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Michelle Brown
Hello everyone! 😊

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Comment from : Michelle Brown

Grind_ lifestyle
When professors know your slow to learn and want you to fail, they speed talk like this guy. Leaving you clueless
Comment from : Grind_ lifestyle

why does little blind fold so early?
Comment from : melroydsi1va

I have to play poker tomorrow. Learning as fast as I can. Let's hope my social life doesn't die tomorrow.
Comment from : S D

Miguel Agawin
Red Dead Redemption 2 brought me here.
Comment from : Miguel Agawin

I came here from Stardust Crusaders 😂😂
Comment from : R S

Barbara Rosetta
Thank you. I found your tutorial very helpful.
Comment from : Barbara Rosetta

Vol2rexxa Volt
Keep’s nodding even though I don’t understand a single thing

Hmmm mkay

Comment from : Vol2rexxa Volt

Jimmy Dickerson
i know right he spoke to fast and take time to teach on a deeper level to ensure we fully understand he needs to understand he is teaching noobs not pros
Comment from : Jimmy Dickerson

You have to understand everything you do at the poker table conveys information
Comment from : MrSihrus

Faris Wasique
Wait but they both made a full house why’d one of them win
Comment from : Faris Wasique

David D.
Comment from : David D.

Sunny McElrone
Comment from : Sunny McElrone

okay dude
Comment from : okay dude

Luis quintero
This used to sounds like a foreign language I never learned...but little by little it started to make sense
Comment from : Luis quintero

Paul Bacanaru
Fuck is this shit didn’t understand nothing
Comment from : Paul Bacanaru

trying to learn poker to play on red dead redemption 2 cause I have no idea what I'm doing
Comment from : siegfried

Comment from : Bearlogg

Jose Birriel
Dude what the hell, sloweeeer
Comment from : Jose Birriel

carmen alicia rondon rivas
interesting points ,if anyone else is searching for how to play poker game try Card Crusher Fixer (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my mate got amazing results with it.
Comment from : carmen alicia rondon rivas

Assefa Abay
You talk way too fast mf!
Comment from : Assefa Abay

abdallah saben
I have spent months researching poker secrets tips and discovered a great resource at card crusher fixer (check it out on google)
Comment from : abdallah saben

I sort got it... but I got lost towards the end.
Comment from : Butterfly_Crescent92

Not sure I understand. Is this poker or Texas hold'em?🤔
Comment from : deadfred821

Vicz King
I am more confused
Comment from : Vicz King

Sebastian trujillo
Comment from : Sebastian trujillo

Julius Mensis
poker is shit. euchre much better
Comment from : Julius Mensis

Mr Dreams
Im just a kid trying to learn poker ill just stick to goldfish
Comment from : Mr Dreams

Yeah but no
Comment from : Himas?

Alena Kym
Comment from : Alena Kym

Shin Mon Latt
Do you have to show your cards when you check? What's the difference between check and fold?
Comment from : Shin Mon Latt

Official Miss Fj
I dont get anything but i have 1m chips on wsop 😂😂
Comment from : Official Miss Fj

Marcus TheConcept
Comment from : Marcus TheConcept

Flamers Films
Thank you.
Comment from : Flamers Films

harry liaquar
Ok my understanding of how a split pot works is it’s the best had you can make out of 5 of the 7 cards

A A 10 10 6

Player 1 has a 9
Player 2 has a 6
And player 3 has a 4

Player 1 wins but if you remove player 1 then it should be a split pot as even though player 2 has a 6 that beats the 4, the river card that is a 6 can be used by player 3 as it gives him the best hand..... is this correct because I’ve had countless arguments with friends who seem to think player 2 wins.

Comment from : harry liaquar

Kemishi Tanniki
@ - @

I’m confusion

Comment from : Kemishi Tanniki

Al Paul
Damn.....slow it down.
Comment from : Al Paul

Mr. Peanutbutter
I was watching this when the night got deafly quite. And my face lost all expression.
Comment from : Mr. Peanutbutter

Mrs Amazed
Talks way to fast. Didn’t learn a thing.
Comment from : Mrs Amazed

Pallavi Srivastava
Thanks, I feel I'm way cooler now!
Comment from : Pallavi Srivastava

Mariya Ali
Thanks for making me forget my existing knowledge of poker. Now I have no idea
Comment from : Mariya Ali

Talking waay too fast for noobs🤔
Comment from : DeadlyVenomKing

Arthur Freire
Why to flop when you already bet your chips
Comment from : Arthur Freire

aight listen here whoever is narrating, you don't make a tutorial for beginners and talk faster than the fucking flash
Comment from : ICCM

Tony G
I can't believe I actually understood the whole video lol best tutorial for Texas hold em on YouTube lol
Comment from : Tony G

What happens if someone bets more than others have?
Comment from : NightOwl

xo ThatOnePansexual xo
Comment from : xo ThatOnePansexual xo

Couldn’t the guy with two kings make a royal flush ?
Comment from : Scope

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Comment from : Kye Barber

Armon Koochek
The guy goes wayyy too fast
Comment from : Armon Koochek

Seanne Playz
Here cuz of FAR CRY 3
Comment from : Seanne Playz

j c
great animation.... but is he going somewhere??? very fast
Comment from : j c

I’d like this tutorial in English please.
Comment from : Peter2kx

panait ionut
i don't understand anything

Comment from : panait ionut

How didn't u guys understood it . I understood like everything
Comment from : Schildkröte

Dragodic Emperor
Trading card games are a lot easier to understand than this. And adults say our games are hard to understand. They're designed for children!
Comment from : Dragodic Emperor

Anony mous
You gotta know when to fold em.
Comment from : Anony mous

Misguided Angel
Omg you’re ridiculous! You were speaking way too fast for anyone to grasp & comprehend what you were saying because everyone was trying to keep up! Did you even think this through? Even when I paused & rewinded it, it didn’t make a difference, so I quit the video. And by the looks of the comments I’m not the only one who had the same problem! Quick question- When you were learning how to play poker did you listen to someone who was talking/rambling super fast or watched someone that took their time explaining everything. Bc the whole point & goal of the video is to help people learn how to play properly & understand the game. Right? Stay off the drugs! Smdh
Comment from : Misguided Angel

Collin G
Thanks for the help, I was getting tired of leaving the poker table to pistol-whip all the old fogies who won against me in Saint Denis
Comment from : Collin G

Joe Cillo
Immediately searched how to play poker on youtube after watching D’arby and Jotaro’s poker game
Comment from : Joe Cillo

Anders Schildt
You are speaking too fast...
Comment from : Anders Schildt

watertree studios
is this poker on speed
Comment from : watertree studios

Omar Delawar
This was awesome but a bit too fast I had to slow it down to like .8x and repeat a few sections to soak it all in. Good stuff!
Comment from : Omar Delawar

Thanks, now I have no idea how to play.
Comment from : brontox095

Giggity King
Is this a JOJO reference?
Comment from : Giggity King

Toni Medic
Am i the only person that understood everything?
Comment from : Toni Medic

I had to watch and 0.75 speed to actually follow,,:D
Comment from : MrSweetgear

Brian Griffin
English isn't my first language so I thought I was the only one who didn't understand the tutorial... I'm happy I'm not alone :)
Comment from : Brian Griffin

Dream Team
What's he talking about?
Comment from : Dream Team

From this video, i learned that he is using playing cards to play poker. Thats all. Lol
Comment from : DenviousMars

Nifty Sweata
anyone here after going to a casino for the first time
Comment from : Nifty Sweata

Thomas Gunther
Did you have to catch a train when you made this tutorial?
Comment from : Thomas Gunther

Prabath M. Bandara
are you in a hurry for a bathroom break?... next time, just go and then come before start recording... 😂
Comment from : Prabath M. Bandara

minet dbrogs
The problem when watchin youtube videos.....you try to pause at exact time of interest...but before your pause button reapears ....that moment is already behind.....see the thing ?
Comment from : minet dbrogs

Comment from : Goldgabich

Angelo Pellicci
I'm only here for rdr2
Comment from : Angelo Pellicci

Neil Murphy
An otherwise great video made useless by talking far faster than your audience can comprehend.
Comment from : Neil Murphy

Random Stuff
brain.exe has stopped working.
Comment from : Random Stuff

Tabitha McFadden
What the?? Let's go through beginners at a less speeded rate!! As per a lot of comments here
Comment from : Tabitha McFadden

beth mcbrien
I just want to be Alan from hangover
Comment from : beth mcbrien

Rich The Psycho
Comment from : Rich The Psycho

Anthony T
good refresher for poker. thank you
Comment from : Anthony T

Tess Caze
Thanks so much I was always curious about how this game works
Comment from : Tess Caze

dont get it
Comment from : Xbot4Life

C N Ah Theivagt
Aurther dies in rdr2

he died like over 50 times

Comment from : C N Ah Theivagt

Here for Far Cry 3 poker trophy!
Comment from : TheRoyceda510

Thankyou! I surprisingly understood it, but maybe could you slow down a bit? I most likely missed a few things you said.

Also, could you explain the high cards? like which hand of high cards would rule over another hand of high cards?

Comment from : God

nav matura
i dont understand nothing
Comment from : nav matura

Sava Vukovic
Lmao the worst tutorial ever
Comment from : Sava Vukovic

Chester’s World
I’ll just play Pokémon
Comment from : Chester’s World

Cool. I’m 10
Comment from : 096ConnorDoesVids

Patrick McReary
Instructions unclear, lost my pension money
Comment from : Patrick McReary

Jacob the Gaming cat
Thank you. In real life i have woon over 10k dollars. If i could i would give you some. THANK YOU!!!!
Comment from : Jacob the Gaming cat

do you have the 33 rpm version of this lesson versus the 78
Comment from : easyscore

Romero Gaming
Thanks for helping me in Red Dead Redemption 2
Comment from : Romero Gaming

My brain can't take how fast you're talking.
Comment from : Starlord

AznGuy Jr.
whos here just because of far cry 3
Comment from : AznGuy Jr.

C N Ah Theivagt
why is he talking so fast
Comment from : C N Ah Theivagt

Confused 11 seconds in
Comment from : Erickbriano

How fast
Comment from : Rav1ngSqu1rrel

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