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I murder them for my money back

I searched it up so Ik where it’s located 😂
Comment from : Frozone

Tantara Malagasy
Das ist absoluter Schwachsinn, dass man Automaten mit Systemen manipulieren kann. Die Spielgeräte sind die totale Abzocke und der Automat wird immer gewinnen. Es stimmt zwar, dass ein Spieler mal was gewinnen kann, aber langfristig verliert der Spieler grundsätzlich. Da gibt es keine logischen bzw. kombinatorische Muster, um den Automat zu überlisten, da dieser vom Anfang an den Spieler beherrscht, während der Spieler der Meinung ist, er könnte den Automaten mit irgendwelchen Systemen beherrschen. Das einzige was hilft, ist die, das Gerät durch Hardware oder elektrische Manipulatoren zu überlisten, wie z.B. auf www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z-QuftijR4 gezeigt. Was dieses Thema angeht hab ich nur von Martin Beckers Spielautomatentricks Gutes gehört, findet ihr bei casinotrick.net/
Comment from : Tantara Malagasy

Tantara Malagasy
Es ist unglaublich, aber ich kenn jemanden, der mit Martin Beckers System bereits viel Schotter verdient hat. Scheint echt ein Volltrottel sein, dieser Martin Becker, dieser Typ macht sich das selbst kaputt. Ich habe mich soeben mal bei Martin Beckers Casino Tricks angemeldet und mit dem System gespielt, seine Methode funktioniert definitiv, zumindest während der ersten paar Tagen. Martin Becker will lediglich die Hälfte vom Gewinn geschickt bekommen, als Lohn. Mein Konto steht momentan auf 920€ Gewinn. Ich bin mir aber noch unsicher ob ich wirklich die Hälfte an ihn abdrücke, da seine Software wohl auch so funktioniert.?
Comment from : Tantara Malagasy

crispy frispy
Habe ich selber schon von gehört Herrn Martin Beckers Manipulationssystem ist scheinbar eines der ganz wenigen Systeme welche heute noch funktionieren
Comment from : crispy frispy

The Logic Mind
Hab ich selber bereits von gehört Martin Beckers System ist scheinbar eine der ganz wenigen Systeme, die derzeit funktionieren. Sucht definitiv mal in der Google Suche nach diesem Trick.
Comment from : The Logic Mind

Isaac Matoos
Hab Beckers System selbst einmal getestet Scheint echt ein Volltrottel sein, der Martin Becker, der macht sich seine eigene Entdeckung selbst kaputt. Ich habe mich grade mal bei Martin Beckers Casino Tricks angemeldet und mit dem Trick gezockt, sein System funktioniert definitiv, zumindest in den ersten paar Stunden. Der Herr Becker will lediglich die Hälfte vom Gewinn geschickt bekommen, als Gegenleistung für seinen Trick. Mein Casinokonto steht grade auf 470€ Gewinn. Ich bin mir nicht sicher ob ich ihm die 50% tatsächlich schicke, da die Software von casinotrick.net/ wohl auch so die gewünschten Gewinne zu bringen scheint.
Comment from : Isaac Matoos

Carson Me call
I got 50$ from a black jack game before
Comment from : Carson Me call

Raaauul! <3
Comment from : Veksiii

Fallout new Vegas blackout tho that shit was op.
Comment from : oioi

I smoke Pen caps
Who else is here because they searched how to win every time
Comment from : I smoke Pen caps

Mark Whitaker
I always end up killing everyone at the table. Black jack is so rigged. You can actually make money doing poker though
Comment from : Mark Whitaker

Alex From Target
Can you play black jack online? If so where?
Comment from : Alex From Target

Mostafa Ashraf Haider
He: Does Blackjack turtorial
Also he: Loses all his money😅

Comment from : Mostafa Ashraf Haider

8_Geralt of Reggio_7
Where Is blackjack in the map?? I dont find this
Comment from : 8_Geralt of Reggio_7

Asgard Ninja
I think I'll stick to poker
Comment from : Asgard Ninja

Aman Johal
didn’t understand shit
Comment from : Aman Johal

If you've finished the story click, read more. If you did not dont click read more.

So you know the ferry with poker, we should be able to access stuff like that and be able to bet a lot more

Comment from : LukasHWBro

Paul F
Question: Does the (dealer's blackjack, you automatic lose) true to real life Blackjack as well? That's cheating
Comment from : Paul F

Vailabe Gaming
Congrats for 7,4k subs!
Comment from : Vailabe Gaming

Diego Piedmont
wait so ur just simply trying to get the closest to 21
Comment from : Diego Piedmont

nExu5 C0nn3cT0r
Finally finished gambler 2
Comment from : nExu5 C0nn3cT0r

calis krit
I wish rockstar did a high gambler place where you can play blackjack or poker with a lot of money. And even robbing them on the all money.
Normally when you rob a gambler place you get 1 dollar from each NPCs.. when the entry level is 4$..

Comment from : calis krit

Milquetoast Eugenicist
First time I played Blackjack in this game I shoved with my 4 dollars and won, shoved with my 8 and won, played a few hands at ten cents and walked out. Great video, man. Thx for the love!
Comment from : Milquetoast Eugenicist

Mathieu Constant
Blacjack is pretty straight forward
Comment from : Mathieu Constant

HereIsWisdom 1318
2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 are bust cards. I always stand on but cards if i have 12 or higher.
Comment from : HereIsWisdom 1318

Humraz Malik
U didnt explain shit.....a newbie wudnt know what the hell u r talking abt....dislike.
Comment from : Humraz Malik

Sir Jedsalot
It’s called blackjack sucks and you can’t do gambler 8 as the cards are fucking rigged
Comment from : Sir Jedsalot

you absolute dog...
Comment from : scearyyt

Does Pokemon cards and Yui gi oh cards existed in 1899?
Comment from : SolidTone

j ram
How do you play Dominoes? I'm good on poker, okay on black jack getting used to it, but Dominoes have no clue
Comment from : j ram

rui umetada
how to split ? PLZ
Comment from : rui umetada

Its rigged af lol. They should call it the wall street challenge so you know you'll be fucked before even trying.
Comment from : thatand1

Israel Abam
Don't get this tutorial... Mad confusing and annoying
Comment from : Israel Abam

ZIm world dee
I hate rdr2,i wished the table should be green..and his jacket should be taken off..and i wanted bingo.the game sucks because ny Wishes was not reality.. im hooked on rdr2
Comment from : ZIm world dee

Doomsday 2028
where are the high stakes games for blackjack and or poker (not missions or the robbery)
Comment from : Doomsday 2028

Thomas Deschamps
If u wanna know how to play Blackjack in RDR2 just learn Basic strategy and then learn how to count card then go to Vegas and be a millionnaire
Comment from : Thomas Deschamps

pedro roque
I only know how to play poker, I actually spent hours playing poker. But I don't know how to play blackjack
Comment from : pedro roque

Leandro Perez
Im lost ...
Comment from : Leandro Perez

dealer is a hacker
Comment from : komujimaru

Aniruddh Arora
Hey thanks man, nice tutorial
Comment from : Aniruddh Arora

Star Lord
I played and lost about 20 tonight then came back 2 mins later after punching the table out and reloading my save ended up winning about 16 dollars then quit, the stakes are 2 low. Fun but pointless
Comment from : Star Lord

S Goodman
They bet so little money its just pointless playing it, wish online has people betting 100s of dollars and games get intense
Comment from : S Goodman

dealer shuffles everytime so you can't card count although it'd be randomized anyways probably unless it's a really realistic simulator.
Comment from : Epicvoid

The White Jarl - Chosen of Odin
Cant find any place where i can play Black Jack im at the end of chapter 5
Comment from : The White Jarl - Chosen of Odin

John Strife
Really useful video man, thanks
Comment from : John Strife

Nobody plays Blackjack in the Rhodes Saloon, it's never available. Anyone knows why?
Comment from : Yee

Cali Avila
Where can you play black jack at?
Comment from : Cali Avila

Jordan R
I played a different black jacke game inside rd2 and it said it was blackjack..its the saloon in Saint Denis
Comment from : Jordan R

Matt Smart
You never split 9s against anything. Why would you ruin a perfectly good 18? Split on As and 8s always, or low cards against bust cards.

Trust me, I have an addiction.

Comment from : Matt Smart

Will R
Just got home from church to see this in my subscription box but since it was you posting it I watched it anyway
Comment from : Will R

How come the dealer usually is getting aces and jacks?
Comment from : ProMrLecoq01

White 435
I understand poker now but not black Jack
Comment from : White 435

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