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Comment from : americancasinoguide

Tom thumb
You spent way to much time bragging about yourself trying to make yourself sound like you know what you are talking about but the reality from someone who has 24 years experience in gaming is that you don't know nearly as much as you like to think you know. When you said they have different chips in them with different pays shows that you don't really understand the internals of the machines. The software in most Vegas casinos have dozens if not hundreds of different pay tables on the software set. Gambling Machines have not actually stored the software program on IC chips for close to 10 years. Now days the software is stored on SSD's or hard drives because the content is massive compared to machines from 20 years ago.

Please in the future spend less time building up your ego and speak to people like a normal humans because your in depth technical knowledge is actually fairly weak and your overall basic knowledge is solid but not close to those who I have met who I would call experts. I would not consider myself an expert and I am pretty sure I have considerable more knowledge overall in Gaming.

Comment from : Tom thumb

Chris B
How they work makes how to win a stupid statement. This video is absolute total BS.
Comment from : Chris B

Gerald Harry
Love the book
Comment from : Gerald Harry

Mario Storti
Don't play in the Playtika apps are the most rigged that exist are six scammers of mefda of shitty crap
Comment from : Mario Storti

casinos set the payouts on the slots, they tend to set them to pay out low and there are rules set by the gaming commissions on how much they have to pay and how often, a casino by me was fined for having the slots set to low, they got caught and are likely doing it again.
Comment from : sausageslaps

Kaiser Sosay
The way to win is not to play.
Comment from : Kaiser Sosay

John Clegg
If these machines made you rich 1 nobody would work and 2 no machines would be in bookmakers or casinos, cannot explain it any simpler than that.
Comment from : John Clegg

Brandon Young
The money flows out of them like diarrhea from the buffalo
Comment from : Brandon Young

Doreen Lloyd-Thompson
I liked that last question. I thought those results were predetermined too.
Comment from : Doreen Lloyd-Thompson

old guy
You mean I sat through this whole video , just to find out in order to win it's luck? I knew that before the video.
Comment from : old guy

Giorgos Koui
Ate re malakia... Get lucky.... I know that secret
Comment from : Giorgos Koui

Jessie James Low
This guy is too honest and he is telling it from what he learnt from his interviews with casino operators and slot machine programmers and manufacturers. But what he says are not always necessarily true although he believe them to be so. Random Number Generators are not totally random. That is just a term the software engineers use to depict what the RNG does. As every computer software engineer knows, the software will operate based on what the engineer (programmer) inputs into the system. In that respect random number generating is not totally random. There is still a sequence because it is based on frequency which in turn is based on the payout ratio being applied. Contrary to what casino operators and slot machine manufacturers tell players, aspects of human psychology pertaining to human behavior in gaming and gambling are embedded in the programming. One very common example players have experienced frequently is what is called "last minute hand". This is the "phenomenon" that happens when you have almost exhausted all your credits and just as you are about to have enough credits for one or two last pulls suddenly the machine gives you a free spin bonus (after you have been waiting for a long time). What happens is that most players would be conservative so they would usually choose the most number of free spin option but with lesser payout multiplication, and they will be rewarded with a certain amount of credits but not enough to recover from what they have already put in. So naturally they have an inclination to continue playing with the expectation of recovery. If they continue to play on they will undoubtedly lose back all these credits that have been won. That is a fact. However, if the player says to himself, well, what the heck this is my last winning spin and I am going off so he opts for the least number of free spin but with highest multiplication factor. In most cases, he will hit a high credit payout with high multiplication factor. This is where the input of gambling psychology comes into play. Most players will want to come back because he ends on a good note. And they do come back. I have been playing slot machines for many many years and I can attest to this. When a machine is in a dry spell you can sit at it for hours and free spin takes a long time to appear, and when they do there is not much payout. But when a machine is on a run, free spins keep on coming at short frequency with reasonable payouts until there will be one very big payout (including the jackpot if there is one) and then it goes into hibernation mode again. This is a fact. Also, what is not mentioned in this video is that casino staff take statistics on machines that pay out more than the average and they keep track of the numbers. Regular players will notice that certain machines that continue to hit high credit payout frequently will usually have casino staff come take record of game statistics and what do you know, the next time round these machines suddenly will go quiet. As a frequent player , I have also noticed that time period is also at play. The casino that i frequently goes to playing the 5 Koi slot machines have certain time when almost all the same type of machines would have free spins coming on frequently almost about the same time! This would usually lasts about 30 to 45 minutes after which all these machines will go silent again. For this particular casino, the active period is in the morning between 10 a.m. to 12.00 pm and during dinner time 6.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. The worst time slot not to play these machines is usually after midnight when they are always in a lull period. And this is the period because it is the lull there being not many players is the time the casino does its cash retrieval. So, to slot machine players, I would advise them not to play on these machines between midnight and 6.00 a.m. And another piece of advice. They should play on a machine that has given out a jackpot before because the likelihood of that very same machine hitting jackpot again is very high. This is something I have seen first hand.
Comment from : Jessie James Low

Bob Zee
The thing is - RNG is NOT random. Computers know no such thing. Almost impossible to predict? Yes, but not random or impossible.
Comment from : Bob Zee

Your statement is contradicting. If they are programmed to pay back 90% as an example. The number generator in the chip is not random. Random would mean it's not programmed to pay out any set amount, it would be random and stay random even over time. Don't confuse odds of winning with a machine that is programmed to pay our X amount over any give time. Roulette is random with a given set of odds. Sorry, but you are speaking out of both sides of your mouth.
Comment from : mjohnstonflying

sportster davidson
So questions answered just dont play slots the house loves to cheet , its more like 93 % of the time the house wins .. shouldnt be allowed its just another way to swindle money out of people , like lifes not hard enough , poor people have to try anything and loose even more . Casinoes should not be legal , i live in niagara falls and suacide happens alot but never hits the news because its bad for the casino , how can this be right , and dont tell me its not the casinos fault when in fact if there was no casino there would be less suacide , well maybe they shouldnt gamble ... i agree but it doesnt help the situation putting temtation in front of desperate people . Casinos are evil just like the greedy governments
Comment from : sportster davidson

too big concentration on combinations makes a mind tired, activates thinking, senses, hope and strong wish to win - casino consciousness.  this is what the computer brains of machines doesn't like.slots gets a win in time, your mind is somewhere, without attention on machine. smaller wins anyway comes.

Edward j j
Nobody get lucky at all This dysanie is just to get people money that it Just lake federal reserve crooks bankers - another way around to start robbing good citizens The difrend is they using paper and pencils B.S plastic credit cards etc -not machine with pretty pictured screen
Comment from : Edward j j

Aussie Bill
/The best way to win is don't play
Comment from : Aussie Bill

Ron A
Dude that's not how they work. If a machine spins 5000 spins an hr and pays out is 90% it only needs to return 4500 spins an hr. Its not supposed to pay anything.
So not only can you loose your pension but can put through your partners as well.

Couple of problems - 1st - I need to interview manufacturers of companies and employees so I can be a expert like you.
2nd - If you ever see an add selling a "system" to beat a slot machine don't believe them..... So whats the title of your video.
3rd - Are you just selling the same book for the last 15 years.

Comment from : Ron A

Phong Le
That is bull shit I played in the slot machine first they let me win 40 buck on 50 cent bet then I keep playing then it suck back my fucking 40 buck plus my principal. I don't believe what you say. You bet high bet the more money you lose
Comment from : Phong Le

We had a slot machine in the taxi office years ago. The technician had a conversation with me and told me how to increase your chances of a big payout. Some of the information in this video is not quite accurate, for example you do not have the same chance of winning after a big win because it is an artificially created law of averages, not a real one. You can use this artificial law to give you an edge in the most surprising way. Play to lose. Keep losing, keep gambling. Eventually the machine will realise it has taken too much money and will kick into big payout mode, in order to redress the balance. This was told me by a technician.
Comment from : POKERNALYSIS

Miles Johnson
I put $20 in a dollar machine and won $2500. A few months later I went back and won $3000 on the same machine. About six months later I won $2500 on that same machine. A friend was with me. After I got paid I gave my friend $20 and said "play this machine". He won $3000 on the third pull. A few weeks later I saw the casino techs take that machine apart. It no longer pays out. For the last two years I periodically watch other people play this machine and they get no hits. My own strategy is to move to another machine if there are no hits.
Comment from : Miles Johnson

I: "So, how do I win?"

Narrator: "Don't bother playing."

Comment from : tripjet999

John Monks
The ONLY winner in a casino at the end of the day is the CASINO OWNER!!!!!
Comment from : John Monks

Astral Club
Save the airfare to Vegas. Just send me a buck and I’ll send you $0.85.
Comment from : Astral Club

Emil Grigorescu
Message : don’t play don’t gamble!
Comment from : Emil Grigorescu

Alan Peterson
When I lived in Las Vegas in 1980, the head of the Gaming Commission said," Show me somebody with a system and I'll pay for their plane ticket here." Don't know if anybody took him up on it.
Comment from : Alan Peterson

Universal Tunes
Slot machines look like my ass, they suck a lot but they shit little
Comment from : Universal Tunes

dino guessdat
Ya can't go 56mph in a 55mph zone without consequences, sometimes.
Comment from : dino guessdat

Steven Killeen
This is like something RedLetterMedia would review...
Comment from : Steven Killeen

Steven Killeen
How to win at slot machines...

Never begin in the first place.

Comment from : Steven Killeen

Dan Stafford
Computer chip machines are outdated... modern machines are server-based.... that means in the computer room the casino can control the payouts... from a low-budget to a high-budget payout!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

The machine uses RANDOM NUMBER Generator , ''so the outcome is totally random even, the makers dont know what the result will be or when ?' BULLSHIT , if nobody knows what is going to come out , How could they set the pay ratio? The machine knows what symbols its playing, it knows when the bonus feature is due to pay, only thing it doesn't know , is how much $ you going to put in . Also there may be luck involved to a small degree , but each machine has a sweet spot {when its paying consistently} put enough $ and eventually it will pay you back.
Comment from : smyleymk

You're so full of shit lol their payout is shit. They would rather get fined than payout.
Comment from : TheNinja07

Mark Tomkins
what fuk wit would believe this....sad
Comment from : Mark Tomkins

won or not, depends on karma. understanding slots helps, but doesn't guaranty win. more, sometimes thinking works against. computer brains of slots, get a win for the player mind, who is different from casino consciousness. must forget the wish to win. just spin.

Res Ipsa Loquitur
The age-old best system is to quit if and when you are ahead.
Comment from : Res Ipsa Loquitur

Res Ipsa Loquitur
In the initial discussion dealing with the RNG and the slot machine payout percentage, unless it is different here in Canada (Toronto), I found it amazing that the narrator did not even mention the legal minimum payout percentages set by different jurisdictions (government agencies/gambling commissions). Also there is no mention of over what period of time or play the percentage is supposed to pay out...hours, days, weeks, years?? When I enquired here in Toronto of the provincial regulatory agency I was told the time period is over the lifetime of the machine(s) but I am still rather puzzled...do they mean all machines of a certain type in any and all regulated casinos including on-line slots and how do they know the lifetime of the machines?-I presume it must be an estimate.
Comment from : Res Ipsa Loquitur

Chris Farrell
You can win by not playing
Comment from : Chris Farrell

Ron Mcwillis
So gaming is fixed! Just change the chip.
Comment from : Ron Mcwillis

Dennis Croak
The bonus round info is spot on, I found a pattern on a certain machine and rarely lose when I get to it. And yes I've had a "system" before, but it was tight and not many could be in that situation....and I had a LOT of luck. This is a good video, but didn't hear how to win....more like a video on why you lose :)
Comment from : Dennis Croak

Sam Doucette
I refuse to watch this video but had to comment on the title. As we all know, there is ONLY one way to win at slot machines -- walk past them and don't even look back. I'd feel like a complete idiot if I actually watched a video that tells us there's a way to win at slots as NOTHING we do we can have any affect their play. The only thing I've ever heard about playing slots that makes any sense to increase one's chance of winning is to play ones that are in high-profile locations in the casino as they may be programmed to pay out with more frequency to ramp up excitement and entice suckers. Shame on these casino industry promoters for putting out this video!!!
Comment from : Sam Doucette

back in the 80s, i found that if [1] i always bet three, [2] always spent at least 400 times the denomination of the machine [e.g., $20 on a nickel machine] AND ALWAYS [3] chose a machine that i saw at least 3 people dump a load into and get up and leave in disgust, that it would pay me 50-100% more than what i put into it, on average. i suspect that today's machines are different.
Comment from : BruceTheSillyGoose

rico hendrix
One person may win but lets get real! These machines are programmed to make money! If this guy knew how to win he would not be making these cheap videos unless he is getting paid for you to think you can win!
Comment from : rico hendrix

Clive Atherton
I cant believe for one second that bonus features are not pre determined. How many times when you get a bonus do you pick the worse feature and win fuck all. Absolute bullshit.
Comment from : Clive Atherton

Judi McAulife
RNG not Luck
Comment from : Judi McAulife

bret hart
How to win......Don't playyyyyy!!!!!
Comment from : bret hart

I'm not an expert at gaming or slot machines, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
Comment from : Havaseet2

Josh A
Gambling is odds of 100%. But the casinos are greedy and put 81% odds. So technically it’s not gambling. It’s pre judged odds against the player.
Comment from : Josh A

Dianjello Rafiki
Comment from : Dianjello Rafiki

michael wilharms
I got a pacemaker back in April and have noticed a little extra "luck" since then.
Comment from : michael wilharms

Tom Yazel
I am a casino expert and now I have to make a living selling bullshit books...wtf?
Comment from : Tom Yazel

Habs Fan
This guy was probably hired by the casino's. Now people are going to be betting more money at the $25, $10, and, $5 slot machines because they think they will win more money because of what this idiot says.
Comment from : Habs Fan

KC Kandy Bain
I disagree I win 2 jackpots a month in Wa. They know me they pay me. Since January I've won loads
Comment from : KC Kandy Bain

Eldon Perry
The last info he gave was very true I knew what scatters you picked that makes the luck of your day suck as touch to play right??? Where you touch there your luck of that day I do believe that
Comment from : Eldon Perry

kuya totoy Grangos
Oh it's not correct to every country
Comment from : kuya totoy Grangos

kuya totoy Grangos
Don't try it ... does nor work I gave it year and tried all of the tactics does NOT WORK AT ALL ... best not to try
Comment from : kuya totoy Grangos

Elite Geeks
I have been a slot tech since 1991... You cannot win off them, period. They are called Gaming, Not Gambling for a reason... Legally you cannot call a machine gambling since the percentage cannot get let you win over the span of 100,000 games... what this guy in the video says is only half the truth.
Comment from : Elite Geeks

you go to the casino to have some fun, you essentially pay for experience, whoever goes there with the mindset "imma win 1million$" already lost.
Comment from : DjZeroPlayer1

Kipper De La Vega
Keep a record on the dates you win and compare them to the days you don't at all.
The casinos have dates for that where they have to collect for the month, there are a few days a month were they release a percentage to the public Because by law they have to give you back some.

Comment from : Kipper De La Vega

Mr Marvellous
Slot machines are cash cows for the Governement and Casino's stay away from them, they are an indirect tax on the poor.
Comment from : Mr Marvellous

SuperStation Funnies
so wrong....there are ways to beat slots
Comment from : SuperStation Funnies

Jay Keniston
Claims to be an expert on slot machines, yet says nothing about rng manipulation. Go home, your mommy's calling you.
Comment from : Jay Keniston

Zakkariya yahabibee
You speak too fast with european accent not american and final sound stop which difficult to listen and clearly understand
Comment from : Zakkariya yahabibee

John Smith
They say it paid out 95 to 98 percent, that is bull shit, it is scam and being protected by the government, you never win . The answer they gave to you is bull shit too.
Comment from : John Smith

david casner
Bullshit! You cannot beat the RNG. The only way to win is not to play.
Comment from : david casner

Driving to Las Vegas this Thursday eve from San Diego !

Tychokinesis Power/Ability To: ManiPulation Probability And ManiPulation OutCome..…..
Comment from : Mr,Casino

Cherry Lane
I want my money back from Cache Creek Casino.
Comment from : Cherry Lane

Ronny Caporuscio
Right so basically all slot machines are dirty just like drug dealers And the democrats
Comment from : Ronny Caporuscio

Samtin Dorjee
Don’t go Casino.. specially don’t play slot machine.. it looks beautiful with their jackpot price. People get more attached and eager to win but in real it’s terrible.. All slot machine are set up.. if you want to play for fun.. it’s different case.. but if you want to play for win, at the end you will keep losing your all money.. it leads you depressed and financially crisis .. better keep away from casino.. save your money and spend on what good for you.. I do have personal experience. In casino how much you win, you need more... And when you lose your money then you want your money back.. somehow you keep losing your all money, time and sleep.. Enjoy your life.. be happy always.. keep away from gambling.. it’s really bad.. when you get addicted then it will be very late..
Comment from : Samtin Dorjee

Seafoam Green
Great video
Comment from : Seafoam Green

Matthew Norris
Guy looks into the science behind it all and every gambling addict goes NUH UHHHHHH! Ahh that's rich.
Comment from : Matthew Norris

Harold Milner
i looked up oklahoma...and surrounding states..all owned by tribal leaders...and they dont have to say what their machines payout...they say its over 87 percent..and kansas gaming said its around 80 percent..is their a reason why they dont have to tell the people what their gaming machines pay...seems fishy why tribal dont have to tell anyone anything
Comment from : Harold Milner

Samson Papaya
You should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging people to play what I call death slots!! They are not random! I’ve played machines that come up with the same combination every 15 turns or so. They are fixed to win small a lot of times and then and only then does the dry spell show up. If they were random it would be really difficult for people to win anything that’s why they must and most definitely have to be fixed in order to get people to play them. And the bonus spins that one wins would be random as well but they are not! They are fixed to pay out more than normal spins like buffalo. Some coins on buffalo disappear as the wheel turn and then all of a sudden they appear. If you all don’t believe me, if you are hooked already on these machines, pay attention to how many times you see any of the objects as they are turning. The machines are fixed and can be manipulated. If you think I’m lying then you already are hooked and hope you find help.
Comment from : Samson Papaya

Uncle Bill
What you describe as a "Near Miss" is actually a NEAR HIT. You talk about Gaming Commissions or Gaming Regulations, however, you fail to note that these do NOT apply to Indian Casinos located on Indian Tribal property.
Comment from : Uncle Bill

Victoria March
Sorry, their is a system to winning on slot machines. I know of a way to make the machine to give you multiple free spins.
Comment from : Victoria March

Brian Sefring
On machines where you win a bonus and have to make choices or picks....does it really matter what you pick?  I am guessing not..or theoretically you could pick 5 jackpots in a row.
Comment from : Brian Sefring

How is it possible that each play generates a completely random event, but the slot machine is programmed to pay out a certain percentage over time?
Comment from : Robert

LEON HOUSE: Mobile & PC Games, Music, Vlogs & More
That only thing that surprised me was how it really does matter which one you pick. I always thought it was always predetermined and anything I pick wouldn't matter. That is some petty interesting info. I am not so sure about the odds being different about where you play though as I swear I always win more / more often on the slots closest to the door. Thanks for all the info this was petty interesting.
Comment from : LEON HOUSE: Mobile & PC Games, Music, Vlogs & More

M Stephens
This is outdated.
Comment from : M Stephens

Yep, it's random alright. Randomly chosen by upstairs who's gonna win. My luck must have special days. When I'm hot , I am hot. If I have a day when I am winning, everything I touch I win on. Why is that? Then when I lose everything i lose. Went to PARX once after completing an online survey. I told them in the survey that I don't come there because i could lose closer to my home. I pay around 30 dollars in tolls plus a 90 minute ride. One day decided to go back and was approached by a slot manager.. He asked me my name and asked me did I fill out a survey. After welcoming me back, he then apologized for my bad experience and gave me 100 dollars free play. Guess what, EVERY MACHINE I TOUCH THAT DAY I WON ON. IS THAT RANDOM? IS THAT LUCK? HELL NO! THOSE MACHINES ARE CONTROLLED. There is one lady at Mount Airy Lodge that seems to always hit the GRAND Pay. 10 thousand and up. Is this lady luck that good. PLEASE WITH THE BS. SLOT MACHINES ARE CONTROLLED. Random Generator my ass. How come some days the casino is Hot paying very well and then most of the days does nothing. Is this Random. These machines are being watched and I know they choose who will win. How they choose or how they decide who will win, don't know but they control . Slot attendant said they watch upstairs when a machine hit a hand pay. Wanted my husband to claim the prize. If they wasn't watching me before I hit, how do they know he was not playing. As soon as I realized that I was going to have a hand pay we switch seats. So how do they know he wasn't playing the machine. Yep they was watching because they knew that I was going to get a big pay. Let's start telling the truth here.
Comment from : POPPA JACK

Mikey E
Great video. This guy isnt some hack. He is an experienced investigator into how gambling works. Even though people here dont seem to believ him.

This is a fascinatng video to me. I learned a lot. One thing that wasn't said, however, is that the percentage payout includes ALL winnings - including the huge payouts like Million dollar winners. Therefore, the REAL winning percentage is MUCH LOWER than 88 or 93%. Its probably more like 50-60% for most payouts as compared to money played.

But why people on hear dont believe this man is beyond me. The comments here that someone is electronically controlling the results/payouts is absurd. Do you know how many slot machines are in every casino? Hundreds - at a minimum. Slot machines are a fancy version of a computer. Try it sometime - you can create a random number generator on your computer in various ways, like usng an Excel program's formula. The results are totally random, and the result of 1 "spin" is completely independant of another. Same concept as flipping a coin - the coin has no memory. It doesnt know what the last flip was. The chance of either heads or tails, on ANY flip is STILL50/50.

Comment from : Mikey E

Lori Walsh
WELL.... it is 100 percent pre determined when you are in bonus rounds because sugar house online has live chat and it shows a stream of winners in that chat and every time i am in bonus round in lion heart my pay is posted before i even picked the times my bet bonus so i always know what i am going to win before i uncover prize on machine... and there is a few other ones there too that show the bonus before game is over...
Comment from : Lori Walsh

albin maestro
5.500 people expected to hear magic formula here. :)
Comment from : albin maestro

He sounds irritated with her....NO!
Comment from : Cire

69 Bama
Bullsheet . Most of what he said is bullsheet . I'm quite familiar with computers that operate systems and it is easily capable of being manipulated from a central control unit . How do you think they know that you have a hand pay coming if they're not monitoring your machine . When you see a machine that is off and all of a sudden you see it come on , it's being manipulated by someone . I'm not saying that they are doing this , what I'm saying is if they say they can't do it then bullsheet . 😎
Comment from : 69 Bama

John Clegg
If you could win regular betting on these machines, 1 nobody would work and 2 they would not be in bookmakers or casinos.
Comment from : John Clegg

Daniel Ezekiel Peneha
There was a machine that was at 93percent wins it payed me every time within the hour everyday, then the bar remove it and only that machine, and when others have gotten the bonus on there game 98percent of the time it pays them the mini, not the minor or the major or the grand, they keep picking the mini or free spins, and they are not trying to pick that tho 98percent of the time that's what's showing up, and ever since they put in two three and even four jackpots in to the one bar where there use to be only one jackpot, now it takes weeks, before the jackpot goes off, where before it would be days if not daily, so now the pokies, the astrocrats are robbing people taking more money and not paying out because the average percentage of winning has dropped to around 84percent on the machines and even less for the jackpot to go off on a daily, because if all four go in one day they have to all rebuild up in price again which takes a week if not longer. So alot of what you said didn't help.
Comment from : Daniel Ezekiel Peneha

You can become a millionaire playing slots of you are a billionaire.
Comment from : arealmench

Aussiesteveification G
How to win at slot machines : don’t play the stupid things !
Comment from : Aussiesteveification G

moe Lak
I have seen and heard a casino attendant calling operators to let them know that someone won 3 times jackpot on the same machine then they control it
Comment from : moe Lak

moe Lak
95% of people are in debts cause of your shit show slots machines
Comment from : moe Lak

Zach L
so you said that "server based slot machines" are rare in 2009. are they now common in 2019?
Comment from : Zach L

Ray Burton
Lies! We all know casinos “control” the machines! That “chip” is programmed for them! But it’s nice when you beat em!
Comment from : Ray Burton

Anthony Ruggiano
If this was true you would be a billionar.your full of shit just think your channel
Comment from : Anthony Ruggiano

Fggg Fffg
People who play slots are the dregs of the gambling world . Casino's have their dick firmly up your ass when you play these stupid machines . If you are going to gamble , play a bit of live blackjack now and again .
Comment from : Fggg Fffg

Ariel Starlight
This place is so awesome!💖
Comment from : Ariel Starlight

Who's watching this in 2019. This was made I 2009
Comment from : ClapZ

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