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Tommy 100
Winners with only a chicken dinner 😂
Comment from : Tommy 100

Juan Shaft Patel
did you go broke?
Comment from : Juan Shaft Patel

Belinda West
Good lord your mouth
Comment from : Belinda West

Desmond Castro
+$750 !
Comment from : Desmond Castro

This guy is definitely a degenerate gambler.
Comment from : RaffleisRight

Honestly, I just wanna plan a flight to Vegas, and play some video poker.
Comment from : Jonathan

sean emerson
Our delicious dinner was free because of our “kaaaaamps”.. must be from Ohio 🤣
Comment from : sean emerson

Lee Bride
I noticed for double double bonus wasn't playing correctly
Comment from : Lee Bride

I love red rock casino, have done very good there
Comment from : Qusin111

vogue doll
why hold 2 pairs when you already won with just one and you might get the 3rd or 4 th one?
Comment from : vogue doll

kissy kat
Da Bears. Bet he has a mustache. Soo funny. Thank you for posting. I enjoy the winning videos.
Comment from : kissy kat

Jonny Danger
Why are you keeping ace king in different suits? You have no idea what you’re doing.
Comment from : Jonny Danger

Jonny Danger
This hotshot is just a typical know it all big talking track rat 😂
Comment from : Jonny Danger

Those are some nice hits congratulations!!! Just subbed good luck next time...👍👍👍👍🍀🍀
Comment from : GETLUCKY101

Lola Vibe
Hurt to watch....bad play
Comment from : Lola Vibe

David Quinn
Very poor play. Definitely would not use this as a "How To Play Video Poker" video!
Comment from : David Quinn

Begoodto Yourself
Congrats!  Would enjoy your videos so much more if you didn't swear.
Comment from : Begoodto Yourself

Alijah Rome
definitely not from Las Vegas, go back to Wisconsin or up up state new york.....
Comment from : Alijah Rome

Colleen Brinker
STOP Swearing... maybe you need schooling to learn real words.
Comment from : Colleen Brinker

Roy Kadekawa
You hit a royal flush with your foul mouth.
Comment from : Roy Kadekawa

I had to stop watching. This guy knows nothing about proper play! Very frustrating to watch!
Comment from : ccbusa05

paul vanaman
2:56, you hold 10 & queen of hearts but discard 8 of hearts? stick to bingo
Comment from : paul vanaman

Russell Walton
She is laughing because only she knows that he lost his ass all week
Comment from : Russell Walton

Wynn Wynn
is he really giving video poker advice? WOW
Comment from : Wynn Wynn

Bob Woods
Back in the day the machines by the doors would pay out with lots of bells and flash. It was meant to draw the rubes in.
Grandpa was a machinist for Harold's Club.
Historic place, beautiful gun collection was on display.
Man I am really old.... watched the Beatles perform on Ed Sullivan's show.

Comment from : Bob Woods

The Hustle Mastery
I want to try it out love the video
Comment from : The Hustle Mastery

how come the 4's paid more then the 10's ?
Comment from : chaba72

Dee Loc
I hit a royal on 2 credits smh
Comment from : Dee Loc

Kris Green
You got lucky with some nice hits but don't put up a video on "How to .. WIN BIG" if you don't know what you're doing. Sorry, but you're way off on strategy. No one should be taking advice from you as you just got lucky. Nice hits though!
Comment from : Kris Green

Awful just awful playing.
Comment from : movieguy73

Hitting the RF is the only thing you lose value on if you bet less than max.
Comment from : movieguy73

Pro Cams
lol dude was misplaying like 25% of the hands
Comment from : Pro Cams

Gregory Perlman
Get Video Poker For Winners Software...your not holding the correct cards for Double Double Bonus.
Comment from : Gregory Perlman

Tom K
Dude, learn how to play the game correct and you will do much better. You made so many mistakes.
Comment from : Tom K

Agnes Smith
Foul language... no class ....
Comment from : Agnes Smith

How did you get away with filming this
Comment from : ddrusa

Peace Mon!
Congrats!! NICE Wins!! Do you play with a players Card??
Comment from : Peace Mon!

You should really keep quiet because you don't even know how to play the game!
Comment from : ybzskci

Dancing Freak
I like video poker because you can pick what cards to play compared to playing slot machines in which the machine picks what symbols go on the pay line.
Comment from : Dancing Freak

Steve Winter
I played online one night and got quad aces twice in about 15 hands.
Comment from : Steve Winter

Danyel Grauel
Yes of course ! One of the most intriguing factors of binary options is the fact that they have a very fast turnover and therefore a quick payout. I try many system to earn money online. But i had huge loss. Then i used First Million Road i had no loss and i got huge profit.
Comment from : Danyel Grauel

Stephen McAllister
congrats! i’ll try this next time.
Comment from : Stephen McAllister

Chip van meter
you are an excellent teacher, were you in the fucking navy? I was and fucking is my word lol !
Comment from : Chip van meter

Geeky Lion
Comment from : Geeky Lion

Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler
Cool video thanks. My boy won 4 jackpots in 2 days on video poker seriously not spamming but I vlogged that weekend was crazy
Comment from : Ryan Depaulo: Degenerate Gambler

Virgil Van Meter
Good play !
Comment from : Virgil Van Meter

Jessie Snider
Won't watch again. F word is worn out. No honor of self or others. You bought the lie.
Comment from : Jessie Snider

Thanks for the inspiration! $1 Double Double Poker here I come!
Comment from : AttnJack

Judi Kozlowski
boulder station best place
Comment from : Judi Kozlowski

Judi Kozlowski
take this video down
Comment from : Judi Kozlowski

Judi Kozlowski
you NEVER,EVER hold different suits
Comment from : Judi Kozlowski

“Dallah macheene at Rad Rack... people win all tha fracking time”
Comment from : E W

Robert Hurley Jr
Comment from : Robert Hurley Jr

Real Walter
750 isnt shit why did I waste my time here
Comment from : Real Walter

Damn The Truth Hurts!
With a voice like yours, you would be better off keeping it shut. You must of lost your balls early on in life, or you are gay!
Comment from : Damn The Truth Hurts!

Nando Melegrito
Where exactly is that bank of dollar machines?
Comment from : Nando Melegrito

Therealcrisisplan 1028
I love In Henderson and play at south point
Comment from : Therealcrisisplan 1028

Tonya George
Love watching video play! Thanks!
Comment from : Tonya George

why keep max betting after you hit the big one? You gotta give it a rest and do some low bets and get the loses out of the way. After a bit switch back to max.
Comment from : luke7137

genevieve Andrews
That's the bank my dad won on at the red Rock we live here in Henderson
Comment from : genevieve Andrews

Big Daddy
Got lucky. With play that bad it's not often the money lasts long enough.
Comment from : Big Daddy

Slot Killah
You from upstate ny? I notice a familiar accent.
Comment from : Slot Killah

Comment from : NIEVES CLAMOR

So you don't use "optimal" strategy that they preach about online. Such as never play A 10 suited or only keep 2 high cards ?
Comment from : NCWSMFP

Finley Currie
Hey fellow Video Poker degenerate, that was a fine time on Video Poker for you. Way to go!
Comment from : Finley Currie

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