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Eureka L
Comment from : Eureka L

Karl Stanley
If the dealer get 2 Ace. Do dealer have to split ?
Comment from : Karl Stanley

Big Blue
If player has let's say 15
And dealer has soft 17. Does the dealer have to keep drawing or does he stay on soft 17??

Comment from : Big Blue

Vivian Krug
The dealers three card 21 is actually 22!!! What the heck?!
Comment from : Vivian Krug

Blackjack, a minute to learn, a lifetime to master.
Comment from : Oldandwize

Good video, liked 1:25 :) great skills.
Comment from : SmartCasinoGuide.com

They forgot to mention that if you bust and the dealer busts then you lose anyway.
Comment from : Lawshorizon

umm im slightly confused... when u stand, do you win anything? if so how much?
Comment from : Slorky

semon demon
How much is Ace?, 1 or 11?
Comment from : semon demon

If the dealer has an ACE is it 11 or 1?
Comment from : DannyRooper

This is about as much detail as you can pack into a 5 minute tutorial. Very helpful. The thing about the 3:2 bet was a bit confusing. I enjoyed the speaker's Canadian accent.
Comment from : Allerdyne

Mavy Gamer 2
How many rounds boi
Comment from : Mavy Gamer 2

Thomas Rackley
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Comment from : Thomas Rackley

Petro Kuryliuk
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Comment from : Petro Kuryliuk

how often card shuffled in using one deck ?
Comment from : Glenntikowp

Mac Kobalt
I'm concerned does the dealer pull cards until he gets to 17 cause you didn't show it in the video
Comment from : Mac Kobalt

Vic Doom
Cool math skills 1:25
Comment from : Vic Doom

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