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CEG Dealer School
Thanks for watching! Giveaway time! Watch the beginning of the video to find out how to participate! Good luck! --- Alex
Comment from : CEG Dealer School

Undisputed Blackjack
A big fan. Biggest lost was $5 K at multiple casinos in Vegas in three days.
Comment from : Undisputed Blackjack

Imagine scents?? no way!
Comment from : Dracstar

T .J
A cool G, super bowl weekend
Comment from : T .J

Aaron P
Lost $2000 at the casino ):
Comment from : Aaron P

only $100 love the videos
Comment from : ststst

don't you keep a mid-low and play the king high? 5's and 9's with a king high

Unless you have an Ace or a King you should always split:

One medium (77-TT) pair and one low (22-66) pair

Comment from : CorazEQ

dealer here. I got a King high straight flush and pocket aces once, all 5 players cursed me and quit. was the #1 pai gow hand i've dealt. Usually i'm on craps, when they send me to the carnie game pit i make loud groaning noises when the pit boss isnt looking.
edit: I still groan even when the pit boss is looking >:)

Comment from : CorazEQ

Nicholas Beznos
In the "educational hand" 19:00 I would do the smaller straight (7, joker, 9, 10, J) as the higher hand and as the lower hand, the Q, 9.
Comment from : Nicholas Beznos

Cee The man
Just learned how to play 2 weeks ago, my wife and I love it!!!
Comment from : Cee The man

John Burgos
My biggest lost was 9000 on blackjack I was playing big hands and lost it in like 10mins lol smh 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : John Burgos

Bender Bending Rodriguez
15:09...what did he do?
Comment from : Bender Bending Rodriguez

Charles Jordan Aslarona
18:51 should have been 7, joker, 9, 10, J on H and 9 and Q on L. much better I think
Comment from : Charles Jordan Aslarona

I'm seeing this video too late for the giveaway, but the most money I've ever lost in a casino was $400.
Comment from : TesLUCKY

Joseph Dowler
Comment from : Joseph Dowler

2100 dollars
Comment from : aaronberget

Jose Garcia
Biggest lost was $300 in craps!!
Comment from : Jose Garcia

Megan Edwards
My biggest loss is 300 😫 lol love the content guys. Would love to see Spanish 21! I’m in dealing school right now, first time dealer. I’ll be working at a brand new hard rock casino once I pass my audition. Can’t wait!!
Comment from : Megan Edwards

Scott Morrison
Probably about $400 on craps in Wendover. Not my best moment.
Comment from : Scott Morrison

About 100 dollars haha I roll of the dice 100$ down the drain
Comment from : WoWtitan

Kendrick Diep
Biggest lost was in a private poker game went all in for $2,350 w project kings and got busted by the guy w pocket 9’s 😂 love the content guys, better days to come
Comment from : Kendrick Diep

Gamblin' Cabbie
um 4+4+3 is 11, not 10. lol write him UP!!! :)
Comment from : Gamblin' Cabbie

Gamblin' Cabbie
Ouch, close to $10k.
Comment from : Gamblin' Cabbie

Advantage Craps
I will answer that in a few ways. Before I was an advantage craps player, I once lost a $5000 lay bet on the 10. Did not hedge the Hard 10 and it showed 5-5.Bummer. :-) On the Baccarat table, I lost $1000 bet on banker. In the sports book I have lost $11,000 to Win $10,000 on a College game as well as a $11,000 bet to win $10,000 on an NFL Game. Bro you're making me re-live this stuff, not good!!!...j/k, haha... why not ask about what is the most you've won in the casino? Thanks brother and I Love your Channel. Great content, keeping things real, Love the humor and insight on whats happening currently in Vegas, etc.
Comment from : Advantage Craps

Reid Dylans
I won $17000 at Rio and went to Bellagio and lost $14000 lol
Comment from : Reid Dylans

Andrew Hurdle
18:30 Why would he not play J,10,9,8,7 and have Q,9 as low hand?
Sorry, new to Paigow, but that makes more sense in my head...

Comment from : Andrew Hurdle

Kenneth Jadczak
I don't typically bring a lot to the casino, but I was at an Indian casino for my birthday this year, and I was up around $100, and ended up losing everyhing I came with which was about $200. Fun time, but not a huge loss.
Comment from : Kenneth Jadczak

Christian Hernandez
Only been to the casino a few time, but I like practicing at home. Even been trying to get into more games like paigow, but my biggest lose was $500. It was my second time in Vegas.
Comment from : Christian Hernandez

Slick -_- Sloth
400 bucks down the drain
Comment from : Slick -_- Sloth

Isaac Carson
500.00 on slots in 20 min
Comment from : Isaac Carson

Kaleb Golden
2700 in a local casino after making it all in tokes in one night ;(
Comment from : Kaleb Golden

i mean I've never been in a casino since im only a teen, but yeah, thought I'd post this comment just to have a chance. Awesome video btw, you guys are growing super fast 🎉🎉🎉
Comment from : pesci_fabio

Anthony Atencio
Lost 1k but the fastest was $500 in 4 spins of roulette where the table had 33 red numbers in a row and there were people betting a LOT more than me on black and green lol. It hit 3 more red numbers, green 0, red, 00 and then continued red for at least 3 more before I just walked away...
Comment from : Anthony Atencio

Create Channel
Never walked out of a casino with less money than I came in with! But I did loose $500 of winnings on roulette (still sucked haha)
Comment from : Create Channel

My biggest land loss is slightly over 8k but I've recovered since then.
Comment from : JoshuaGaming

Daniel Chavez
Also why do you guys use plastic quarters? Lol
Comment from : Daniel Chavez

Daniel Chavez
My biggest loss in one day is about $200 in Vegas, and $300 for that entire trip

My biggest bet loss was $125 on Red at a roulette table lol

Comment from : Daniel Chavez

Josh Albers
I lost my marriage. Super de-gen!
Comment from : Josh Albers

terry stevens
Turbo foot ball I'd love to see I'd become a patron member and fund that one video
Comment from : terry stevens

Uber Jester
$1100 at a $15 BJ table... couldn't win twice in a row :(
Comment from : Uber Jester

Cleveland BoXCar.
Was up 1500.00. Had too much vodka down 1675.00... Golden Nugget lv
Comment from : Cleveland BoXCar.

Lawrence Roth
Biggest casino loss? $400. Biggest loss in the market? Well into the 5 figures...
Comment from : Lawrence Roth

My biggest loss is on pai gow and it was just under 5k.
Comment from : zimzum16

Warren Ramiscal
Lost -$205 😒
Comment from : Warren Ramiscal

Matthew Manning
My biggest loss in one night $2100.
Comment from : Matthew Manning

Paul McGehee
$800 over a weekend in NOLA. Rough.
Comment from : Paul McGehee

Rick Rivera
You guys are awesome I always learn from your videos my biggest loss would be a 1000. Giveaway entry
Comment from : Rick Rivera

Sabrina Miceli
Alex how about three card poker? I watch u everyday
Comment from : Sabrina Miceli

$10,000, a wife, and a girlfriend. oof. love the content!
Comment from : meenk

Alfred MacCalla III
$300 biggest lost
Comment from : Alfred MacCalla III

Biggest lost is 500 dollars on baccarat and blackjack
Comment from : Zaheve

Biggest loss is 460 in 1 sit down
Comment from : LTP BLACKJACK 21

Reese Pettigrew
biggest loss at one time was $800, love this content you guys are awesome!
Comment from : Reese Pettigrew

Bálint Luczi
I can happily claim that my biggest loss was 40 dollars! Also, keep up the good content!
Comment from : Bálint Luczi

Cthulhu Sigma
My biggest loss was probably 1300$? I won 3k the day before and just gave some back because who thinks they’re gonna lose after that right?
Comment from : Cthulhu Sigma

my biggest loss would be about $400 over A weekend.
Comment from : Vince

10k WSOP Main Event entry.
Comment from : Quackshooter

Thanks for bringing a new game. I don’t play Pai Gow too often; it’s fun but not enough action for me - way too many pushes. Thanks for playing three hands at a time to show the variation. Question - at the 18:50 mark, could Timmy have played the Joker as an 8 to a 7-J straight and the Q-9 for the low hand?

My biggest loss was “around” “5k” with really big air quotes in case my wife ever sees this comment. LOL

Comment from : ick5353

yasmin sparrow
Let me know if I am wrong...when you paid timmy 50-1 shouldn't it have been 250.00? I thought he only had 5 bucks bet.
Comment from : yasmin sparrow

Jon Young
I’m a peasant so my biggest loss is probably only $300
Comment from : Jon Young

Matthew Combs
I've never played before, but will next time I'm at the casino. Seems like a game that can last awhile if you are pushing every other hand. #chaseliketimmy #justkiddingalex
Comment from : Matthew Combs

Kyle Condis
Shouldn’t the straight at 20:28 be 7-joker-9-10-J with Q-9 up? I could be wrong but I work at a casino in California and we always play the straight or flush based on what will give us the better low hand
Comment from : Kyle Condis

yasmin sparrow
900.00, just on my last trip to vegas....tried davids betting strategy....worked ok, but I should have held some back. Oh well, better luck next time!
Comment from : yasmin sparrow

Brian Milligan
You can play PaiGow for a long time and keep drinking!
Comment from : Brian Milligan

Brian Milligan
$1,000 when I needed to earn points.:(
Comment from : Brian Milligan

martin davidson
Thanks for another great video. Love to watch.. I limit myself when I go to casino so my biggest loss is 200.00 in one night.. usually on the craps table and some black jack
Comment from : martin davidson

Biggest loss was $25,000.00 Stopped playing my Keno 8 spot...very next game it showed a solid eight on the board . For a one dollar bet would have paid $25,000. Nowdays, when I stop playing...I leave.
Comment from : Teddygalbis

Joyce T.
Timmy at 3:28: I hate this game so much

Timmy at 27:29: Pai Gow is not a bad game

You didn't even need to go to the comments to change your mind... hahahahahahahaha

Comment from : Joyce T.

I used to play cash poker tables, so I’ve easily lost over $300 in a single session.
Comment from : markopolo310

My biggest loss on a casino would be like 120€ and i was playing blackjack
Comment from : Jere

I’ve gone to Maryland live probably 20 out of the last 30 days after I banned myself from Charlestown because I was going so much, I play basic strategy blackjack , craps and roulette and no I’m not rich . I usually spend around 500 at a time
Comment from : iTw1ns

Toothpick Productions
Nice mixture with the Paigow!!!
Thanks for the Shout!!! 😎👍

Comment from : Toothpick Productions

Uhh I guess my biggest loss would be around 400 $ on blackjack in Pokerstars, and live... ehhh around there too but on poker cash game lol
Comment from : Epson944

My biggest loss was $500... all in one hand of pai gow, stupid me got 5555962, split the quads, and lost to aces and queens. Pai gow is still my favorite game, both to play and to deal on stream.
Comment from : AnnoraxGames

Paul Clark
Biggest loss had to be my dignity by unfortunately getting too intoxicated from all the free drinks during a work weekend in a Vegas for a convention. Ended up hungover for a huge talk I had to give for the music festival industry and completely destroyed my reputation with my company. Ended up quitting a few weeks later but hey, at least I had my free drinks! Good news, now I work for a competitor who wouldn’t of cared if I bombed the speaking portion at the convention.
Comment from : Paul Clark

Christina Margritz
Biggest loss is 500. Which for me is alot of money. Haha
Comment from : Christina Margritz

M40A3 Zedz
I'm one of the lucky players in the casino, i've mainly won 4 digit figures, and the most i've ever lost was 200 in one session :D
Comment from : M40A3 Zedz

Still waiting for tiles lmao
Comment from : GlassShardFilms

Carlos Arriaga
Comment from : Carlos Arriaga

Like, comment, subbed. Took a 800 dollar loss
Comment from : cactuarnoob100

My biggest loss is $75. Been in a casino three times or so to gamble, then I decided to become a dealer. ^^
Comment from : TeamMagePowerSS

Mike Kutzler
22:09 liking it now
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Mike Kutzler
Also know as one away. One way from everything
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Mike Kutzler
Can play all night and drink all night
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Mike Mattson
Thank you for showing us how other games work. I have won and lost so much I don't even remember. Timmy, what it really should be is when you yell for a waitress David comes around in a dress and serves you. Use your friends wisely. Pick on David because he picks on poor Lisa.
Comment from : Mike Mattson

jackson pollio
can you explain what you have to play on low vs high? why cant you play pairs on the two card hard? also what are the rules for the dealer making their hand?
Comment from : jackson pollio

brian brisset
I was at the Hard Rock in Oct 2018. I was playing on a free bet Blackjack table. Bought in with $300 dollar. Minimum bet was $10, and max bet was $1000. Rules on Free bet is any 9,10, 11 hands you get a "Free Bet Token". The dud to this, is the dealer will push with a hand of 22. I played on this table for I know about 4 hours, with a lot of drinks. I was up over 2k. Towards the end, the pit boss comes over and says, "This is the last shoe for the table, they were closing it down." First hand of the shoe, after about 20 drinks, and my last day in Vegas before coming back to Texas. I said to myself "Self, might as well go Maximum". Thus, I did so. Dealer deals me a 20 and his up card was a 4. I was excited!!!! Then the dealer turns over the bottom card and has 8 = 12. I am excited even more, then turns over another 4= 16. NO way I was losing this right? Well I didn't. I pushed the 20 to the "Push 22 for the dealer." Next hand, I get a 7 & 3 = 10, YES!!!! Free Bet Please (asking for face down). Dealer shows 8, flips over for a 5 = 13, hits 8 for a hand for 21. Turns my card over for a King for a 20! I was so drunk, got up, and now watching Timmy, he must have been dealing that table that night LOL!

A true loss of $1000

With the Free Bet on the table it would have been $2000.

Comment from : brian brisset

Adam Terrazas
I lost $600
Comment from : Adam Terrazas

The Ghetto Cinematographer
Biggest loss wasn’t that much actually, maybe like 300$
Comment from : The Ghetto Cinematographer

So, doesn't matter which side of a card table Timmy's on, he's always a winner? 🤔 Thanks for having the give away but please leave me out, we don't talk about losses 👍
Comment from : Sluicer

My biggest loss was 5k at my local playing blackjack and slots for four hours #thatdegenlife
Comment from : Dave

Dean Gonzales
My biggest lost is nothing huge...I sat down at a Roulette table to hang with some friends, threw out a fifty dollar bill in order to look busy. The bug got me and as I was trying to understand how to make a buck...4 fifties later I realized my wallet was empty and I did not have a clue what I was doing or how fast I misplaced $250???? THAT is my sad story...but put me in the drawing and let’s play some videos 🤑
Comment from : Dean Gonzales

Ronaldo Mercado
I’m pretty new to casinos and mostly play blackjack now but the first time I went to a casino I lost $100 to slot machines. Never. Again.
Comment from : Ronaldo Mercado

$1500 during a 5 day cruise. I did get third place in a Blackjack tournament!
Comment from : IshMrDude

Joe G
Nvm Alex lol
Comment from : Joe G

Joe G
Alex or Timmy could you have used the joker at 22:30 to make a straight flush?
Comment from : Joe G

Allen Lin
The moment Alex reveals the straight, Timmy's face be like 4:12
Comment from : Allen Lin

biggest loss was 600, craps and Paigow. Paigow is nice if you have a group, good and slow at losing so you could get a good amount of cocktails if you want. The game has such a wide berth for pushing that's why there is the 5% commission. Or I have seen tables without the commission but ace-high Paigows are auto pushes. Would you guys rather have commission paid immediately or have it pool like in baccarat, as a dealer? Yes, I have seen Paigow tables with commission boxes.
Comment from : Attoffy

Allen Lin
Yaaaaaaas! I have waited for this! Biggest lost in a casino was $600....of the house's money...
Comment from : Allen Lin

Lance O'Bleness
Lost $1500 at Excalibur on the craps table when I was laying the 4 and 10 when a newbie female walked up to the table. Learned a big lesson that day. :)

Love you channel and wish you would play more craps strategies sometime. Keep up the good work!

Comment from : Lance O'Bleness

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