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William The MTB Beginner
its be nice if we knew hole cards....it's a f'n replay !!
Comment from : William The MTB Beginner

Mike Rutherford
I've always heard it's impossible to get a Royal flush, like 1 in 144,000,000 or something, I would petition the judge over anyone ever having one
Comment from : Mike Rutherford

Imagine river bets with these hands between like Ivey and Vicky CM... dunno who to cheer for in that messed up scenario, and who would win/fold if they/opponent had the RF..?
Comment from : Raven_of_ZoSo

GG 2x
Way too much table talk especially with 3 people in the pot
Comment from : GG 2x

Silent Bob keeps checking out the dealer. Creepy
Comment from : ekujj13

Does anyone know what hand did Chauriye Rabah have on this pot ? they normally reveal all the hands.
Comment from : BINARIAFOREX

RJ Mar
These announcers are as dumb as they come.. and probably over paid
Comment from : RJ Mar

Really nice guy to notify him of two minute warning.
Comment from : nimfodelity

Hobro Ho
So what did the other guy had who folded?
Comment from : Hobro Ho

Lorenzo Calderon
Can he stop playing with the chips! Jeeze!
Comment from : Lorenzo Calderon

If I point a knife or gun at the announcer, I bet he will remember where "The Business end" comes from
Comment from : Saoirse

Angry Mob
Poker used to be full of action, now it is camera cuts of dramatic staring and people fiddle fucking with their chips.
Comment from : Angry Mob

okm I'm sure I'd be no good at this but damn its boring to watch
Comment from : MJ S

Marco Borrillo
does McAllister know that he looks like "Silent Bob" from the movie "Chronic Jay & Silent Bob" ??? :) [he's even silent as he plays :) ]
Comment from : Marco Borrillo

roger davies
The business end refers to the end of something that will or can cause harm like the tip of a spear or arrow
Comment from : roger davies

Jose Barrera
McAllister is a Donkey
Comment from : Jose Barrera

Joey Garcia
Comment from : Joey Garcia

Forrest Young
Very high IQ discussion out of the gate, much impressed.
Comment from : Forrest Young

Let the truth be told
I have had a royal flush once in my life
Comment from : Let the truth be told

Jess Connelly
These guys look like they're playing cards between dungeons and dragons games
Comment from : Jess Connelly

Mark Jakims
Geesh I'd have called time
Comment from : Mark Jakims

Dazz Rat
I'd give a buck or two to find out what Rabah folded. I'd guess he had a straight or better. He was really agonizing, and he just knew McAlllister had some cards.
That was truly a sick hand.

Comment from : Dazz Rat

Marcus Tirchick
I am lucky to have hit i four royal flushes. Three online, and one cash game live...live was runner runner lol
Comment from : Marcus Tirchick

Kyle Matlock
Dude in the thumbnail looks like the YouBetcha guy on facebook
Comment from : Kyle Matlock

Stew Meat
At 2:00 looks like the camera man is feeling his hair
Comment from : Stew Meat

niklas johansson
There should be a 30-45 sec timer this guy is taking like 49 hours to decide
Comment from : niklas johansson

I think it should be a maximum 60sec for decision at all times. 5min of thinking is ridiculous
Comment from : Nick

psychiatry is eugenics
He would have lost to any flush
Comment from : psychiatry is eugenics

Bim Henderson
He didn't flop the nuts. Jesus, these announcers are stupid as fuck.
Comment from : Bim Henderson

Bim Henderson
This is where all the millennial stoners hang out.
Comment from : Bim Henderson

Shivas Irons
Good thing that guy folded his eights
Comment from : Shivas Irons

Shivas Irons
Trim your throat dude.
Comment from : Shivas Irons

Scott Lowe
2:49 "Seems like that's a very common French first name though - Monsieur" Is he for real?? The other commentator didn't react at all!
Comment from : Scott Lowe

shahar saidof
Stupid call on the flop
Comment from : shahar saidof

Vivian Lösch
The waterslide pose 😂😂😂
Comment from : Vivian Lösch

Steven Mage
So what did Rabah have actually???
Comment from : Steven Mage

Dan Moran
Stupid gets paid off again
Comment from : Dan Moran

Dan Steving
Chauriye Rabah: ball cap (Folds) Paul Tedeschi: short hair (Pocket Queens), Phillip McAllister: black curls (Royal Flush)
Comment from : Dan Steving

cash macgregor
if he hit the royal on the river, what was he agonizing over?
Comment from : cash macgregor

Адам Монтана
А на что этот ебань надеялся когда уже все карты открыли :
Comment from : Адам Монтана

Poor fucker sat there with a set waiting to leave
Comment from : SlitYourJuggular

Jarrad Molloy
Man, I hate procrastinators... Neckbeard is acting like he's just been given a frontal lobotomy!
Comment from : Jarrad Molloy

John Javier
looks like a fat and short pao gasol
Comment from : John Javier

has anyone at this table ever had a shower which involved soap ?
Comment from : **

Comment from : stevehd111

Clayton Foreman
Ok but we can talk about how much a donk this guy is for calling a 300k all in with k10 hearts on that board. What the fuck was he doing
Comment from : Clayton Foreman

Aceey ;-;
I could not keep my poker face if I was them
Comment from : Aceey ;-;

William Christopher
the dealer babe is just magic.
Comment from : William Christopher

Kevin LaVallee
like watching grass grow
Comment from : Kevin LaVallee

Cody Eble
Good fold busch light guy!
Comment from : Cody Eble

Christopher Wilcox
These announcers are the best!! Always cracking me up LOL
Comment from : Christopher Wilcox

Ian Blanchard
What happens if someone folds, flips the cards towards the dealer and one
Or both is are turned over ?

Comment from : Ian Blanchard

lee gibson
Jeezus, one hand took over 14 mins?
Comment from : lee gibson

David James
Royal (Straight) Flush is not so rare when you have best 5 of 7 cards.
Comment from : David James

Brett Short
Best hand almost always... Lmao
Comment from : Brett Short

Andrew Juarez
Dont know y they don't show the hands, boring asf
Comment from : Andrew Juarez

Mighty Mike
14 minutes for 1 fucking hand jesus christ I'd be snoring in the back
Comment from : Mighty Mike

they're out here betting my life savings. 1:05
Comment from : goofy

U Wot M8?
Would have been a plot twist if Rabah had the Royal Flush and was performing the worst slow roll ever...
Comment from : U Wot M8?

Spencer Kraus
12:14 Translation: "I know you have a really good hand, but I don't know if you have THAT good of a hand, AKA Royal Flush"

Smart decision to fold.

Comment from : Spencer Kraus

But if low stack and flop a set need to push all in.. try to get the others to fold and not catch.. I'm guessing if he pushes with his set after the flop the other 2 fold.. at least you get your chips in with the best hand.. no way K 10 hearts calls on a runner runner.. K 10 clubs would probably call due to pot odds.. but low stacked, flop a set of Q's and not push was stupid imo
Comment from : MrLeet71

Folded K 10 clubs.. maybe 9 8 hearts.. but my bet is K 10 clubs
Comment from : MrLeet71

psychiatry is eugenics
Surprised he said - flip a coin
Comment from : psychiatry is eugenics

Gerard Roy
The commentators suck.
Comment from : Gerard Roy

its a call, no its a fold... what a couple stupid mother fuckers, they suck at their jobs !!! I dont know what the fuck happened at the end !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : AmmoMaster

After that nearly five minute agonizing decision by Rabah I was really hoping that he was the one with the royal flush.
Comment from : 9Ballr

The American broadcaster is just annoying as fuck
Comment from : Supercell2

Jesus these guys play so fucking slow
Comment from : MR_MCNUGGETS_

Nathan Houston
Couldn’t play poker for 2 reasons. 1, I can’t count the chips very well. 2, I’ll shove every fucking chip down someone’s throat every time they click and fidget with them...
Comment from : Nathan Houston

Luis RG
What an idiot. Couldn't let go of queens!!??
Comment from : Luis RG

Andrew hope
In the interest of saving time, is it Neck Beard who got the RFlush?

Edit: Nevermind.

Comment from : Andrew hope

Thomas Karl
Why did he raise $300k...
Comment from : Thomas Karl

Barto TheCannibal
idiotic play by tedeschi
Comment from : Barto TheCannibal

Callum's Corner
Comment from : Callum's Corner

teint viking
Is royal Flush higher than 4 aces?
Comment from : teint viking

For this much money, my flatulance would kick in overdrive
Comment from : illustrate100

Chris Hibbits
...And Monsieur means Mr., you dumbass. 2:50. Really?
Comment from : Chris Hibbits

Michael Edwards
7card crap poker
Comment from : Michael Edwards

Tom Yazel
shit happens...how is it disgusting?  stupid comment.
Comment from : Tom Yazel

I bet he was releaved he folded that hand
Comment from : 4inksempire

Real Dude Uprising
Right in the nads!
Comment from : Real Dude Uprising

This is like showing a baseball game but not showing what the pitcher, batters & infielders are doing. I can't believe they would even put his on TV. There is no drama or learning if you don't see the hole cards.
Comment from : Publicpersona

Richard Simpson
Why don't they show you the Players Name & what He's Holding? This is ridiculous! TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!!!
Comment from : Richard Simpson

Craig Eillison
Time allowed to decide needs to be a LOT shorter
Comment from : Craig Eillison

Ron Carney
Just think how much more popular this could be, if brain dead commentators just explained, SAY THE RULES every now and then and what the hell just occured for new punters.
Comment from : Ron Carney

stupid play... you got what you deserved...
Comment from : se7en

Marcus Davis
he lost a pot talking too much
Comment from : Marcus Davis

Business end of a gun you Fuckwits. Thats where it comes from. Zzzz..... so tired of these retards who pretend they know what they are talking about. Bet you know where THAT expression comes from!!!
Comment from : MrYellingdingo

juma 34
i think rabah folded aces ... looking how it's played
Comment from : juma 34

Bruce Riseley
Can not see their hand's so who cares. Waste of time, happy to see I'm not the only one who thinks this.
Comment from : Bruce Riseley

Mike Jones
He folded a flush?
Comment from : Mike Jones

Grizzly Bear
Comment from : Grizzly Bear

Beggar Wall
Fuck's sake. 10,000,000 people watching guys play cards?!!

I'm on the wrong planet.

Comment from : Beggar Wall

rob eberly
Never thought that I would see a Royal Flush. Now I have.
Comment from : rob eberly

Zach Lewis
Imma guess he had two pair. 8-Jack suited
Comment from : Zach Lewis

BTW as long as there are cards to come, ANY HAND is live, no matter how remote the odds... Hey Phil Helmuth, any chance you could watch this and stop being such a bitch...
Comment from : zx10r

60 sec vid...+14 min I skipped thru
Comment from : zx10r

Shamim Bina
Wow what a lucky punk...
Comment from : Shamim Bina

Darth Synmor
Neck Beard played himself..
Comment from : Darth Synmor

hung nguyen
I was there, i was there but i was the one who has to walk away
Comment from : hung nguyen

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