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Carlos Delacerda ll
You play 1 hand/ hour
Comment from : Carlos Delacerda ll

Fifth Amendment
Why do you hold 2 to a royal but throw away 3 to a straight flush? You should hold 3 to a royal as well as 3 to a straight flush.
Comment from : Fifth Amendment

jay smith
This guy is the worst video poker play I have ever seen
Comment from : jay smith

Chris Franks
This strategy used in the video is horrible this was pure luck only most of the plays were amateur at best. Do not follow this video
Comment from : Chris Franks

he plays a few hands wrong every time that was pure luck that it matched
Comment from : XepherDL

Randal Thomson
The Indian casino in my town does NOT have any 9/6 JoB. You play what they give you.
Comment from : Randal Thomson

John Adams
Comment from : John Adams

Lee Luke Porter
At 4:56 , is it better to hold the 4-5-6-7 and go for the straight?
Comment from : Lee Luke Porter

Robert DellaFave
Expert status was instantly discredit when I saw he was playing 9/5
Comment from : Robert DellaFave

Wynn Wynn
He is playing a 9/5 not full pay, should be 9/6 JoB
Comment from : Wynn Wynn

at 5:40 and 6:01 two suited high cards is better than 3 to a straight flush unless it's a royal flush - but you play almost perfectly with the odds - interesting that you got that combination twice in 20 seconds - good play!
Comment from : chronecro

Joy Bradford
Only hold the ace if the other face cards are not of the same suit. Not including a one off flush.
Comment from : Joy Bradford

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