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Bank Roll
Why does a pair of 9 can be a pair of Ace when it comes to a full house ?
Comment from : Bank Roll

What if person 1 has only pair Q but person 2 has pair 10 AND pair 9? Would person 2 win?
Comment from : lolegend74

Great video!!! But can you fill me in a little: why do the dealers hits the table multiple times with their hands each time the flop, turn and river come out??? I watch every poker video and saw every dealer did that, but did not understand that action...
Comment from : RedStardust

Here's a question: can a straight include cars above AND below an ace? Say, Q K A 2 3?
Comment from : donkeyscommand

Jeremy Coetzer
Dude, you guys make great tutorials, thank you for going about the effort!
Comment from : Jeremy Coetzer

Logan Shank
Thank you, I have learned what I did not know before!
Comment from : Logan Shank

Kent Nguyen
Can you ask to see the turn and the river if everyone folds?
Comment from : Kent Nguyen

Dan Prosl
I heard, if I still remember, that all cards have a Joker.
Comment from : Dan Prosl

Cameron M
I still don't understand why since there are seven cards in the whole hand, but you only count 5 of them... PLEASE HELP!
Comment from : Cameron M

The easiest example to think about is if two players have Royal flushes in 7-Card Stud. They will chop the pot (and tell the story for the rest of their lives).
Comment from : truepokerdealer

In all poker games, suits do not matter when determining the winner of the hand. Identical flushes will split the pot in 7-stud or any other game where this is possible. I believe in games like bridge, the suits come into play. In poker, they only come into play when determining who gets the button, who acts first in 7-Stud, and occasionally who gets the extra chip in games without dealer buttons.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Jivan Scarano
That's not right in poker. If two people have the same ranking flush in different suits they will split the pot. Some card games rank the suits relative to each other, but the order is different in different games. I think the most common (high to low) is spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts, but every game is different, and in poker, the suits always rank equally.
Comment from : Jivan Scarano

Hey, flush suit have differences, while in holdem is impossible to hit two different suit flushes in a game, you could hit it in other game formats like stud poker or 5 card draw. So if the flush cards are equal, suit type comes in the play. They strenght are : Spades (highest), hearts, diamonds, clubs (lowest)
Comment from : Mallderiss

Thanks downtownlife!
Comment from : truepokerdealer

You make your best 5 card hand from your two cards and out of the 5 community cards that everybody makes their hand from as well.
Comment from : downtownlife

Good point! K, A, 2, 3, 4 that is all hearts is only a flush and not a straight flush. It is an Ace-High flush with a K, 4, 3, 2 for the kickers in the flush. Similarly, a straight can also not wrap around, Q, K, A, 2, 3 is not a straight because the A can either be high or low, but not both!
Comment from : truepokerdealer

You should mention the "wrap-around" Flush... some people think this is an actual legit hand hand: KA234 ( even as a straight flush).
Comment from : downtownlife

When you see poker on TV, each player usually has 2 cards, and there are 5 cards on the table. Every player has to use they have combined with the 5 on the table (7 total cards) to make the best 5 card poker hand that they can make. What I am trying to say in the videos is that even though everyone has 7 cards to use, a poker player can only use the best 5 from that group of 7 cards.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

if we have 5 cards how comes every time i watch a poker game they each have 2 cards and there are some on the table?
Comment from : Alex

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