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ROB Mccaig
lol if you lost that splitting aces you be down
Comment from : ROB Mccaig

Carolina García
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Comment from : Carolina García

Prime Captain
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Comment from : Prime Captain

Lion Heart
Appreciate video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched - Konenjamin Penrooklyn Solution (search on google)? It is a good one of a kind product for finding your lucky day to cleverly win the lottery minus the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 at last got excellent success with it.
Comment from : Lion Heart

Tony Shelton
I noticed the cards changing color and design....
Comment from : Tony Shelton

First video part: "Waw, it works!"
Second part: "oh it's fake, boring..."

Comment from : demamat

Steven D. Bennett
Even the MIT card counting team went through a period of losing.
Comment from : Steven D. Bennett

phansu123 phansu
Same system here www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjX0EYR3rfc
Comment from : phansu123 phansu

Comment from : Chris84

Brooke Horn
The world's top ten credit platform, Russia Entertainment City 254413.com has chosen to be your conscience place.
Comment from : Brooke Horn

candy Lorenzo
When high cards start coming it goes for about 5-6 hands before it changes .. if you get a 10 and a 9 and dealer opened A , there is a possibility of the dealer making black jack .. high cards often follow each other just like low cards follow each other .. I will hit on 12 if low cards are turning up like 5,6,4 but if dealer has a 10 and I have a 2 and 10 I would surrender , because a 10 is likely to come out . The only way to win more money on black jack is to take your chances when you can , always split if the odds are not against you and play both hands , always double when you get the chance , but never double if dealer is showing a 10 or A , it doesn’t make sense . Don’t forget there are more 10 than any other cards on the table , so you will see them more often than other numbers . Thank you
Comment from : candy Lorenzo

Drew Grows
Win every time. You must be a billionaire
Comment from : Drew Grows

peter anastos

Comment from : peter anastos

peter anastos

Comment from : peter anastos

peter anastos

Comment from : peter anastos

T Risper
I like the part where he said dealer hits on 17
Comment from : T Risper


Samson Papaya
I have a book that shows you how to win all the time on slots! I’m selling it for 100$, cheap! 😂🤣
Comment from : Samson Papaya

Dewey Parker
There is an easier way. Just double your bet every time. (but watch your back).
Comment from : Dewey Parker

peter anastos
Comment from : peter anastos

peter anastos
HOW CAN $10. WORK INTO $866 IT DOES NOT AND THE OTHER EITHER $100 into whatever you said

Comment from : peter anastos

gerard haubert
I always win, I go to the bar and order a good bourbon.....no losers there
Comment from : gerard haubert

Theo Fulk
What is the explanation for the cards having some clipped corners ?
Comment from : Theo Fulk

I know how to take MILLIONS of dollars from a casino in MINUTES with a bankroll of NOTHING...... rob it.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

Frankly I think you should tell people to trust betting systems. The stupid ones will, and they'll be parted from their money. I wish I DID live on a world where fools were always parted from their money. But when winning or losing is often dependent on your reason or stupidity, that's when things are closest to being fair. I like it when others at the blackjack table lose, when I know they're not counting cards like me (which is pretty much all the time). They deserve to lose.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

minh Nguyen
How about the full table play who can win
Comment from : minh Nguyen

Eddie Mo
Comment from : Eddie Mo

yeah randoms
anyone else watching this to show up their friends at the casino?
Comment from : yeah randoms

Micah Rose
So you must own a casino
Comment from : Micah Rose

How much have you won???????????????????????????????????????????
Comment from : bwl123

Billy Mac
So how many of you made a negative comment before the video got to the part that mattered? ( like I did!!)
Comment from : Billy Mac

Fernando Gonzalez
Good work dude..oh man you r smart. I had a feeling things were like that. I agree on everything you said about cascino s.. Goodwork .n. Thanx....
Comment from : Fernando Gonzalez

arnibah vanst
There is a system that win beat blackjack in the casinos.Always bet with a match play and you will win in the long run.Back in the old days(1970s and 80s),you could bet 25 to 50 match plays per day.That was enough to pay the rent in a studio apartment.
Comment from : arnibah vanst

Players try to win at casinos knowing the casinos have the edge... but if players had the edge then casinos would never try to beat the players. If players had the edge there would be no such thing as casinos.
Comment from : arealmench

R R Music
is counting card can win on online blackjack with live dealer ?
Comment from : R R Music

Wtf is wrong with his left eye?
Comment from : Prism_Cye

Domenico Marcianò
📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲
شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ صــار لــي بــقــرأ كـثـيـر مــن الـكـومـنـتـات عــن صـغـر الــقــضــيــب وسـرعـة الــقــذف
وأحـب أقـولـكـم بـمـعـلـومـة مـفـيـدة😉 أنــي حـصـلـت عــلــى وصـفـة رهـيـبـة مـن الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الــلــي بـيـيـتـواصـلـو مـعـاه كــثــيــر مــن الـنـاس
وبـصـدق اسـتـعـمـلـتـو كــم أســبــوع وصـار لـي قــضــيــب رهــيــب تـتـمـنـاه أي زوجــة😍
هـذا رقـم الــدكــتــور عــلــى الــواتــس *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

Comment from : Domenico Marcianò

Johnathan Grey
I played that system. And it works under the the right game. Without a shuffle machine. But it does work.
Comment from : Johnathan Grey

Domenico Marcianò
📲*00212.645.75.23.01* *whatapps*📲
شـبـاب🙋‍♂️ صـار لــي بــشــوف كـثـيـر مــن الــكــومــنــتــات عـن صـغـر الـقـضـيـب وسـرعـة الـقـذف
وأحـب أقــولــكــم بــمــعــلــومــة مــفــيــدة😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عـلـى وصـفـة رهـيـبـة مـن الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الـلـي بــيــتــواصــل مــعــاه كـثـيـر مــن الــنــاس
وبــصــدق اسـتـعـمـلـتـو كــم أسـبـوع وصـار لـي قــضــيــب رهـيـب تـتـمـنـاه أي زوجـة😍
هـذا رقــم الــدكــتــور عــلــى الــواتــس *00212645752301*📲

Comment from : Domenico Marcianò

Since when do you have to hit on 17?
Comment from : CloudMonster

Load a shite !!
Comment from : intergrale4x4

oliviana medina
I tried it at muckleshoot casino I started with 50 and ended up with 170 so I tried it again and lost 50 so I left the casino with 120 cash to the car I went for a smoke break I smoked a bowl of some thin mint cookies and I went back inside to play slots I went to the cashier first and I cashed in 20 dollar bill for 20 one dollar bills and another 20 dollar bill for 4 five dollar bills so that left me with 80 cash in my left pocket and 40 on my right pocket for slots I went for dollar slots first and I lost all the dollar bills and different machines so then I used the first five dollar bill and lost and on my second five dollar bill I got free spins and won 183 dollars and I cashed it out I still had 80 in my left pocket and 2 five dollar bills left plus 183 dollars I dipped out the parking lot and went to buy more weed
Comment from : oliviana medina

Brian Dolata
bulshit he set up the cards
Comment from : Brian Dolata

md mamun
Kudos for the Video clip! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you researched - Trentvorty Generate Links Theorem (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one off guide for making money with a clever roulette system minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my old buddy Taylor finally got cool results with it.
Comment from : md mamun

What is
Cheers for the Video! Sorry for chiming in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched - Trentvorty Generate Links Theorem (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for making money with a clever roulette system minus the headache. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my close friend Aubrey at very last got excellent success with it.
Comment from : What is

Lynn Morrison
How many listening has gone and won on Blackjack using this system, and how many have the security breathing down your neck?
Comment from : Lynn Morrison

Caleb Lawrence
Thats a terrible system. You lose more than you win, thats basically the lottery.
Comment from : Caleb Lawrence

Michael Reyes
The fact is most people in a casino are just hoping to win. The entertainment factor of being in the casino is the draw, for most of them. They don't want to kill the buzz by actually thinking and playing correctly, even when there is information online on how to play perfectly. Thank you for another great video!!!
By the way here's the best method for winning at blackjack without card counting: www.MootJack. xyz

Comment from : Michael Reyes

Bobby Vaught
I am not going to pretend to be anything special but I am going to try and explain another reason you should know this system is a scam. Mathematics is my specialty. I am not trying to be a big deal here, it's just true. What this system is showing is really just a derivative of a progressive system but they come in different forms. This is just a fancy progressive system. Progressive systems ALWAYS screw up eventually. Let's examine why.... the basic progressive system goes like this... you bet 1 unit. If you win, you made 1 unit. If you lose... next time you bet 2 units. If you lose that, next bet is 4 units, etc. Until you win and have a net positive of 1 unit. Then you just start over again, a net positive of 1 unit with each progression. Now let's analyze that. With EACH bet in the progression you have a negative E.V (expected value). How doe know that? Because for ANY single bet the odds are in favor of the house. It's how the house makes a profit. Question.... how can you add a whole series of negative numbers in such a way to make them add up to a positive number or a positive EV? .... You CAN'T. That is the point. Suppose you start with enough units to make 10 consecutive bets in the example progression mentioned. Let's say you already predetermined you are going to stop after making just 1 unit. Go home. Ironically your cha yes of leaving the game having made just 1 unit is significantly higher than the chances of losing your entire bankroll. However, you need to understand the difference between magnitude and frequency. You only make 1 unit IF your progression works. The magnitude of the potential loss is disastrous. Losing 1 unit, then 2, then 4, then8, then 16 etc. For 10 bets in a row? Total disaster. By the way casinos KNOW this. No one should kid themselves. Casinos know the math. If progressive systems took their money they would have stopped allowing it a long time ago. Yet, when they see you playing any progressive system, they allow you to go right ahead. Why? Because they know you can't add a whole series of negative EV's and make the sum that of a positive EV. The video here is absolutely correct. Don't waste your time... or money.
Comment from : Bobby Vaught

John Truong
Morgan Bendigo went for a hike with his friends in Vegas desert, but somehow manage to go missing, Which than lead executed a 48 hr police search and resuce in the Vegas desert. Police are offering rewards of $100,0000 for any details that may lead to a rescue or recovery of this of Morgan Bendigo.
Comment from : John Truong

joe basil
Comment from : joe basil

Chris Butler
I wonder how man people actually buy those and try that or any beating system in a casino. I'd beat that half of them say the casino is cheating. 😂😂😂
Comment from : Chris Butler

Linda Baca
I am trying to sign up for a VIP card Players card
Comment from : Linda Baca

Richard Webster
What camera is he looking at?
Comment from : Richard Webster

Noel OBrien
Comment from : Noel OBrien

Very nice
Comment from : 百家乐厂家

highachie my tale
Counting wins not chaos there good video
Comment from : highachie my tale

Blackjack Trainer
Casino always has an edge but in short run you can make money. Watch my channel to know how.
Comment from : Blackjack Trainer

roger nemour
Keno .... can you tell me if any of the keno videos are false
Comment from : roger nemour

roger nemour
Loved the video thank you for your valuable info and saving me my time and money
Comment from : roger nemour

Card Service Support
Has anyone noticed the cards in the shoe are red and blue?
Comment from : Card Service Support

Prince Walker
This video doesn't teach you anything. It's a joke. He tells you that at the end.
Comment from : Prince Walker

Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw
Hahahah diler has 17 has to stei no hit hahaha
Comment from : Fast & Furious Hobbs & Shaw

Trevor G
Your misleading saying buy the book and than your Contradicting saying don’t buy the book make up your mind
Comment from : Trevor G

John Lupo
TOO MUCH VIDEO JUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : John Lupo

ferdinand blose
Always wanted to play blackjack but don't know how to play. So I stay away from
Comment from : ferdinand blose

Barbara Jean Earl
keep up the good work and thanks
Comment from : Barbara Jean Earl

Crispy copyright
i swear the thumbnail looks like it gta is it just me or what 😂💀
Comment from : Crispy copyright

Preston 1127
Has anyone read and applied his book? Lol
Comment from : Preston 1127

abo omar
I'm blackjack player as soon as he start saying system I was like yeah right, the only way u win and to leave the table up is u double your money let's say u start with 100 once it becomes 200 leave the table cuz if u think u going there and u gonna sit for 2 or 3 hours on the table man u gonna do the walk of shame to the ATM and once u did that u going back to the same spot start betting big and lose big and u end up regretting it for the rest of the week . My advice don't walk into the casino but if u wanna have fun 100$ a week double and leave , leave your cash and bank card (AT HOME) .😎😎😎
Comment from : abo omar

Doug Matters
Well done 👍 , though you know, suckers are a dime a dozen
Comment from : Doug Matters

firey772border pyromaniac
Dealer must always stand on a 17 not hit on a 17
Comment from : firey772border pyromaniac

S Stritmatter
Interesting video - ty for your public service announcement
Comment from : S Stritmatter

Gary Sharp
Every hand is a independent event, this means changing your bet will not give the player an advantage. Only card counting can beat blackjack and even if you cast count you will still lose often and If you dont have a good bankroll, card counting wont work either
Comment from : Gary Sharp

karl seel
what are the odds of losing 7 hands in a row? Bet 5.00, lose bet 10.00, lose be 20, lose bet 40, lose bet 80, lose bet 160.00.. WIN, you are up $5.00. Then bet 5.00 again, win? bet $5.00, win bet 5.00. doing this boring as hell, but if after 1 hour, you can easily make $50.00 an hour. Slowly but surely.
Comment from : karl seel

Brilliant @
Comment from : RG1

Manuel Olaer
This is stupid system. Basic strategy and card counting with money management by betting according to count. Example: if your bet is $10 and the count is +8, divide it by 2 = 4 if there are 2 decks remaining. Multiply 4 x $10 and your bet becomes $20 accordingly.
Comment from : Manuel Olaer

graham lait
Went to a Casino once. Looked at the roulette table. Within ten seconds worked out that the chances are that I would lose money if I played. Went to the blackjack table.. same thing... and so on. Left without making one bet or playing one machine. Casinos aren't in business to lose. The only economic activity going on is taking money out of your pocket and putting it into somebody else's. Casino owners must be very deserving cases, because so many kind-hearted people go there and give them money in return for... nothing at all. Make only one bet per year, on the Grand National, just to see if your luck has changed. It never does, but it's the National! The most exciting race in the world!... and well worth a fiver, just to see these tiny little midgets on huge horses battering round a racetrack with enormous jumps, falling off and bouncing around on the ground to the accompaniment of the sharp cracking sound of breaking bones, both human and equine. What innocent fun! Well disappointed this year though, not enough carnage at all, total let down. Still, there's always next year, eh?
Comment from : graham lait

Old Man
good vid bro
Comment from : Old Man

I started off with very little, and still have most of it left.
Comment from : PR NOTHALL

Claude A
Great video! Well narrated! Thank you!
Comment from : Claude A

wheeler 22
You’re a scam with that thumbnail
Comment from : wheeler 22

No no no.. that's still not a good strategy. You can still go bust QUICKLY doing that. I have a better system easier. Just won blackjack last night at casino w/ my system much better.
Comment from : Deck160ooo

great discussion - when people say they know how to tell you how to make money, ask why aren't they just doing it themselves. such altruism is so generous :)
Comment from : nellyprice

Arturs Erglis
Thanks! Absolutely great video!
Comment from : Arturs Erglis

Fegley Fixes it
FYI, parlaying of bets has always been a strategy in Blackjack....Nothing new here.
Comment from : Fegley Fixes it

Bud Binner
Great video!!
Comment from : Bud Binner

muhammad miah
Comment from : muhammad miah

mk floyd
We can all end up home-less and suicidal by going in casinos or betting online.  For gods sake British bookies are making £14billion per year and it is not in the least funny or harmless,  people are actually killing themselves due to huge losses...
Comment from : mk floyd

drew phillips
Why cards different
Comment from : drew phillips

Bryan Kautz
Not 100% accurate, there is one way to bankrupt a casnio, let Trump run it into the ground!!!!! LMAO LOL 😂😂😁😁
Comment from : Bryan Kautz

Anthony Moon
Love the voice, what’s ur nite job...😈
Comment from : Anthony Moon

Johny bravo
Didn't see him shuffle the cards.
Comment from : Johny bravo

Dillon Costilla
I HONESTLY think that Martingale on a double deck with perfect betting strategy, excluding minor adjustments to account to current hand composition, with a 2K+ Bankroll is pretty full proof. Especially head on. The only problem I've found with this is hitting a losing streak to close to the cut card. If you're at 6 lost hands in a row, & you hit the cut card. It's basically time to call it instead of doubling up again on a fresh deck.
Most of my simulations at home with real decks have been pretty successful. I'm about to put my money where my mouth is later this year!

Comment from : Dillon Costilla

Salmon Moon
Progressive betting is not a good meathod. It has been capped with table max.
Comment from : Salmon Moon

If this system worked this guy would be in the casino right now instead of selling his technique.
Comment from : jujufactory

African Rift Valley Fish
When does a dealer hit on 17?
Comment from : African Rift Valley Fish

What about all the emails I get saying I can make a million dollars using this system, and they take care of everything.. I just sit back and watch the Cash flow system work..???
Comment from : GentryRobin

Pizza Parker
A wise man once said "The key to winning is not playing at all"
Comment from : Pizza Parker

pef ler
Why are you dressed like a doos?
Comment from : pef ler

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