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Firebirdz CAB
As a former employee at Fallsview casino Niagara Falls. Stay far away from casinos. They prey on people that have compulsive disorder. Plus the algorithm is locked around 97 percent. It’s why they make money and people lose their livelihood
Comment from : Firebirdz CAB

Luis Garza
Comment from : Luis Garza

Jeroyce Paddock
Dudes honest. I like him.
Comment from : Jeroyce Paddock

If the random number generator has chosen the results in advance, how is it possible to stop the spin on bonus symbols. When you see the bonus symbols spinning by, you can stop them, to some degree. Some slots have 3 particular symbols that produce a bonus. With practice, you can catch/stop on the first symbol. eg Kitty Glitter. Other slots have bars of wild cards that you can stop on eg Coyote Moon.

You cant win because they cap the jackpots. Whether you bet 3 bux or 6 bux a spin, they jackpot/hand pay 1500. Not 1500 for one and 3000 for another.

Comment from : king13i

gr ve
Slots are fixed... you cannot win
Comment from : gr ve

I have worked for the last 22 years in Vegas in various Casinos and for a one of the major slot companies. Many people ask me about the realities of casino gaming. When I tell them, they mostly don't believe me or don't want to believe the truth. They let superstition or conspiracy theories cloud their judgement. Believe me. A casino would not for a second take a chance of possibly paying hundreds of thousands in fines or losing their gaming license so they can jip you out of $20.
Comment from : Tsarbomba29

stacks bin
Before I headed into a casino. I gave a woman on the side of the street 20$ cause her sign said help get me drunk. I thought it was an honest sign. So gave her 20 bucks. I went to the casino put a 20$ bucks in and bam 1121$ in my pocket is it karma or luck?
Comment from : stacks bin

Joe Smith
Ive been to casinos for over 10 years and have never seen one person ever hit over 8k on a slot
Comment from : Joe Smith

Louisiana Midwest
Never won more that $200
Comment from : Louisiana Midwest

Timothy McNamara
Comment from : Timothy McNamara

systematic self organization
The odds are stacked against you but may the force be with you
Comment from : systematic self organization

I’ve been going to the casinos for many years
And I noticed that only old folks win the big jackpots. I analyze 🤔 this retirees have nothing better to do but to comeback again and return the money . Casinos used them as bait 🎣

Comment from : J S

Rain 976
He just said it's all luck pure dumb luck he didn't lie pay attention
Comment from : Rain 976

Purified Beats.
I recently put $10 in a machine and walked away with $200.
So I guess I'm lucky!

Comment from : Purified Beats.

Big Gunna886
I’ve learned a lot from this video. Now im gona go try my luck anyways
Comment from : Big Gunna886

Jaime Padilla
Comment from : Jaime Padilla

mi cho
Bonus round part is bullshit... that's why some machines dont show what you didn't pick...
Comment from : mi cho

Martin Kaiser
Gibt das auch auf Deutsch ?
Comment from : Martin Kaiser

Is not random generated. All casinos are one big scam. They will always win. Sometimes people are so dumb...
Comment from : Freecooler

Lol I don't gamble. This reinforces that decision.
Comment from : MOLON LABE

I call BS tho on the bonus round symbols. My wife and I wemt to a casino in Biloxi and I littarly hit the bonus screen at least 15x in the 4 hours we were there. If it isn't predetermined than how come every single time I picked the symbols, I littarly got the minimum amount everytime.
Comment from : Adam

This whole time I hit a slot machine kinda big, big meaning like $60 more lol, I would leave, because I always thought it wouldn't hit agian anytime soon.
Comment from : Adam

Lil Kleenex
First time playing in the slots today. Won 90 bucks in my first few spins and the guy behind me won 24k dollars.
Comment from : Lil Kleenex

Joel Lyons
Mr Rogers half brother mr robber lol
Comment from : Joel Lyons

You cant win at slots. Stop spreading this bull shit.
Comment from : PENGDO

Chris Sean P
Thanks now I can feel comfortable gambling a whole pay check lol
Comment from : Chris Sean P

Melvin Richardson
Look up what Will Rogers said about doubling your money..LOL.
Comment from : Melvin Richardson

Jacob Gonzalez
For video poker when you make your bet and you get your 5 cards has it already determined the outcome for those cards and the cards you will draw for or does the timing matter when you press draw to discard any you don’t want and to get new ones or has all of it been determined from the moment you place your initial bet
Comment from : Jacob Gonzalez

Roidagobert Hamel
This all false
Comment from : Roidagobert Hamel

C. S. McLeod
Yeah. But how do i win???????????????????????????????????
Comment from : C. S. McLeod

**********I have a serious question: With all the online gaming now and all the different algorithms, do online casinos apply those algo's to your personal account so you are guaranteed to lose 2-15% or is it still tied to the machine? Sometimes I can't help but think its tied to my accounts. I was up $42k 2 weeks ago, and no matter what, I couldn't get higher. I went 72 spins in a row without getting a single fucking Lion on a specific re-spin game where I had 4 of the 5 reels stacked with lions. I've never seen 72 spins go by without even a single lion (let alone 2 or 3). At close to $200 a spin, I didn't smarten up and quit until I was back to just under $28,000. So, my question, do you think algorithms are tied to personal accounts now instead of just the games themselves????
Comment from : reverandglenn

Ivory Fyall
You need tp show that to Trump!!!!!
Comment from : Ivory Fyall

Rosio H
Hi👋I'm a New Subscriber to Your Channel!!!🎰
Comment from : Rosio H

gustavo moraza
What website was that again?
Comment from : gustavo moraza

Keith O'Leary
Thank you. ! Have a good time. !
Comment from : Keith O'Leary

ed rod
Comment from : ed rod

Avila Family
Can you please explain the last coin phenomenon....Why is it that almost everytime I come close to the last spin before I run out, does it hit....I know it's not just me...who else has experienced this. If it was on a number generator. Why this phenomonon?
Comment from : Avila Family

Max Martinez
All of you saying this video is full of lies, with zero evidence to support your claims, are making yourselves look very foolish
Comment from : Max Martinez

Darrell Ford
If you take $100 only to play the slots and you only spend $100 rather it takes all night or 30 minutes.. it's no different than any other form of entertainment. If I have a budget to spend $100 to $150 out on the town on a night out, anywhere I go.. be it dinner and drinks for two a club.. or a casio.. and on that night out my budget is $150 or even $500 .. that's all i spend, no matter what.. period. it's all about discipline. . If you are at a casino and spend beyond your budget, the casino did not take your money.. you just willingly gave them money you did not have to spend! Its entertainment! You should spend your budge at a casino and leave just like you do with any other form of entertainment.. it's the same as a restaurant.. you dont keep ordering food when you have no money left and you are full just so you can taste something better.. you get your ticket and check out when you are done. It does not make slots or casinos crooked if you spend beyond what you allow yourself to spend.. it just makes you stupid for doing it..
Comment from : Darrell Ford

Charles Byers
This works for me every time. Take $100 to the casino. Watch someone play a machine for a long time and not win. Think, "Boy, what a sucker!" Walk away with your money. Works 100% of the time.
Comment from : Charles Byers

This is the truth: you know how I win at slot machines? I close my eyes and push buttons and then pull or push the lever. I've won with this technique more than lost, I'm Scottish. The best play for the customer at any casino game is, of course, black jack/21. Reason: If you play consistently and have any intuitive ability you can "guess" which cards will bust the dealer. It really is "know when to stay" like the county song says. Y
Comment from : yowwwwie

Sheldon Turley
This is how (Casinos) are built by us people put money into machines.better off playing (Sportbook) or (Crabs)
Comment from : Sheldon Turley

gary gerard
losers gamble
Comment from : gary gerard

Kevin Gouldrup
IN short if you play slots you are a class A sucker!
Comment from : Kevin Gouldrup

The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel
I use to be addicted to these disastrous machines, i rekon i put 3 houses in them, poison i tell ya!
Comment from : The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel

Wendy Stroud
FUCK YOU LIAR...............
Comment from : Wendy Stroud

If the payouts can be adjusted then that means the machines are not in fact truly random. Thats basic logic. If they can control how many times the machine will let you win or even what you win then it is not random. There is no way to control the payout percentage otherwise.
Comment from : RacerX

Stephanie S
How does the percentage payout work on a multi denomination slot such as lightning link?
Comment from : Stephanie S

Molsy Depot
Such BS lies. Example. Slots have been connected to a central computer for decades & easy as flipping a light switch to raise lower the payout odds. Heres a reality fact you wouldn't dare to say is that the casino will take every cent you have in the long run, guaranteed. So play all you like, it is entertainment, it could be very costly entertainment if your an idiot & lose your house etc. play smartly, leave when you win, don't sit there loosing it all as i see most folks do. don't go in with a wad of cash or credit cards unless you have money galore but even very rich folk lose every cent at casinos. suicides out back of almost every casino its well known by locals. Casinos are a lot of fun for those who play it smart. don't listen to anything this lying idiot tells you in this deceiving video.
Comment from : Molsy Depot

Is that true the slots hit? At 2 or 3 in the morning (as in the machine is physically hot and ready to pay out), when someone is constantly playing it!! ???
Comment from : goodguygto

Renee LoveJoy
It’s tax season people🙄 don’t y’all fall for this scam🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Renee LoveJoy

How to win? Own the casino.
Comment from : DwightMS1

ak wizer316
What was the last game name, the one were he tap two boxes? Please can I get a name of the game
Comment from : ak wizer316

He doesn’t blink, a complete lying bastard
Comment from : SOCOMJON

ray amundson
when they say 98% payout,,, who do YOU think gets the 98 percent payout ? NOT YOU ,,,they get the 98% payout of what ALL the people who used that machine. ,,,YOU get the 2% no matter what the machine pops out for winners whether it is a ten dollar winner or a ten thousand dollar winner. IF the machine pops out a winner and ONLY a hundred dollars was put in the machine,,, you get the 2% which is two dollars. IF the machine HAS NEVER paid out in a long time and allot of people used that machine you are more likely to get a high pay out BUT ONLY 2% of the total in that machine. PERIOD
Comment from : ray amundson

Lavie Est Belle
fuck you liarFake news
Comment from : Lavie Est Belle

Ray West
Little known trick.  Watch someone who has played 10 coins without a pay out, and then leaves.  Sit at that machine, put in 5 coins, and pull.  Then three coins wait 10 seconds, and pull. 5 coins again wait 15 seconds and pull. Now 2 coins, five seconds and pull.  Then five coins dropped in 1 second apart, and pull fast.  Now go to the cage for more coins, and repeat.
Comment from : Ray West

Ray West
How do Slots work ?  Very good. They pay for 95% of a Casino's upkeep.
Comment from : Ray West

tracie j griff
if you really want to play slot machines, just hang around, and wait for some mug to lose, all their money, better odds on return, if you like sharking.
Comment from : tracie j griff

Tony Camaratta
The casino made this post so people watch it and go to the casino and still lose. Wake up people.
Comment from : Tony Camaratta

Debra Polenz
It's like your reading our gaming minds, lol guess we all think like this mostly. Good info thank you.
Comment from : Debra Polenz

Made Fromscratch
Did you hear him he said “so how do you win on a slot Machine ? ,” YOU GET LUCKY , NO WAY so thats how you win so now im quitting my job and punching in the clock at the casino cause all you need to win is luck thats all , its so crazy it never crossed my mind .
Comment from : Made Fromscratch

Kim's Scented Candles
The real winners are the people who stay away from them!
Comment from : Kim's Scented Candles

Here you go people , if you get lucky is the secret code. So if you think you’re not lucky, then buy a case for beer and sit on the couch and enjoy your evening rather than blowing it on slot machines
Comment from : chiya2006

The best way to win is not to play slot machines, these are rigged with computers, no use playing them.
Comment from : RafterBarR

White Thread
I don't know how to win but I do know how not to lose.. keep away from the bastard slots..
Comment from : White Thread

Rui Carson
Lately slot machines not paying for 1 month some exceptions... professional are there fixing machines to pay less free spins
Comment from : Rui Carson

The Reallest
Stg my girl stay runnin up a bag on them bitches idk how the hell she do it but yo got tht touch
Comment from : The Reallest

farid ajaj
lies lies they paid him very well to bullshit ppl lying out hess ass they didnt tell u the truth
Comment from : farid ajaj

at last
the voice of reason
slotmachines are friendly
slotmachines are reasonable
what's not to like about slotmachines?

they're addictive

Comment from : Gerard

Pancho villa
I only take 100$ to gamble, leave my debit card in my 🚗 car, 10 min later go get my debit card and end up spending 500$, when I get home wifey gets piss off , and guess what I’m sleeping on the dame sofa for atleast 1 week, thnx casinos
Comment from : Pancho villa

Bohotep yammalama
In other words and time 4:50 in...Don’t throw money away on slots! It’s all about being lucky! DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!
Comment from : Bohotep yammalama

I win every time I don't play.
Comment from : fleamarketmutt

It begins at 1:48
Comment from : LISA MC BRIDE

Javier Bustamante
All this casino slots are totally a joke
No one can't beat the odds
I try them many times
I lost almost every time your best bet is not to gamble.

Comment from : Javier Bustamante

Tommy Johansen
Its not random,its illegal. The machines are programmable wich means its rigged.Your a liar.Casino gaming is for idiots.
Comment from : Tommy Johansen

Lloyd Bonafide
Anybody that plays slots is a fool. 100% guarantee you will lose over any period of time.
Comment from : Lloyd Bonafide

I like how many people in this comment section seem to think that 88% payout rate means that 88% of pulls pay out, that wouldn't even make a bit of sense. It means only that 88% of the money that goes into the machine is payed back out. IE, if a machine has an 88$ jackpot, it would pay that out about once for every 100$ payed in.

The actual odds of winning have nothing to do with the amount that the machines pay out. They could pay out 1% of the take, but win on every pull with tiny insignificant jackpots. Imagine a 10$ machine that always gives you a dime as a 'consolation prize.' You could also have a machine that pays back 200% of the take but has a mathematically insignificant chance of winning by having stupid big pots.

That said, I'm really surprised at the payout rates, I would have figured they be far, far worse, like 70% of the gross or less.

Comment from : kauske

david c smith
So much for a random generator!!
Comment from : david c smith

david c smith
The machine doesnt cheat but it sucks you in !! 7:30 !
Comment from : david c smith

Sorry for the length of this. You can't tell this whole story in a fewer words.
[Although there will be some, who will tell me how that could have been accomplished]

My firm belief, is that slot machines, are, at times, fixed. Proof for this belief;
My favorite game is keno, and 75% of the time, that was my game of choice.
People sitting next to me, would ask me, "how do you hit so often"? Told some.

I was an addict for these games, and have played for up to 17 hrs, at a sitting.
First, I'd start off picking 5#'s out of 80...drop a quarter, and play about $20 worth.
[If the 5#'s picked lit-up, I'd win somewhere round $200][Not enough for an addict]

During the spins, I'd keep 'mental' track of which area the numbers were lighting-up in.
Then, when I was fairly certain on the area, I'd up the bet, and the amount of numbers to 7-picks.
7#'s paid $875/per 25c [1.00 paid $3500. though I only went that high, if I won $875 first]

On one occasion, I hit three in a short period; and after the 3rd hit, three casino staff, approached my machine, and asked me to step away from the game, so they could add coins to the game. BS because I didn't withdraw coins , so there was no flippen way they would need to add more...especially at this point of my visit, as I was on-a-roll.
Watched her closely, as she tossed in a bag of tokens, and then, pressed something(don't know what), then, thanked me, and left. Of course, the game didn't hit again for me, that night. Found out that the games could be reset, and that's what happened; and the slot-manager told me, that it had nothing to do with changing the game payout. BS

What I noticed, when playing a certain machine, was that the computer-selected-numbers, would travel to different areas, and if you rotated the area played, and only covered these certain places, after $20(more or less) you could hit, regularly. They told me that the draws were 100% random; and I noticed, they were not. The generator was flawed, especially after long term, continuous play. [So, finding the correct night was difficult...and I tried daily]

What I did after this, was never play over 25c, and let the wins accumulate. [If the machine pays-out over a certain mark...say $1000...the lights on top flashed, and attendants would show-up, and register the win, and pay you from the main cashier cage. - In order to avoid this action, I'd keep the potential wins, under $1000, which means the dollars won, would accumulate(and lights would not go off)...so 7#'s at 25c paid $875., and nobody checked on you]
When the dollars reached what I wanted, I'd hit PAYOUT button, which would start the lights flashing; or, if the game was recently reset, I'd lose everything spent, and try again, when the games were used more (next day)

The last time I tried this, I had spent 17 hrs, and a lady-slot attendant, approached me, about 1/2 hr before I stopped playing, and seemed confused, that she remembered me from the previous day, and, that I was still there. [She said she went home, took care of her business, had 8r sleep, and returned to work next day] As I used a casino card, she put her card into my current machine, and told me, that during my 17 hr. playing, between $50,000, and $150,000, had passed through my hands.(Though she said she was not allowed to tell me exactly how much)Also, not at one time.

It broke my heart, as I left that morning, with $50 in my pocket. From the day before, when there was no more room for the $100's & $20's in my pockets...I'm going home with $50. Of course, by the end of that session, I had graduated to the higher pay/payout games...from 25c games to $20 games. Should have ran when I ran out of room for the bills.
Maintained my sanity, on that long trip home, with the thought...I started that day with $40 to gamble, and I have $50 now...not much, but it's all I had. Being what I was...I quit playing then, and have never returned, in nearly 20 years.

I'm the type of person, who cannot stop, once the taste of victory is felt.
So far, in my life, I've only been addicted to a few things, that couldn't be stopped easily;
Smoking, cigarettes, beer, sex, gambling...just a few...though, all can be deadly, in excess.

Comment from : jUSTpLAINbRAD

Chronic Crypto
So here's a story. I don't like gambling but my friends invited me to a casino and gave me $20 of their money to lose. I hit jackpot on my 3rd spin but I didn't know you should do max bets and did 1 penny or 5c bet and the machine went crazy the whole screen was lions. I won $100 and they laughed and said I would have won 1k or 10k at max bet. Then years later a buddy I hadn't seen in years wanted to go out. We went to the casino and this time I brought 1k to lose. I was killing it in roulette. Turned $5 into around $200, cashed out half and kept a $100 chip as a souvenir. Then I went into the high roller room and it was $20 min per pull. I put a $20 in and hit jackpot, the lights were going crazy the whole room was lighting up then they came, unplugged the machine and said it was broken then kicked us out. I filmed it and still have the video.
Comment from : Chronic Crypto

How To Win At Slot Machines:

1. Walk up to a slot machine
2. Punch it in the face
3. Walk away

You're welcome........

Comment from : ThatOldGuy

loco boy
Look them machines will probably pay big once in a million spins
Comment from : loco boy

loco boy
Ile stick with the horses
Comment from : loco boy

Sir Valdo
you get lucky like r.ducky he, he, put a wire in to machine and you are w.
Comment from : Sir Valdo

The casinos always win. How do I know? When you hit a jackpot, the machine is always malfunctioned. When you lose, it's working perfectly.
Comment from : Ж

Jameel Khan
Video take-away:
"Play the $25 machines"
"How to win: Get Lucky"
He's such a marketer.

Comment from : Jameel Khan

Edward j j
Casino robbing good citizens with this machinery B.S Can't believe how many people getting ripped off by the casino How to wins?Simply don't play You already won
Comment from : Edward j j

Jeff Carr
You can't win and cannot buy a win get it?
Comment from : Jeff Carr

Michael Olson
I used to leave my points card in the slot machine and if the player did not notice the play points would go on my card , and if they did notice I would just apologize and say that I am always leaving my points card in the machine. I think that I got 5.00 cash for every 1000 points
Comment from : Michael Olson

Brian Beard
Comment from : Brian Beard

Michael Olson
What about using auto play I personally believe that this dramatically increases the house edge due to the speeding up of your spin rate to the maximum play speed of your cashflow.
Comment from : Michael Olson

Michael Olson
In the UK the government have stepped in to regulate casino machine play to a low amount per play, maximum bet limit let me say that initially when these blackjack machines came out the dealer could hit blackjack 6/10 times in a row and so they can set the machine and control the augoryth. After many compliments it took them some time but the rate blackjack occuring reduced, but the overall losing rate remained mathematically in there favour which only goes to show that you are up against a computer chip in the end.
Comment from : Michael Olson

Kathy sullivan
I have found that I do better at stand alone machines, as oppose to multiple game one's, Also changing my betting line works pretty well.
Comment from : Kathy sullivan

Michael Gray
Ha...All a Bunch of Crooked Bastards...Especially the Indian Owned Casinos...Those places are there to make Money...NOT give it away...I found over $7,000 in a Paper Bag at my Casino one Night...Do you think I told them...Nope...Screw em...My Money now...
Comment from : Michael Gray

Lori Mangold
I noticed you never said you play any of these machines
Comment from : Lori Mangold

Jay Thomas
The house wishes everyone good luck
Comment from : Jay Thomas

Daniel Trevino
You are so wrong , they lie cheat any and every way they can I have seen it to many times.
Comment from : Daniel Trevino

bob davis
you have way better odds on table card games than slots
Comment from : bob davis

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