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Nasc_ hrowe
4:26 for Hand Ranking
Comment from : Nasc_ hrowe

The Everything Guy
best explanation I've been looking for
Comment from : The Everything Guy

SANta Is real
Instructions unclear. Cat is now stuck in lamp shade
Comment from : SANta Is real

Nick Lamarre
Thank now I can play poker! :)
Comment from : Nick Lamarre

Dixy Frex
What about “ante”?
Comment from : Dixy Frex

Vincent Maes
Need to speak slower and separate your words. Also, your volume is too low. Can you please redo?
Comment from : Vincent Maes

I didn't understand the rules that well, so I made some up lmao
Comment from : papajohn'spizza

This dude just blew my mind of how simple his explanation was!!
Comment from : Retro

Purest Memes
Instructions unclear, cock in dogs ass
Comment from : Purest Memes

i’m allergic to cats
But how do you know how to call? Is it if you have a good hand? But I don’t understand if I have a good hand cuz I don’t know how to match the cards
Comment from : i’m allergic to cats

Mitchell Luckey
This was by far the easiest to follow and keep up with video on poker explanation i have found, thank you!
Comment from : Mitchell Luckey

Iwan Park
What if I fold during betting? Can I get my chips back which has been bet (not in the pot yet).
Comment from : Iwan Park

J Hernandez
This is definitely a good tutorial on the basics, but it doesn't explain a few things, such as, the blind amounts and how they raise after time, if a player keeps raising a bet. Ties, splits and all in/side pots just to name a few.
Comment from : J Hernandez

K1ddu #Rares
interesting points ,if anyone else wants to uncover poker secrets tips try Jaffacter Poker Secrets Coach ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my colleague got amazing results with it.
Comment from : K1ddu #Rares

⸢ Tsuyu Asui ⸥
Thanks, now I can properly play in RDR 2
Comment from : ⸢ Tsuyu Asui ⸥

Manuel Noble 2
That’s it, that’s poker. Wow I thought it was some complicated thing. I mean the hardest part is probably memorizing the card hands. Then again who knows it might be harder when actually playing.
Comment from : Manuel Noble 2

clayton boyd
What does check mean?
Comment from : clayton boyd

Neeloe Caesar
Swell! Cheers!!!
Comment from : Neeloe Caesar

$arah Princess O'Power
Great video, Thanks!
Comment from : $arah Princess O'Power

Eddie Ayon
The Jeep?
Comment from : Eddie Ayon

Eddie Ayon
caught ' me on the river !
Comment from : Eddie Ayon

Um Thanks
This is the only video I actually understood. THANKS
Comment from : Um Thanks

Swole Senzu
I don’t get how you get five cards all of a sudden
Comment from : Swole Senzu

All I need help is memorizing all ten hands
Comment from : Roger

ben chan
You forgot the high card. That's the Lowest ranked hand
Comment from : ben chan

Jim August
The Limey Bolk failed to mention about the small blind making up the difference he owed from the first bet, looser
Comment from : Jim August

Beatle Juice
Can you mix up the community cards to form a two pairs or etc.?
Comment from : Beatle Juice

I want to learn poker this just made it easy, thank you.
Comment from : Darkone1984

Now I can play video game missions which require poker and actually do what I'm supposed to do. Plus I can have more fun with my friends! thanks!
Comment from : nafisbernafas

Promise •
What about bluffing?
Comment from : Promise •

Athletic Gods
This was a great vid.
Comment from : Athletic Gods

Adriana’s aSmR
Comment from : Adriana’s aSmR

I found a great collection of videos that may help you at Card Crusher Fixer
Comment from : lamfilipos

iHeart. Paige
This is the best video ever how to play poker. Now I’m about to go download the game and play. Gave this video a thumbs up. Agree with everybody else the other videos were so much extra and complicated
Comment from : iHeart. Paige

So if I'm only playing with 3 people, one person is the dealer, and the other two are betters? So everybody will have a position
Comment from : ThatKidAngel

Ryan Palermo
I'm only confused about All In betting and side pots.
Comment from : Ryan Palermo

Wolfytat102 _-_-
Best poker teaching video
Comment from : Wolfytat102 _-_-

Luke William
Instructions weren't clear. I ended up in a prison in Mexico.
Comment from : Luke William

Mike lee
I have a question after the flop can player 2 call all-in on player 6 ? Skipping 2-5 ? Is this legal.
Comment from : Mike lee

Roger McDaniel
Very thorough, well explained and very helpful. Thanks!
Comment from : Roger McDaniel

This video only scratches the surface.
Comment from : SwitchLaserFlip

Evan Swa
I've been playing online poker for 7 years now. I learned a lot from different books, videos, and people over the years. Today, I want to be able to take my knowledge, and teach it to the world.. Like a guru who's ready to take on his students. So I created a poker software that fixes your mistakes and teaches you to play better poker. I don't want any of your money, or anything else from you. I offer my software completely FREE, no catch. All I ask in return is that you use it to help you hustle, not to replace the hustle. You can download it for free at my website: pokerexpertsagency.wordpress.com/.
Comment from : Evan Swa

i dont get why they go around twice to make a bet...
Comment from : dafcorleone

Gann Da Man
I played two poker games with family we used quarters as chips and stacks of four where used I suggest this and I won 18$ now I'm 13 so this was pretty good and the second time we played a few months later I got 25$ and it was one of the funniest times ever
Comment from : Gann Da Man

FourEyed Ape
Hmmm kkk do I hear a RACIST
Comment from : FourEyed Ape

thx! the video was clear and easy
Comment from : Michael

Did anyone else get here from studio c
Comment from : #1gamer

best video I've found on hold em, thank you very much!
Comment from : prestobach

William Fitch
Perfect. Thanks.
Comment from : William Fitch

Wheelie Bin
Wait so is the big blind and small blind put straight into the pot or is it the current bet? Like when the first round ensues will player number 4 have to match the big blind at least if he wants to keep playing or will the big blind already be in the pot allowing player 4 to bet whatever he wants?
Comment from : Wheelie Bin

Robbie Quinlan
i like to play poker with my little cousins. its a good thing to do when we get bored.
Comment from : Robbie Quinlan

Mike Are
wow...49 years old, and never played poker before a week ago..WSOP on Android. Didn't understand...and I cant believe it's this simple. I avoided poker all those years because it seemed too complicated. Thanks!
Comment from : Mike Are

When you put it all in and that feeling that you'll win,but then u lose ://///
Comment from : obscureandrew

snake man
What what if some had 5 in there hand would that be a straight
Comment from : snake man

Ilija Spasovic
Let me ask you something, if At The showdown you need to plus all the cards in community & in your hand, then why would you need to even plus community cards??
Comment from : Ilija Spasovic

nilo but
high carrrrddddds..
Comment from : nilo but

Thank you for this. I'm learning to play and this has been one of the best intro's to the basics I've found.
Comment from : paradise:circus

I get everything but how the showdown works can someone explain all help appreciated!,
Comment from : VegasJedi97

helped me out quite a lot, only still left a little confused. is it possible to get more cards during the game or... I am quite new to this. :/
Comment from : BoochyPleasure

Nathan Baldassero
are aces treated as both 1 and 11? Or is it decided before the game?
Comment from : Nathan Baldassero

Curry Puddin
how many chips does a player get?
Comment from : Curry Puddin

missy moss
background music isn't helping at all!:(
Comment from : missy moss

Forgot three of a kind
Comment from : Jinx

First Last
I loved the video.
Comment from : First Last

First Last
This is all accurate except the weakest hand is a high card, or No pair.
Comment from : First Last

Mr. Avocado Man
What does bluffing mean here?
Comment from : Mr. Avocado Man

I cant believe i'm 13 and i'm trying to learn how to play texas holdem
Comment from : Belief68

Thanks dude. This one made more sense than other tutorials.
Comment from : HUFSA

Jonah Rosario
Comment from : Jonah Rosario

tabitha redford
Comment from : tabitha redford

Cyrus Metcalfe
Can you call and raise in the second round
Comment from : Cyrus Metcalfe

Daniel Collins
thankyou, this is the most understandable texas holdem poker tutorial on youtube. thanks
Comment from : Daniel Collins

In general, those who check are holding mediocre hands? Either that or they are pretending to be weak when they are strong, ? Is this the case?
Comment from : wotan237

Whats the bitchin' song?
Comment from : MantisRex

You forgot to explain, that when no pairs or higher, then the highest card of five cards wins.
Comment from : rolback

Really great video. Thinking of having a games night with friends and this is one of the few tutorials that makes sense! Thank you!
Comment from : CutiePie

Best video out there for a beginner, thanks!
Comment from : Staggie_93

Jean Tortuga
So, when the betting round starts, the guy who bets actually does the same thing as he would raise the pot?
Comment from : Jean Tortuga

This was the only totorial I understanded thanks good vid!!
Comment from : Oof

So if you fold, you're done for the rest of the rounds?
Comment from : Hum

guitar man
by George i think i understand !!  when people explain this on here they make it sound like its rocket science but its really not that difficult.
Comment from : guitar man

Karen Payton
Comment from : Karen Payton

Karen Payton
What if you have 2 players and don't have enough for a sb bb
Comment from : Karen Payton

Karen Payton
Poker vip plz reply THAT WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!😆 so good I think I need surgery 😷
Comment from : Karen Payton

Glad that you are all enjoying the video. Here are some more you might like.

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Comment from : PokerVIP

Very useful, thank you. :)
Comment from : Thrillseeker8922

Thanks for talking quite quickly, I almost slept in while watching other tutorials. This one is pleasingly quick but still clear and easily understandable if you listen carefully. Nice one!
Comment from : Ic3crawler

Comment from : Stardust

3:25 after everyone called 5's bet who's turn would be next? sb or 5?
Comment from : thebelt24

Miss Myoozikal
Thank you SO much! Very informative ( :
Comment from : Miss Myoozikal

Don't You Just
So somebody tell me if i fold do i just seat and watch until the next round cause i gave away my cards
Comment from : Don't You Just

I can't believe someone actually made the rules of poker that easy. Every other video I've seen was too complicated. Thanks! 
Comment from : MrFailGuy93

but if everybody except the last guy Folds than he can just put some money in and win the pot without having the best cards right?
Comment from : TheIdrojdToys

Paul Herriot
Great video. I finally get it now... thanks!
Comment from : Paul Herriot

B Rock
best vid I've found for learning poker.  thanks!
Comment from : B Rock

Leighton Lall
Comment from : Leighton Lall

bobob jones
so simple i totally understand now just how do people remember all this?
Comment from : bobob jones

still dont get how to win

Comment from : NAO Y

What about high cards??
Comment from : KDoT

Daniel DeSessa
Easiest and best way to learn, thanks man
Comment from : Daniel DeSessa

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