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Thank you all for your great comments. We have created a new YouTube channel to show videos on other casino gambling topics and your support would be appreciated! Please go to - youtu.be/lSM6ovPptb8 - and click the "Subscribe" button. Thanks!
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Drew Grows
I was expecting things like don't spill your drink on the table or flirt with other players girlfriends
Comment from : Drew Grows

Joe Pesdci did not see this video... he was blaming that poor dealer in Casino,... for all those Face Cards... " Take this stiff,...and shove it up your a** " " Take this stiff,.... and shove it up your sister's a** "... Poor guy....
Comment from : clarissa35f

The only legal casino in my country has a continuous shuffling machine, but I really want to double my 200 Euro, maybe I'll just put it all on red in roulette
Comment from : DFFUSE

Terran M
#9. NEVER CONTINUE TO SIT AT A TABLE WITH PEOPLE WHO DO NOT USE CORRECT STRATEGY. What players do at the table definitely matters and affects the game. If it didn't there would be no reason to play "correctly".
Correct strategy is based in part on the probability of busting the dealer, not the table.

Comment from : Terran M

Everyone uses CSM
Comment from : Trist

Daddoo Bear
I dont care if Im holding up game..I will take my time w/ my money! Great video and advice . Thank u & God bless you fellas!
Comment from : Daddoo Bear

Roy Arwood
Thank you for sharing information that gives the needy a better chance to win.
Comment from : Roy Arwood

jimbo jones
And may I add this- DO NOT use your drink glass to pee in when you have to go but don't want to leave the table. I found that out the hard way...........
Comment from : jimbo jones

My first time ever playing blackjack, I took another card and ended up winning but the rest of the table felt I should not have taken that card. I guess I defied the odds or did something an expert wouldn’t do. Three people at my table were visibly angry and accused me of ruining their hand. Eff that. Seriously. If you don’t get to play your hand the way you want, then what is the point? Their #8 was spot on.
Comment from : Jeff

Play blackjack should be one of the 8
Comment from : Jeff

Thanks. 8 more reasons to never bet. There's less required etiquette meeting the Queen of England. Can you do 8 Things to never do meeting your meth dealer? Vices in general are moronic, self destructive and harmful. But willfully going into a place where the odds are so heavily stacked against you is easily the most absurd. The best is when the house discovers a player has gained an edge and bans them. Ha!! Only the house may cheat!!
Comment from : gradyrm237

Gerald McClaren
Great advice to know in the casinos.
Comment from : Gerald McClaren

William Coley
My biggest thing I look for is to make sure the people at the table know when to hit or stand
Comment from : William Coley

Joel and Ellie
Watching this so I can win gambler challenge 8 in Red Dead 2!!!!LOL😂😂
Comment from : Joel and Ellie

David Schlessinger
Here's a ninth thing to add to your list - take the money you're about to piss away to the casino and invest it into yourself - a language course, a car repair, a gift to your wife/hubby, a great lunch with your kids. What a concept.
Comment from : David Schlessinger

I didn't see masturbation anywhere on the list, so I guess it's ok.
Comment from : medexamtoolsdotcom

The casino in my city only has tables with CSM and 6:5 :/
Comment from : bluegru

Eric Contreras
“Don’t be a dick” I lost it lmao
Comment from : Eric Contreras

Steve Fenenbock
Comment from : Steve Fenenbock

Devyn Vlach
For anyone wondering what to say when someone says why did you do that or why did you hit/stand, what always worked for me was just say you were feeling lucky. They will just forget about it and you can move on
Comment from : Devyn Vlach

Mike G
It bugs me when people say you go to a casino for entertainment purposes. Everyone goes to a casino wanting to make money, entertainment comes along for the ride. It just makes casinos come out with crappier games and odds because now its "Entertainment"
Comment from : Mike G

Bliss** the reef.
So just sit there and stare at the dealer and dont move until it's your turn.
Comment from : Bliss** the reef.

2A Forever
9 Don't be that ONE HAND WONDER. the guy who walks up to the table reaches between two seated players, places a single bet loses and walks away pissed. ( Always happens when the table has won 3 straight hands)
Comment from : 2A Forever

Zvezdan Despotovic
Someone explain to me why do you never split 10’s
Comment from : Zvezdan Despotovic

Joe Shmoe
If you say not to play at tables that play more hands per hour since you will lose more; what you are really saying is don't play at all.
Comment from : Joe Shmoe

Frank Joseph
I know one thing don't fart and then shit yourself and then laugh and shake your leg
Comment from : Frank Joseph

Stephen Lewis
#9 don't sit down at one!!!
Comment from : Stephen Lewis

Ryan Smith
I always have a great time playing blackjack, it's really a shame #8 has to be said. Losing in cards is ok, it's just for fun afterall. Don't expect your rent getting paid for gambling, just spend what you can afford.
Comment from : Ryan Smith

what is your views on spanish 21?
Comment from : C L

Thanks for the tips. I sure don't want to be a false suspect from having improper conduct.

I finally found where to download the strategy charts but get a message 403 Forbidden instead.

Comment from : Accumulator1

Is the best strategy for a novice to seek out an empty table?
Comment from : PatrickTK21

eric sunderland
Dude I was playing craps and I shook the dice with 2 hands and they got so mad at me
Comment from : eric sunderland

Don't necessarily agree on the snail machine part. If I'm not a card counter and knows that BJ is a negative expectation game, then I know I couldn't make money in the long run on BJ, so the only reason I play is to have fun, or maybe try my luck to earn quick money. So it doesn't really make sense that I shouldn't play with a snail machine only because I would play hands faster. By that same logic I should not play whatsoever.
Comment from : DaSmartestGuy

P North
And Ialways thought the female dealers were clapping their hands together because I had my penis out on the table.
Comment from : P North

Ryan R
People who say the only way to win is not playing are probably the same people who eat flour plain out of the bag.
Comment from : Ryan R

Terry Bellowes
Just a comment on "don't tell the dealer - use hand signals". Yes, but as a regular player who plays hours at a time we get tired and some times our signals get a bit sloppy and are misunderstood. While hand signals are required, I find all the dealers I play with also appreciate speaking as well as it reassures us both my hand said what I told it too! I should add I usually play at night with few or no others players and they all know I never take insurance, for example, so waiving off insurance won't count as a stand on my card instead.
Comment from : Terry Bellowes

Gary Sharp
Dont play that's the best tip
Comment from : Gary Sharp

Comment from : BUDD WEISER

Some of us are there to make money not to have fun. Fun is winning. No we don’t know what card was coming out when somebody deviates from basic but we do know what the probability is of being a burn card or not. The worst players are the inconsistent ones and that will ruin a table more than anything.
Comment from : Cnorris

Pick your nose
Jerk off the guy next to you.

Comment from : hauntedbymyself

Nigel Turner
good points. thanks...
Comment from : Nigel Turner

I hope they don’t say count cards.
Comment from : Pouglas

6:51 Accidently got a brainfart and did this last week and got a small warning from the dealer, got kinda awkward lol.
Comment from : whosTreq

Brendan Whelan
Pretty sure there’s a lot of collusion going on at Trump’s casinos. Zing!
Comment from : Brendan Whelan

Charles Duvall
1. never pull your dick out and ask people what they think of it.
Comment from : Charles Duvall

Dukes Up Dan
This seems like a basic casino etiquette video. Most of the tips seemed like stuff I learned my first 5 minutes at a casino or they were things I just took as common sense.
Comment from : Dukes Up Dan

Nathan Kennedy
Never sit with your back to the door!
Comment from : Nathan Kennedy

Mattelynn Calypso
Well I learned my first time at a table they don’t like it when you answer your phone
Comment from : Mattelynn Calypso

Honking Honker
8 things to never do at the blackjack table

1. P
2. L
3. A
4. Y
5. B
6. L
7. A
8. C
- K
- J
- A
- C
- K

Comment from : Honking Honker

Great-heart Charity
Some Guaranteed ways to lose and have a frown as you lose 1. stay too long

2. get addicted to slots.

3. playing BJ at tables with AUTOMATIC CONSTANT SHUFFLING MACHINES and / or


If you're up any amount that rings your bell, leave and leave gambling for the whole day.

(Read all to the bottom to see my BIG tip! 😍🙄😘😍😉👍🏽‼️👍🏽👍🏽

But don't play slots: AmericanCasino Guide has videos 'TOP 20 Slot Machine Mistakes!! '. They are too fastpaced and sneaky ...Not fun and they're guaranteed to take all your $$💰💰💰.....

So; leave if you're ahead--😉💋 👔💍👛🍛🍻🍟🍔 You've had your fun, why spoil it!!

Enjoy your life, leave and do tourist stuff, sexxxy stuff or if you're not on vaca' just get the wash done, the car detailed, or take the kids to a movie,

ballgame or swimming.

Budget! Plan ahead and only take and spend your


Forget borrowing from a friend or spouse or ATM.

EXPERTISE at your game counts,, use a bit of brains and don't play stupidly making childish moves, in craps, or card games.

But I know it's hard to remember the correct rules, strategies and even ( in poker ) different player types and body language stories. Why not try this stress free, non competitive fun game that requires only a little bit of patience??

Roulette, commonly thought to be a dumb game to play, is one of the best and smartest games to play if you are PATIENT!!

Here's the secret the casinos don't want you to know !!

--Formerly hot numbers, ALWAYS stop hitting and cold numbers ALWAYS heat up, because over a day or two all numbers will hit evenly all around the wheel!!

So watch carefully and note the 'hits ' for 2 hours before supper, then go eat , and note them again and get a read on which formerly cold numbers are now heating up a little.........and then strike !!

Perhaps the numbers 4-6 and 9 have been cold and are starting to hit a few times.

With a small wager you cover 6 numbers, six SOON TO BE HOT numbers, we hope.


This is a month later and here's an important addition!!
Once you have chosen the warming numbers , those 6, in a bunch , it's vitally important to bet small SMALL and be very patient with them . You can't expect them to win immediately!!
Keep betting them for a minimum of 12 spins and see if the ball hits or comes next to your numbers. Close is good!!
It shows you your numbers will be hitting soon...... End of edit..


--- If black has hit and hit & hit 20/25 spins you don't have to be a genius to know to put bets ON RED. ( tho the bet is bigger than on inside numbers ☔️👎🏽)

Use this slow patient ROULETTE strategy to have fun and maybe win a few bucks IN THE LONG RUN!!

The first step is up to you. Go get a pen & paper and keep track of the 'Old Hot #'. And the 'Cold #' . Put them on a the circle on your page and then simply watch and keep track for the next couple of hours ( while you have lunch )

Comment from : Great-heart Charity

Ursula Kur
Years ago my husband was using a cancellation betting system at a busy blackjack table at one of the big casinos on the Strip. This was the first time he had tried this system at a casino, which required the player to write down and keep track of the wagers being made. Apparently the casino management took great offense at this procedure as he (maybe just blind luck?) increased his rather modest bankroll by over 7 times in less than 45 minutes. The table was cold for some of the players and he was the only one still there after those 45 minutes. The dealer freaked out and called the pit boss over who eventually signaled for a couple of his thugs to politely inform him that his play was not welcome at that table... when he asked why they simply said that he was 'too strong a player'. I suppose they wouldn't be doing that if he was losing. Maybe he shouldn't have left all those stacks of chips to stack up on the table as the 'evidence'.
Comment from : Ursula Kur

Aaron Sullivan
Reason why people are dicks is because someone trying to win playing a lot of money a hand have a drink guy walk up mid shoe with 5 bucks or a comp ticket and stay on 6 and you lose your hand cause of it. It's like driving down the road doing the speed limit and still getting honked at it makes you angry that you're the one doing things the right way and others are dumbasses
Comment from : Aaron Sullivan

Also, never play side bets (unless you can beat it, with a system). Also, I'd say, never sit down at any blackjack table unless you can gain the edge over the house. Why would you want to risk giving your money to the casino, when you don't need to? You don't have to be an average player and you don't need to be a genius to do it. Look up their video with Colin Jones. Advantage play is a real thing, completely legal, and it works!
Comment from : traitor

Ethan C
Yeah, hitting on a 13 with the dealer showing 5. Busts with a 10, dealer gets 21 with 5 cards, probably over $1000 in bets on a full table. I've never seen 3rd base leave so fast.
Comment from : Ethan C

6to5 is a cancer and its everywhere now
Comment from : Ryan

Kenzie Aponte
I didn’t know Jack Sock liked to gamble...
Comment from : Kenzie Aponte

Lalo Eastside
"Don't hold your baby while you're playing blackjack"
"Don't stalk the sexy dealers after their shifts. They have pepper spray"

"The cute chick flirting with you doesn't really like you, she's selling a service"
"Don't tip the waitress with your mix tape"
"Don't eat the mints they put inside the urinals"

Comment from : Lalo Eastside

jim evans
If another player ever told me he didn't like my play I would tell him to find another table to play at!
Comment from : jim evans

Choury yam
Haha, what a BS. The more hand you play, the more lose... The more hand more hand you play the more exciting. No annoying interruption when the trend is good. But vice versa..
Comment from : Choury yam

Sam H
1 half of 1% ? So just 0.5% then? Lol
Comment from : Sam H

I played this only once in a casino. I won around 1 hand in 10. They only took about $100 & it was money I'd won earlier at poker anyway.
Comment from : drdassler

Thomas Martin
Thanks guys. I appreciate the info.
Comment from : Thomas Martin

Frank Miller
Whomever wrote the book owns a casino and is trying to get players to make a sucker bet. Never split 8's against a 10.
Comment from : Frank Miller

Teddy Choy Foo
I once played at a blackjack table where a dealer got upset with me because I was hitting when her turn card were low cards. I know I'm not supposed to hit, but sometimes I like to hit once or twice on a hand, especially if my cards are low. She got so upset when I hit twice on one hand, that she started turning everyone on the table against me. By blaming me for them losing their hands, while I was winning with mine. She even said there's 3 types of players, ones who know what there doing, ones who don't know what there doing, and assholes like me who don't play by the rules, in front of everyone at the table. Here's my reason for doing what I do when playing blackjack. (1) When the dealer places the deck of cards into the autodealing machine to be shuffled, who's to say the cards are being fairly shuffled. You can't see what goes on when the cards are in the autodealing machine. (2) Also the dealer always notes the amount of players at the table once all the bets are in. This in turn let's the autodealing machine know which hand will be dealt to the dealer, determining if the players will hit or stand, and the cards the dealer needs if the dealer needs to hit in the end. The main reason I hit once or twice when I'm not supposed to, is to throw off the deck that is shuffled in the dealers favor. This is just something to think about the next time you play Blackjack or any card game with a autodealing machine.
Comment from : Teddy Choy Foo

Beehive Limo
Oh they tell me how much money they make being a gambler, but at end they ask for money 💰🎰 cus things didn’t go well lately.
Comment from : Beehive Limo

John Capshaw
You guys Rock!!! Thx for your true help an being honest an true... We need more guys like you:)...
Comment from : John Capshaw

Dennis T
You know if you don’t have the basic strategy down and you play the last seat, you could lose for the table, very easily so I’m not sure how you guys can say what you’re saying about that because if you have no clue you can easily lose for the table that’s why I gave you a thumbs down
Comment from : Dennis T

I remember in the late 70's, a number of small casinos that lined the north end of the vegas strip began offering open blackjack. Both dealers cards were open. Too offset this, they made two changes. The player lost on the push and a natural paid one to one. You found yourself hitting on 19 when the dealer showed a 20. You would think you couldn't lose at double open bj but I ended up hating it. It was losing on the push that became very costly. I don't imagine this game is still being played. All those small casinos that would hand you a coupon book that would give you something every hour, including a steak after 5 or 6 hours, have disappeard.
Comment from : MrArtVendelay

Blackjack Mafia
Don't forget never play with anyone else on the table. Because when the shoe is rich in 10s and aces you don't want to be share with other player's.
Comment from : Blackjack Mafia

Coach Russ
Actually had to punch a guy in the face after his non stop chat about my play.....Left b4 LVMP came. Compton brothers DNP, so watch out if you are one of those players who berate other players.
Comment from : Coach Russ

William Aviles
The best thing to do is NOT GO to casinos. You will win but only 2% of the time. With the guards, pitboss and the other people watching you, if you BREATHE WRONG they'll stop you. Better just go and eat go to the show then go home. You will NOT WIN. Go have fun but NO GAMBLING. THEN YOUR A WINNER!! 😎 🏆🏅👑
Comment from : William Aviles

Ceciilia Preziose
tell the dealer your name is Bond, James Bond. heheheheheheheheheh
Comment from : Ceciilia Preziose

Gary Sharp
Best rule is dont play unless you can count cards and have enough money to cover your lossing streaks
Comment from : Gary Sharp

The Formal Top-hat
Before this vid I got an add about poker
Comment from : The Formal Top-hat

don't be a dong.
Comment from : Apathy

Dan Koning
What a pathetic narrative that isn't even realized by people. The casinos are worried about every move AND word from people b/c of past scams and cheaters, while they're thinking out multiple ways to "legally" slant each aspect of each game in their favor. Everything about this industry is vile, immoral, and godless. The only thing we're getting better at is how to instruct ppl on "what not to do" while gambling, and convincing them they're still having a good time while "giving away $$ for nothing"...wow.
Comment from : Dan Koning

Paul F
Can you lose straight after you betted, if the dealer gets blackjack without insurance?
Comment from : Paul F

Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin
99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the morons in he comments give the brilliant advice "don't sit at a blackjack table " these guys r fucking retards
Comment from : Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin

ned kelly
From what I have seen recently, about all strategy is irrelevant. Casinos will now throw you out even if you are playing on the square, not card counting, in no way cheating. If you start winning much, they will throw you out and tell you not to return. This used to only happen when someone was beating them out of big bucks, but I recently saw a video where a guy was up by something like $500. and they told him he would have to leave. So they not only have the mathematical odds in their favor to begin with, but are pretty much requiring that everyone lose, even if someone is just on a lucky streak.
Comment from : ned kelly

#2 Continuous shuffling machine. If you actually look at the math done by Michael Shackleford on Wizard of Odds you will find that it has a slightly better player odds than playing from a shoe does. The speed of the game doesn't affect your odds in any way. Just a small bit of misinformation I noticed. Love your videos, keep up the good work!
Comment from : RyanRG

Northland Paranormal
Degenerate gamblers are the most pathetic players out there... I’m ahead 500 dollars but like the greedy moron I am I’ll just keep playing now I lost everything but 25.00 but I’m blaming some guy on the end for my loss.
Drunks are the icing on the cake 😆
Best part though is just flat out telling them well if u weren’t such a greedy fuck and knew the real ins and outs of blackjack and also knew how to quit. You might actually be successful. Fuck umm

Comment from : Northland Paranormal

Is there a hand signal for surrender?
Comment from : DammitBobby420

Uy Le
There are no rules on betting or gambling.... if you want to beat casino or stocks exchange you have to know how to control your temper when you guess wrong ways!!!! Have to have strong cash flow at all times. Never bet for 1 shot cause they are luring bettors for that. Bet same amount and increase when you find out the sequences they set it up!!?? Black jack play opposite ways you usually played you will beat and break and crack the systems. Ex: you double when you have 16 or 14 and dealer had Picture. Try that way you can crack all software and casino. On more important things bet small amount when you try to crack their system. And bet big when you realize you already make the system get Malfunction. On casino or online just do the same. You will be master for everything. Never watch tv on sports channels or listening tv analyze any stocks or read newspaper... all information they created just want to distract your analysis and your instincts.... you already knew no one invested on stock or stock daily trader won!!! All are broken after all!!?! Why because internet you used to research stocks or games the casino and stock exchange they seen what are you researching. They used software for that...!!! So do opposite what you want to bet or to buy stocks. Buy options buy down will always win. If the stocks option don't let you buy that stock down that means never buy that stock...!!! Very simple. If they made up new stock just go to public and it going up a lot. Keep buy it because peoples will be afraid to buy if seeing it still coming everyday!! Cause that stock were set up will hit to top price for few weeks. When it stop sell them all never keep it. And sit and wait for any kind of stock coming out same way. Never lose. Don't need to read news or research. The more you know the more you lost ok.
Comment from : Uy Le

zak jaggs
I went to a casino that for every pound bet(minimum of 3) you get 2 pounds back(so six on a minimum bet). Nice simple stuff.
Comment from : zak jaggs

Jaded Fox
Man....I thought I would see more comments from dealers on here..alas. Good informative video, don't see that too often. Do NOT play blackjack to pay your RENT! It just makes a long night for us both.
Comment from : Jaded Fox

john gibson
#1 ...get caught 😶
Comment from : john gibson

golden Warrior
Dont stuff the dealer
Comment from : golden Warrior

DuWayne Brandt
What are your thoughts for weathering an abusive player? Should you leave the table if it is felt you made a mistake?
Comment from : DuWayne Brandt

Kenneth King
thanks for the advice to a newbie. question; is it okay to have fun, i.e. joke with the dealer if they bust or say 'too many' when you bust etc? or is that more of the 'don't be a dick' comment.
Comment from : Kenneth King

John Doe
If the US kept on the right road to social democracy this slimy Casino and gambling industry would have not grown so exponentially huge . If we had an equitable distribution of wealth and security for old age and disability(like in Norway, Denmark, Germany , Canada, etc) people would not be driven by desperation to the irrationality of gambling or playing the convenience store rub off games and power ball deluding themselves they are doing this for their retirement security . You can take the gambling industry and shove it !
Comment from : John Doe

Trust me! They don't keep all the lights on and profit from all the winners! *( never a more accurate statement ) *
Comment from : O_o

Losing would be my first best guess of those 8 things not to do @ a blackjack table... ... LOL.. Been there done that ! Got the tee shirt and banned from every casino for counting cards up to 6 decks ( hard , soft and natural +aces) until they started shuffling the shoe every X amount of hands.... but please do go on... I'm all ears!!! Any new discoveries since I was forcefully retired back in 1992? Seems everyone on youtube that thinks they know something & wants to re-sell that donkey piss... but... I'm not buying! COUGH COUGH errrghm ( I call bullshit!) when they fax your face to every casino in vegas and reno and say " don't let that cunt in here ever again !" Then you know ..... who was good @ blackjack! ;) Taste the bitter! youtu.be/k4xcdOsMAeU ;)
Comment from : O_o

Won Honglo
The only way I know to consistently win at black jack is to play until you lose two hands in a row, then move to the next table.
Comment from : Won Honglo

Carmen Carmensita
I am a dealer and I pressed the like button at "Don't be a dick!"
Comment from : Carmen Carmensita

steve stokes
I once threw a plate of sandwiches into the roulette wheel and got myself banned from the casino, and I’ve never lost a penny since.
Comment from : steve stokes

Mark Combs
Appreciate the effort but so much you didn't tell people. Insurance is one example. Your telling me your going to sit and play next to a person that is splitting 20 over and over or that is hitting his 15 against a dealers 16? This is why I dont play at low stakes tables. I dont get mad I just quietly gather my chips and move to another table.
Comment from : Mark Combs

steven lopez
Never assume that a small card will come up after 1 or 2 face cards. Chances are that the next card will be another high card therefore making you bust.
Comment from : steven lopez

False Shepherd-
dont touch your bet after the hand starts...its not the casino being paranoid. it's to prevent people from capping their bets. it's a thing. there is tons of video showing this. I've caught many players trying to cap their bets.
Comment from : False Shepherd-

False Shepherd-
if you think a rule is stupid, remember, it was made to prevent something that has already happened. I've seen video of people marking cards, switching cards in pitch games, etc.
Comment from : False Shepherd-

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