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This is the only video I could find that actually showed you the procedure of dealing cards. 1 in turn to each player, burn 1, flop, burn 1, turn, burn 1, river
Comment from : BinarySecond

Nathaniel Tang
why this man sound so salty damn
Comment from : Nathaniel Tang

If I get 2 and 7 off-suit, I am in trouble.
If I get suited king and ace, the opponents are in trouble.
If I get two suited aces, the dealer is in trouble.

Comment from : artman40

Lachlan Wyvill
When do I know when to burn a card?
Comment from : Lachlan Wyvill

Eleazar Aguilar
Question: i have a pocket Queen of Hearts and an Ace of hearts. Another player has Queen of Clubs and an Ace Spade. On the table there's three of kind 7s and a Queen Spade. That would be a split correct? Because you can only play 5 cards on the table, the other player kept saying he won because of his Ace Spade but that would be a 6th card in play which is invalid.
Comment from : Eleazar Aguilar

Joseph Ayema
excellent...thanks. this video has really helped me understand Texas Hold 'em....unlike other tutorials
Comment from : Joseph Ayema

jefferson santiago
Do i shuffle the deck every after game?
Comment from : jefferson santiago

Khelil Oussama
What if your best poker hand is the 5 community cards on the table ?
Comment from : Khelil Oussama

HOw many bank cards do you allow each player?
Comment from : readu100

The Ultramark
why did draw poker fade out of style? you hardly ever see that in a poker room anymore
Comment from : The Ultramark

Fantasy DarkHorse
Can u do video on playing poker at casino vs playing with at friends house?( the rules i meaning)
Comment from : Fantasy DarkHorse

Carson Stephens
What is that device to the right of your right arm?
Comment from : Carson Stephens

Jason Castro
In poker we need to used all 52 cards before changing to another deck of card?or how many times before we shuffle the deck?
Comment from : Jason Castro

How to basic
How about this the bank says a number from 13 to to 52 and each player gets 13 cards each from a different deck and the player with the exact card value wins. diamonds are worth 2x and spades are worth 4x and hearts and worth 1.5 and spades are worth 2.5 so better have a calculator and duces and worth spades divided by hearts and the prize is 1000$.
Comment from : How to basic

How to basic
Every one gets 100cards
Comment from : How to basic

Peter Edwards
Good evening. I have a question, if you wouldn't mind giving me a hand with it... My buddies and I have been playing a strange card game, and I was wondering if you could identify it for me. It goes like this... The dealer (also a player at the table) deals everyone five cards from a freshly shuffled deck. The player on their left starts. The player can discard between one and three cards from his or her hand, and pick up the same number from the deck, in an attempt to build a winning hand. Once they have done this, they bet (although we use bottle caps for chips, and it's all in fun, so no consequences!). The minimum is one cap, but they can put more in if they wish, or put the whole of their chips in if they have big balls. Then the next player takes their turn. This continues until there are either no cards left in the deck, or everyone has put in all their chips, or folded out. At this point, everyone shows their hand, and the hands are scored in the way you outline in the first video... Have we just invented something, or is this familiar to you?
Comment from : Peter Edwards

Stroe Mihai
What deck of cards are you using? can you give me an ebay link please
Comment from : Stroe Mihai

Dan Prosl
How manny kings of Poker r there? Is Texas Hold Em the famous of all?
Comment from : Dan Prosl

In online poker, to prevent collusion, all hands at showdown are revealed in the hand history. This has led to some players believing they have the right to see any hand at showdown. In live poker, once one player shows their hand, all other players may muck. The casino will have rules about players asking to see the remaining hands to prevent collusion. In tournaments, live and online, all hands are revealed in all in pots once the action is complete.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Dan Prosl
Where did the name came from & who founded it.
Comment from : Dan Prosl

Is there a rule of showdown in poker, where all active players must show their cards (no mucking)? Or has it ever existed in the history of poker? Thank you.
Comment from : yincor

christian turner
Newest comment for now
Comment from : christian turner

Octavian Barbu
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Comment from : Octavian Barbu

No, those would not be straights. A,K,Q,J,T all the way down to 5,4,3,2,A are the only acceptable straights.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

no, an ace can only be part of either a ace king queen jack 10 straight or a 5 4 3 2 ace straight.
Comment from : Izelude

Cassie Sh
Hello, Mr. Helpful, Can a straight be comprised of Deuce, Ace, King, Queen, Jack? Or even Three, Deuce, Ace, King, Queen? If so, would the latter be called a Trey High Straight? Love, Ms. Needs Help
Comment from : Cassie Sh

I guess the only real answer is that in some cases, it's just easier. For example, a player may bet $1,350 and then get raised to $5,000. Instead of figuring out that it takes another $3,650 to call, and getting the correct chip denominations, it may be easier to just use five $1,000 chips. I assume that is the type of thing you are seeing.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Oh Another question, When a player beats something like 16000 Dollars, i see a player throw in a 25000 dollar chip, does the dealer then give the player 9000 dollars back? because it makes no sense to use a 25000 dollar chip to call a 16000 dollar bet i dont get it?
Comment from : pwns4moans

When i watch Poker, I see a player throwing in chips, then taking out some that was already infront of them, why do they do that? For example, if they bet $1000, then they get raised $6000, do they put a $6000 chip and take out the $1000 they put in earlier because they put in extra with the $6000 chip? Thanks.
Comment from : pwns4moans

That is something I will get to eventually. It is done to alert the players that the flop, turn, or river are coming. That way, if the dealer is mistakenly attempting to bring the flop, turn or river before someone has had a chance to act, that player has a chance to stop them and bring it to the dealer's attention to hold on a moment. If done correctly, it is a very helpful safeguard to prevent premature board cards.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

hassan alabutayir
Great work. I enjoyed and learned a lot from your channel.
Comment from : hassan alabutayir

Filipe Guedes
Please, keep it up with this series!! Really interested in learning more.
Comment from : Filipe Guedes

Thank you, now I understand I have learned many things from your comments and videos so thanks again
Comment from : Jigsaw1131

That is what the burn card is. It is a card that rests on top of the next card to come as an added precaution against players marking cards.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

I am happy to answer all questions. In a perfect world, the cards in the deck would never be marked, and casinos work very, very hard to prevent the marking of cards. As an extra precaution, just in case a player were to come up with a way to mark a cards without being detected, the dealer will never leave the next card to come on the top of the deck while players are making decisions on their money. This way there is absolutely no chance that a player will know what card is coming next.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

why do you actually burn cards? Sorry if my question is to Amateur
Comment from : Jigsaw1131

Philipp S
thank you! it's really interesting stuff!
Comment from : Philipp S

I honestly don't know that there is a correct way to go in poker. I went that direction because I also have a table games background and the casino I was taught at had us open hands in that direction. Other casinos went clockwise. I will say this though. Whichever way you go, it is easiest to start on one side of the dealer and go around the table until you reach the other side, with some exceptions.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Pot limit is very, very similar to no limit, but in Pot limit, a player may only raise to a maximum of what is in the pot. To determine what is in the pot is a bit too complicated to type out here. I will eventually make a video on the topic though :).
Comment from : truepokerdealer

In $4/$8, a player may only raise by exact $4 before the flop ($4 raised goes to $8. Then if someone wanted to raise that it would go to $12 then $16 and they usually cap the raises in each betting round after a bet and 3 raises. Then after the turn and after the river it would go $8, $16, $24, $32.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Well I can start you off. In fixed limit games, instead of being able to raise to any amount you want, you may only raise by a specific amount that is dictated by the betting round you are on (after the flop is usually a different raise amount than after the turn, for instance). A very common fixed game (also called limit poker) is $4/$8 hold em (they don't bother saying $4/$8 limit hold em for fixed.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Hi. I'm currently working at a casino as a poker cage cashier. Eventually i would like to work my way up to a Dealer (the way it works at my casino is people have to start off as a chip runner/poker host first then audition to become a dealer) i find your videos to be extremely helpful. I've dealt at a couple of friendly cash games to a table full of dealers, but those games are kind of like $20/40 NL games. I've never played or dealt Fixed or Pot limit. Could you explain the difference to me?
Comment from : Alphie

J10 flopped the straight, coincidence or did you fix it? :)
Comment from : Rattlesnakemeuk

You may also notice that different regions of the country have similar ways of handling this. There are casinos out there that may ask to see your dealing certificate. Others won't care at all. Just like with everything else, getting the education always makes things easier, but there are ways around everything!
Comment from : truepokerdealer

The main exception to that is that some casinos run their own schools. For those casinos, you can just apply to take their class instead of applying directly for the job. Then, if you pass their class, then you almost always get the job or get the job in the near future as more positions become available.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

The answer to your question is complicated. The short answer is that it is not required to have a dealer's certificate to get a job at a casino. However, it is usually much more difficult to get selected for a dealing audition without being able to show proof of having been formally trained to deal. In other words, you usually have to be friendly with someone in the casino to get a shot at an audition if you have never been trained by a school.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Jaeli MG
Hello! I've been wanting to be a poker dealer for a while now, I've been learning, training and practicing on my own for the past months and your videos have helped me a bunch....Is it necesary to have a dealer's certicficate or is it necesary to go to a dealer school to get hired??? because I think I have enough skills to be working already. Thank you!
Comment from : Jaeli MG

Darcy Hart
You explain is brilliantly, I'm learning myself and you are tying up a lot of loose ends for me! I await the betting rounds video... (that actually what I searched for)
Comment from : Darcy Hart

I haven't finished editing the videos that are locked. Free websites take time to finish!
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Hello again. Why in the website some things are closed? Like closing a table and that kind of stuff. RJH
Comment from : RJH

His explanation of hand rankings is critical to a dealer's role in the game, sometimes players misread their hands and even if they declare they have one hand when they actually have another then the dealer has to identify what hand they actually have regardless of what they said and use that to decide who gets the pot. He has to explain the other variations of poker as well so that, as a dealer, you know how they work from a dealer's perspective.
Comment from : Ozzar101

I know. I know. I suck. I said it would be out weeks ago and then I got tied up with a few other things. It's coming. I promise.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

I would love to see that video on betting rounds.
Comment from : TKoE

You realise this is a series about DEALING poker, not playing it? There are a gajillion videos and sites about playing poker and things like betting/outs/odds/equity etc. Try pokerology or something. To the uploader: this series is absolutely excellent, I've been dying for something like this; saddened to see you haven't uploaded anything for a bit though :-( Was looking forward to the dealing rules and procedures for the games I play but don't know how to deal.
Comment from : Ozzar101

Thanks for the feedback. Will keep in mind for future videos!
Comment from : truepokerdealer

wow thanks :)
Comment from : shahminhajuddin

The current plan is to release videos on how to deal poker first. These videos can be looked at both from a playing viewpoint and from a working in the industry viewpoint. They are intended from a working in the industry standpoint. Believe it or not, many people who attempt to learn to deal poker don't know the basics of poker. Eventually, I would love to go over all of the concepts you talked about. Dealing first! Next we get into dealing a hand and going over the basics.
Comment from : truepokerdealer

Thanks for pointing that out. I have now added the annotation in the video when it talks about straights!
Comment from : truepokerdealer

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