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Random Channel
This video is helpful to learn the numbers but don't forget that there are also gender endings you need to know.
Comment from : Random Channel

Charlie Sanchez
How is 69? : )
Comment from : Charlie Sanchez

Charlie Sanchez
Learning your basic Russian by listening and watching your you tube
Comment from : Charlie Sanchez

Zeug Dings
I was surprised by the Russian word for 6
Comment from : Zeug Dings

Learning russian with some alcohol makes it much easier
Comment from : Wulfis

Зачем я смотрю это ?
Comment from : Fostan

Nicolas Urbaniak
I know like two, three, four and some more cuz im from poland and here one is jeden you say it like yeden , two is dwa, three is trzy, four is cztery , five is pięć
Comment from : Nicolas Urbaniak

No I am starting to be able to talk with my Russian friends, thank you so much
Comment from : N3UTRON

Fyodor, you are sooo handsome!!! ❤❤❤
Comment from : bluejay7232

Russian numbers remind me of Roman numerals, example: X=10, IX=9, XI=11. Additive and subtractive. :)
Comment from : Whammytap

Виталий Парфенович
If someone wants to practice Russian you can contact me parfenovichvv@gmail.com
Comment from : Виталий Парфенович

Софья Фролченко
Супер! Не знаю, чья это методика, но она лучшая! Ваша ли она? Успехов вам и удачи! Очень приятно видеть умного и красивого учителя русского языка! К слову, английский отличный)
Comment from : Софья Фролченко

sugar 148
Thank you
Comment from : sugar 148

Gerardo Acuña
Very well explained, thanks. Hi five from Chihuahua, Mexico.

Comment from : Gerardo Acuña

"We are done for today, yay!" No, not yay! I don't want to be done, I want to have an infinite class with Fedor
Comment from : Quagy

hello, Ihave learned the number 1 ist раэ . what about that?
Comment from : bzk2008

The Major
And let's not talk about 40 and 90. Because Russians are weird. Could've been weirder, Swedish for instance has 2 counting systems, however only one is used. Which is the same as the English counting system. 1-12 13-19 20-90 100... okay. But the second system is 1-12 13-19 all fine until now.. 20 to 29 it's all fine, 30 okay... 20+11. 30+11 40+11 50+11... The more useless things you know the better... Guess which one is older. Yes it's the second one, which used to be base 20 counting, 20+19 then 40... 40+19 however back then there was no 30 50 70 90... it was 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20....29,20+10,20+19,40...

I hate counting systems. The japs and chinese got it right. The danes have the worst. 1 to 20 is ok, then it's 1+20...9+40 then it's halvtredsindtyve which is (half of 3) times 20. That half of 3 is 2.5 don't ask me why... then for 60 it's 3 times 20, what I'm telling you is that they still have base 20 counting. Yet they use base 10 numbers... except for 11 12 which have their own numbers.
Half 5 times 20 is 90... and then they go 100.. it annoys me. and then it's 100+1+half 4 times 20 for 171...

I literally hate counting systems.

Comment from : The Major

The Major
In conclusion Russians really are inconsistent with their spelling of 10. десять десят дцать...
Comment from : The Major

Red Bul
А я русский кек
Comment from : Red Bul

Big big like, thank you sir!!
Comment from : AlexBublea1

Michael Hart
Hi Fiodor, your lesons realy helping me and thank you for that. I have one idea (may you know it ) about the "Cοροk" 40 . 40 is a number very importand for the christian religion (katholiks and orthodox) . 40= Quaranta "kuaranta" (italian) for that and "quarantine" . In Greeks it's σαράντα "Saranta " ,and σαράντα and coροκ sounds similar. no? :D
Comment from : Michael Hart

Петр Долгорукий
Не правильно ты их учиишь. Древние русы тебе спасибо не скажут...

Comment from : Петр Долгорукий

Ateeqa Latif
Russian language lesson 2
Comment from : Ateeqa Latif

Why does "десять" have a soft sign when it's alone but not on "пятьдесят" for example?
Comment from : Pliappa

Кауеъ Фернандес
Спасибо учитель!
Comment from : Кауеъ Фернандес

ABC 123
“O” is “o” as in born

“A” is “a” as in father

Comment from : ABC 123

Seby Ald
Adin dva tri cetiri peat șes sem vosem deveat deserpt
Comment from : Seby Ald

Ricardo Irving
From a English speaker I think ten changes because it need to be different when you are talking about teens and twentys and thirtys it's how I see it
Comment from : Ricardo Irving

Ali Rostamian
Здравствуйте !
Comment from : Ali Rostamian

Billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion. And then I have no clue.
Comment from : 7thwraith

Engineer Tayyab imtiaz
Dva is pashto digit
Comment from : Engineer Tayyab imtiaz

Maria kudaibergen
I think 1-10 is enough for today.... OMG!! would I ever be able to learn Russian ?! .... I do want to... But it is not helping... Why so hard? T.T
Comment from : Maria kudaibergen

maria del mar Robles
thanks from this Colombian in Kazakhstan ! :)
Comment from : maria del mar Robles

Thank you
Comment from : 王David

Rashed Patowary
Comment from : Rashed Patowary

Valhalla awaits
I have to say it.
You're so fucking hot

Comment from : Valhalla awaits

Andrey Bofus
you forgot to say in some of russian dialects (espesially among older people) the words "десят" are pronounced softer, and it sounds like "десять". so we can also hear "семьдесятЬ" :)))
Comment from : Andrey Bofus

Super ultimate eastern european Unicorn
how about zero
Comment from : Super ultimate eastern european Unicorn

Ricardo Irving
great  job  fedor
Comment from : Ricardo Irving

Tajammal Mughal
Comment from : Tajammal Mughal

Baseball Dude
My family and I are slovaks from serbia. All your numbers are the same but some are pronounced different. For us one would be "yeden" but for you "odin" or four is štiry but for you "četiri" little different but close enough where I can understand what number a russian is saying.
Comment from : Baseball Dude

Robbyster Dzouswa
Great , you are a good teacher
Comment from : Robbyster Dzouswa

I don’t really remember BLYAT
Comment from : Ops2020nn

tommy conlin
Me at 10: I should sleep
Me at 4 30pm: .. Один...два...три

Comment from : tommy conlin

Sasha Mars
I love you <3 such a sweet guy and sweet way to teach :)
Comment from : Sasha Mars

Jan Everhard
I always hear Russians say: Раз, Два, Три. What's up with that? 🤔
Comment from : Jan Everhard

Alice Netti
I'm from Italy aaaand you're amazing teacher! thanks
Comment from : Alice Netti

Irwin Crook
2:18 that is why I feel like Russians are lazy to open their mouth and speak properly.. Lol
Comment from : Irwin Crook

Hello. Dude from Poland here.
Thank you for this video, cause I had problems with spelling numbers.

Comment from : Boorka

Hi! I was wondering that it would be nice to have an explanation of the difference between РАЗ and ОДИН. Your lessons are great! Keep up the good work! 😉
Comment from : Iuri

Showed it to my math teacher during my class

Now its our class

Comment from : Εγαnd

Great teacher, thanks and keep it up:)
Comment from : Esponjagar

Abbé Scotgh
What about the number 0 (zero)
Comment from : Abbé Scotgh

Marcos Henrique
Thank you! You're a good teacher
Comment from : Marcos Henrique

Why are there more russians looking these videos than americans ?
Comment from : S M

Pp Extendus
Спасибо Федорь
Comment from : Pp Extendus

Sasha geruela
I wish you also write how it pronounce. the one I am struggling, 😔
Comment from : Sasha geruela

Jonathan Gonzalez
Спасибо. Ваша видео супер!
Comment from : Jonathan Gonzalez

what is rahs then ?
Comment from : ELYSIUM GAMING

Glaciergirl V2
Why do you write 9 as a g? My best guess is the font you are used to, but most people write 9 as a circle with a stick on the right.
Comment from : Glaciergirl V2

Comment from : Moonshine

Anna Seidl
marry me
Comment from : Anna Seidl

Ibnu Zandra BACHTIAR
In 4:48 i hear Ох Сука
Comment from : Ibnu Zandra BACHTIAR


أروى و ملاك ملاك اروى
Realy you (вы) are a good person fedor , easy and simple you (вы) make luanguage not much things but you(вы) shoose always useful things wish you (вы )good life and more successful and you (вы) are in good way continue like this poka
Comment from : أروى و ملاك ملاك اروى

Arthur Levin
Thank Fedor when I watch your videos my brain work hard because I need pay attention at your explication but also at your English (it's really clear) and practice by two, because I learns Russian but I practice English (listening), Привет из Мексика !!! :)
Comment from : Arthur Levin

xxx yyy
Thank you!
Comment from : xxx yyy

Fedor, you forgot to mention that the d is silent.
Comment from : Theyoutuberpolyglot

Thank you. How to say decimals and fractions like 3/4, 5/6, 78,999 65,123... in Russian?
Comment from : Enlightenment

One interesting thing I've noticed about the Russian version for the number five is that it kept the initial /p/ from Proto-Indo-European. The only thing that really got shifted around over time were the vowels.
Comment from : Thrydwulf

Nad -on.
Comment from : Mehrunes'Razor

Janne Granlund
Simplify, easier for the mouth:) Shest sounds almost like chest..in finnish both would be pronounced "sest". In the end all will be finnish --good! now we know that. /J, Finland
Comment from : Janne Granlund

Yan4ik Banan4ik rus
П Р И В Е Т / Т Ы / М Е Н Я / П О Н И М А Е Ш Ь ?
Comment from : Yan4ik Banan4ik rus

Maximilian Tremmel
Good video, but the camera focusing constantly nearly made me stopp
Comment from : Maximilian Tremmel

Destik Games
Can you not interfere with Russian grammar and do not correct the right words?
Comment from : Destik Games

very cool
Comment from : HRAG ALTOUNIAN

Poshlaay Moll'
Зачем я это Смотрю?
Comment from : Poshlaay Moll'

Being Croatian this is very cool and easy to follow. In your pronunciation devet and deset sound really close to Croatian. For 11-19 we have jedanaest, dvanaest etc (-est is what is left of deset). For 40 and 90 we have regular četrdeset (4 = četiri), devedeset (9= deveT). Cool :)
Comment from : N N

100 is the only number i like :( ah well atleast im not learning math!
Comment from : Aberstog

50 - писят
60 - шисят
70 - семисят
80 - восемисят
For a fast pronunciation)

Comment from : Proker57

Helen Wallace
Thank you, I couldn’t get my head around numbers after 10, now I get it!
Comment from : Helen Wallace

nansubuga ester
Great teacher, thank you so much
Comment from : nansubuga ester

When you answer the phone do you say “привет” or “да”
Comment from : chir0nex

l'homme de future
You explained it better than my teacher,Thank you so much❤
Comment from : l'homme de future

Teacher Ulises Ayala
Hi everybody, I would like to watch a video about genitive of numbers, for example when reading dates, o talking about dates, Would you help me aout by suggesting some websites or making a video about? thanks
Comment from : Teacher Ulises Ayala

Crone Woman Walking
This is a God send lol
Comment from : Crone Woman Walking

Thank You Fidor. Made so easy to learn numbers, but I think I really learned how to write that "D" out properly
Comment from : Lauren

I was learning countouning while doing push ups. 😁
Comment from : cgmax7

Aderonke Haastrup
Best explanation
Comment from : Aderonke Haastrup

Nashi Haruka
I actually learned more from your lessons than at uni lmao
Comment from : Nashi Haruka

Andrej Trazivuk
Serbian is so damn similar but still different at the same time
Comment from : Andrej Trazivuk

Sérgio R. Gouvêa Lopes
Fedor, I’m new to the channel and I’m trying to learn the basics, but I can already see that it will be really, really helpful. Thank you very much and God Bless you!
Comment from : Sérgio R. Gouvêa Lopes

Davidshiro Pichu
Great explanation and pronunciation. But I would be confused if I follow your tip about 11-19 because one, two... on ten wouldn't be 1/10 which is something like 0.1?
And also I would like to know all kind of numbers in Russian like -24, 24/83, 3.141592... , √(-1), and also the 0 is very important haha
PD: I love mathematics ❤️ a vid would be very interesting

Comment from : Davidshiro Pichu

TimGames EXXI
Привет всем. Hi everyone. İ with you success in learning. I want improve my English, let's help each other. Давайте общаться
Comment from : TimGames EXXI

Airsoft Ghost
Мне шестьдесят семь лет. большое спасибо!
Comment from : Airsoft Ghost

Yakir R
Great video
Comment from : Yakir R

Fredrik ljunggren
It sounds to me like he says 7 as "sem" but 8 as "vosym". Is it correct that the "e" is pronounced as a "e" in 7, but as a "y" in 8?
Comment from : Fredrik ljunggren

Жиромания тв
Кому надо русский, Украинский учи!
Comment from : Жиромания тв

Light Me Up Signs
Cheers from Australia mate !
You are a great teacher now I can count up to 10 in russkiy LOL but dva 2 is a hard one for english speaking people like me to pronounce just like Здравствуйте this one was also quite difficult

Comment from : Light Me Up Signs

Orin Davenport
I dont know if youve noticed or anyone else watching your video but right before you get to the next tenth place , the new term that youll be using for the next set of numbers is at the end .
Comment from : Orin Davenport

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