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alt coin
Looks like something a dealer would do where I play int he midwest lol
Comment from : alt coin

Fucking hate stupid Russians
Comment from : Asap

Brian notafan
girl lost by a nose wow whata ugly bugger maker
Comment from : Brian notafan

m a
Always problems with French people. And additionally, they don’t speak English.

Come on, we are in 21th century

Comment from : m a

Jr garcia
Bullshit the first video clip
Comment from : Jr garcia

tyler ziemer
God the black guy at the end is amazing " man I don't know what this French motha fucka is sayin"
Comment from : tyler ziemer

Alicia Danielle
I’m high and so lost 😂
Comment from : Alicia Danielle

Comment from : witchdoctor151

Damn black people love to play the race card, even if they don't understand what the othee guy is saying.
Comment from : YaNoAwantoMas

Jake Beaker
0:41 I give you my cock
Comment from : Jake Beaker

Logie Bear
6:04 That was definitely intentional because it's Howard Lederer
Comment from : Logie Bear

Why she hasn't keep her cards?
She need put the check on cards

Comment from : 詳細

Bitch knew she didnt have aces
Comment from : pwilsonlf3

You need to protect your hand sure, but if the officials can retrieve the cards they should. This rule needs to be changed...That's simply bullshit all around for her to go through that. Hopefully that dealer is fired and is never allowed to work in a tournament setting again.
Comment from : Strider

haha typical russian talking russian to english speaking people thinking that they understand. Stupid russian cunt
Comment from : Jimmay

Bueno 19D
I would of ask for new dealer.
Comment from : Bueno 19D

English muthafucka, do you speak it?!?
Comment from : CattleRustler

Can someone explain the Negreanu play? I don't follow what happened.
Comment from : Ebiru2387

Jeffrey Walker
Lederer should have had to pay Cassavetes off the 9k he invested.
Comment from : Jeffrey Walker

Luciano Simmons
The Negranue hand was awesome. It added another lvl to the layering of mind fuckery that is poker. Love how when it happened Daniel didn't even double take lol. But he saw... Oh he SAW. That man is a cold blooded killer haha.
Comment from : Luciano Simmons

Luciano Simmons
I don't feel bad for Estelle. If anything it shows exactly why she didn't win. In a game that's ALL about playing your opponent... Letting anything rattle you makes you the weakest link. Had she of been cold and smooth and calculating she could of used that FOR her in the game. It goes to the jungle, to nature... Even in accudenrs the victim becomes the weak link.

She shoulda USED that for her.

Comment from : Luciano Simmons

Lol dude threw away a straight? HAHA
Comment from : 576575s

GV Games
The first one, it's like the cast of Cleudo.
Comment from : GV Games

Jesse James
Comment from : Jesse James

Noor Mohammad
Why english only in the table ?
Comment from : Noor Mohammad

I've always had a nagging suspicion that the girl in the first clip didn't have 2 aces
Comment from : bassmentier

this is too painful to watch
Comment from : U_U

Tom Staunton
that first hand situation is ridiculous, that dealer should never be able to work again, he pulled her cars from in front of her after she went all in
Comment from : Tom Staunton

Rydwan Fee
That first woman just got outplayed by the dealer...
Comment from : Rydwan Fee

Justin Tran
That last scene was racist lol, English only wtf
Comment from : Justin Tran

Titia And wally
2nd hand : it already happen to me with a flush straight I was playing since hours I don’t even notice that I had de straight flush I tough I had a simple flush and I just called the raise of a guy who had color as ( he raised half of his stakes he would have call for sure all in )
Comment from : Titia And wally

CP 22
Ugh mi cards!
Comment from : CP 22

Stephen Jones
Yeah, #1 is a hand I'll never forget....
Comment from : Stephen Jones

Chris walker
This dealers cheating!
Comment from : Chris walker

Comment from : one_who_knocks

Linda Leslie
All archive with Lederer should be deleted
Comment from : Linda Leslie

Milquetoast Eugenicist

-Racist Dude at Elementary School Christmas Concert
-Texas Hold'em Poker Tables

Comment from : Milquetoast Eugenicist

Don"t know much about Poker, can someone explain to me how Cates had a winning hand?

Edit:Just realised he had a straight what a dumbass

Comment from : 3L3M3NT4LP4ND4

Eat the dealers ass
Comment from : cptamazing12

That’s funny. A black guy complaining he can’t understand what the guy is saying.
Comment from : jOSE Cant SEE

Uncle Creepy
I get Cates mucked thinking he lost because he didn’t realize he had a straight, but what did he think he had that he would call if an 8 beat him? Or did he misread the other guy’s hand and think he saw A8?
Comment from : Uncle Creepy

Tudor P
The third one.. man, the guy that flipped the other guy's card was such a standard fucking dumbass. Atleast be apologetic instead of immediately going "I didn't do anything" when you clearly hit the guy over the hand and flipped his hand.
Comment from : Tudor P

NCinLV 1
We need a Russian translation here!
Comment from : NCinLV 1

He moved the cards beneath the others, look closely............
Comment from : EricTheYounger

Travell Criner
But no one is gonna translate what that guy said in the comment section?
Comment from : Travell Criner

You can see that the first dealer slightly hasitated when grabbing the cards. Since she didn't react, he assumed he was right in his action and continued. Very unlucky. Two factors here: (1) Dealer running on auto-pilot, not realizing that chips were in front of her stack. (2) Player not protecting her cards (with a card protector or her fingers) and not reacting in time.
Comment from : FullHalfCircle

The fucking cards were right in front of her. I've never seen a fucking dealer grab cards in front of you, they always ask for them if they're in front and you haven't thrown them across the table.
Comment from : extremeskins04

That first one, unbelievable. Actually very believable, americans have no honour
Comment from : DrTheKay

Joe Johnson
Poor dealer
Comment from : Joe Johnson

yannick roosen
Just protect your hand...
Comment from : yannick roosen

Gregory Peck
A cheating dealer?
Comment from : Gregory Peck

Buck Futtler
estelle is gorgeous...
Comment from : Buck Futtler

Buck Futtler
what a pathetic dealer. all in, and cards RIGHT in front of her! disgusting.
Comment from : Buck Futtler

Miguel Alvarez
kill the dealer
Comment from : Miguel Alvarez

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