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Peter Ashton
great wins - thanks for sharing with us
Comment from : Peter Ashton

Brad Callaghan
$4000 hand pays on $100 and $125 bets is pretty lame.
Comment from : Brad Callaghan

Phòng audio TTT
i like the game but not his voice man
Comment from : Phòng audio TTT

Tim Heinze
Pls stop this anoying Boom Boom Boom. XD
Comment from : Tim Heinze

Waranz League
Boom boom booooom
Comment from : Waranz League

lee br
Boom boom boom what a twat... If i dont like someone I'll have my say.... Came across this video and my opinion is that he is a twat i got so many other things i could say about him but i haven't....
Comment from : lee br

samuel bobby
boom boom boom
Comment from : samuel bobby

Ulol may bayad para mag join gago
Comment from : KOMENTONG GAGO

Boom boom boom!!!!
Comment from : Mk3

that last jackpot was actually garbage for a $100 stake! only 70x
Comment from : TW

Chris Robertson
For how much this guy gets he doesn't win shit. I'm won the grand on lightning links twitch one was a 2.50 bet and one $5 among a bunch of other jackpots more then his wins and I heard him on a video saying hes the best slot player in the world lmao....
Comment from : Chris Robertson

sick of liberals
I live in Oklahoma, I have never been to a real casino like Vegas, the trible casino slot machines are set up on a bingo system which makes it legal for them not to payout, never go to a tribal casino without researching them first, wish I would have, good luck everyone
Comment from : sick of liberals

CRO anonymous
Comment from : CRO anonymous

Tobies Mobiius
Fckn boom boom boom
Comment from : Tobies Mobiius

Nice wins but couldn’t see any jackpots....is there a link to you winning an actual main jackpot?
Comment from : OriginalHandprint

dean oakford
Do you ever explain how much you win and lose each day? You make it look like your so happy when you get a hand pay when your actually down thousands
Comment from : dean oakford

brendan carter
Has he ever paid back all the money he scammed from people?
Comment from : brendan carter

Ian Pursell
This man is so annoying.
Comment from : Ian Pursell

pure butterfly
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Comment from : pure butterfly

Gina Romantica
Please let someone else “narrate” your
videos. Your voice is extremely irritating,I watched with NO sound.

Comment from : Gina Romantica

Jana Beandava
Comment from : Jana Beandava

Andrey Galgin
Sweet run of Jackpots!
Comment from : Andrey Galgin

ahmed alliusie
online casinos pay much more--
Comment from : ahmed alliusie

fed rico
Crappy vid bro
Comment from : fed rico

This really isn't my world.
Comment from : HS SH

Comment from : D

When your betting $75 of course your going to get a hand pay that's only equal to about 15 spins hardly big win.. The true winners are people betting 75 cents and getting a hand pay.
Comment from : D CONWAY

Harri laitinen
bum bum. bum nerd
Comment from : Harri laitinen

Harri laitinen
your voice is like whale or chiken
Comment from : Harri laitinen

TheBigJackpot , I wish you more victories. at 5000x
Comment from : BigWinJoker

Cindy Sinanan
Your voice annoys me
Comment from : Cindy Sinanan

David Kelly
How much do you lose overall?
Comment from : David Kelly

oko oko
U r broke man
Comment from : oko oko

I am a parson not a UwU 1355
Yes avian good water were is this casin0
Comment from : I am a parson not a UwU 1355

Did a search for biggest slots wins. Found your video. You now have a new subscriber.
Comment from : Inujosha

Paul Waters
Irritating man can’t bear listening to his voice
Comment from : Paul Waters

Marmar Weekusk
Hey man huge fan. I too had awesome luck past 2 years in casinos considering starting my own slot channel awesome hits my biggest to date we’re 1.8 mill last year smoke signals progressive in Saskatchewan. 83k rough rider progressive and 22k China shores ribbons 50 dollar and 20 bet.
Comment from : Marmar Weekusk

Most annoying voice
Comment from : MonsterTVchannel

Happy for you bud, but it's more impressive seeing someone get handpays with more realistic bets. Betting $50, $75 dollars a spin, you better get some handpays. The smaller handpays probably don't even cover losses to get them.
Comment from : Zac22

Samir pathak
He is an agent playing on behalf of casino and trying to ruin the life of people.Casino;'s are not there to give you any mu oney people.They are just triggerring your addictiveness.
Comment from : Samir pathak

I need to find a video where someone wins the millions
Comment from : Tal1

Cornelius Klassen
Do you do this professionally or just once in a while
Comment from : Cornelius Klassen

Cornelius Klassen
Do you do this professionally or just once in a while
Comment from : Cornelius Klassen

Cornelius Klassen
Do you do this professionally or just once in a while
Comment from : Cornelius Klassen

Linda's Pokie World
Great wins. I love watching your videos. Check out some of my little wins.
Comment from : Linda's Pokie World

tommyd nufc
What an absolute helmet
Comment from : tommyd nufc

Dobar Sum
Not big wins. 50x is not a big win
Comment from : Dobar Sum

Texas Lottery Fun
Great top ten list! 💪🏽❤️🕺🏽
Comment from : Texas Lottery Fun

Mario Deqwavis
Sounds like a prick
Comment from : Mario Deqwavis

Dischuu sch
You have a Problem!!! Boom boom
Comment from : Dischuu sch

Your voice is anoying
Comment from : BMG

no views
Boom boom boom!
Comment from : no views

no views
Boom boom boom!
Comment from : no views

no views
Boom boom boom!
Comment from : no views

no views
Boom boom boom!
Comment from : no views

no views
Boom boom boom!
Comment from : no views

no views
Boom boom boom!
Comment from : no views

no views
Boom boom boom!
Comment from : no views

del-trecho-23 del-trecho-23
Casinos are parasites who prey on all classes of the community. The impact of casinos on neighboring property values is clearly negative. Casino gambling is associated with mental health problems, including depression, anxiety and mood disorders.
Comment from : del-trecho-23 del-trecho-23

my best casino win was 2000€, but on a fucking 1€ bet. European slots are the best.
Comment from : ChicoréeMusic

Jamie Chinana
good job, BOOM...
Comment from : Jamie Chinana

Егор Трубнов
Нудный балабол.
Comment from : Егор Трубнов

NW Traveler
Learn to say something else.
Comment from : NW Traveler

Orange :v
Boom boom boooom stfu
Comment from : Orange :v

ben benim
x35 x40 x50 win is not a jackpot , cant even call a big win. so much you bet you will win alot more better in other Net casinos from europe , slots from Netent, Playngo,quickspin, and so on , but its not allowed player from usa.
Comment from : ben benim

Gabriel Guerrero
My cousin has the best luck 2 different times at the same casino and the same slot machine won a car and a motorcycle with in a week lol
Comment from : Gabriel Guerrero

ben lorrain
Comment from : ben lorrain

Buffel Producties
So many wins! HAHA
Comment from : Buffel Producties

you always win with 420 must be your lucky number lol
Comment from : zLeviz

Francisco Enriquez
Comment from : Francisco Enriquez

I like your videos, but for the average player this just isn't practical. I would like to know how you get permission to film in the casino as well, do you work for them some how?
Comment from : runhorse.com

René Christensen
This guys voice is freaking annoying!!!
Comment from : René Christensen

Are those big wins?
Comment from : ダラダラダラスで

Jorge Suazo
Too much bet for little winning sucks people make more with a bet of 5 dollars without beting that much
Comment from : Jorge Suazo

Jamie Moffat
Which one is the best? Duh - the Biggest! ;-)
Comment from : Jamie Moffat

john terral
i like dragon link,locket link,vgt,mighty cash an progressive machines
Comment from : john terral

Magda Mahran
Great video ... please keep on posting more .. we all love it
Comment from : Magda Mahran

BigDaddy's New Awareness David
February was my fav month.
Comment from : BigDaddy's New Awareness David

Алексей Иванов
Бум бум бум много говорит - нужно бум бум бум по меньше)
Comment from : Алексей Иванов

Jean-Louis Berthiaume
Comment from : Jean-Louis Berthiaume

3k win on a 75$ bet ist just 40x. This is not even high...
Comment from : Mofizius

Alex casa sola
Juegas fuerte x q tienes plata..... Inviertes fuerte siga asi
Comment from : Alex casa sola

Charlotte Nasise
70000. and 420 for t.
Comment from : Charlotte Nasise

Giant Asparagus
a Sober shoenice Lol
Comment from : Giant Asparagus

David Zamorano Aguado
Ostia que colgado estas....busca ayuda
Comment from : David Zamorano Aguado

Klaas Over
not one above 100x hahahahaha Jackpot yeaaaaaaaa right
Comment from : Klaas Over

Vr laite
10x bom bom booom... anoying
Comment from : Vr laite

A Poet's Corner
Looking for to the biggest BOOMS of MARCH video...hopefully it will include a GRAND jackpot from Slot Fest West.
Comment from : A Poet's Corner

Simon Cin
Comment from : Simon Cin

Chris Wheeler
€5000 for a full screen is terrible off €100 bets
Comment from : Chris Wheeler

Deepak Sharma
With that money my uni fees would have covered.😔😔😔
Comment from : Deepak Sharma

Ferhat Saridas
Boom Boom Boom
Comment from : Ferhat Saridas

Kuya Christian TV
Hi new friends please visit my home & 1 big like
Comment from : Kuya Christian TV

Love the monthly top ten. Here’s to a big BOOM March! 🍀🍀🍀
Comment from : Cindy

Tuan Diaz Dean
Congratulations on your big wins. Love The Big Jackpot, Boom!
Comment from : Tuan Diaz Dean

Watching all your vids from the 🇬🇧
Comment from : sabrinahoney1

Fat Brothers Slots
Sweet run of Jackpots!
Comment from : Fat Brothers Slots

Jesse T420
Make it $14,420 he says 😂
Comment from : Jesse T420

Gwen Magiera
❤️ TBJ! ☘️👍🏻❤️
Comment from : Gwen Magiera

Fernando LB
Comment from : Fernando LB

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