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arod 0 ping
colin what an idiot... says he loves pai gow but look at his first hand lol... smh get this toothpick sized kid outta there
Comment from : arod 0 ping

Alexia BingHeath
No one noticed that Collin could’ve had a straight with the joker at 10:00
Comment from : Alexia BingHeath

Bender Bending Rodriguez
can you make a video explaining how to play Paigow?
Comment from : Bender Bending Rodriguez

Mike Kutzler
Also I like to play different spots. If loose 2 times in a row I pick another spot.
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Mike Kutzler
Love it I like to play it more towards the end of casino trip(5 hours trip one way) that way I could just sit there and drink.
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Mike Kutzler
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Nick D'Andrea
just don't get this game
Comment from : Nick D'Andrea

13:06; Had he played the straight on the bottom hand, David would have pushed.(Ace-King-Queen-Jack-Joker)
Comment from : Tubewings

Charles Dyga
El Cortez does not offer Pai Gow
Comment from : Charles Dyga

Deni RN
This game reminds me of Baccarat's thievery, only worse. GIving back any money to the house just rubs me the wrong way. I'll take Black Jack or Craps any time, night or day. Even tho' in Craps, there's a type of commission, it's not quite as bad since you don't pay it AFTER you've just lost like in Baccarat. Or in Kung-Pow-Chicken--"Paigow"; you pay it after you've won! It's like taking some of the joy of winning away. In both Craps & Black Jack, a player has SOME decision/involvement with how they win or lose. 
BTW: Conan O'Brien isn't funny anymore. No nighttime comedy hosts are funny. They're all terrified of being #PoliticallyIncorrect & losing their jobs. Too much damn political CRAP!

Comment from : Deni RN

Edward Barnhart
Oh my gosh, too funny!!
Comment from : Edward Barnhart

Gamblin' Cabbie
Double hate, player set wrong on straight, Dealer hate for not catching it for the bonus pay.
Comment from : Gamblin' Cabbie

Allen Lin
I'll be in Vegas again Dec 15-17, when is it a good time to visit CEG or Casino Quest on those dates?
Comment from : Allen Lin

Jake Jones
Heard David mention El Cortez in the same vein as places offering cheap games; is that positive or negative? What’s the most beloved place for locals to play/hang out? Also, the least liked place(s)?
Comment from : Jake Jones

Party rock!
Comment from : DougyFresh901

Christian Hernandez
At 10:09, Brian had a straight. He used the KQ on top and had joker 10, 9, 6, 4 on the bottom.
Comment from : Christian Hernandez

Ajay Z
Why too short video?
Comment from : Ajay Z

James Kirby
When you see a CEG video... drops everything
Comment from : James Kirby

Ernest Shediac
More excellent quality, ty
Comment from : Ernest Shediac

Alan Toy
At 10:12 wouldn't Colin get paid for a straight on the fortune bonus since he has a 9, 10, Joker, Q, K?
Comment from : Alan Toy

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