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Comment from : CasinoGrounds

fAkE dumb People out there
Comment from : Marcel

lila weiß
Jules die fette fake sau
Comment from : lila weiß

Rambles N Gambles
Comment from : Rambles N Gambles

Liam Burnett
Slotapinner is a knob
Comment from : Liam Burnett

See... here's the problem with gambling: the casino will get it all back.

Comment from : JMUDoc

Ikaika90 Ikaika
fake strimers big win
Comment from : Ikaika90 Ikaika

Branimir Kojcic
@20:05 443k win? Wtf
Comment from : Branimir Kojcic

VGS 77
Сами крутят сами играют сами выигрывают. Клоунада
Comment from : VGS 77

Anonymous Finland
16:45 Suomi Mainittu Torilla tavataan 🇫🇮🍻
Comment from : Anonymous Finland

michael herrera
Wait so does people actually win this money
Comment from : michael herrera

Robin yastash
Comment from : Robin yastash

Do you know bidule ?
Comment from : tom

6:48 うんこマン、みたー、みたー
Comment from : ああ

Anonymous Finland
Comment from : Anonymous Finland

Anonymous Finland
Comment from : Anonymous Finland

wow the tiki tumble win from slotspinner :O
Comment from : MerkurStar

Ryan Faber
Lol how did you guys miss DavoSlots getting up like $300k on BJ ? Was this year
Comment from : Ryan Faber

Kellerwürdiger Shisha-Saiyajin
9:06 stfu dude
Comment from : Kellerwürdiger Shisha-Saiyajin

on books game like in this video dragons tresure when you got 4 top symbols you are happy with this win but you are wondering WHY THEE 5TH NEVER SHOWED UP and you imagine how the profit could be with 5 symbols
Comment from : trikos93

soSAMuk's UK slot channel
Damn super tax!!
Comment from : soSAMuk's UK slot channel

What now
Casino Grounds how are you doing BLYAT looooooool
Comment from : What now

Steffi Beanstalk
Very nice base game hits!
Comment from : Steffi Beanstalk

www.twitch.tv/juusbaaa :)
Comment from : Murttey

Toro Tete
Comment from : Toro Tete

stephen .willcox
lol that last monopol;y spin
Comment from : stephen .willcox

A. K.
Dislike because of that david lobwbelksyw?? Guy
Comment from : A. K.

Labowskys gf looks like magikarp tbh
Comment from : Johnny

I won 1700 $ on Stream
Comment from : Cryptopirates

Simon Pecasso
very weird that all those streamers win so much, im playing for a much longer time than them and never saw or had a win like this. and they have it every month at least twice :)
wake up guys

ps: i worked also for an OC

Comment from : Simon Pecasso

Terminator TM
And there's me losing 800 tonight i want to die
Comment from : Terminator TM

Bloody hell little weasel man chip made it on here
Comment from : Big45

Imagine if super tax was taking all your winnings away 🙈
Comment from : MillsyGolf10

Haha that tax , just like irl XD
Comment from : PeachyMike

Benjy Dale
The Super Tax - welcome to Theresa May's government.
Comment from : Benjy Dale

Ryan Jackson
"Save that energy for tonight " she got absolutely destroyed that night fair play
Comment from : Ryan Jackson

Thomas Mastromatteo
That last one Hahahahaha imagine i would be so fucking angry
Comment from : Thomas Mastromatteo

CasinoGrounds. For the noise warnings, I thank you.
Comment from : TheJimmy91

Check out my channel CasinoGrounds, feel free to use my wins in your videos.
Comment from : C6Slots

biggrill man
your math is really good Kappa
Comment from : biggrill man

Kalin Tonchev
Can you please mute jjcasino next time... thx.
Comment from : Kalin Tonchev

Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos
Thanks for featuring me guys it’s appreciated
Comment from : Chipmonkz Slots And Gambling Videos

The Moment u do the Count on the Rolls and u realize ur 1 off a 35000€ Hit, and instead, they even scam u 4500€ away. Thats a roundabout 40000€ Swing. Fuckin Lord is that painful
Comment from : MasterK18

Craig Allie
4:31 how in the world is that a 3243x win? its definitely a 1 euro stake and a 2596 euro win... am i missing something or is someone on acid lol
Comment from : Craig Allie

that super-tax is pure bullshit imo.
Comment from : tehf00n

Donald Trump
Remember affiliate money is fake money,its not their own money.
Comment from : Donald Trump

Save this energy for tonight alright !
That`s what she said.

Comment from : Kitebuggy

Llewellyn Van Den Berg
wow great wins. i wonder what all these people do with all that money
Comment from : Llewellyn Van Den Berg

Ellis James
Wow monopoly is ridiculous. That super tax though killer. Great video guys
Comment from : Ellis James

Dr. Roland
Wow, did it actually took almost 5k away again? Wow, just wow
Comment from : Dr. Roland

karva jäkälä
Chipmonkz sucks ass big time!
Comment from : karva jäkälä

Comment from : Mopo

The Reel Story - Slot Videos
Some great wins again guys. Had a few decent ones on my channel but nothing to that scale.... yet ;-)
Comment from : The Reel Story - Slot Videos

Starr Osborne
Why have the streamers took to screaming and running ?
Comment from : Starr Osborne

Probably not first but I don't care
Comment from : ikbenniethypocriet

Rhys E
Lebowskis Mrs looks like shes got some sort syndrome 🙈
Comment from : Rhys E

+400.000$ win on monopoly in background? eyyy ...
Comment from : Hiffix

Great Wins again ;)
Comment from : [VideoSlotsSession]

K_BLACKWOOD - Twitch Casino Streamer
That 5 scatter hit SOOOO BEAUTIFUL <3
Comment from : K_BLACKWOOD - Twitch Casino Streamer

That Monopoly hit was so Huge
Comment from : 21Sanco

1€ Bet size... 2596€ win...

How is this 3234x ?

Go back to school Mr. Editor

Comment from : Sebacrush

I think it is so fucking wrong you can lose winnings on monopoly live oh you won 4k lol jk nope. Disgusting
Comment from : Evilstewie

ValiD ♥
i tune in after the vidfeo is uploaded 1 min and already 2 dislikes feelsbadman
Comment from : ValiD ♥

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