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kiri dabaz
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Comment from : kiri dabaz

Neeraj Rana
Comment from : Neeraj Rana

Kamlesh Sharma
Aapne bilkul sahi kah
Comment from : Kamlesh Sharma

HB Country First
Oxygen भी पंप करते हैं..

Casino नहीं खेलता वो खिलाता है..

Casino वाले जानते हैं कि आपकी जेब में कितना माल हे.

Comment from : HB Country First

BobbY Gaba
Bhai mein bhi logo ko game khilata hu casino ki tarah
Comment from : BobbY Gaba

iloveyou jaanuuu
Comment from : iloveyou jaanuuu

Akshay Sharma
Sir intraday par bhi video banaiye na.....whether to invest in intraday or not
Comment from : Akshay Sharma

Sanjib Bhaisal
Comment from : Sanjib Bhaisal

Vijay Nandre
Sir aap bahit great ho pata nahi kyu. But great ho aap
Comment from : Vijay Nandre

Sur Sun
roulette is most liked game in casino not slots
Comment from : Sur Sun

Kaushal Jain
Best video
Comment from : Kaushal Jain

Technical Gujrati Timali
Thanks sirji . casino games ke
Bare me information dene ke liye.
Agar online earning money karne ka successful tricks batana sirji.

Comment from : Technical Gujrati Timali

Jabardast video ese hi video online poker game par bhi banaye shukriya🙏
Comment from : THATSME

Game Life
Shantimoy er Pobitro Casino 😂😂😂
Comment from : Game Life

Gd job..bro
Comment from : MSD SNT

1xbet Kannada
So I agree with you
Play bet on spots only best way.... To win money

Comment from : 1xbet Kannada

team Akash Chauhan
Lgta hai ab CASINO open krna pdega
Comment from : team Akash Chauhan

Hetal Tandel
Bilkul sahi samjaya👍
Comment from : Hetal Tandel

mahmudul hassan
Sir please make video on Smallcase with your view
Comment from : mahmudul hassan

Gfx India
Comment from : Gfx India

yash dhubkaria
Sir jii me student of pharmacy doing studying in pharmacy
Sir muje zero investment par pharmacy se relative drug production kaise kruu or
Any others pharmacy related business model ke baare me video yaa koi knowledge dijiye sir jii plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Comment from : yash dhubkaria

Wow, very good knowledge.
Comment from : S A

Navin Tirkey
Great teaching ..Thankyou Sir
Comment from : Navin Tirkey

ankith kumar choudhary
Casino me cover charge hote h and wo rupee value se Thora kam dete h ...casino coins
Comment from : ankith kumar choudhary

Rahul insurance & finance Advisor
Nice Deep analysis...
Comment from : Rahul insurance & finance Advisor

Probability evens itself in long no of events. And random events always occurs in streaks. I have seen heads coming 6 times straight
Comment from : StOcK GeEkS

All In one channel
How to get licence for casino in maharashtra please tell
Comment from : All In one channel

Kuntal Adhikary
Good One
Comment from : Kuntal Adhikary

stars superstar
Get best offers and packages in Goa and Bellagio-Srilanka..
Comment from : stars superstar

Pinku Meher
Next Video : Concore
Comment from : Pinku Meher

Shyam Kumar Jaishwal
Specially I loose all the time
Is there any options can I win...

Comment from : Shyam Kumar Jaishwal

nayan goswami
one of the best business
Comment from : nayan goswami

Abdul Khader
Suprb adwaise bro
Comment from : Abdul Khader

Shuvo Ahmed
thanks brother
Comment from : Shuvo Ahmed

hitesh pandey
Haha😂😂 true investor
Comment from : hitesh pandey

Valyrian Steel
You post great informative videos..keep it up!!
Comment from : Valyrian Steel

Ranchhor Parth Sarthi
Leovegas has came in India
For online gamblers

Comment from : Ranchhor Parth Sarthi

sk md wasim warish
Casino bigness to lutana bala bigness
Comment from : sk md wasim warish

Sajid Pathan
True hai sab mera friend v thode nashe me 5 lakh loota aaya hai🤣
Comment from : Sajid Pathan

Jagdeep Ghag
i have been lost morthen 15000€ in warsaw
never goto casino

Comment from : Jagdeep Ghag

Pushpender Kumar
Play casino with me 7017602635

& with trick s.

Comment from : Pushpender Kumar

Raghu Rajput
Comment from : Raghu Rajput

Navnath Kokate
Awesome explanation bro 👌👌
Comment from : Navnath Kokate

Rakesh Patel
Make a video on cricket betting ,

Truth about cricket betting

How bookie rob the punters , and how escape from this addiction... ??

Comment from : Rakesh Patel

Shatrunjay Pandya
Agala video crypto currency ke exchange ke bare main banaiyen
Comment from : Shatrunjay Pandya

Kanpariya Dipak
Sir dream11 ka hai business model
Comment from : Kanpariya Dipak

Hitesh Meena
Chtya bnate hai casino mai. .
Comment from : Hitesh Meena

Arjun Chetry
Comment from : Arjun Chetry

Ram Nayan Singh
Nice explained
Comment from : Ram Nayan Singh

Tejas Shetty
Very nice example thank you
Comment from : Tejas Shetty

Comment from : REVOLUTION INDIA b

Deepak Babu
Sir ji satta matka ke bare me kuch btau na
Comment from : Deepak Babu

mohd tariq khan
0 00
Comment from : mohd tariq khan

the game
Entry fees bhai goverment ki hoti hai direct transfer
Comment from : the game

Prasad Birangaddi
Let me know how to invest in share market
Comment from : Prasad Birangaddi

Harshit Thakur
My mom has won 21 lacs in last 5 months in the casino ,
MY advice- dont get into gambling

Comment from : Harshit Thakur

q net company....
Comment from : PRAVIN RANGANI

Maan Saab
Main daily jata tha marina Bay khelne bilkul shi hai apki baat free cold drink. No windows no time 🕒 and 2much light and sound but i am win 60000indian rupees
Comment from : Maan Saab

Ashok Kumar
How to get a job in casino
Comment from : Ashok Kumar

sunil choudhary
Comment from : sunil choudhary

vishal bandal
Bhai Maine kamaya hai...CR7 ka Portugal me Casio hai...christino Ronaldo ka bahot bada casino hai.. sometine you loose n sometime you win...but people from Portugal are crazy
Comment from : vishal bandal

jaimei das
Very nicely explained
Comment from : jaimei das

Ajay Bhai
Very good explain sir thanks
Comment from : Ajay Bhai

Vikas Gupta
Very useful video
Thanks for making this video

Comment from : Vikas Gupta

Vishal Nirmal
very usefull video
Comment from : Vishal Nirmal

Manish Kumar
Style acchi h aapki samjhane ki
Comment from : Manish Kumar

Bahut achha
Comment from : SONU KUMAR

vikrant chauhan
bro, casino may be a gamble but stock market is not gamble, only people who lack knowledge think that it a gamble. if it was a gamble rakesh jhunjhunwala would not have been a billionaire.
Comment from : vikrant chauhan

H. A
Mxt h bro
Comment from : H. A

Vishank  Shet
Please tell business model of Online poker sites
Comment from : Vishank Shet

Comment from : NITIN BANSAL

jagan mohan reddy
nice video sir....
Comment from : jagan mohan reddy

Lal Khan
Betting addiction is dangerous than smoking alcohol don't play betting blood sweat money don't waste betting addiction destroying people life
Comment from : Lal Khan

Joel Boadita
I played in singapore marina bay casino. We initially played with $50 and almost lost everything only $10 were left and we bet on a single number and won. We kept playing till we made around $900..point is we were fortunate that day. Also, we played that day for fun and we were prepared to loose.
Comment from : Joel Boadita

sourabh kandari
Brother what about manual roulette.
In European roulette which is mostly played in our country and nearby,
no from 0 to 36 which is rolled by teller gives you 35 times return.

Comment from : sourabh kandari

Malkesh Meena
Comment from : Malkesh Meena

Course hindi me available hai sir
Comment from : JITENDRA

salim wong jeng
Bahut such baat bata diya sir, thank you sir
Comment from : salim wong jeng

David Jamesbilla
Make video on horse race
Comment from : David Jamesbilla

kartik singh
Hello sir
Casino kholene ke liye kitna spend Karna padta ha

Comment from : kartik singh

Minchu Singh
Bhai ek dum Sahi
Comment from : Minchu Singh

arun k Tiwary
Casino ki jaankari dene ke liye bahut bahut Dhanyavaad
Comment from : arun k Tiwary

Vinod. mst Sable
Rolet ka vidio bnao bhai
Comment from : Vinod. mst Sable

Dr. HM Swami
I have loss of 10000 loss in online. Roulette casino,,,,, I don't it was fixed, there r online players, how it was fixed??????
Comment from : Dr. HM Swami

Mukesh Gomango
Nice sir
Comment from : Mukesh Gomango

Rish Raval
The House always wins!!!
Comment from : Rish Raval

cricket batting lovers
Brother online casino Mai video bnao
Comment from : cricket batting lovers

Chinmaya Samal
Good job sir
Comment from : Chinmaya Samal

Mahboob Mohammad
Fun target ke bare bataye fun target ko kese maintains kiya gya he
Comment from : Mahboob Mohammad

raman deep
Nice one bro
Comment from : raman deep

Zaheer Hussain
Whatsapp number do
Comment from : Zaheer Hussain

Zaheer Hussain
Good video
Comment from : Zaheer Hussain

Sir aap ek aisa hi video nightclubs businesses par banaaie please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : TANISHQ DWIVEDI

Sir aap Nightclubs par case study baaanaao na plzz 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : TANISHQ DWIVEDI

Srinivas Madupathi
Great information sir plz do one video on lottery also
Comment from : Srinivas Madupathi

Basically you can win some games like blackjack if you can calculate the probability of a 64 card deck with all cards in a random order to win, I can do it and I have found out that it's totally a waste of time and especially money.If you want to actually win money by gambling go to deltin royale goa and use your mental maths cuz it's in india.
Comment from : VAPORzYT

Ashish Deshmukh
Nice video but very aligned to one side . . if we loose all the time then think who r going thr and how casino is making profit. I play in Europe where house edge is only 2.7 % which means we have 97% winning chances. Think of SIP where we say we can earn 15-20 % ina year. In casino, earning 15% is easy and can win in few spins and no need to wait for a year. I know many personally who never lose on casino, i repeat NEVER lost till date because they keep their winning target very less.
Comment from : Ashish Deshmukh

Your Street
Share Market bhi casino jaisa h Kay fir?
Comment from : Your Street

Ashish Oza
Nice information
Comment from : Ashish Oza

GD gd
maine mehasu kiyahi suparrrr👌👌👌👌👌
Comment from : GD gd

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