buddy started with $30 and walked out with $40 ahah, wasn’t so lucky but if we’re leaving positive that’s a win for us!

Strategy: we (especially me) got crazy lucky. I wagered 3 bucks on one number and got it and then wagered 2 bucks on another number and got it on the very next spin. I immediately said I’m out after that, I didn’t want to lose what I won! My other friends gradually lost but then won back their money and then some.

Play for the fun, not for the money. Playing strictly for the money is a sure fire way to leave disappointed and with a gambling addiction (srs).

Comment from : steelyfanz675

Jum Broni
Martingale system is almost foolproof. If you stay on black every spin you will walk out of the casino a winner. I don't GAF what anyone says.
Comment from : Jum Broni

Game conditions:
The wheel contains one green zero.
The player has a budget of $1270 to afford 7 bets in a row, as $10, $20, $40, $80, $160, $320, $640 (The video publisher mentions $1000, he probably miscounted)
The player starts from betting $10 and doubles it when loses. After winning he goes back to the $10 bet.
The player starts from $10 also when he loses 7 bets in a row (or goes home).

Whether the strategy is profitable or not, there is a simple math to explain it.
Odds of losing 7 times in a row (with just one green 0 on the wheel):

(19/37)^7 = 0.0094 OR 0.94%

It is roughly 1 out 100 chance that you will lose the base capital of $1270 (reserved for 7 bets) and you will go home with only the winnings that you earned based on that capital.
In other words, in average, you have 100 spins before you lose your base capital.
In order this strategy to work, you need to make $1270 of net winnings out of your capital within the 100 spins so that you can afford losing your base capital and still have profit.

No matter you win on the first spin, 2nd, or even 7th spin, you always just end up winning only $10.
Even if you win at the bet of $320, you had just lost $310 before that in a sequence of losses, so you just earned $10 at the successful end of the sequence.
The later you win (for example on 5th spin), the more spins you had wasted to earn that $10.

The expected number of average spins that brings you that $10 profit is 1.97.
In other words, you need about 2 spins to earn $10.
With 100 spins you will be earning $500.

So, in average, every time you win $500, you will lose your base capital of $1270.

With every 100 spins in average, your net loss is $770. You lose $7.7 per spin in average.
With the average spin cycle of 2 minutes (betting, spinning, payouts time accumulated), you are dead in about 3 hours. :)

If the wheel has two green zeros, then you will lose even faster.

You could only win 100% if you had infinite budget for infinite number of spins.
In reality, such budget is impossible. Even with a million dollar budget you could only afford 17 losing spins in a row. And that is not statistically that rare to see the same color 17 times in a row.
Not only that, the casinos make it much easier for them by setting maximum betting limit.
If the minimum bet is $10 and maximum betting limit is $5000, set by the casino, then you can just have betting space for 8 losing spins.
With 8-bet range you will lose your $2550 budget while winning $1000 dollars in 200 spins, making the loss rate per spin still the same $7.7.

There is a positive side though. Think of this as an entertainment, like going to the movie theater or taking the roller coaster ride.
If you think $7.7 "ticket" is justified for enjoying one spin of roulette in the casino, then you did not really lose anything, you just paid for the fun you had. :)

Comment from : andome2

The Human Condition
the wheel is NOTHING like the real thing so the whole dynamic is COMPLETELY whack!
Comment from : The Human Condition

pandit ayush
Ye Gadha hai!
Comment from : pandit ayush

Yeh keep dbling up til u get 15reds in a row n u bet black it happens often. Bin there got the tshirt pal any one system will get exposed sooner or later. You video is very irresponsible. Be careful guys.
Comment from : mBnELL

Each spin is a separate spin why just black? One spin can be black, next odd, next red, even ECT. The fact that you think one spin influences the next tells me you're clueless.
Comment from : MrCervasio1

I just hoped on a live dealer sesh and saw that the previous 11 spins were all red, this "system" is bullshit.
Comment from : Anonymous

Patrick Drew
And what happens if it is more than 7 rolls?? I just had 10 losses in a row..... Martingale DOES NOT WORK!!!
Comment from : Patrick Drew

Roulette & Blackjack -Secrets finally revealed
This guy has a decent strTegy which on its own does not win but in combination does. Will say no more!
~Phantom 'was here'

Comment from : Roulette & Blackjack -Secrets finally revealed

Dan Lopez
Ok everyone....I've been in the casino business over 20years now and there is one guaranteed way to leave the casino with a 1 MILLION dollars......come with 2 MILLION!! LMAO
Comment from : Dan Lopez

Marcus Lee
I think you are making an assumption that the event of red and black are a dependent probability. But there is a 50% chance you could lose all your money since each spin is an independent event.
Comment from : Marcus Lee

Moe A
You all need to read what Einstein said about roulette!!


So true

Comment from : Moe A

Roulett has the worst odds.
Comment from : Mike

60 FlatFendr
Take some of that AD money and buy a F#!King wheel... what a joke. Are you at her Massage Parrer?
Comment from : 60 FlatFendr

Magz 80
Stop gambling. Keep your money for you and your family In the end of gambling you will loss everything. May be your social life too
Comment from : Magz 80

Jacob Stevenson
“Risking $1000 to make $50”
Comment from : Jacob Stevenson

Watching You
Hate the dealer.......Your video and your system sucks.
Comment from : Watching You

smith haydens
Hurry up and reach out to webghost33 on skype for all winning streaks. Make over $50k in less than three weeks. Webghost is a cyberspace expert who can run ethical hacks.
Comment from : smith haydens

Martha D.moreno
Very helpful video. In addition, if you need winning streaks in Roulette. I'm so addicted to playing Roulette online and i've lost a lot of money too. But that is life ...You win some and lose some. However your wins should always supersede your losses. A friend introduced me to a great hacking god { contact him skype : webghost33 or text +1 470 231 5053} and everything has been smooth since the past few months. I've won over $270k and hit jackpot twice with his winning streaks. As long as you bet online, hurry up and contact Webghost for all ethical hacks on online casino. This great guy wants everyone to win . Although he charge for the service but trust me it's worth it in the end.
Comment from : Martha D.moreno

Jason Johnson
ya.. It kinda works. I bought 200 in chips for online, got it up 700 then I was betting on black and the table came up with 9 reds in a row and i lost it all. UG
Comment from : Jason Johnson

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