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irfan özgül
Sistem no 😳😝😝
Comment from : irfan özgül

Dennis Callaghan
no sound?wtf? smh
Comment from : Dennis Callaghan

Elizabeth Harrington
Martingale is a good strategy, important is to start with low bets. I use this strategy on sharkroulette
Comment from : Elizabeth Harrington

barış mert
amina koyim 10000 kas bendede olsa yüzlükleri bende basardim korkmadan
Comment from : barış mert

Vinny Chauh
If you are going to use martingale use small bets.
Comment from : Vinny Chauh

Arnold Ansel
Stupid mind
Comment from : Arnold Ansel

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Иван Бояринцев
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Comment from : Иван Бояринцев

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Comment from : raselrp3 rp3

Rob K
Dead certain everyone follow yr system will hang himself
Comment from : Rob K

Nuno Simoes
Wow,are you still wining? You must be a millionaire by now 😂😂😂
Comment from : Nuno Simoes

What a bullshit makes no sense...
Comment from : Se7eN

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Comment from : LABESTIA

weslim kusuma
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Comment from : weslim kusuma

андрей хильмон
придурок. на число 15/18 без системы поставил и чисто фартануло. а то бы слил в реале . короче туфта
Comment from : андрей хильмон

Brian William
Can’t hear nothing from the fucking video. No sound.
Comment from : Brian William

Jamei 90
Lol i saw the same strategy but the other one bet on every single nr only 3 13 34 he left out and still lost was just for show but if you played online you know it
Comment from : Jamei 90

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Comment from : BLACK VIPERS

lucky life
Website name??
Comment from : lucky life

Liesver Lara
Tienes que ir con un banco no berraco
Comment from : Liesver Lara

Dhaval Machhar
hi , Which site is in your video ?
Comment from : Dhaval Machhar

winston solmon
Nice strategy brother i play roulette alot and this is one of the best one i have come across, never even think of putting the coin on 4 numbers. I just use it and make 2000 usd . Thanks again mon. Upload more videos and trick
Comment from : winston solmon

roulette trick
Comment from : roulette trick

Lucky Mehar
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Comment from : Lucky Mehar

Mang Jose
Comment from : Mang Jose

Denkev R
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Comment from : Denkev R

Yudo Aris
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Comment from : Yudo Aris

Ruleta Win
Buen video, les dejo mi metodo para que lo prueben totalmente gratis entrando aqui www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfa4J-1Xjvg
Comment from : Ruleta Win

Devill Angell
Worse trick ever
Comment from : Devill Angell

Den Den
No one wins with strategies becouse they control every single bet,
Comment from : Den Den

Derek Borthwick
If its thats good, then play with REAL money lol
Comment from : Derek Borthwick

Why is there no description or commentary?
Get 'the roulette winner' by Lee Tutor which not only includes these type of system but also explains the strategies that win over 95% of the time taking advantage of both the maths and the dealer and the numbers that are being spun. ha

Comment from : nightrise007

fooling play
Comment from : SHIBIN PRASAD

Md Hasan
ভাই ভালো করে একটা ভিডিও বানায় কোথায় ডলার সিলেট করব কত নাম্বারে মারব
Comment from : Md Hasan

Comment from : BEST CASINO

Red Angel
the best strategy here www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdBaigbxQEY&t=3s
Comment from : Red Angel

Simon Leung
how about for the sixth spin??
Comment from : Simon Leung

max serious
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Comment from : SEDHURAM SEDHU

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Comment from : VRSEDGE

reno armagedon
saya ingin maen rolet di winfortun88, ada yg tahu alamat website nya
Comment from : reno armagedon

كوميدي ابو عبدو
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Comment from : كوميدي ابو عبدو

Jordan Peckins
Without speech, I have no idea what you are doing.
Comment from : Jordan Peckins

Chong Long
Comment from : Chong Long

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Comment from : Nicholas1100

Video worthy to watch until the end.......

From what I've seen, you keep putting down a new wager and doubling all wagers on the board every time you lose. According to the math, once you have 6 wagers on the board ($800/wager) even if you won, you would not make up the total amount that you depleted. Even if you didn't keep adding another wager after the 5th turn and simply doubled what's on the table, the 6th turn would net a $25 loss.

1st turn: loss is 25, win is 225, odds of winning: 11%
2nd: loss is 125, win is 450, odds of winning: 22%
3rd: loss is 425, win is 900, odds of winning: 32%
4th: loss is 1225, win is 1800, odds of winning: 43%
5th: loss is 3225, win is 3600, odds of winning: 54%
6th: loss is 8025, win is 7200, odds of winning: 65%

Comment from : BryanMaharLife&Records

Steven Li
bull shit
Comment from : Steven Li

Arlene Graciano
Comment from : Arlene Graciano

Fets Fets
Bad strategy ever
Comment from : Fets Fets

ahmad Djamali
Roulette game is for intelligent people, change your game buddy
Comment from : ahmad Djamali

Depson Bhattarai
First u need buy laptop and post video 😂
Comment from : Depson Bhattarai

Michael Rooke
you time waster !!!! your an idiot
Comment from : Michael Rooke

hugh moore
D cardoz
You change Rs to dollars & then people may then think you are a high roller ? Another click bait You Tube scam story.

Comment from : hugh moore

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blow torch
u lost more than 1k
Comment from : blow torch

Gimana daftarnya ka
Comment from : OURLINE TV

Verdades Incomodas
Jajajjaja, buen trabajo soldado!
Comment from : Verdades Incomodas

Leonard Bardwell
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Comment from : Leonard Bardwell

Nathan Gros
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I will play for you, win $100 and you have to PayPal me half the winnings

Comment from : Nathan Gros

L. Carlito
If you have unending money this strategy works fine
Comment from : L. Carlito

Deep Inderjeet Singh
Comment from : Deep Inderjeet Singh

Subin Nair
Is madarchod ko thappad Maro Abey behan ke Lund jab tu kamata na to batata na theek aur doosri baat Tera yeh trick kuch rounds ke liye hai lightning roulette khel aur phir bata
Comment from : Subin Nair

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Jorge Serna
I will be uploading some Roulette videos.
Comment from : Jorge Serna

Brian Burnett
Dumb ass
Comment from : Brian Burnett

Dieter Ryll
Info danke, trotzdem Roulette mit Computer betrügen, besser ohne Computer .....👍👍👍
Comment from : Dieter Ryll

Marcio Benitez
Comment from : Marcio Benitez

Cowboy Tuga
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Comment from : Cowboy Tuga

Mel Chetty
Useless trick doesn't work
Comment from : Mel Chetty

Beware of titles that contain both "100%" and "Good luck".

Or be a simp O_o

Comment from : SGTSayz

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Hean Saran
this one you can win at your own machine control
Comment from : Hean Saran

David Ku
Too risky
Comment from : David Ku

Roulette Game
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Roulette Logarithm Wins
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Kai Bartschies
Trick ?????????
Comment from : Kai Bartschies

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Lans Fisher
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Whidarte Joel
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king kizzie
Trick my ass that is pure luck and look how much money he loses when it doesn't come in ?
You lose 900 on a spin that will hurt
Best way to play roulette is watch where the ball lands and play neighbors in that section and opposite side of the table where it lands just incase it falls short or a crazy bounce

Comment from : king kizzie

Damian Greaves
This is the crappiest method I have ever come across in roulette
Comment from : Damian Greaves

Sutisna Widjaja
Biasa aja
Comment from : Sutisna Widjaja

Liza Liza
Comment from : Liza Liza

My World
Where is the trick?????
Comment from : My World

Suman Kumari
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Cosma Pereira
These are your machines and not where we PLAY (scam)
Comment from : Cosma Pereira

That was so dumb. Dumb video
Just all round boring rubbish. Get some balls and go to a real casino

Comment from : MrMightymagoo88

Lui Ken
how about zero? how to handle?
Comment from : Lui Ken

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Shafi Abdudallah
Fuck u system
Comment from : Shafi Abdudallah

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