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Casey Antczak
Comment from : Casey Antczak

Jacob Brown
You sound like your on a an episode of ghost adventures!! LOL Thanks for another great video!!
Comment from : Jacob Brown

Fair Shake
Comment from : Fair Shake

Kelly Dejager
My fav casino tbh 🥰
Comment from : Kelly Dejager

Gordon Peywa
It's funny I see Brian Christopher ads when. I watch your videos you're still awesome
Comment from : Gordon Peywa

Jamie Howard Jr
Did you make a sports reference? HAHA! Hot as sh*t f@$k!..Hat Trick.
It must of slipped.

Comment from : Jamie Howard Jr

Elijah Gomez
Hey that’s our tribes casino, I live right across the river
Comment from : Elijah Gomez

Patrick Beirne
I literally laughed out loud when you said “thanks for leaving that 80¢,...you bitch”. Love the videos man, huge fan!! Watch them everyday.
Comment from : Patrick Beirne

Mikey DA
Hex kitty is a shady shitshow no doubt...
Comment from : Mikey DA

Lori B
Eagle bucks robbed you blind?? Yeah...no surprise. I hate that game. But wait! The 1 line method won.
Comment from : Lori B

Catherine Ribeiro
I hear you on the change your luck game I just put the video down and listen to your watching it drives me crazy
Comment from : Catherine Ribeiro

Lonesome Dove
Fun video..... Meow! 😽😼😺
Comment from : Lonesome Dove

Why do you make me sit in the car every time you play slots ?
I feel like a human inflatable!

Comment from : martind586

A Schultz
Can't believe I missed you being there AGAIN! I'm so sad now......
Comment from : A Schultz

Georgette Beacham
Just to funny
Comment from : Georgette Beacham

Reagan Morgan
Watta flamer...
Comment from : Reagan Morgan

Linda S
Comment from : Linda S

Abe Shaw
Just getting my daily dose of smell my finger
Comment from : Abe Shaw

Brian Zubkousky
I don't get why you like the one line method on the games like Eagle Bucks and Thunder Cash... Those bonuses suck all the time trying to get one line ya bastard 😂
Comment from : Brian Zubkousky

Adam's Slot Channel
Lol this is when you were messaging me all pissed off about Hex kitty 😂 she loves ya!
Comment from : Adam's Slot Channel

Veronica Cantu
I love watching you adventures in slot plundering but can I make a small suggestion? Would you mind terribly including the city and state you’re filming in so that I can make plans to visit these cool casinos too?
Comment from : Veronica Cantu

Loving Life
Are you low rolling today on Hexbreaker 3? Or is that where the best advantage play was?
Comment from : Loving Life

Scotty B
More sexbreaker. I love it!
Comment from : Scotty B

The Kurt's Place Channel
Very cool video. Thanks for posting and have a nice day too.
Comment from : The Kurt's Place Channel

Kelsee Dupras
Comment from : Kelsee Dupras

Mark Vooght
Did you get it , did you get it , did you get it, of course you got it ya jerk. Those kitties were very frustrating but they finally relented to the one and only sd guy because there good listeners.
Comment from : Mark Vooght

Kellie Ramos
What's your opinion on the casino? My mom just hit the grand on the devil game there. It's small but seems alot tighter to me. Worse then Winnevegas.
Comment from : Kellie Ramos

John Houldsworth
Kind of like watching turtles racing - come on man!
Comment from : John Houldsworth

Neal Ebner
Funny I lost 100$ there 3 weeks ago ;( I hate that casino
Comment from : Neal Ebner

Robin Maynard
You really need to weed out all the beetches in your life. They seem to come after you ALL the TIME .
Comment from : Robin Maynard

Don A
What's crazy about that place is they always have newer slots
Comment from : Don A

Keith Kent
Walked out of MGM springfield last night with 2 grand plus a 1290$ handpay on makin bacon!!
Comment from : Keith Kent

Corey L
I never thought you would return. Been awhile since I been there.
Comment from : Corey L

Larin Wheeler
SDguy: this game is SUCH BULLSHIT!

Also SDguy: wins the progressive

Comment from : Larin Wheeler

Matt Bailey Plays the Slots!
Do you enjoy torturing yourself with the shadiest games in the casino?
Comment from : Matt Bailey Plays the Slots!

You’re such a good boy! You thanked your neighbor after you won her money! Dat beeetch! That was some amazing wins on Hexbreaker! Love it!
Comment from : Casinopoodle

Lasse Bjerregaard
Awesome with new slot machines and that spooky intro was awesome. ;)
Comment from : Lasse Bjerregaard

You always make me laugh so hard Kitty! Good job👍
Comment from : Junaida

Space Cadet 69
Are all the casinos on reservations. They all have Native American Indian sounding names.
Comment from : Space Cadet 69

Carol Johnson
Bankruptcy ahead yeah big winner now....
Comment from : Carol Johnson

two taps

Comment from : two taps

Trista C
OMG honey I love the Alfred Hitchcock intro! 😍
Comment from : Trista C

Michelle Denieff
M ew M ew MEOW ..such fun..legend
Comment from : Michelle Denieff

Donna Travis
Morning kitty! 😸
Comment from : Donna Travis

Salinia Lovato
Have you ever gambled in new mexico?
Comment from : Salinia Lovato

Purple & Gold Slots
Have you ever done a video on which machines the single line bet works best on?
Comment from : Purple & Gold Slots

The only way to make those wins any better is with a new pair of the KFC Crocs!! Coming soon to a store near you!!
Comment from : SuperBighead1973

Meatball and Bagel
9:40-9:55. Is that..is that just a dude standing there to the far right creeping in the corner??! What is that? It looks like a Robot Security Dan ready to activate and save the world one camera restriction at a time! 🤣
Comment from : Meatball and Bagel

Comment from : Connie

Ms. Business Happy
Comment from : Ms. Business Happy

I started watching your channel a couple months ago, love! I think I have watched almost all your content. Went to Vegas last month and went by your $100 double or quit rule and it worked. Thanks for the entertainment you are fantastic! Hope to make it to a group pull in the future. Hot and horny meow
Comment from : waitressfromhell1971

Yasss Queen
Try Winna Vegas sometime. It’s about 15 mins north of Black Bird Bend.
Comment from : Yasss Queen

Kosala Sar
I am enjoying your videos. Love your channel.
Comment from : Kosala Sar

Steven Collins
Bro u sleepy af
Comment from : Steven Collins

G Dubwing
“Why do you hate me? I’m a nice boy.” - LMAO
Comment from : G Dubwing

The Lady Lotus
💙💜💙💜😄😄😄 I can always count on a good laugh
The end 💀

Comment from : The Lady Lotus

John Heyman
Comment from : John Heyman

Tommy Vancos
where's Paige? 🤔😏😥
Comment from : Tommy Vancos

Andrew S
Gotta love bonus’ that pay like you are digging change from between the car seat and the fucking center console! Oh and Four Winds!!!! Take your copper card and dead cat meat players lounge crap shit and shove it! Tell Swan I can’t fuck her behind the dumpster anymore because my pockets are full of pennies! Ya bastards
Comment from : Andrew S

Ginger Price
F’n Skillz! 🤗
Comment from : Ginger Price

Sup dudette great wins my friend,
Comment from : S O U T H E R N

Lisa Sunde
Thanks for all of your hard work Sd! Loves ya!❤❤❤❤❤
Comment from : Lisa Sunde

Stephen Gresso
Damn you for keeping me up when I should be sleeping after a 15 hour shift. Too much winning.
Comment from : Stephen Gresso

JT Dronemaster Scratchers Justin Thomas
Oh my. Daddy like 😍 I need to gamble with you soon 😁
Comment from : JT Dronemaster Scratchers Justin Thomas

Скажи мне кто я И я скажу тебе кто ты
1 линия Рулит !
Comment from : Скажи мне кто я И я скажу тебе кто ты

Gary’s Slot Adventures
Black bird bend - you be finding all the spots 😆 thought this casino was gonna have a beatle theme for a minute.
Comment from : Gary’s Slot Adventures

You want casinos that look like a house of horrors? You should try Laughlin Nevada. Lol
Comment from : mactionY2K5

sheryl coffey
Oh my frigging goodness! The calamity of LAUGHTER you give me in the mornings...thank you SDGuy 🤗😂
Comment from : sheryl coffey

shawn mcfarland
What kind of Debauchery is this going to be....?
Comment from : shawn mcfarland

Tara Sabrina
You give me such joy. I love watching you. Wish we were bff. ❤️❤️
Comment from : Tara Sabrina

ChrissyLee W.
Your videos keep getting better and better !!!
Comment from : ChrissyLee W.

I never been 5 mins early in my life. Only for my own videos I upload lmbo
Comment from : JayNY

Gwen Magiera
Meow 👍🏻☘️❤️
Comment from : Gwen Magiera

John-Anthony Cawston
Good video SDGUY1234
Comment from : John-Anthony Cawston

Justin Miller
Comment from : Justin Miller

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