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Kazzy Official
Do you guys want to join me and the boys on a live 24 hour challenge?? SHOULD I HOLD A COMPETITION FOR IT?? COMMENT IF INTERESTED!!
Comment from : Kazzy Official

Adam A
And this dumb fuck I wanna slap says at 5:50 "whoa what just happened" like he never been or played at a casino in his life and doesn't know the sounds when you insert it. This must be your 1st machine there hmm
Comment from : Adam A

Adam A
This is so stupid like the cameras wouldnt see you putting in those codes. So dumb
Comment from : Adam A

It literally said 100$ CASH what happened to the penny CREDIT smh
Comment from : Chero8p

Jessie Reid
Bad action ...look at me look at me .. fucking hate liers
Comment from : Jessie Reid

Rayban Rudy
Comment from : Rayban Rudy

Elizandro Martinez
Lol that’s how you make 3 million views lo
Comment from : Elizandro Martinez

Mohammed Firdous
No way man
Comment from : Mohammed Firdous

Comment from : EliteStricker

Yaser Nagi
Where are u from... Michigan?
Comment from : Yaser Nagi

Oh god...the dick sucking Arab fuckheads that havent left home yet.
Comment from : Trottotrot

Caprice White
Houston TX 😭
Comment from : Caprice White

Report them to YouTube for being shit heads. Goodbye Chanel.
Comment from : CryptoAddict

Comment from : trapptowers

Michael Howard
Fucking gypsies
Comment from : Michael Howard

Comment from : MrMarbledude

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Comment from : 5-Minute Easy Money

darren mckorn
That's why the jails are full of packies
Comment from : darren mckorn

Kelley Halderman
Hahaha total BS. Elbow slam it
Comment from : Kelley Halderman

Shivas Irons
The real value is the acting class!
Comment from : Shivas Irons

Dawsome DotoRage
It works guysss hahahaha thanks dude
Comment from : Dawsome DotoRage

sick of liberals
Comment from : sick of liberals

I once gave a taxi-ride to a man who had just won $10,000 on a slot machine and he proudly showed me the check. I told him "well done". He then replied he won $20,000 a couple of weeks before. I said "you are really lucky". As we continued the journey, I thought that this man may have a secret so I wanted to find out more. So I asked him some questions about how long he has been playing the slots. He said about 9 years. Since he had been playing for such a long time I then had the foresight to ask him this next most important question: "Tell me, in all the time that you have been playing, have you lost more or won more?" His answer sent me into shock. He said: "Are you kidding? I've lost my house, my family, everything." I did not say another word on the rest of our journey.
Slot machines are governed by mathematically scientific programs designed to make money only for their owners. Even if you win a few times the law of probablility guarantees you will lose heavily because you will continue to play and continue to lose even the money that you won.
The best thing to do with your money is to invest it in yourself, not some legal ripoff machine that's been allowed to defraud you.

Comment from : OTHEOS MAZIMAS

Moon Hotel
I heard the bill go in. Did you get that 100 dollar bill by winning a jackpot earlier?
Comment from : Moon Hotel

If this was real you would still be sitting in prison today lol
Comment from : Jason

Daranie Prok
Comment from : Daranie Prok

Y a fu....ing idiot loll
Comment from : LaZoneClash

Louie The plumber
Biggest bull are you guys sales people
Comment from : Louie The plumber

Nola Scott
Well there's always camera everywhere...
Comment from : Nola Scott

roman vlasov
Comment from : roman vlasov

Bert Offerings
You would stand a better chance of making money by sticking your dick in the slot and singing Rebecca Black's Friday at the top of your voice.
Comment from : Bert Offerings

100% BULLSHIT!!! the other guy inserted $100 bill just didnt show it on cam
Comment from : ALX XNDR

Hector Morales
Yeah someone put a bill of one hundred dollars there
Comment from : Hector Morales

Players try to win at casinos know the casinos have the edge...but if players had the edge then casinos would never try to beat the players. If players had the edge there would be no such thing as casinos.
Comment from : arealmench

Mr bUiLdz
This worked I put I 100 bill in then took it back out wow
Comment from : Mr bUiLdz

I Know You Know
This is DEFINITELY straight-up Slot Machine Comedic BS, but obviously these two guys intended it to be that way... They are straight-up getting Mad Paper from Every Hater Comment (2400+), and Every Video View (3 Million+)... Those are the straight-up facts, like it or not...
Comment from : I Know You Know

Rosie Cuellar
Can you give us the numbers to put in ? It starts with 8
Comment from : Rosie Cuellar

sandra valani
ThiS would make a great Saturday Night Live skit!!!👍 Awesome job guys...Simpletons will truly fall for your ideas! 😂😂😂The rest of uS heard the 100 go into the machine! Have a great week mischievous banditos!😂😂😂🍻
Comment from : sandra valani

BS!!  The trick is that you got over 3 million views.
Comment from : msb358

Ryujin Jakka
Da hell! Shit don't work 😠
Comment from : Ryujin Jakka

Afaq Bhatti
Guy like them have nothing to do, plus they don’t even get any pu$$y
Comment from : Afaq Bhatti

talib esoofally
Comment from : talib esoofally

Christian Aoki
Whats funny is this video has 3.1M views. Imagine how much made off of ads😂
Comment from : Christian Aoki

Alexandru Ion
The sound it's very clear when he is putting 100 in the slot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Alexandru Ion

Dee Jay
The lamest people on YouTube
Comment from : Dee Jay

Samson Papaya
Your so full of crap 🙄
Comment from : Samson Papaya

Craig Humphries
Comment from : Craig Humphries

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Comment from : Hacking Casinos

Derrick Hamilton
Fuckin douche bags
Comment from : Derrick Hamilton

Fil Kosir
Is that carpet burn on his nose after his friend give it to him
Comment from : Fil Kosir

Brenda Zelada
This made my day 😂😂😂
Comment from : Brenda Zelada

It’s amazing they would post this on YouTube without wanting anything in return. Such great people!!!
Comment from : obiwon76

matt downing
Complete Bull Shit ... All moves on a slot machine are independent from all other moves.
Comment from : matt downing

Kelly Booth
Guys, if there's 1 cent credit in the machine then, why didn't it give u $100.01?
Comment from : Kelly Booth

Will Burgos
Comment from : Will Burgos

D Smooth
Camera hits a different angle buddy shoves in the 100 😂 you can hear the machine reading the bill lol good one guys
Comment from : D Smooth

kuldip dhuna
Y u put a 100 dollar bill in then take it back out hahaha if I see u on road ima slap the shit out of you two hahahahah
Comment from : kuldip dhuna

jo mo
Your going to jail
Comment from : jo mo

Looks like theft. Machine tampered with. Jail time.
Comment from : S H

lovess 40
Ok now
Comment from : lovess 40

Jacob Carmona
I heard you put the money in dumb af
Comment from : Jacob Carmona

The watcher
Two fucking pinheads
Comment from : The watcher

Robert Mitchell
I didn’t even watch this, I came straight to the comments. Anyone who thinks they can beat the slots better have a big bank roll! And lots and lots of time!
Comment from : Robert Mitchell

Gary Sharp
Comment from : Gary Sharp

John Lupo
Comment from : John Lupo

John Lupo
Comment from : John Lupo

Jeff Calvin
tpS orUbit
Comment from : Jeff Calvin

Robby White
Besides 8f you EVER even attempted to try and "PROGRAM" a slot machine...your asses would be in jail in a SPLIT second...believe that! There are cameras EVERYWHERE in any casino. Your total BULLSHIT and a waste of space and air!
Comment from : Robby White

Robby White
You 2 are a crock of TOTAL SHIT! Promise I'm gonna spread the word "BULLSHIT" about ALL your videos!
Comment from : Robby White

Jackpot Joel
Just wasted 3 minutes of my life
Comment from : Jackpot Joel

K9 James
I bet people actually tried this. Haha!!
Comment from : K9 James

jack kim
Thank you , you have changed my life
I quit my job and now I m a full time slot players making $1000 a day!!!!!

Comment from : jack kim

Cody Banks
Hey bro can u pls message me bro I need the instructions writen down bro if u would bro I'd appreciate it
Comment from : Cody Banks

You know that 👌 is 666
Comment from : Mikester954

Will C
Comment from : Will C

Dirk Simmang
full of shit...
Comment from : Dirk Simmang

This is the saddest attempt that I have ever seen of a YouTube or trying to get views. I guess it worked, but you are a sad piece of shit
Comment from : Andrew

Don Crap
He said his ex-girlfriend’s phone number. By the looks of those two guys, he is ex-girlfriend’s name was Richard.
Comment from : Don Crap

Sophia Smith
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Comment from : Sophia Smith

Reece hittin the Piece
Look at this guys fucking nose 👃 Jesus
Comment from : Reece hittin the Piece

Lorenzo Kelly
You didn't make shit, you put 100 in
Comment from : Lorenzo Kelly

Comment from : texasun12

Olumide Ogunyemi
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Comment from : Olumide Ogunyemi

Cara M. Trump
Nah....if u could hack it they wouldn't have to run the computer by the front desk....if ur machine has a camera that can see every thing you do...it won't hit...which is against the law.
The reason these guys are lying is because they tell u it's a secret...over and over. U don't run a machine by the machine....it's computerized....

Comment from : Cara M. Trump

Nathan Vulgamore
Just me or does anybody else what to break this dudes nose. I mean look at that fucking thing
Comment from : Nathan Vulgamore

Phillip Lee
He gotta magic coat
Comment from : Phillip Lee

Angry Archie
Bullshit artists
Comment from : Angry Archie

In my back account hit it big

Mark Melton
Funny stuff!
Comment from : Mark Melton

Ludmila Dubravin
Comment from : Ludmila Dubravin

Esben Solgaard
Two upcoming lebanese stand-up comedians testing the waters.
Comment from : Esben Solgaard

timothy jewell
You know that is illegal
Comment from : timothy jewell

Many discrepancies. 5:43 you insert $100 the noise can clearly be heard. IF you just happened to "hack" the slot your ticket would've been 100.1 and not 100 "since" you had that penny added. Wasted time I'm not getting back.
Comment from : C L

Spiritual Warrior
Looks like 2idiots that want to go to jail morons
Comment from : Spiritual Warrior

Mathew Griffith
You will go to jail if you try this.

Comment from : Mathew Griffith

Michael Goodman
Comment from : Michael Goodman

Fortune Cookie
Feeling lucky? - Venmo @fortunecookie2020
Comment from : Fortune Cookie

The Spudman spud
Hahahahahahaha go play with the traffic ya bluecards
Comment from : The Spudman spud

Abuzar Ghaffari
Fucking assholes
Comment from : Abuzar Ghaffari

Wella Panganiban
Hard to win
Comment from : Wella Panganiban

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