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Thank you all for your great comments. We have created a new YouTube channel to show videos on other casino gambling topics and your support would be appreciated! Please go to - youtu.be/lSM6ovPptb8 - and click the "Subscribe" button. Thanks!
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Henry Morales
Sorry, but I don't adhere to this 'basic strategy'. I do my best work playing unorthodox and taking unpopular hits and double downs. Why play the same way millions of others play AND LOSE.....and CASINOS know...and fix their cards accordingly to? Play your way! Sorry, but fearing a '1/2 of 1%' is funny to me. Maybe if they had a 68% adv., then I would listen.
Comment from : Henry Morales

Lloyd Bonafide
11:33 - Casinos are OK with players using Basic Strategy cards? Not any I've seen in the past few years. I've seen a number of "novices" pull these things out at tables and they are "discreetly" told that players are not allowed to "consult" or "refer to" any sort of cards or sheets of paper at the BJ table. One guy told them it was his "right" to use the card while playing and he was quietly escorted out the door.
Comment from : Lloyd Bonafide

Lloyd Bonafide
These guys don't talk like they gamble much or are actually in the casinos very much. Terms like "casinos are paranoid" don't sound like "casino speak" to me at all. The casinos aren't "paranoid" at all as that is an emotional term. They are businesses protecting their assets and their gaming from guests or employees cheating.
Comment from : Lloyd Bonafide

Michael Orford
The number one rule at a blackjack table is: DON'T PLAY BLACKJACK. If you play against the house, in any way, you are a fool. "A gambler is a man who picks his own pocket."
Comment from : Michael Orford

Calvin Bixby
You should never
1.shoot the breeze with the mailman
2.feed your snail

Comment from : Calvin Bixby

Nick Thomas
Number 9: Don't gobble like a turkey and pee on the carpet.
Comment from : Nick Thomas

casino black jack rule #1 - dont win, you will be kicked out and your prize seized.
The government and casinos are the only ones who can legally use property rights to kick you out, arrest you, hold you at gun point, and seize your property. if you did that on your own property your ass would be canned.

Comment from : CarlS.

If players don’t know how to play blackjack then they shouldn’t be playing because they can mess up the game in the long run if it’s not played correctly
Comment from : education654321

Bill C.
You can play your hands perfectly, but the other players have to play perfectly too
Comment from : Bill C.

Bill C.
You guys missed one item. Watch other players closely. If they are hitting on hands when the dealer has 12-16. Leave the table
Comment from : Bill C.

Nicholas S
Not sure if someone's already mentioned this, but I think you're mistaken in regards to the shuffling machines. The machines actually hurt the casino edge a tad in the short-term, but in the long-term, like you said they are dealing more decks per hour. But as for counting cards, the machine doesn't mess up counting ability. If 6 decks are in there, and you know there's six decks, whether they're being shuffled or not while the game is in play, there's a certain number of cards left. So the running count and true count still stands as it would if the cards weren't continuously being shuffled.
Comment from : Nicholas S

Ben Johnson
When you start playing black jack you will know if you luck is on your side. For instance, if you double down on 10 or 11 and get 20 or 21 most of the time luck is on you side. If you split and win most of your splits, you got good luck and if you get lots of blackjack you are in luck. That is the only three indications that you should increase your bet. If your double down, splits and blackjack is not working or you not getting blackjacks quite. Always bet small to start and see how your luck is running, only increase bet if all condition comes out as I described.
Comment from : Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson
when you are losing playing black jack, you would split two 10's when dealer has 4, or 5 up card, and stay on any other cards.
Comment from : Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson
the continuous card machine is like you play with full deck of cards every hands with no dead cards. Never play with that machine
Comment from : Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson
Vegas back in 70's casinos used to deal cards all the way thru to the last card and reshuffle the dead cards, they don't do that any more anywhere. Two deck at Morengo has two deck but they only deal one deck and shuffle up, no advantage there.
Comment from : Ben Johnson

Jake Coffey
Listen I don’t go to the casino for fun. Strictly business guy
Comment from : Jake Coffey

Bill Clark
13:07 - - Did your hand enter another dimension?
Comment from : Bill Clark

Do you work for, or get paid by, any casinos for this book or guidance?
Isn't the math pretty simple that if you take a card when you have a chance of busting (ie: 12+) you're eliminating 25% of your chance of winning the hand?
Busting first is what gives the house their biggest advantage because they go last

Comment from : mynamewhocares

John Patriot eagle freedom boner
#9 eat fried chicken
Comment from : John Patriot eagle freedom boner

Sam S
You absolutely can use verbal commands. Also, most casinos I have been in have audio on the table cams
Comment from : Sam S

Eric Tran
Bad advice..I believe these two blokes work for the casino than giving out good advice on playing blackjack.
Comment from : Eric Tran

Ricky Manning
All Casinos are money makers. Look at all the really nice stuff that is in there. If the Casinos do not win it closes down.
Comment from : Ricky Manning

Kelly Rayburn
Maybe you go to the casino for entertainment. I go to those places for the same reason they exist: to make money; knowing I can lose. It is gambling after all. I'm not going to get mad at the dealer. That's like getting mad at the sky because it rained. But at the blackjack table I don't say anything except, "Color me up" when I get ready to walk away. Someone says, "Why would you hit that?" I'll just look very at them, very seriously for a couple of seconds and then look away. Same if someone says, "You took the dealer's card. He would have busted if you hadn't hit."
And yeah, I knew about the rest of it except the automatic shuffler, so thanks for that.
And I always have a stop-loss and a stop-win when I walk into one of those places.

Comment from : Kelly Rayburn

James Foster
1. Don't smart off to the dealer
2. Don't complain. especially if your betting the minimum
3.don't take out your phone
4. you're not funny. stay away from cliché jokes
5. stop saying the dealers name over and over. very annoying.
6. stop playing with your chips. have some class
7. Don't get personal with the dealer or other players.

8. expect to win. it's blackjack!
9. if you smoke, be polite. don't blow your smoke toward the dealer or other players.
10. don't lick your fingers when counting out your buy in. don't take money out of your bra or shoe to buy in,. it;s gross
11. bonus... just don't be a dick!

Comment from : James Foster

Larry Davis
Dealer is NOT a messenger, he's a CARD MECHANIC
Comment from : Larry Davis

Ayem Zoffat
My dad always told me that he has never lost in the casino............

'Cause he has never been to that sinkholes!!!!😂😂😂😁😁😁

Comment from : Ayem Zoffat

Ayem Zoffat
2 guys on a cruise ship casino, docked somewhere in the Caribbean!😂
Comment from : Ayem Zoffat

These guys are idiots! If you just want to play for fun at casinos, you can play anything. If you play to win money, you should only play baccarat. Baccarat is the only game where the player has the same probability of winning as the banker. In all other games, the banker has much higher probability of winning. So, the more you play, the more you will lose.
Comment from : BSnicks

E. Finch
8 commandments
Comment from : E. Finch

Prolly playing footsies below the table..
Comment from : MetalHeadZ

Comment from : MetalHeadZ

The Bee Guy
Somehow Im guessing the Casino isnt going to let you hold and look at a strategy chart while gambling..just a hunch.
So either memorize the chart or learn how to count cards. 😁

Comment from : The Bee Guy

BigCheech 4509
I thought this was advantages on the game.
Holden with one hand? Placing cash on the table? Who the fuck doesnt know this.
How bout High-Fiving? Or Mooning the dealer? Can I do that? What a waste of time this video is.

Comment from : BigCheech 4509

howard damico
I go to a casino maybe about five times a year.     I always play table games.   I would LOVE to play more blackjack, but, Rule 8 is ALWAYS abused.    ALWAYS.      Everyone wants to tell you how to play your hand (even the dealer sometimes!), and, like these guys said, if I hit when someone else thinks I shouldn't have, they will ALWAYS point it out.   Takes all the fun out of it.
Comment from : howard damico

This video has a bunch of basic information I Gave it thumbs Down. They do not really tell you anything groundbreaking...
Comment from : Perry

Snowball nuts
Every now and than when I’m feeling lucky lucky I’ll play 6 deck constant shuffle
Comment from : Snowball nuts

Javier Bustamante
Your best bet is to stay away from all this casinos they're a brunch of thieves they will Robb you from left to right.
Comment from : Javier Bustamante

Peter Panebianco
I think all casino's in Australia use continuous shuffling machines.
Comment from : Peter Panebianco

9) Don't sit at 3rd base if you don't know what you are doing.
Comment from : CrazyTuco1

Mike Shelogowski
So....it IS ok to whip out my rainman impression until everyone at the table hates me?
Comment from : Mike Shelogowski

Bizzaro World
Failure to tip, substantially, is the #1 rule which will GUARANTEE you're casino experience will NOT be anywhere near as good/fun as it could be
Comment from : Bizzaro World

Tina Brown
I am a blackjack dealer for fundraising events. I get hated on ALLOT to where I want to flip the table. LOL Most of the time it is with the drunk people. It is a challenge to keep my cool and I do a good job at it. There are times when I have to say something but the haters will never quit hating. It's always unfair to them. With more advice, I am able to know what to do in these situations.
Comment from : Tina Brown

Steven M
Sorry, only 45 seconds in, bye, too boring.
Comment from : Steven M

Dodge Man
I have never been at a table where someone was being a dick. Just lucky I guess..... Would leave if that happened..... I have had it happen at a slot though
Comment from : Dodge Man

Dodge Man
Even if you're an idiot, the casinos will permit you to have a "Cheat sheet" (Basic strategy card") Not that it will help you win a bundle. But it is helpful. Oh, was typing this just as you spoke about it
Comment from : Dodge Man

Chevy 4x4
Been a dealer for ten years. Blackjack should be outlawed. Terrible sucker game. I think bj hurts our industry. Why do u think there are so many bj tables? Not be cuz it’s a great game for the player
Comment from : Chevy 4x4

Kevin Davis
0:22 so don't play blackjack at any casino on the strip??? But yeah, I agree, just go downtown Vegas.
Comment from : Kevin Davis

Dan Stafford
Playing at the low limit tables is where you'll find all the nasty players and the nasty dealers!
Comment from : Dan Stafford

Edward Jones
Reno blackjack used to emphasize using fewer decks than 4! So when I played at Vegas I used the basic card counting & won some with tables of less decks more so by varying the bet sizes! But that was in the 80s! Thanks for your info!
Comment from : Edward Jones

Angela Perez
Just turned 18, and when I went to the casino for the first time, I played black jack. And my dumbass did the majority of the 8 things not to do at the table. I tried to grab my cards, I wanted to change my bet, I said instead of used hand signals. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I said I was a noob and at least they were nice enough to help and give me advice, I lost $100 but I won them back plus an extra $80 on my first game :D
Comment from : Angela Perez

Overhand Golf Channel
Don't sit at 3rd base if you don't know what you're doing! I saw a girl absolutely bawling as the rest of her table called her an idiot and yelled at her to leave the table but she wouldn't and couldn't understand why everyone was so mad at her. Hand after hand she screwed them.
Comment from : Overhand Golf Channel

Bill Burken
9) don't picked your nose and 10) no farting.
Comment from : Bill Burken

Dogsboll Ox
Hey Junior...stop banging on about casinos being paranoid. You're looking stupid in front of professionals of the industry. The fact that procedure is adhered to stop cheating methods that people constantly try is not paranoia. Would you call a store owner that locks up at the end of the day paranoid?...….go back to school you hack.
Comment from : Dogsboll Ox

Don Jour
Lol USA is savage 6:5 BJ 🤣 I never knew such evil existed
Comment from : Don Jour

T Bone
The 8th one is very nice that “MOST” people don’t get is “DON’T BE A DICK” (unless your name is RICHARD). Gambling is for FUN, DON’T MAKE IT A HABIT. IT EITHER YOU HAVE LUCK OR YOU GET FUCKED. GO BIG OR GO HOME.
Comment from : T Bone

Greatly G
where can you find single or double deck that is 3:2 on the strip?
Comment from : Greatly G

Chris Wilson
Some people dont wanna play 25$+ per hand so they gotta play 6-5 tables.
Comment from : Chris Wilson

Fievel Mousekewitz
A young Asian man played 40 shoes of blackjack in one sitting. This is how his colon imploded.
Comment from : Fievel Mousekewitz

Jason Rockafellow
So never play blackjack because some stuck up assface will talk shit if you dont follow a bunch of weird silent rules? Lol thanks for warning me because I was actually thinking that if I ever decided to goto a casino id stick to poker or blackjack. Looks like it’s just poker now😂
Comment from : Jason Rockafellow

Don't be all loosey-goosey eating a sandwich. No wait...
Comment from : chicken2jail

paul wattaya
every game in the casinos a negative expectation game if u can make a quick buck get the fuk out
Comment from : paul wattaya

That’s a ridiculous argument about playing an increased number of hands with a continuous shuffling machine. Just say “the more hands you play the more you can expect to lose”. By this philosophy break down the ideal (probably 0) hands a neophyte should play? What if I’m only playing for a short duration < 1/2hr vs sitting at a regular shuffling machine for 8hrs?
Comment from : ccmkoho

Drew Grows
I was expecting things like don't spill your drink on the table or flirt with other players girlfriends
Comment from : Drew Grows

Joe Pesdci did not see this video... he was blaming that poor dealer in Casino,... for all those Face Cards... " Take this stiff,...and shove it up your a** " " Take this stiff,.... and shove it up your sister's a** "... Poor guy....
Comment from : clarissa35f

The only legal casino in my country has a continuous shuffling machine, but I really want to double my 200 Euro, maybe I'll just put it all on red in roulette
Comment from : DFFUSE

Terran M
#9. NEVER CONTINUE TO SIT AT A TABLE WITH PEOPLE WHO DO NOT USE CORRECT STRATEGY. What players do at the table definitely matters and affects the game. If it didn't there would be no reason to play "correctly".
Correct strategy is based in part on the probability of busting the dealer, not the table.

Comment from : Terran M

Everyone uses CSM
Comment from : Trist

Daddoo Bear
I dont care if Im holding up game..I will take my time w/ my money! Great video and advice . Thank u & God bless you fellas!
Comment from : Daddoo Bear

Roy Arwood
Thank you for sharing information that gives the needy a better chance to win.
Comment from : Roy Arwood

jimbo jones
And may I add this- DO NOT use your drink glass to pee in when you have to go but don't want to leave the table. I found that out the hard way...........
Comment from : jimbo jones

My first time ever playing blackjack, I took another card and ended up winning but the rest of the table felt I should not have taken that card. I guess I defied the odds or did something an expert wouldn’t do. Three people at my table were visibly angry and accused me of ruining their hand. Eff that. Seriously. If you don’t get to play your hand the way you want, then what is the point? Their #8 was spot on.
Comment from : Jeff

Play blackjack should be one of the 8
Comment from : Jeff

Thanks. 8 more reasons to never bet. There's less required etiquette meeting the Queen of England. Can you do 8 Things to never do meeting your meth dealer? Vices in general are moronic, self destructive and harmful. But willfully going into a place where the odds are so heavily stacked against you is easily the most absurd. The best is when the house discovers a player has gained an edge and bans them. Ha!! Only the house may cheat!!
Comment from : gradyrm237

Gerald McClaren
Great advice to know in the casinos.
Comment from : Gerald McClaren

Bill C.
My biggest thing I look for is to make sure the people at the table know when to hit or stand
Comment from : Bill C.

Joel and Ellie
Watching this so I can win gambler challenge 8 in Red Dead 2!!!!LOL😂😂
Comment from : Joel and Ellie

David Schlessinger
Here's a ninth thing to add to your list - take the money you're about to piss away to the casino and invest it into yourself - a language course, a car repair, a gift to your wife/hubby, a great lunch with your kids. What a concept.
Comment from : David Schlessinger

I didn't see masturbation anywhere on the list, so I guess it's ok.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

The casino in my city only has tables with CSM and 6:5 :/
Comment from : bluegru

Eric Contreras
“Don’t be a dick” I lost it lmao
Comment from : Eric Contreras

Steve Fenenbock
Comment from : Steve Fenenbock

Devyn Vlach
For anyone wondering what to say when someone says why did you do that or why did you hit/stand, what always worked for me was just say you were feeling lucky. They will just forget about it and you can move on
Comment from : Devyn Vlach

Mike G
It bugs me when people say you go to a casino for entertainment purposes. Everyone goes to a casino wanting to make money, entertainment comes along for the ride. It just makes casinos come out with crappier games and odds because now its "Entertainment"
Comment from : Mike G

Bliss** the reef.
So just sit there and stare at the dealer and dont move until it's your turn.
Comment from : Bliss** the reef.

2A Forever
9 Don't be that ONE HAND WONDER. the guy who walks up to the table reaches between two seated players, places a single bet loses and walks away pissed. ( Always happens when the table has won 3 straight hands)
Comment from : 2A Forever

Zvezdan Despotovic
Someone explain to me why do you never split 10’s
Comment from : Zvezdan Despotovic

Joe Shmoe
If you say not to play at tables that play more hands per hour since you will lose more; what you are really saying is don't play at all.
Comment from : Joe Shmoe

Frank Joseph
I know one thing don't fart and then shit yourself and then laugh and shake your leg
Comment from : Frank Joseph

Stephen Lewis
#9 don't sit down at one!!!
Comment from : Stephen Lewis

Ryan Smith
I always have a great time playing blackjack, it's really a shame #8 has to be said. Losing in cards is ok, it's just for fun afterall. Don't expect your rent getting paid for gambling, just spend what you can afford.
Comment from : Ryan Smith

what is your views on spanish 21?
Comment from : C L

Thanks for the tips. I sure don't want to be a false suspect from having improper conduct.

I finally found where to download the strategy charts but get a message 403 Forbidden instead.

Comment from : Accumulator1

Is the best strategy for a novice to seek out an empty table?
Comment from : PatrickTK21

eric sunderland
Dude I was playing craps and I shook the dice with 2 hands and they got so mad at me
Comment from : eric sunderland

Don't necessarily agree on the snail machine part. If I'm not a card counter and knows that BJ is a negative expectation game, then I know I couldn't make money in the long run on BJ, so the only reason I play is to have fun, or maybe try my luck to earn quick money. So it doesn't really make sense that I shouldn't play with a snail machine only because I would play hands faster. By that same logic I should not play whatsoever.
Comment from : DaSmartestGuy

P North
And Ialways thought the female dealers were clapping their hands together because I had my penis out on the table.
Comment from : P North

Ryan R
People who say the only way to win is not playing are probably the same people who eat flour plain out of the bag.
Comment from : Ryan R

Terry Bellowes
Just a comment on "don't tell the dealer - use hand signals". Yes, but as a regular player who plays hours at a time we get tired and some times our signals get a bit sloppy and are misunderstood. While hand signals are required, I find all the dealers I play with also appreciate speaking as well as it reassures us both my hand said what I told it too! I should add I usually play at night with few or no others players and they all know I never take insurance, for example, so waiving off insurance won't count as a stand on my card instead.
Comment from : Terry Bellowes

Gary Sharp
Dont play that's the best tip
Comment from : Gary Sharp

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