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Top Thrill Matt
Nice read on slot machine strategies: amzn.to/2yFUU6J
Comment from : Top Thrill Matt

Darkside Poetry
Good for you, Matt! I worked in a casino for 6 years, three of it on the floor serving booze (as a cocktail server & bartender), I've rarely seen anyone so lucky as far as getting that many 4 of a kinds (in an evening of gaming).

The biggest payout on a bar-top game king machine I've seen was a shade over $26,000 on multi-card keno. Every time he pushed the button it was twenty dollars. But this one time, he pushed the button, and all his numbers on all 20 cards hit.

I was really hoping this video would end with a royal flush.

Lastly, I love your coin pusher and other arcade videos. However, I wish you'd make some more of these "Game King" one's (especially the keno one's).

Comment from : Darkside Poetry

Além de não saber jogar , não sabe postar e nem filmar......

Ian the LSU fan est. 2003
4 3’s with a kicker is what I call it
Comment from : Ian the LSU fan est. 2003

Arent those quads just a beautiful sight!! Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Damon

Wayne A. W.
At 6:38, you had AKQ diamond, 3-to Royal Flush, but you kept the Q’s lol
Comment from : Wayne A. W.

U should practice a bit. apple.co/2Cwt4bJ
Comment from : nomearod

Michael Proctor
Why do you just hold the A when you are dealt A K and three low cards?
Basic strategy calls for holding A K in that event.

Comment from : Michael Proctor

Stephen Wilscam
Neer have I seen such a loose Double Double Bonus poker game. Where is it at?
Comment from : Stephen Wilscam

Omg you keep missing it for two pairs you could of won a lot more.
Comment from : coffebug

Robert DellaFave
You do realize you're playing 6/5 when the lowest reasonable game is 9/6 or 9/5 with progressives. There are 10/6 machines at the quarter level in Vegas.
Comment from : Robert DellaFave

Top Thrill Matt
► SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/topthrillmatt
Comment from : Top Thrill Matt

Joe Richmond
So this was double double bonus poker?
Comment from : Joe Richmond

Crazykev 73
Very nice! I hope you didn’t spend that all in one place. Lol. Congrats
Comment from : Crazykev 73

Dean Carver
Total clickbait. Never wins anywhere near a jackpot
Comment from : Dean Carver

Dean Carver
Still waiting to see any hit thats within 1/10 of a jackpot
Comment from : Dean Carver

Ron Turner
If you’re still
Comment from : Ron Turner

Invest in getting Video Poker for Winners Learn how to play that game at 100%
Comment from : tsukune007

michael chilner
Dude, you got on a hot machine..... After the first few wins, I would have raised my bet, it's jut me, but you did great. I also noticed that you got dealt ALOT of sets.... Or , 3 of a kinds. I'd go back to that machine in the future..
Comment from : michael chilner

Lee Luke Porter
You only get your credits back for 2 pair? Not worth in my opinion.
Comment from : Lee Luke Porter

anthony garcia
4 3s with a 4 would've gave you back if you would've bet 5 on it
Comment from : anthony garcia

Hernan Lissarrague
Creo que dominan una máquina pobres bobos.
Comment from : Hernan Lissarrague

Hi,,, Question ?? How are you recording when you had both hands on the poker screen ? Did you have camera glasses ? or What ? All the stupid casino's do not want you to record your games.... I think - we should - only the games !!!

Avoidance Technologies
I washed my mouse pads today in the washing machine = "they are like brand new".
Comment from : Avoidance Technologies

genevieve Andrews
Where was the jackpot
Comment from : genevieve Andrews

Chris Anthony
Do the math before you play video poker. 9/6 always.
Comment from : Chris Anthony

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
i play suits cause keeping a k of spaces and a gueen of hearts can not get your Royal that way
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
i know old but why would you keep 2 pair when it pays same. i know trying for full house.
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

You bet $1 per hand on 6/5 DDB is really not better than betting $1.25 per hand on 8/5 or 9/5 DDB. You should move to a quarter machine. Normally DDB on quarter machine is 8/5, sometimes you may find 9/5 or even 9/6. It pays a lot more than nickel machine.
Comment from : nomearod

John Cats
good play
Comment from : John Cats

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
why are you keeping 2 pair when pays same? Double Double Poker
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Rosemary leonetti/finelli
Comment from : Rosemary leonetti/finelli

magic carp
At minute 6:37 you had 3 to the Royal Flush and you completely messed up if you have 3 to the royal vs a paying pair I would think you would want to take the chance vs the paying pair correct me if I am wrong is the percentage better for choosing the pair of queens like you did please elaborate. and at minute 8:22 ACE 2 3 4 IS A STRAIGHT YET YOU OPTED FOR THE HIGH CARD ACE YOUR PLAYING TO FAST FOR YOUR OWN GOOD SLOW IT DOWN A ROW MAN.
Comment from : magic carp

Nickel VP like that just not worth playing.
Comment from : onenickelmiracle

Justin Visser
I was going to ask if you gambled Matt. Love your arcade channel too!
Comment from : Justin Visser

Lia Wechsler
Yeah, sometimes things can really happen! Nice! I play poker usually on sites like this.. www.gametwist.com/en/games/poker/
Comment from : Lia Wechsler

Don't draw to inside straights - especially with high, unsuited cards. :)
Comment from : greydoe

Thomas 786
This makes me want to play!
Comment from : Thomas 786

Festival Snob
Don't hold two pair when one of them is Jacks or better.
Comment from : Festival Snob

Don't hold face cards and an underpair when playing double double, the pay for face cards is the same as two pair and you get the freeroll to 3 or 4 of a kind.
Comment from : NTellier85

11:02.you did not play that correctly. It dealt you 4 of 5 in a straight flush ansd you kept the simple staight....you should have taken a chance on getting the 6 of diamonds .it pays 250:1 vs 25 for the straight
Comment from : Piggy-218

Erika Sandstrom
You were very, very lucky. 6/5 double double bonus is a loser game and I wouldn't be caught dead playing it. Find one that pays at least 8/5 in the future.
Comment from : Erika Sandstrom

Jenks Ospina
Online Casinos — The Real Truth Exposed! TRY NOW t.co/vDAFeiKrAR
Comment from : Jenks Ospina

Joseph Lawson
Jackpot? Really? I spend and win 200$ in my first 20 minutes at my casino. Please get out of here with that bullshit.
Comment from : Joseph Lawson

Hi Matt. Have you considered taking a trip to Nevada to play video poker?
Comment from : ClubMikeV

casino tek
Lucky hand. These kind of video poker (according to the pay table) have a payout % not to high. But congrats!, a 4ofK pays well on such machines ;)
Comment from : casino tek

OH MY!!! That's some serious luck you had that day. Very impressive.
Comment from : RatioGames

hmmmm, Yolo! lol
Comment from : egone61

Calkids Bradley
waste of time. So glad I jumped to the last 2mins and didnt spend 23mins on this.
Comment from : Calkids Bradley

Are you going make more video poker challenge?
Comment from : spicydavid2005

fun looking machine. horrible pay table. better off playing 25c machine.
Comment from : movieguy73

John Smith
MATT!... threesevenfivesix
Comment from : John Smith

Teh Gamer Garrett Daniels
im here to say matt i love your videos and ive been watching them for god knows how long but ive used your tactics and they are great so thank you for being awesome
Comment from : Teh Gamer Garrett Daniels

I had the funniest feeling that you were a gambler. Then I stumbled upon an older video of yours and found the link to this channel. Quite the change from the claw! :P
Comment from : Deleted

Matt Flatin
Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Matt Flatin

Pamela Naylor
well for everyone who's reads the comments before the videos this is a click bait the most hecwins this who video is 100 dollars do not waste your life watching it.. Ill now be more sad when I'm dieing knowing 23 minutes of my life were wasting on this video lol
Comment from : Pamela Naylor

Passion Addict
So that pay table is triple from what I'm seen on most....where are those?
Comment from : Passion Addict

Josue Ayotte
That's not a jackpot.
Comment from : Josue Ayotte

Jim McAfee
you were tossing away straits like candy.....slow down and pay attention
Comment from : Jim McAfee

Chia Moreno
So at 10:09 if you would have also held the 10 you would have hit royal flush ???
Comment from : Chia Moreno

3:23 you threw away pair of nines?
Comment from : glennhagstedt

Roy Goodhand
2:28 Surprised you didn't go for the straight...
Comment from : Roy Goodhand

Roy Goodhand
Once you said "dinker", I knew exactly who you are: Matt3756.
Too bad they don't have coin pushers in casinos anymore... I love your coin pusher videos!

Comment from : Roy Goodhand

Harrison Peloso
Can you do gadget of the day on this channel matt? I like those videos on your main channel.
Comment from : Harrison Peloso

Gloria Kaipat
I like this video games. I wanted to down load.
Comment from : Gloria Kaipat

Sucks that Two Pair pays even.
Comment from : tohypa12345

John Agapos
When you have a high pair and a low pair, why would you keep the low pair? Odds of hitting the full house on that pay table aren't worth it. Go for trips.
Comment from : John Agapos

Asa Steppings
why is  2 pair the same value win as jacks or better ???????
Comment from : Asa Steppings

Why would you hold an ace but not a king?
Comment from : Araldor123

Troy Johnson
After this Video about 2 weeks ago i sat at a center Bar in my local casino never played video poker. Tried this game and hit the royal flush Jackpot handpay 1330$ on my first draw thanks for posting your video :)
Comment from : Troy Johnson

bronson arroyo
Good god that video sucks! what a waste if time.
Comment from : bronson arroyo

Ian Cloyd
I skimmed through. Where are the jackpots exactly?
Comment from : Ian Cloyd

Can you do a house tour and perhaps more cooking video's your hilarious to listen to and interesting to watch
PS: The longer the video the better

Comment from : habbixes

You should mess around with Keno $1 a spin.

Do more cooking with matt!!!! Its my favorite.
Comment from : Bro

Comment from : BigDH28

Larry Fogle
just a question but when you had 10s and 3s why not just hold the 3s and hit something big    I do that when I am just starting or ahead    also the time when you had Jacks and 5s and held both??   the real goal is to get 4 of a kinds not so much going for full houses in my opinion    but good luck to you   at Siloam Springs I was playing last Thursday and hit 2 4 aces and the kicker playing the dollar machine max   it was the 2nd biggest day I have ever had   one time in Vegas at a Albertsons grocery I hit a progressive royal quarter machine for $1700 and then about 45 minutes later I hit a dollar royal for $4130     When I hit the 1st one I was down to  60 credits   and was a couple of hundred in.  Best of luck to you in the future   I always like to see others win
Comment from : Larry Fogle

love your vids but definitely need to examine pays full house to flush ratio on video poker can definitely change the pay out ratio of a game also optimal play on a bonus game where jacks or better pays same as two pair .... if you get two pair and one pair is jacks or better like queens and eights better play is to through away eights to draw to three of a kind instead of hoping for the full house.
Comment from : ClearestEye

Lisa Fan
More cooking with matt!!
Comment from : Lisa Fan

Bryce Finkeldei
Do more cooking with matt! I miss it!
Comment from : Bryce Finkeldei

Matt plz can u reply to this comment 🐵
Comment from : silvi4212

I always doubted video pokers wasn't as good as I thought. But sometimes things can happen.
Comment from : Twinsen764

Gael Cruz is cool123456
Thank you for suscibing to our channel
Comment from : Gael Cruz is cool123456

Gamers Ahoy
Very nice,but stay at clawlachines man, gambling money is not good for you man
Comment from : Gamers Ahoy

Dan Walsh
nice haul
Comment from : Dan Walsh

Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooking with Matt!
Comment from : PSWeather19

Elevators, Trains, & more by nwa0714
Hey matt, can you do more cooking with Matt?
Comment from : Elevators, Trains, & more by nwa0714

Kyle Hunter
Can u please make more journey to the mini golf pleasse
Comment from : Kyle Hunter

So which do you like playing better? Slots or Video Poker?
Comment from : Eclipton

Jacob H
Can u plz do more iggythepigcat vids plz
Comment from : Jacob H

mrDarth Trick
nice .....should have max bet lol
Comment from : mrDarth Trick

Jacob H
Comment from : Jacob H

Teya Dahabra
Comment from : Teya Dahabra

Mark Dragoi
Comment from : Mark Dragoi

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