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Why was Ldndude covered over
Comment from : TonyGold123

Did he say fu..ck you so much ?😄
Comment from : IDIOTEBO MAMA

Sorin Vestemean
gamblink 20K is just stupid
Comment from : Sorin Vestemean

Play online slots online all the time low stakes. Im lucky if i get more than a £ 5.69 bonus pffft 🤔
Comment from : 5HEARER9

The translation of finnish language is fake
Comment from : Nano

kent tegneskog
Fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake fake
Comment from : kent tegneskog

kent tegneskog
I think its some fake games. Many of them (different ppl) obviously play in the same room.
Comment from : kent tegneskog

Prescy 2010
'finally getting some luck on slots' Are you for real mate? All I see on your videos is you getting huge wins!
Comment from : Prescy 2010

Kinda funny and anoyin those made up finnish subtitless
Comment from : Niksatツ

Congratulations to you all.
Comment from : ORGONEkillsEVIL

Adam Bumble
It's all bullshit, I've been gambling 20+ years, these same guys always win big, I've never hit shit... I've been an addict, gambled everyday, lost my house, only see my kids on a Sunday.. These videos are only to drag you all in. They need to hope there isn't an afterlife. If you are going to gamble don't expect for one minute to win. 20 years of repetitive outcomes I know exactly how it goes. Maybe you'll get a nice win once, I mean nice win, not a life change. If you want to gamble stick to bets that are not rigged, like football. Put a fiver on the football on Saturday, pick score and wins, you can win £10,000 off 5 results for little wagering.
Comment from : Adam Bumble

Funny how they are all afflilates...
Comment from : Plummet

jeroen X
Comment from : jeroen X

Vitun Ose
great that u got the "pam" translated right :DDDDDDDDDDD jk i love these subtitles :DD
Comment from : Vitun Ose

Can i sometime get as lucky as them?
Comment from : MassLuck

Lv Locks
I say this about every big win but if I was that last guy I'm taking all my winnings and quitting gambling lol.
Comment from : Lv Locks

very old wins....
Comment from : J4ckieQ

9:40 - Can`t watch this ;D
Comment from : ShaneTSGTV

English Guy
Yet more jaartu fake cash
Comment from : English Guy

Jas Donaldson
also reggie can fuck off
Comment from : Jas Donaldson

Jas Donaldson
if i have to witness another helllllllo and high five from lets give it a spin im going to have to unfollow so cringy
Comment from : Jas Donaldson

Wow Super league
Very good acting
Comment from : Wow Super league

Charles Clayton
Jimbo's win is legendary! Full fledged got him into gambling very hard. Once in a life time win he will always be chasing
Comment from : Charles Clayton

Alex Mcshane
Why show jimbos win from months ago maybe even a year ago?
Comment from : Alex Mcshane

Murray Bowman
Nick slots is such a fucking bellend!! He Needs a left right good night
Comment from : Murray Bowman

Rehan Zahid
last win was insane
Comment from : Rehan Zahid

Johnny Rottencock
Wow. Utter balls. Trust me.
Comment from : Johnny Rottencock

How dies this channel have only 20k subs... I should have around 200k
Comment from : Jonestique

Your finnish translation is absolute shit
Comment from : veli

That Danger bonus is more annoying because I haven't hit on it in months. I got a 5 scatter trigger last bonus that paid the trigger only and then it went on a 1500 spin run without a bonus. What happened Danger.... what happened?
Comment from : tehf00n

First video is Teukka not huneasd, in desc. 😁
Comment from : valtsuu

Still making me laugh with those finnish subtitles, they're so bad LUL
Comment from : PikkuProgram

Dave The rave
Nick needs to brush up on his acting skills
Comment from : Dave The rave

Col D
Said it before and I'll say it again, the editing on these videos is awesome. The sound plays the background tune precise when speeding up video, the little intercuts of humour, the subtitles. Well done. Very entertaining.

Loved the win at the end. I dream of that happening someday and I didn't recognise the streamer. Very genuine

Comment from : Col D

muczi 16
14:15 :D :D :D
Comment from : muczi 16

Linda Leslie
They two gay guys at 18:28 are so cute
Comment from : Linda Leslie

The Husketeers
Jimbo looks like someone killed his cat
Comment from : The Husketeers

The Husketeers
Love the wink.
Comment from : The Husketeers

kyle rosen
The last video of dead or alive is months old.....wtf
Comment from : kyle rosen

16:35 "I already know the outcome" Yeah mate, me too... Diabetes.
Comment from : M'FXCKER

1930x ... for a fullscreen WILD ?

That is what i call SCAM

Comment from : Sebacrush

Comment from : Eelisgamer47

Matthew Kas
no untamed giant panda feelsbadman
Comment from : Matthew Kas

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