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Ecom Society
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Comment from : Ecom Society

I played “just for fun roulette” and
Was winning very consistently. As soon as I switched to real money I lost big time. The play for fun mode has a random generator that only gives you a very limited sample. For example I bet on the Colum bets and with the play for fun mode I was winning every 2 to 7 spins excellent for my progression strategy. When I played for real money the random generator is soo random that my colum didn’t hit for over 25 times. Not just that but long streaks of 8 plus same colours.

Comment from : averagejoe511

rula ghani
My frien lost 40 thousands using the first method
Comment from : rula ghani

Gambling Degenerate
talking about beating a roulette thats programmed to beat you. cmon son. you cant be serious
Comment from : Gambling Degenerate

Junior B
digital casino rigged?
Comment from : Junior B

Maulik Zalavadia
I see that you have said very true things about probability and other things, but if I want to apply these rules, have you got any detailed video where you have explained complete method or rules of what you use for sure profit? I would like to learn that strategy please. Thanks
Comment from : Maulik Zalavadia

You sound like De Niro in Casino 😀
Comment from : Chris62

Christy Murray
Stop watching YT and start making a real income from the free system on GetPaid2019.com
Comment from : Christy Murray

Augustine Crooks
If you want to create a real online income then you need to try the free done for you system on GetPaid2019.com
Comment from : Augustine Crooks

None of these strategies are good. This is a random number generator game. Each spin outcome is completely independent of the last. When I try these systems that people put out, I lose. I played a few of the methods suggested and lost. The same number came out back to back and multiple times. I've seen ridiculous numbers and patterns occur with no rhyme or reason. There is no way to decrease your odds when playing this game. Save your hard earned money. This guy got really lucky. When you play long and often, the odds are tremendously stacked against you. It is designed that way. If it were so easy to win all the time, everyone would quit there job and play all day. Come on folks, come to the realization that this is not a sure fire easy way to win money.
Comment from : gibsonplayer8

Pauls Garančs
Your strategy does not work, because previous spin does not affect the next one, ods are not getting better nor worse, rhet just stay the same all the time and roulette will always have advantage because of the payouts, thats how it is. If you want to have fun playing it, go ahead. But if you think about living off roulette, wish you luck.
Comment from : Pauls Garančs

كشطى وربط Tunisian style
Awh fuck this
Comment from : كشطى وربط Tunisian style

Mark Hug
Ecom whats your take on sharkcoin????
Comment from : Mark Hug

I Asali
Talk too much
Comment from : I Asali

Nathan Gros
Message me for the best free system ever
Comment from : Nathan Gros

Comment from : SEM PAPAS NA LÍNGUA

This is a Gamble not a Strategy
Comment from : YENGO Bill

white tigers
casino always win never lose and they keep player history to return the money back to the casino its mean they just play with people brain
Comment from : white tigers

Still relatively new to roulette. I dont understand why you are applying probability based methods to a RNG system. RNG systems do not mimick a live table at all. With RNG you might as well cover two thirds of the table with one unit bets and run with it. 6our odds are the same. For me, the best method for RNG is simply running the streets.
Comment from : aaron6576

Pastor General Brother Fernando
What online roulette platform u use again that is fair and pays out well?
Comment from : Pastor General Brother Fernando

Marcus Hendrickson
When two events are independent, the occurrence of one event does not affect the occurrence of the second.
Comment from : Marcus Hendrickson

If a number falls, statistically you cannot say that the probability of the next spin will not be in the same region/quadrant, color ... Every spin is statistically independent, so you cannot make any of those assumptions
Comment from : DenCato

rofl,. the odds of the ball landing in the 3rd dozen 2 times in a row does NOT decrease, how retarded are you??
Comment from : svupster

Play in the USA record.bettingpartners.com/_-SGaWM0RsMr3JxsfyinX_WNd7ZgqdRLk/1/
Comment from : Brian

Budianto Salim
In the real casino, the old number always come again in the list. And new number never come just sometimes. It mean your system doesnt work in the real casino.
Comment from : Budianto Salim

Pastor General Brother Fernando
How is 888 online casino payout? Im having hard time finiding a good online casino that doesnt is reliable about withdrawals and identification verification. Im still waiting to see if this other online site is going to give me my money? Its been almost of moneth going back and forth trying to get my withdrawal
Comment from : Pastor General Brother Fernando

yeah true roulette is about chances .. but chances only work at the long run ..
I'm always interested when somebody has a losing streak ... what people then do ..
because there is the secret ;-) in what kind of player somebody is ;-)
the way a gambler deals with coldness
this is what everything is about ...
how aggressive will somebody raise
will they go all the way till the bankrol is gone
do they have a stop loss and is this well calculated
all these things .. 

so now I can't say because you didn't have a losing streak ... :p

Comment from : PetStuBa

Great video mate!
Comment from : Peter

what do u do when u lose the 3 - 2 system 5:20
Comment from : Rob

what casino site are u using?
Comment from : Rob

This is awful
Comment from : DoucheBags

Sally Hill
Thank you. Very helpful
Comment from : Sally Hill

I play the same way as this guy but Bovada doesn't allow for street bets.
Comment from : Gladiator1972

Johnny Qwest
I'll be joining you guys soon when I make the move to the UK
Comment from : Johnny Qwest

Roulette Logarithm Wins
is funny how you explain, as you know everything, i like it .--:))
Comment from : Roulette Logarithm Wins

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