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Blane dr Hibbert
Why doesn't anyone skip the counting I don't understand the point of watch it count up when you can see the win amount
Comment from : Blane dr Hibbert

At the end that was not 19k it was 1900
Comment from : d36dd556

Sam Kipling
When Nick's biggest ever win was less than 4k 😂
Comment from : Sam Kipling

That Nickslots is a complete bellend. He’s the most annoying twat ever!! It clearly says £3700.00 at the bottom of the screen, you thick fuck.
Comment from : Westybfc

Carl Carl
I can feel my IQ getting lower by watching fish party. Such a boring dry slot
Comment from : Carl Carl

Should rename the title to 'Most volatile micro gaming slots' because that's exactly what they are, dog shit bonuses most of the time.
Comment from : FruitVideos

kapo man
lol microgaming is so trash lmao make the most unoriginal rubiish slots they might beeen good like 10 years ago but btg n co just destroy them
Comment from : kapo man

Eli Paurini
Anyone know why hot mode first spin didn't turn them into Arnold? Was only 4 ways compared to 8 but thought it pays more
Comment from : Eli Paurini

Klaas Bruinsma
Its funny how these guys go from 40 cents a spin to 5 euro a spin in 2 months time😂
Comment from : Klaas Bruinsma

Dave K
Look how young and skinny Moritz was back then Kappa
Comment from : Dave K

squid taha
The reaction from the first guys smells of bs like 20k was nothing big
Comment from : squid taha

Dwight Miltenburg
Uploading videos that are like 2 year old.. these games arent as good anymore. I mean. They still.have their charm but.
It aint the same anymore.
Why upload old microgaming slot videos. Today.

Comment from : Dwight Miltenburg

Matt Gary
Crazy/funny seeing slotspinner doing 60cent bets
Comment from : Matt Gary

Benjy Dale
I guess the hedgehogs will be in part 2? :-)
Comment from : Benjy Dale

Jakepotslots Channel
Makes me want to have a microgaming slot sesh now ...
Comment from : Jakepotslots Channel

Jakepotslots Channel
I Remeber hitting 4 reels wild with top symbol on imortal romance! Ohh how I went of my tits🤣
Comment from : Jakepotslots Channel

Nial Carney
I used to like microgaming many years ago but after 7 years of trying to get hot mode on Terminator 2 I give up
Comment from : Nial Carney

Patrick Usca
I love this channel sooo much.....good job guys and please keep up the great work u do
Comment from : Patrick Usca

Slots & Lots
Has anybody ever got the 5 scatters in dead or alive 2? I did 3 weeks ago and it blew the damn doors off! I'd no clue they were worth as much as that! I don't know of any other slot where 5 scatters are worth 2500x
Comment from : Slots & Lots

Nath John
Worst 4 reel wild desire ever!! WTF were those symbols??? 1000x Trolllllllllllolololol 😂😂
Comment from : Nath John

Is nick stupid or? He can see that win how mutch it is, and saying "it still going"
Comment from : Jounazi

all these old clips we've seen already. microgaming is a top provider. this video proves that imo. nice!!
Comment from : BigBoBear_TV

Vintage Nickslots clip!
Comment from : hopwas2007

Look at them all doing small bets years ago....then they all started getting affiliate and fake casino money and suddenly in 2019 all of the streamers are rich and can afford 5-20 a spin! #bullshit
Comment from : mrb018538

Matthew Kas
11:24 now that person is gambling with real money
Comment from : Matthew Kas

Matthew Kas
slotspinner doing 60p bets 😅
Comment from : Matthew Kas

Franklin O-Jey
Top and Microgaming are a win in lottery
Comment from : Franklin O-Jey

Geek Bitcoin
Greetings from Russia !! Congratulations on a major victory =)) I Wish You good luck in everything ....
Comment from : Geek Bitcoin

Wish I was as lucky as these people lol
Comment from : PawsMacFlynn

Alfieak 2016
Nice too see some vintage Nick and slotspinner Pog 😀
Comment from : Alfieak 2016

Gaby Peca
11st 😅🙈
Comment from : Gaby Peca

Alpha KennyBody
How old is that slotspinner clip
Comment from : Alpha KennyBody

Ioannis Kokorakis
Never first, but always here to give you a blue 👍😅
Comment from : Ioannis Kokorakis

Lintang Channel
Comment from : Lintang Channel

Jonny Ryan
Comment from : Jonny Ryan

Nils Mittelbach
Third 👻
Comment from : Nils Mittelbach

Radi Nugraha
Comment from : Radi Nugraha

first ;)
Comment from : ChrisJMYT

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