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Lady Luck HQ
As you can tell, we are not Video Poker experts but we like to play! Let us know what your biggest video poker win is!
Comment from : Lady Luck HQ

Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez
Strange game,cool video,bye you all duff drinkers
Comment from : Paul Alberto Meza Rodriguez

Matt Kelly
I hope the guy behind you is giving you as much money as he is giving terrible advice.
Comment from : Matt Kelly

D Montalvo
Comment from : D Montalvo

Michael Edelen
Wow! I found another great video from the Royal slot couple.
Comment from : Michael Edelen

Double Double bonus try for the inside str.
Comment from : RickieRickRack

Carl Grammes
Is this at a live casino. I can't see anything that tells me so
Comment from : Carl Grammes

gabriel Rivera
You know set limit slot machines generally take people’s money.
Comment from : gabriel Rivera

gary posty
Terrible poker players
Comment from : gary posty

Felice Nappi
eiii bebyyyy😘
Comment from : Felice Nappi

Lucky Kentucky Scratcher
Check my channel out Lucky Kentucky Scratcher !!! Ky Lottery !!!
Comment from : Lucky Kentucky Scratcher

Kris Green
So, you say you've done far better on Video Poker than on Slots, doh!! lol Slots are for suckers. Sure, they're fun and full of glitz and glamour but they are the money makers for the casino. that's why the floor is 75% slots! The video poker is in the far back corner!! You should really do yourself a favor and just sign up for a FREE account at video poker dot com and learn to play. They even give you free tutorials on tuesday... free training tuesday. With this kind of money, though, just pay the $7 / month and get free training every time! It's just as much fun as playing with real money and you learn how to play better at the same time. Holding a lone 3 is never ever a good play. Just because 4 3's pays the most doesn't mean you hold it. The odds of catching 3 more 3's is TINY. You're better off to hold nothing and just hope for even money if a pair of Kings comes out. Also, you want to hold both face cards, like a queen and a jack. You increase your chances of winning. One time you had a Q J 10 8 and held nothing but a Jack. You missed out on 2 money cards and a 9 for a straight. You just have to look at every hand and see what's best to break even or make money. Good luck!
Comment from : Kris Green

Desmond Castro
4 3's triggers big money !😀
I won $408.50 recently !

Comment from : Desmond Castro

Ahmad Michman
I don't get why Americans who play high stakes slots make a big deal out of hand pays? that 1800 is worth like 12 presses. So what's the big deal?
Comment from : Ahmad Michman

Ernie Bracamonte
Lady Luck is a lady , be nice
Comment from : Ernie Bracamonte

Ernie Bracamonte
You did marvelous
Comment from : Ernie Bracamonte

Bob Hasbrouck
Brutal watching this...
Comment from : Bob Hasbrouck

BUSHMAN Archibald
You are so beautiful and such a nice women very polite , Some man is very lucky 😁
Comment from : BUSHMAN Archibald

Hibiscus Angel
He’s like yeah whatever lol 😂
Comment from : Hibiscus Angel

Jonathan Galdo
Lady Luck is very beautiful
Comment from : Jonathan Galdo

Phil PJ Davis
Why in the world would you throw away 44 with two pair on DDB? Always treat those kickers like ACES!
Comment from : Phil PJ Davis

Happy Ending Handpay
Comment from : DangerousRareHunters

Juan Naranjo
I got 4 queens
Comment from : Juan Naranjo

Neil Richey
I stopped 2 minutes into your video because the most annoying camera man calling everything he thought you should do and gave you wrong calls.
Comment from : Neil Richey

Nice handjob!!
Comment from : P G

j ybarra
Wont pile on too much, i see you are gettin hammered already....but a lil studying will go a long way. At least the simple hands... "Sure"...was killing me!!! Ha! Enjoyed it though, thnx for sharing.
Comment from : j ybarra

Jim Fromearth
Comment from : Jim Fromearth

Kyle Leatherberry
No offense, but the guy should not talk
Comment from : Kyle Leatherberry

Ujas Ujus
much people like it... hem...
Comment from : Ujas Ujus

Bill Collins
Comment from : Bill Collins

Best game to play for me is triple bonus and dueces plus on multiline spin poker or super times pay.multistrike is fun too
Comment from : DjSmileyofLasVegas

Malik Vallar
High rollers make YouTube vids dropping $125 per play yea that’s realistic to the normal person I agree it hurts to watch u play
Comment from : Malik Vallar

Jason Temps
So all 5 hands are yours correct
Comment from : Jason Temps

justin jus
That’s crazy $125 bet and it’s only 1600 damm your better off playing a $100 machine probably
Comment from : justin jus

Barry Pierce
Need two learn how to play....not good..
Comment from : Barry Pierce

Eric Arango
1600 for 125 a spin.... That's like 10x. Not even amazing.... But congrats I guess
Comment from : Eric Arango

Wait... U got 10x ur bet and you think this is a great win?
Or is this satire?

Comment from : HUSTLExTV

zven gally
It's like this... if you put your own money into a slot machine you can play it however you want. 125 a spin would be a lot for me personally to start with but I've gotten up there during some of my good runs. It's all about your tax bracket and what u are comfortable betting without destroying yourself if u lose. Bet 125,000 if you can I say.
Comment from : zven gally

James Lovett
Happy New Years
Comment from : James Lovett

James Lovett
Happy New Years
Comment from : James Lovett

mauro nicolas vargas
Comment from : mauro nicolas vargas

Steve Winter
14x your bet... whatttttt
Comment from : Steve Winter

Patrick Osborn
Gotta admit at a $125 if you don’t get 5-figure or shit... 2k.. you gotta stop wasting your money to get YouTube likes.
Comment from : Patrick Osborn

"thats amazing" only blew 2,000 dollars to see the wheel spin xD
Comment from : TeamThorntonGames

Comment from : Radioman

My Quickjab209
I'm in Vegas we're you at
Comment from : My Quickjab209

David Quinn
Sometimes I like to bet this big in a pool bet of 4-8 players. Only thing I hate is if one or more of the players plays as reckless as you do.
Comment from : David Quinn

Hi I’m a new sub. Love VP/slots. Nice handpay!!
Comment from : Ice-D

Wynn Wynn
Really horrible play, if you play video poker at least learn the game, and asking him each and every time what to do might as well just let him play. Very disappointing play. Just saying.
Comment from : Wynn Wynn

Christi Feimster
Bad angel can't watch this
Comment from : Christi Feimster

Eileen Rago
You really got lucky but you must learn how to play.
Comment from : Eileen Rago

I can't even begin to tell you how bad you guys are at video poker. Please stick to slots or read a few books on video poker strategy. Good god
Comment from : poppadocs420

Nick Low C
That Looked fun
Comment from : Nick Low C

Gregory Perlman
Get Bob Dancer's Video Poker For Winners Software and practice the right moves. Love watching the video, but those wrong holds kill me!
Comment from : Gregory Perlman

Kelli Nash
Amateurs. It hurts to watch you play
Comment from : Kelli Nash

gaming with sniperboi nyc
I'm going to McDonald's do you who wants something
Comment from : gaming with sniperboi nyc

Mustafa Alwaeli
I love your videos ...thank you
Comment from : Mustafa Alwaeli

At 10.07 you miss a par of 4 lol but you did real good 💲💲💲💲💓👌🏿
Comment from : delonzo83

Tom K
Thank god your called Lady Luck because VP is a skill game to maximize you're winnings and minimizes you losses. This was very hard to watch as every other hand or so was a huge mistake especially at $30 a hand.
Comment from : Tom K

#Handpay #LadyLuck #WhooootWhoooot"
Comment from : poet5244

Chris Dawson
You should play more poker that was fun to watch😊😊😊
Comment from : Chris Dawson

Jeremy Doshier
You are so beautiful and have a great personality! You're husband's a lucky man! 😎🤘😍
Comment from : Jeremy Doshier

Brian Harris
Nice Hand Pay I love video poker.
Comment from : Brian Harris

Go to videopoker.com and you can play the same video poker games at the casino and learn the best way to play each game. It' s a great site, free or pay under $10 a month to practice...I play on there and then go to the casino prepared...
Comment from : anonomous63

John Rey Rodriguez Saavedra
Vete a la mierda con tu video es una estupidez lo qe ganaste
Comment from : John Rey Rodriguez Saavedra

i think you meant to say reno,nevada
Comment from : uglybug25

reno,las vegas...????
Comment from : uglybug25

Kurt H
At 2:50 you should have held jack and the queen
Comment from : Kurt H

great win
Comment from : spider88able

skatermaninred 51
Comment from : skatermaninred 51

JD Williams
At the 6 minute mark yiu should have held the 4's...the 4 clovers... Hahaha you crack me up. Good video
Comment from : JD Williams

Crank Yankin’
🤣 How ironic you post this. My husband is CHEAP. He hates to gamble. He only puts $1 in the poker machine at the bar for a free drink. Last night he bet the minimum .25c and hit the royal flush for $126. Never saw the cashout button get smacked so fast. LOL
THEN he put $5 into Dragon Link so he wouldn’t look like an ass taking up a machine by me. His .50c bet turned into a $90 bonus. How was my luck? Forgot my ticket when changing machines and came back 15 seconds later and someone had already stolen it. 🤦‍♀️

Comment from : Crank Yankin’

John Youkhana
How about play som blacknight slots
Comment from : John Youkhana

Paul Revere
Have you played in ny
Comment from : Paul Revere

Serritha Peterson
Love it
Comment from : Serritha Peterson

We Know Vegas! The Vegas Travel Couple
Great video! Thanks for the shoutout!
Comment from : We Know Vegas! The Vegas Travel Couple

Wesley Kelley
I hit three royal flushes on a nickel machine paid $600 betting .30 cents at Peppermill in Reno that was awesome and so are you I love you little bye at the end of the video have a wonderful Christmas:):)
Comment from : Wesley Kelley

Big Slotter
Love watching your high bets on video poker, please keep doing these, they are fun to watch. I have hit a few $4k royals myself but would love to see a dealt one on multi-play. i haven't been able to get that yet myself.
I won't say anything about the holds since i know you play for fun, but keep in mind that you are playing games that have 98%-100% paybacks if you play perfectly. The way you are playing they are probably about 93% or so, thats better than most slots, (and you play better than a lot of people I have seen who aren't experts) so you'll still win more, but it could be even more... good luck!

Comment from : Big Slotter

Renee Mathis
My favorite game! Nice wins!
Comment from : Renee Mathis

B. B.
I love it when you guys play Poker. (PS: I call Clubs, Clovers too :)
Comment from : B. B.

Kendall Kidd
Fran, you need someone to teach you basic strategy on video poker lol but you always find a way to get a handpay, Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
Comment from : Kendall Kidd

You should practice best video poker strategy on Wizard of Odds or VideoPoker.com. You were making a ton of holding mistakes, which at the stakes you guys are playing, can end up costing you a ton over time.
Comment from : NTellier85

Adrianna Benavidez
How do you handle the IRS part _any pointers
Comment from : Adrianna Benavidez

Mikey Eggs
I enjoy watching your slot play but video poker is a skill based game. I don't want to be a hater but you made so many mistakes playing video poker. For example, hands when you had a king and queen and 3 other irrelevant cards, keep both the king and queen. Not just one since the game you are playing pays jacks or better. If you have ace and queen different suits, then you just keep the ace. Also when you have all garbage under jack, throw them all away. Don't hold a low card hoping for the 4 of a kind. There are programs online that you can play for training and it will let you know when you made a mistake. As I said, I am not being a hater. Just trying to help out
Comment from : Mikey Eggs

Big Alex
i wanna get lucky with lady luck..👍
Comment from : Big Alex

Poker is just too complicated too many rules and confusing i find myself walking past video poker and wanting to try it but since i dont understand it i dont try it
Comment from : SuperSonicGoldens

Jonathan Myers

Comment from : Jonathan Myers

Ivette Q
Hey Lady Luck! Did I miss the promotion give a way? Lol
Comment from : Ivette Q

Jay G
Nice win! Now I want to play video poker. They have some nice casinos here in Kansas City but not as nice as Vegas.
Comment from : Jay G

Thomas D
More Poker please! Mahalo!
Comment from : Thomas D

alvaro schor
Why are you betting 125? Do you want to give me a heart attack?
Comment from : alvaro schor

Desmond Castro
I gotta try that game !
BTW- I did a few quick youtube cameo appearances myself here . Just type in my name & check em' out. Don't forget to share please. Thanks ! Happy Holiday weekend, folks !

Comment from : Desmond Castro

DenLoren Loren
Miro siempre tus videos! Me encantan...saludos desde Argentina
Comment from : DenLoren Loren

Hey Lady Luck HQ! Fun Video poker. Thanks for Changing it up. Have a great weekend and good luck on your next Spin!!!
Comment from : 1965Beans

Monty Kee
Wow.... $125 a pop! That is FN ballsy.... congratulations.
Comment from : Monty Kee

He does not know how to play Double Double Poker..I was cringing each time he told you what to hold.
Comment from : Deana

Melvin Alfaro
25k Subs on Christmas Day 😘😍
Comment from : Melvin Alfaro

Jane B
Congrats amazing win!!;👍👍👍 wishing you and hubby very merry Christmas 🎄🎅🤶!!! enjoy
Comment from : Jane B

Handpay Hustler
Nice you guys were actually very lucky. Lol So many mistakes made. But we're not too hard on ourselves in the casino are we 😁
Comment from : Handpay Hustler

Angelo Cipriano
Congratulations 🎉 on your win Lady Luck love your channel 🍀🍀💰💰
Comment from : Angelo Cipriano

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