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Learn Russian with RussianPod101.com
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Comment from : Learn Russian with RussianPod101.com

Ya nie pa nie mei you.....
Comment from : doctim111

Thank god I have a Russian friend to talk to make sure I'm pronouncing stuff right hahaha
Comment from : horriblegamerxx

Martin G
Comment from : Martin G

Jesse Carmona
so willing to learn russian to talk to her
Comment from : Jesse Carmona

melanie cubells
i have spent minute trying to correctly pronounce hello formally in russian. this is literally the most difficult language I'm learning
Comment from : melanie cubells

"It's very simple" 0:46 😶...
Comment from : Chillby

hell's knight
but what if i'm insecure and avoid eye contact?
Comment from : hell's knight

оо оо
Кто тут Русский и зрлорадствует над ними?))
Comment from : оо оо

Marshal Mathers
You look like chineiski😀
Comment from : Marshal Mathers

Mirzoarab Farozov
'Menya zovut Svetlana'. Here we see the spelling of the word "zovut". Foreigners will pronounce it the way it is written in this video. As Russians write it "zovut" but pronounce "zuvoot", you should put it the way it is uttered. The same with "poznakomit'sya".
Comment from : Mirzoarab Farozov

Joshua Bousman
Comment from : Joshua Bousman

History Army Productions
Здравствуйте, меня зовут отметка. :)
(Sorry if that wasn't correct.)

Comment from : History Army Productions

Rishi kumar
i love u
Comment from : Rishi kumar

Savage Gamer
Lmao it’s harder than arabic!
Comment from : Savage Gamer

Suka Blyat
Comment from : PaultheDanger

Ridwan Darlis
you need to drink vodka first to learn russian. 😃
Comment from : Ridwan Darlis

Channel Channel
This is sooo easy if your native language has a cyrillic alphabet, lmao
Comment from : Channel Channel

siciid cawil
thank you so much
Comment from : siciid cawil

jerome sevy
An Asian posing as a Russian how hilarious
Comment from : jerome sevy

How do you say marry me Svetlana in Russian? 😊
Comment from : Frank

очень информативное видео. 😊 🇮🇳
Comment from : ZAYAN MALIK

I know all language videos are the same, but surely there's a better way to teach beginners how to speak then "hello, how are you? my name is". Maybe the alphabet first. Then explain a little grammar like word order. Then a verb and a noun beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Most of these words are so different that there is nothing to use to remember them by (unlike with french or something). Beginning teaching a verb and noun alphabetically to build a simple sentence would at least give a clue what the words you need to remember start with. Group them by topic like Adam ate the apple, Bob bounced the ball and it becomes much easier to remember the words and the grammar and then move onto more complex sentences, right?
Comment from : Jaf

How the fuck am I supposed to remember this?
10,000 words to be fluent and I can just about learn and remember 1 word a day
So that equals 27 years to be fluent!! I'll be in my mid 50's by then ffs

Comment from : Jaf

Comment from : Lolbegone_thot

ichsannudin yullyan
Im indo
Comment from : ichsannudin yullyan

GuCCITAE Taehyung
She doesnt look russian.
Comment from : GuCCITAE Taehyung

Dee Maganes
сласибо светлана,,,, I am learning Russian language and you helped me with your video.
Comment from : Dee Maganes

coffee or vodka
she speaks so sassy
Comment from : coffee or vodka

If all russian women are hot like her I'm leaving the U.S
Comment from : M16music

Lily. Hope
I can’t T-T I bet I got to do Russian extra class
Comment from : Lily. Hope

not that auntie
Well this should be very easy with an Asian instructor hmmmm lol
Comment from : not that auntie

L-music !
REE russian is so close to srpski and its allmost my native laungage
Comment from : L-music !

Guillaume Laliberte
MY GOD she is SO beautiful !!!
Comment from : Guillaume Laliberte

Me after getting kicked for the fourth time from my cs go match just beacuse i dont speak russian :
Comment from : Wlodixpro

shikim breakim vdamke!
Comment from : Bagam

Thanks for the class, Svetlana! You're an amazing teacher! I'm going to love learning with you on your other videos. 😊
Comment from : blessinluv

Tagito man
cyka blyat
Comment from : Tagito man

Clash of kings
I will help you learn Russian for free. help in English is needed in return
Comment from : Clash of kings

Slow the fuck down
Comment from : Megladon

Alexander Ivanov
Who wants to practice Russian with me and help me with English - comment my comment :)
Comment from : Alexander Ivanov

I wish you created this programme to learn Ukrainian! :)
Comment from : JaredUA

skeet skeet
I have an English essay due but instead I'm learning basic Russian
Comment from : skeet skeet

Plop Plop
Comment from : Plop Plop

Azhar VlogsKz
Hallo Leute! 😇Russisch ist mein Muttersprache und ich kann euch damit helfen. Ich lerne gerade Deutsch und möchte ein Sprache Austausch machen. Hier ist mein Skype: Azhar.Tuleubek Ich freue mich auf Ihre Nachrichten!
Comment from : Azhar VlogsKz

XxM y s t i c a l xX
Comment from : XxM y s t i c a l xX

I'm here because of CS:GO
Comment from : Tuck

киселёва надежда
так вот как иностранцы учат русский язык .это очень странно
Comment from : киселёва надежда

Hoxi Fire
Да??? Did I spell it right?!
Comment from : Hoxi Fire

C'est Taylor
Would it be such a bad thing if I said privyet to someone I'm not familiar with
Comment from : C'est Taylor

Spiced Apple Sauce
If you use the informal of do you speak English in a formal setting does it really matter as you don't know Russian anyway would they just be happy that you learn a bit of language
Comment from : Spiced Apple Sauce

Fateh M
I like you
Comment from : Fateh M

Mikołaj Bojarczuk
Я поляк и это видео мне очень помогло владеть русским свободно до некоторой степени! Я восхищаюсь всеми славянскими языками и надеюсь, что однажды достигну свободного владения во всех! Русский язык необходим для переводческого бизнеса, вот почему я стараюсь говорить по-русски хорошо! Знание русского языка помогает мне с изучением болгарского, который имеет много общего с русским с точки зрения словарного запаса!🇷🇺❤️
Comment from : Mikołaj Bojarczuk

Selima Achmetova
WHAT FUCKING 30 MIMUTES....THEN I CAN LEARN 10000 LANGUAGES A DAY TF IS WRONG WITH YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU this makes me madddddd ...im on my period sorry
Comment from : Selima Achmetova

This is actually really easy for me because I'm from balkan.Balkan alphabet it's mostly same like Russian.
Comment from : Kerka

Ahmed Zeki
Здравствуйте! Здравствуй?
Comment from : Ahmed Zeki

Ahmed Zeki
Привет! Меня зовут Али.
Comment from : Ahmed Zeki

Dan Brad
you pronounce the O like A and A like O ? you say Odin = sounds like Adin but in vocem the O is pronounced normal, how do i know when i have to pronounce it right???
Comment from : Dan Brad

Dodi Goa
Very good video... I m watching this video every day...
Comment from : Dodi Goa

Jack Slav
i won't lie you make russian easy and fun to learn
Comment from : Jack Slav

Jack Slav
uchen xrasho
Comment from : Jack Slav

Pedja Si
This girl is sooo beautifull I cant believet all Russian girls are hot and Красива
Comment from : Pedja Si

Neqo_ ortz
in indonesia zero is nol too
Comment from : Neqo_ ortz

Bjj white Belts
Chinese teaching russian in English
Comment from : Bjj white Belts

Kaylene Peters
I'm enjoying my studies hopefully worldwide some will stop being so bullying about some physical greetings. Here there's a lot of challenges socially.
Comment from : Kaylene Peters

RAMY FAWZY رامى فوزى
شباب شرفونى على القناة الروسي السهل youtu.be/ARFi7pU2SxI
Comment from : RAMY FAWZY رامى فوزى

Just A Death Eater
Mum: Oh,come on! Russian is the easiest language,you're going to speak it in seconds!
Me: *looks at the "letters"* Am I speaking it yet?
Great for her, she's russian too. xD

Comment from : Just A Death Eater

Purple Ghost
Zidaa-vui-stre…. ,-.
Comment from : Purple Ghost

Илья Максименко
Нельзя начать говорить на русском языке за 1 урок, так как русский язык очень богат слов и выражений и не зря считается одним из самых тяжелых языков мира... Однако переносных значений в словах ''Руского языка'' очень много. К примеру: коса, замок, море. Например слово ''Море'' - море людей, море огней, море как часть чего-то большого но в то время и как море(большое пространство воды(соленой, горькой)(часть океана))! А чего стоит только один порядок слов, а? А проблема в том что его попросту нету поэтому автор ошибся со своим видео и я это вам заверяю как носитель русского языка!
Comment from : Илья Максименко

Comment from : Gav

Tohtori Vanukas
And I tought Swedish was hard
Comment from : Tohtori Vanukas

Iejeje Eiej
ㅑㅜ ㅏㅐㄱㄷㅐㅠ
Comment from : Iejeje Eiej

Kaweru Paul
Я люблю вас Russians. But your language is hard.
Comment from : Kaweru Paul

переводы Helen
If you learn Russian, my channel is for you.
You can watch videos with russian subtitles, and this will help you learn Russian.

Comment from : переводы Helen

Comment from : PepperMint

Les Smith
Great teaching. Спасибо
Comment from : Les Smith

David Dickey
At what point do we learn to be hackers?


Comment from : David Dickey

Jeffrey Martinez
Do you do learn Ukraine
Comment from : Jeffrey Martinez

Пользователь Google
Молодец нашему языку учишь 👍
Comment from : Пользователь Google

Jesse Migwans
damn! i am really punishing myself by learning japanese dutch and Russian all in the same day for everyday! im exhausted! Russian alone is hard itself! the writing is OMG! then i got french Spanish and Korean after these 3! talk about keeping productive! XP
Comment from : Jesse Migwans

Zdravstvuite, ya iz Rossii XD
Comment from : ᄋᄉᄋМишель

a are really hot, whats ur instagram :D
Comment from : Almiro

thanks !!
Comment from : Almiro

Brent Dunlevy
Привіт всім. Я можу зрозуміти російську!
Comment from : Brent Dunlevy

Zayda Zay
I've started to dream of learning Russian in my sleep. As if the actual learning session wasn't enough of a headache. My sleep is stressful now
Comment from : Zayda Zay

Learning Russian is so much easier if you drink a couple of pivas with a comrade.
Comment from : Simkont

What a hornbag...
Comment from : Enricom23

I think it's working...my cat just turned into a bear.
Comment from : Tony32

Allie R
I’m here because my patient is Russian and I have no idea how to communicate without poor sign language
Comment from : Allie R

Christian e.g.
She's speaking Russian, but she looks like a BEAUTIFUL Khazakstan girl
Comment from : Christian e.g.

Koala Bear
wow sounds like my dialect
štir' (this one is further away :[)
thank u russian for being so simmular :)

Comment from : Koala Bear

Cyka Blyat. That’s all i know :(
Comment from : babu392

Lara Ruiz
I need to learn russia languages because my husband russian.. huhu it’s hard to learn 😢
Comment from : Lara Ruiz

Lmao i have to learn how to speak russian in 2 months because of a bet
Comment from : RxG

Mike Stotik
hi, I am Mishka, and am native Russian speaker, and I can teach you to speak Russian like my grandmother)) in return, I want you to teach me how to speak like your grandmother)) mikestotik@gmail.com (совсем бесплатно и без всяких подвохов и подписок!!!)
Comment from : Mike Stotik

Communist Party
This video helped me establish communism again
Comment from : Communist Party

Gothic 1
I give up , I give up
Comment from : Gothic 1

Truxix Critical Ops
Hot poteita
Comment from : Truxix Critical Ops

Guillaume Laliberte
Damn, that girl is so HOT !!!
Comment from : Guillaume Laliberte

ermmm?! i aint one to judge but she looks like she shud be teaching the chinese languages shows how much i know lol. very good video lesson though educational informative and great learning format wiv the words n translation on the screen and the teachers narration. keep up the great work im learning alot
Comment from : KILLHACAY

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