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Sharda Yadav
No doubt vegas stands #1 in all of the list
Comment from : Sharda Yadav

parth barde
las Vegas
Comment from : parth barde

Man, I wish in Japan also has a gambling city (Tokyo for example)
Comment from : KENNY STEWART

LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337
If you want to play these games, PLEASE PLAY RESPONSIBLY.
Comment from : LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337

Captain Fantastic
Berlin? Belgrade? Madrid? Tokyo?
Comment from : Captain Fantastic

Comment from : KALYAN JODI PASS

Number 1 is Macau , Las Vegas is a turismo city . Lots of small rollers , high rollers go to Macau , check it out
Comment from : karycooper1

Roman Suslo
Surprised what has already been invented crm system for betting business www.betinvest.com/crm-system . According to reviews on the Internet, it is very effective. Maybe someone can come in handy.
Comment from : Roman Suslo

London´s casinos are fucking terrible. Monaco casinos are tiny. No fucking way Monte Carlo is a bigger gambling city than Macau or Atlantic City for that matter. This list is a pile of shit.
Comment from : ElSpewtardo

Billy G
wynn for the win
Comment from : Billy G

SoSo 123
How the actual fuck is Macau not #1? It makes a few times more money than Las Vegas, while having vibrant colonial history to see as well. It has overcome Las Vegas for a while now.
Comment from : SoSo 123

marD laX
You're not aware of Macaus revenue
Comment from : marD laX

There should be Paranaque in the next update
Comment from : CorpAgent

Monkey Mafia
Vegas looks coolest but is also the most corrupt
Comment from : Monkey Mafia

Sheldon Cooper
Las Vegas is good if you go away from the strip. The locals casinos have a reputation for better games.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

this countdown was garbage
Comment from : blacksultan85

Manila is the new Macau. You missed a big one pal.
Comment from : staysolid66

Confoederatio Helvetica
offically, it is call as paradise, not Las Vegas, it is outside of the boundary of Las Vegas!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Confoederatio Helvetica

oussama YT
thаnks broоo
Comment from : oussama YT

The A
what do you expect.....
vegas is number 1 !!

Comment from : The A

Ümit AfD suckbil
hello, does popular and big casinos have moneylimit or can i win endless if we say i win everytime. like 10 mio euro or more. can i win in this big casinos?
Comment from : Ümit AfD suckbil

Sam Kabiling
Yas las vegas xD Knew before even started the vid
Comment from : Sam Kabiling

How about the Top 10 Casinos that actually give the Players the best chance to Win a little ( or a lot )..! That would be of interest to Gamblers everywhere..
Comment from : EarlyLove2014

Reno should definitely be on this list and it's not even an honerable mention. Also I like the fact LA is on here and Chicago isn't, look at the history Chicago has with gambling. Reno is famous for gambling and was one of the first places where people could gamble and should easily be on here
Comment from : Modemo

José Machado
So... no Casino Estoril aka Casino Royale?
Comment from : José Machado

Walter O Brien
my favorite was las Vegas.
Comment from : Walter O Brien

Mr Nevada
Las Vegas 💪💪💪
Comment from : Mr Nevada

Tntshadow Padilla
my home state
Comment from : Tntshadow Padilla

Happy Penguin Productions 2
Lived in Vegas my whole life. 😂
Comment from : Happy Penguin Productions 2

Haven't seen it yet, but I expect Vegas, Macau, and Vladivostok to make appearances.
Comment from : anwalborn

Scott Millard
No Deadwood, South Dakota?! Wtf?!
Comment from : Scott Millard

Sean Thomas
Monte Carlo...lol...Monte Carlo Casino is more like an art museum than a casino. The stakes are so freakin high, (starts at 10k euro per hand for blackjack) only action in that place is the slots in the back of the casino and that section is small. When I went there it was like a tour of look at these 10 tables with only one high roller playing 20k per hand, then all of us just went to the back to play some slots...
You want some fun gambling in Monte Carlo, go next door to "cafe de Paris" the affordable casino that is more for us "normal" people. I will say this though the roundabout in front of these 2 casinos has one of greatest nonstop car shows though, I've seen cars over there that I've never seen before, and cars that didn't show up in the states until 2 to 3 years later.

Comment from : Sean Thomas

Sun City South Africa??
Comment from : GrennaskolanV

Tim Sheppard
Wow Las Vegas is number 1 i did not see that coming
Comment from : Tim Sheppard

shaen targs
Comment from : shaen targs

What about Oklahoma ,Oklahoma has more casinos than France
Comment from : YellowFunTime

I'm going to guess 😏

1)Las Vegas
3)Atlantic City

Comment from : CW ORANGE

Yoav Aharon
Let me take a guess...
Las Vegas is #1
Atlantic city #2

Comment from : Yoav Aharon

Kickin Some Metal
Comment from : Kickin Some Metal

Nick 1
1 Vegas
2 Atlantic city

Comment from : Nick 1

No Niagra Falls in honourable mentions
Comment from : LegitHackSource23

Pete S
Comment from : Pete S

As someone who lives just outside of Atlantic City, I can honestly say I'm surprised it's on the list. AC these days is all former glory and reputation. Most of the casinos have closed in the past 2 years, and only a couple are left. Atlantic City is a dying city.
Comment from : crystal_matter

kil koh
Wynn, Mandalay bay, how about Bellagio or Ceasers Palace, Mgm, or even the mirage.
Comment from : kil koh

Gambling here is quite young 18! Erm.... that's young, but I'm pretty sure many countries have that has a base age for "legal" things.
Comment from : HarryWessex

Uhh.... not even Niagara Falls as an HM?
Comment from : Gameflyer001

Lee Stewart
Help my friend out www.gofundme.com/6m97yrr8
Comment from : Lee Stewart

Unreliable Productions
Wheres Tunica,MS
Comment from : Unreliable Productions

Chareles Dickens
Still waiting for top 10 architecture cities
Comment from : Chareles Dickens

Comment from : swimmingqueen16

Do Top 10 Cartels
Comment from : ADAN XVII

reno isn't even in the honrable mentions?
Comment from : Xenon

Stupid The Hedgehog
Hit him, not me.
Comment from : Stupid The Hedgehog

I didn't know that Los Angeles had casino gambling. It must be new cause I never heard of it before.
Comment from : Gamefan113

Awake Hurtado
This one was obvious
Comment from : Awake Hurtado

deep ozzi
Sydney casino over Melbourne casino???? Are you kidding me? Please check your stats and edit your information.
Comment from : deep ozzi

michael ousborne
Xde genting? Najib ngan sultan pahang kene buat sesuatu ne
Comment from : michael ousborne

Hey watchmojo, just 1 thing, i am forom Costa Rica and i am not rhat sure if we are like that, how do you determinate which city is more gambling than other?
Comment from : Steven598

jack cuskelly
Why are the American cities have the state it in as well as the country but no other countries have that? Like when it was an honourable mention for New Orleans it said 'New Orleans, Louisiana, USA' but for Sydney it only said 'Sydney, Australia' not 'Sydney, New South Wales, Australia'.
Comment from : jack cuskelly

what about reno? Not even in the honorable? its much better than LA some of those cities
Comment from : Clau93

Matthias Schütt
final table of world series of poker main event 2014 playing fotr 10 million bucks in las vegas at 5:08. watched it. lol
Comment from : Matthias Schütt

Matthias Schütt
final table of world series of poker main event 2014 playing fotr 10 million bucks in las vegas at 5:08. watched it. lol
Comment from : Matthias Schütt

Marina bay is not a city
Comment from : yblpy

Gorilla Me A Sandwich
las vegas fuck yea bitchs
Comment from : Gorilla Me A Sandwich

Of Corse Las Vegas Is #1
Comment from : Crazze_

Yay So Happy They Picked Las Vegas Because That's Where I Was Born! =)
Comment from : Crazze_

Blaize  Gottman
for sure las Vegas Nevada is the best place for gambling but then there's also atlantic city
Comment from : Blaize Gottman

Kevin Inzunza
If Vegas isn't first than I been lied to all my life
Comment from : Kevin Inzunza

Las Vegas, Nevada
Comment from : redmario7

Emptying my wallet in 3...2...1....
Comment from : AaronShenghao

let me guess ...Vegas is #1.
Comment from : ZoloJ

ASAP Flash
This guy is talking pretty quick
Comment from : ASAP Flash

Las Vegas :D
Comment from : Deena

Kenny Mac
....No Laughlin, Nevada?...seriously?
Comment from : Kenny Mac

Antonio Rodriguez
i live in las Vegas
Comment from : Antonio Rodriguez

Arlet Mendoza
Am I the only one who is bothered by the way he say Nevada?
Comment from : Arlet Mendoza

Arlet Mendoza
Am I the only one who is bothered by the way he say Nevada?
Comment from : Arlet Mendoza

Xavier Concepcion
My city reno should of got a spot
Comment from : Xavier Concepcion

yes i knew Connecticut would be in the honorable mentions
Comment from : THE CRAZy KOOL AID BRO

Low Battery
Let me guess, Las Vegas first and Macao second?
Comment from : Low Battery

Among these cities, where can I play Russian roulette?
Comment from : StarlightX254

Coren Dawson
I live in Las Vegas
Comment from : Coren Dawson

Satan’s grandma
#1 is either Las Vegas, Monaco, or Macau.
Comment from : Satan’s grandma

Beez Buzz
It's not Los Vegas, Nevada it's Paradise, Nevada.
Comment from : Beez Buzz

Danny Diaz
And they pronounced Nevada wrong
Comment from : Danny Diaz

Gavin Hopkins
stop butchering the words Costa and Nassau
Comment from : Gavin Hopkins

King’Kong' Quisha
Las Vegas beat Macau? Oh 'Merica, really?
Comment from : King’Kong' Quisha

i was in Las Vegas for Halloween :)
Comment from : sergioavila2720

Plantman moo
Oh my fucking god it's ne vah duh
Comment from : Plantman moo

Daniel Cuevas
to bad im 10
Comment from : Daniel Cuevas

What about Reno
Comment from : Poop_mcswurvy

Benjamin Barnes
I am sorry but putting Sydney as you're honorable mention when its properly one of the worst places in Australia to gamble. Melbourne has the best casino in Australia.
Comment from : Benjamin Barnes

Plot Twist
#1 Voting booth
Comment from : Plot Twist

Alex C
Macau better be on this list. - Edit: Okay I'm glad that it was, but Macau is technically independent from China, just like Hong Kong. It should have listed Macau, Asia instead.
Comment from : Alex C

Keyan Sabzevari
Another top 10 where the number 1 is obvious. James Bond's #1 car: The Aston Martin DB5 - well duhh!!
Comment from : Keyan Sabzevari

I only a couple of days ago got to know that people actually live in Las Vegas.
Comment from : sliekuvīrs

well that was obvious
Comment from : SnipemareTV

I wonder what number 1's gonna be...
Comment from : Sparquo

I live in New Jersey an I went to Atlantic City+boardwalk real nice👌
Comment from : Mike

Swift lucasben
im guessing that lv and ac are def in here
Comment from : Swift lucasben

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