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Comment from : BATTOUSAI Gambling Channel

Luca Melara
why the fuck you laugh so loudly porco dio
Comment from : Luca Melara

Leonardo Nascimento
Very hot these croupier
Comment from : Leonardo Nascimento

Michael Langnes
it is not rigged it is fair rng system man
Comment from : Michael Langnes

Jordan Connor
They need to refund everyone on this bet and payout the winners obviously
Comment from : Jordan Connor

Clark Kent
dream catcher is even more fake then this one
when the brakes fail www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Rzm6E30Oxo
They all work on a braking system, its funny when it brakes, the wheel will spin for 3-4 miniutes,lol

Comment from : Clark Kent

Soul Surfer
For UK people it's always rigged, for all the other= smart enough to not play since they know that they will lose🤣 And then go wining to net or casino workers, c'mon and get a real hobby people.
Comment from : Soul Surfer

Micky Jerry
Is there any tricks to earn money on ths game
Comment from : Micky Jerry

Online Casino Wala
ha ha...i like your laugh man...rofl
Comment from : Online Casino Wala

Real muscle for life
Yep they have braking systems install obviously.
Comment from : Real muscle for life

Online casino is rigged so are some land casino
Comment from : Rohullah

tero t
that laugh is worth of all tricked money
Comment from : tero t

Crab Burger
It's not f**king funny these thieving c**ts are coning million's of people every day....
Comment from : Crab Burger

its all comp controlled can put the breaks on stop it where they want
Comment from : megotmesources

It's all rigged because they are greedy.
Comment from : M M

Online Casino Wala
Gambling commissions should have a watch on them, they have a license and can't cheat with anyone like this. Their Licenses should be cancelled.
Comment from : Online Casino Wala

Milquetoast Eugenicist
Oh god it's the stupid wheel. Edit: thanks for the love my man. When will you be gambling again?
Comment from : Milquetoast Eugenicist

John Jenks
Every number has stacks of bets on it so why they need to cheat i do not know? They win either way!
Even live BJ in a real casino you ain't beat the house! Gambling is supposed to be fun not profit you ain't supposed to win i guess you pay for all entertainment and winnings is the bonus!

Comment from : John Jenks

Tyler Maugle
These leaves should be shut down
Comment from : Tyler Maugle

Jason Piper
Yes batoussai! It's leeroy ;)
Comment from : Jason Piper

HyouMix !
Gambling is a bad habit....
Comment from : HyouMix !

Colin sushiboy
We use to have a game like this at our amusement parks with similar odds. Even without the cheating. The wheel will clean most people out lol. I don't see a point in them ripping people off.
Comment from : Colin sushiboy

Tirawat Nantawong
Comment from : Tirawat Nantawong

Dream Queen
just stay away. let them play alone their crap rigged scam games
Comment from : Dream Queen

The wheels including the dream catcher wheel have a gear mechanism to slow them down which makes the clickers at the top of the wheel irrelevant, they are just for show on both wheels, it’s a lot more obvious the more you view. I play Dreamcatcher now and then and it’s easier to spot when the wheel is spun hard. Even to the naked eye you will clearly notice the differences in speed which the wheel slows down. It looks un-natural and forced.
Comment from : Lucky7levin

Both games are rigged to fuck as in they’re both controlled from behind the scenes. They can only spin a certain amount of high numbers in per day to make profit and most of their profits come from the low stakes on high numbers. As long as you know this it shouldn’t put you off from playing. There’s always chance involved in gambling. You’ve just gotta be there when the big numbers come in. And play for fun not for profit.
Comment from : Lucky7levin

Dreamcatcher is NOT real, it´s rigged too. I played dreamcatcher 2 minutes ago, and the wheel just kept spinning...lol they threw everyone out. at least one guy got it on video
Comment from : softair1231

well of course casino games are rigged... are there actually people who think they are legitimate?
Comment from : MakesMoves

Finalman26 THA BULLZ
i didnt realize that was so funny..i wouldve been pissed that this thing even has brakes on it..
Comment from : Finalman26 THA BULLZ

Smelly Feet
Her break pedal got stuck.
Comment from : Smelly Feet

Joey Heins
she doesnt know what the fuck to say to get her out of this mess
Comment from : Joey Heins

Roulette Master
playtech have been rigged from.day 1
Comment from : Roulette Master

b ra
Which casino site you play this game on
Comment from : b ra

southside j
Any online gambling is rigged as you have no control over it and cant physically see what is going on behind the scenes
Comment from : southside j

Jose Moreira
Send this to playtech gambling regulator they might be interested in see how rigged this shit is.
Comment from : Jose Moreira

of course this is proof ... I'm gambling now for more than 3 years .. I have never EVER seen such a clear proof , NEVER in my entire 'career' .. so in my opinion you captured an amazing kick ass moment .. the best video ever !!
Comment from : PetStuBa

BATTOUSAI Gambling Channel
this has to be the most rushed piece of shit ive ever seen. evolution gaming's Dreamcatcher 1: Playtech's Rigged looking spin a win apology edition 0.
Comment from : BATTOUSAI Gambling Channel

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