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You forgot to mention that you also look like you are from the old west when you play this variant.
Comment from : DrewPicklesTheDark

Comment from : DONT WATCH

sajid hussain
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Comment from : sajid hussain

Royal Flush: Am I a joke to you?
Comment from : GamerJosh2611

Barabás Gézu
Is this a Jojo reference?
Comment from : Barabás Gézu

Issa Kawalit
Anyone here from jojos?
Comment from : Issa Kawalit

Jotaro vs D'arby
Comment from : Lyrium莱瑞姆

I do really wonder how many cards we can discard at the most. Three? Or maybe four? Some says you can discard all the hand. I'm confused.
Comment from : Kaede

Andrea Scalzini
Can the dealer change it's own cards??
Comment from : Andrea Scalzini

Ben Derkatz
D'ARBY!!! D-A-R-B-Y, No Dashes.
Comment from : Ben Derkatz

Richie Mann
I thought you could discard 4 cards if you have an ace?
Comment from : Richie Mann

Leruo Monang
Royal flush is the highest
Comment from : Leruo Monang

Bryce Hagenson
Great video reading the rules confuses me a lot
Comment from : Bryce Hagenson

Karsen K.
Go ahed, mr jostur
Comment from : Karsen K.

Raj Moore
This compared to texas hold em is ass
Comment from : Raj Moore

Here comes a Real noob question. But What do you do after first round? After you’ve shown cards and Lets say you have won the first pot, What then? Do you then mix all the cards again and give 5 new ones to the players.?
Comment from : RebelKnight

Comment from : 朱海龙

Santana Reid
This was not helpful at all
Comment from : Santana Reid

BenFrank OG
Player 3 is a better player than you, no offense.
Comment from : BenFrank OG

Bigga Winna Crapsa
Hey! Player 3 folded without pushing his cards into the middle!!!
Comment from : Bigga Winna Crapsa

Gohan Definitivo
What about two discard rounds ???
Comment from : Gohan Definitivo

a dolphin
If on the first betting round a player has made a bet and lost all of his chips does that mean that on the second betting round he has to fold or can stay in the game?
Comment from : a dolphin

Mr.Donut Gaming
I dont think this guy knows his hands
Comment from : Mr.Donut Gaming

aliyah MR
On the straight flush does it have to start with an ace
Or start at any card

Comment from : aliyah MR

Tobias Espinoza
Im not sure if f this only applies to texas heldem, but if two players have the same hand the player with the highest card wins
Comment from : Tobias Espinoza

Aidan Salazar
Your so helpful
Comment from : Aidan Salazar

I thought highest was royal flush
Comment from : NerdsBeCool

Question, after the first round of discards, if there are more than 2 people still in the game (e.g. 4 players in a 5 player game) and all check, do they all reveal their hands, or do you have another round of discards, and keep going until there are only two players left?
Comment from : georgercop

Rio Riva
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Comment from : Rio Riva

Prime Captain
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Comment from : Prime Captain

ahmed jaher
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Comment from : ahmed jaher

This might be a dumb question, but I’m hoping someone can answer it for me. If I have a 6, 9, 8, 7, and 10 of spades in my hand, can I rearrange them to make a straight flush? I’m new at poker and I was just wondering. Thank you!
Comment from : BloodReaperGaming

Yusuf Murat
Sorry but I dont get when do you show your hands when there is only 2 players left?
Comment from : Yusuf Murat

Daniel Rama del Castillo
Fantastic video. Please one question: if all players check in the first round of betting, you say that dealer moves to the next player and everyone puts an additional ante on the pot. In this situation, does everybody fold the cards and a new hand of cards is dealt? or everybody keeps their hand? Thanks in advance . Regards.
Comment from : Daniel Rama del Castillo

The cooler flamingo
I want to know how to play on card shark not how to gamble with it
Comment from : The cooler flamingo

Yuri Danylko
So what is one round of betting? Does it keep going untill everyone checks?
Comment from : Yuri Danylko

No the highest is a royal flush
Comment from : DR-Loc

Scott Hutchinson
Can you do Chinese poker?
Comment from : Scott Hutchinson

What’s your favorite card game of all?
Comment from : Leizze

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