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Mr Marvellous
The majority of Roulette sights on YOutube are scams, this sight does seem to try and be honest, so thumbs up. I would add that at any one session do not risk more than 5% of your Bankroll. To play a $5 minum bet wheel (single zero) I suggest a bankroll of $750 per session so overall you bank roll needs to be $15,000.
Comment from : Mr Marvellous

Excellent advice! Thank you for your video. May it help newbies and longtooth's equally! ;-)
Comment from : JulesRulesOK

Lovin Life
Never EVER trust 888 they are relentless!
Comment from : Lovin Life

I would add to avoid all bonuses offered by online casinos. The play-through requirements are often unattainable or hard to track. It is better to play a straight deposit game so you will see your wins and losses readily.
Comment from : xworkerbee

Etienne Pace
Ever tried Contra-bet?
Comment from : Etienne Pace

don't get addicted ... very very true ... the more "an amateur" will play , will stay at the roulette wheel the more he or she can face a cold session and lose the total bankrol .. and the most important tip =
stay away from too cold programmed games like slot machines .. dreamcatcher, etc
dreamcatcher offers +- 42 to 43 % to double your money ..
so they offer the gambler a potential of ONLY 42/3% to double the money ... that's crazy !!!!
that's the whole point .. there needs to be POTENTIAL ... no betting level system can work without potential
using a 'D Alembert (starting base bet 1 dollar) towards a 43% cold EV side , your loss will already be somewhere around 150 to 200 dollar at 100 spins
that's why games like dreamcatcher are bankrol money eating games ...
stay away from it !!!!
Roulette is not a cold programmed game ... without zero , you have a 50 50 %
at dreamcatcher you're betting against yourself ..
there it's not 50 50 % for EV yellow (doubling your money)
there it's 42,59% (yellow) towards 57,41% NOT yellow
this is coldness built in the system as an intrinsic characteristic
that's not the case at roulette
there , is just a healthy normal house edge ...

so every game that offers no potential ... LEAVE !! potential means , that there is a very healthy balance between theoretical chance a favorable event will occur towards the theoretical chance it will not occur

Comment from : PetStuBa

Thank you for a VERY good video! Ive been playing Roulette seriously now for a year, and I think I have tried all serious systems there are. All these tips in the video are crucial. Thanks!
Comment from : Stingray64

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