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See John Vlog
After watching this I realized my explanation may be confusing to some. You aren’t trying to make a high hand & a “low” hand. You want two “high” hands. You want the high hand to be high as possible but you also want your 2 card hand to be high. Better terminology would be high hand (5 card hand) & your SECOND HIGHEST HAND (2 card hand)
Comment from : See John Vlog

Reid Dylans
Are those Paulson's?
Comment from : Reid Dylans

Herbert T. Outdoors
tried to play that a long time ago, now I finally get it. Thanks for sharing.
Comment from : Herbert T. Outdoors

Hi John. Could you please make a blackjack video.Thanks
Comment from : Dapperbla

See John Vlog
Casinos have their own house ways to set their hands. What is correct in one place the casino next door will play it differently.
Comment from : See John Vlog

Bigga Winna Crapsa
2:15 - "There's no right or wrong way to do it." Yeah, right, buddy, you know what you're talking about.
Comment from : Bigga Winna Crapsa

Эни Морфин
The best russian online casino here:


Comment from : Эни Морфин

El Cavitena
No matter how u play the house way if the house has a better cards u will lose
Comment from : El Cavitena

Uncle Chuckles
Hi john.
Comment from : Uncle Chuckles

Corkboard TV
Interesting game John. May have to try that sometime.
Comment from : Corkboard TV

Nice gaming table layout!
Comment from : 504RoadTrips

John Lucente
Had a question about setting your hand, if I had say 4 jacks and the other cards were low, could I split the jacks up and out two jacks on top and two jacks on bottom to have a pair in both spots...
Comment from : John Lucente

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