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shaktisinh zala
very nice leshsn
Comment from : shaktisinh zala

Let's say the banker button is on spot #1 and the dealer is banking. After the hand is over the player in spot #1has an option to bank but declines and the button moves to spot #2. Can the player in spot #2 bank right away or does the dealer have to bank again before the player gets the option?
Comment from : aqd626

Mike S
Great vids. I got one dumb question about using dice to determine first hand dealt: How do spots 1, 2, 19, 20, & 21 get the first hand/dragon's head when the dice total can only be 3-18? I'm not quite following. Thanks!
Comment from : Mike S

needs to be a demonstration of how the hand positions work
Comment from : MrArchaeopteryx2

M Schwartz
Thank you for this video. It was a great refresher.
Comment from : M Schwartz

M Schwartz
Around 53:00, 7 card flush.. You would put the ace / queen up top... You're two highest cards on a 7 card straight /flush.
Comment from : M Schwartz

Juliana Powers
Thank you!!!! This SAVED me through my first Pai Gow class today😁😁😁😁😁
Comment from : Juliana Powers

Shawn Tinling
I like your taste in cards. #Copag4Life
Comment from : Shawn Tinling

Derek Colledge
6:45 - why would a player EVER fold their hand? There is no "play" bet, and the dealer could have a terrible low hand if they have a straight, flush, etc.
Comment from : Derek Colledge

Sheldon Cooper
If the house way is flawed enough, a skilled banker could get the advantage.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Amber Muhammad
It's nice to know that you have done these videos. If you could do a series of the Carnival games it would be so Helpful to those that are coming into the business. I thought about doing it, but You all are far better set up and able to do it.
Comment from : Amber Muhammad

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