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CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos
Adam loves this nickel SATC! Bummer our weekends at the B haven't aligned in forever! Great shoe bonus! What a run indeed!
Comment from : CT Slotters Slot Machine Videos

Slot Traveler
I am only going to say that on Golden Goddess I am sure persistence will pay off... but in the mean time the game here in AZ just doen'st peform as good!
Comment from : Slot Traveler

Glen Cameron
Thanks for the video...
Comment from : Glen Cameron

it's always the quiet ones... LOL great run on sex etc. ;D
Comment from : JohnColtrane2000

Catherine Cameron
Albert, tsk, tsk! Charlote (Sex and the City) is not "cheap — she is “less expensive”!" LOL (And I, too, would groan when I got her!)
Comment from : Catherine Cameron

Jeff Harjo
Slap me U b****🤑
Comment from : Jeff Harjo

Gambleholic Queen Slots
That’s pretty awesome!!! She was as quiet as a mouse lol 😂 congrats to your neighbor!!! Looks like a fun game tho!! Thank you for sharing!!!
Comment from : Gambleholic Queen Slots

SunFlower Slots
No luck on Golden Goddess Valeria. Good run on Sex in the city. Keep it up Albert

Comment from : SunFlower Slots

Lynne Clayton
That seems to happen to me too. I’m sitting by someone that hits a jackpot. I’m happy for them but a bit jealous too. Nice comeback on your last run.
Comment from : Lynne Clayton

Jim Strzalkowski
Nice play Albert. They took Sex and the City out of Seneca. ☹
Comment from : Jim Strzalkowski

That was fun, TYFS!!!
Comment from : AngelaTwinSlots

Loren Staab
That's hilarious
Comment from : Loren Staab

Amber Dean
Another great video! Thanks for sharing. I can always count on your videos to entertain me. Good luck.
Comment from : Amber Dean

Amy Butler
The Golden Goddess segment was so funny. I was thinking Albert should get his peripheral vision checked, with all those progressives being won without any human response! Your interaction with your lucky and “quiet” neighbor was amusing. Albert can draw anyone out!
Comment from : Amy Butler

Francis Nguyen
Awesome run, Albert.
Comment from : Francis Nguyen

Lisa Is Watching
Wow. Wow. Wow! Too funny that you had to explain her good fortune! You're very kind!
Comment from : Lisa Is Watching

Connie Holmes
Love Sex in the City...where were you playing in Vegas...love it..❤❤
Comment from : Connie Holmes

Susie Smith
Congratulations on that awesome win. I love you get excited about shoes lol. You cracked me up. Especially talking about your neighbor lol.
Comment from : Susie Smith

Denise Brooks
Congratulations nice win
Comment from : Denise Brooks

TheMaster Zman11
Hey Albert I just won a Jackpot, "hey over here look at me" Congrats to her
Comment from : TheMaster Zman11

Kay Scarpetta
At first when I read your title, I felt sorry for you....'she gets a jackpot, I get shoes....until I saw you were playing Sex in the City. I have had soooo much fun (back in the day when I could find it) on that game, and shoes are great! It was also a good one for fast spins. Picking up those wilds could be easy. Love the video and as usual, thumbs up. :)
Comment from : Kay Scarpetta

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

martha posey
Congrats on the Sex and the City Win! Haven’t seen this game in a while. TFS
Comment from : martha posey

Catherine Linder
Very nice win. I like sec in the city. Congrats!
Comment from : Catherine Linder

Comment from : SHAWANA LEE

Hopeful Hand Pay
Love that sex in the city game!! Can’t ever find though :(
Comment from : Hopeful Hand Pay

Awesome video
Comment from : VANBEAR SLOTS

Debby S
Did I detect a NE accent on that lady? Now that I'm in AL...I sooo miss words without R's. lol!
Congrats on your "shoe" bonus...sweet win w/profit. Enjoyed watching.

Comment from : Debby S

Jonathan X
😆 🤦‍♂️
Comment from : Jonathan X

My local has the new Golden Goddess but it doesn’t get played much! I don’t think people understand or see the potential! I’ll have to give it another try this weekend! Great video!
Comment from : Casinopoodle

Casino Collins Slotting Adventures
Lol, I hope you worked those shoes, honey!! Albert the GREAT, I know the designer! Good session on the Sexy City! Congrats!
Comment from : Casino Collins Slotting Adventures

Albert you are always so nice when your neighbors win big and at first you didn't notice. Great job on Sex and City. Love that game along with hangover game oldies but goodies. Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Donna LOPEZ

OKslots of_fun
Nice run on Sex & the city. Fun to see that game because no casinos here have it. And your neighbors jackpot - wow, that was crazy! I've played that game a couple of times with no luck - nice to see the possibilities of it!
Comment from : OKslots of_fun

Cassanova Slots
Congratulations to your neighbor! Sex In The City is one of those games I like to be on the mood for to play. Haha! You did great on it though! Variety of bonuses!
Comment from : Cassanova Slots

Awoopa_ Paul
Albert you so In to the game that you go blank on your maths 😄
Nice dress btw hehe 😊
Congratulations 🍭

Comment from : Awoopa_ Paul

Erin B.
Great win Albert- too bad that wasn't your jackpot but good for her.
Comment from : Erin B.

Rott Man
The lady's always take to our Albert 🤩
Comment from : Rott Man

Comment from : TAB

Wow congratulations to your neighbor that was a spectacular win 🕺, that was a spectacular pair of shoes🤗, thanks for sharing 🥰 have a wonderful rest of your week 🌠🍀
Comment from : SlowPokeSlots

Mary Carter
Comment from : Mary Carter

Jimmy Scanlon
Nice run on “Sex In The City” Congrats! Your neighbor was quiet during the bonus ... but she became a Chatty Cathy afterward 😃 Good for her! Have a good one my friend
Comment from : Jimmy Scanlon

Slot Angel
Oh that was fun Albert! Nice Job!
Comment from : Slot Angel

Lars Barno
yeah.. and the neighbor was betting $6. so... a "serious" player. Good for her..... let's hear it for disposable income!!
Comment from : Lars Barno

Presto Master Station
Comment from : Presto Master Station

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