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All Is One
Want to make money with poker? Do as I (Henry Tamburin) do, write a book, or make a vid for YouTube, with absolute useless info on poker slotmachines.
Comment from : All Is One

Can you make a video about doubling up.? How many times.?
Comment from : Ranjit

Antony J
Indian casinos are the worst IMO for poker players.Never seen any decent pay tables.Avoid those places.
Comment from : Antony J

Alexander Noble
You will never increase your bankroll if you are relying on the casinos lousy comps
Comment from : Alexander Noble

Alexander Noble
This is TERRIBLE advice.. this guy is setting you up to LOSE long term
Comment from : Alexander Noble

Der RIchi
what about 8 6 ??
Comment from : Der RIchi

LIeb Lee
I think all this professional advices is bunch of bullshit . I lose my ass all the time. That’s why they call it gambling! Freaking poker games are for penny pitchers. I rather play slots. Mystery slots with free bonus spends. It is more exciting!!!!
Comment from : LIeb Lee

Michael Proctor
As far as comps go, Henry forgot to mention that casinos treat slot players better than video poker players because they spend more money in a faster amount of time.
Comment from : Michael Proctor

Chris Baker
Use free play on video poker thats my top tip.
Comment from : Chris Baker

Sheldon Cooper
Memorizing strategy is the foundation, but you won't be able to make a serious run unless you move to Las Vegas. Las Vegas and other neighboring cities has the loosest video poker games and more progressives than any other place in the country. You could jump around from casino to casino very easily finding good paying opportunities and exploiting them.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Richard Osborn
you win by keeping your money
Comment from : Richard Osborn

sleep depp vegas
Would you be interested in helping me with an article on Stephen Paddock
Comment from : sleep depp vegas

oscar argueta
Where can I get that CD to play on my computer and get the strategy cards that were in this video so I could take to the casino with me???
Comment from : oscar argueta

InThe Nostalgia
ive been to many casinos, and its impossible to find 9/6 JOB. theyre all 8/5 for the 25 cent denominations.
Comment from : InThe Nostalgia

step 1. play poker
step 2. win

Comment from : nuclearthreat545

Sheldon Cooper
If I'm a high roller on the $5 jacks or better video poker games, can I request the straight flush pay 239 on 5 coin max bet so I can win $1,195 and avoid W2G's on straight flushes?
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Captain obvious.
Comment from : Chewybrand

joe doe
Why does he keep using the phrase 'basic strategy' with regard to a particular game, (implying that there's more than one strategy), if there's only ONE 'perfect' strategy? What would a non-basic strategy be, and why would you switch to it if there's only one 'perfect' strategy for that game?
Comment from : joe doe

joe doe
How is a 99% 'full pay' when by definition it's less than 100%? Is that customary lingo in the gaming industry, to just go ahead and call it something it's not? Also, he fails to tell us how you can tell from looking if it's a 9-6 99.5% machine vs. a 9-6 100+% machine or some other percentage. Only briefly do we see a casino ad claiming to pay out 100+%.
Comment from : joe doe

C Blanco
this a scam.. no one can become rich doing this..
Comment from : C Blanco

99%, so you are still losing 1% by playing.
Comment from : whitelandwarriors08

Drew Conway
Terrific content--thanks for sharing!
Comment from : Drew Conway

How much do odds go down by not better x5 but rather betting x1
Comment from : Z B

Steve Veasey
Five out of the six Royal Flushes I have ever hit in Vegas came when I was playing in the pre breakfast hours on a Monday morning (not the same Monday!) between 5 - 6:30 a.m - I figured it was because the machines had been 'filled up' with heavy play over the weekend. Intellectually I know this is wrong but it is still a weird coincidence...
Comment from : Steve Veasey

Jacob Gonzalez
So by playing video poker you can lose for a week straight or a month straight but when you get the expected return over 100% does that mean in the long run like say for the whole year you should be up money at the end of that year ?
Comment from : Jacob Gonzalez

kc Dave
Funny in one of your videos he said never play a machine that is not 9- 6
. the beginning of this video he is sitting in front of a screen that showed 8- 5 ???

Comment from : kc Dave

Should you double down after you win? Some machines allow that
Comment from : Greg

Blue Damil
Thxs 4 the advice
Comment from : Blue Damil

What about payouts greater than "9/6"? I've seen "10/8" and even "15/10" machines. Are those better or worse than the recommended 9/6 machines? Also, the video poker machines I've been playing on arr Bally machines. I'm pretty sure I've made winning hands from following the strategy, but I'm not sure how to properly collect the winnings. Last night it highlighted that I got a straight, but it still said "Game Over". Are you supposed to collect the winnings before playing again?
Comment from : blaznpookie

Daily Wad
If the guy who started the video were to talk about the game I would have stayed longer..
Comment from : Daily Wad

Explain how I used to put in 100.00 in a 9.6 video poker game in 1997 and I would break even playing optimum for 6 hours. Same Casinoas now you are at a 3:1 disadvantage. You will have to put in 300.00 to get back 100.00. Ive tried several Casinos and several machin variations..but it is a 3:1 pay day for the Casinos in AC..vs a 2:1 or BETTER odds for players in vegas. This is based on visits to ALL the remaining C Casinos and documented Jackpots. I dont beleive it is random If you can win in Vegas 2X or more over the same machine in AC...How does that sound "random"?
Comment from : Piggy-218

D Wade
QUESTION: I finally found something for which I can not find an answer on Google. I am using a free online "casino", and was exploring video poker. It is Double U Casino, and one of the games is "X2 Multi-Plus" This is a variation I can not seem to find anywhere else. I know very little about video poker, so I may just not know where to look. If someone could tell me what this variation is, I would very much appreciate it.
Comment from : D Wade

Dean Murray
find a 9x2 machine ( invest 20 dollars )you'll enjoy your play time before going to dollar slots
Comment from : Dean Murray

The hand at 2:15 is played wrong.
Comment from : tryithere

D Fuller
Are these machines programmed not to give you the royal straight flush if you hold 4 of the cards that make up a royal?
Comment from : D Fuller

David Jackson
I got a question. At casino that I often visit, it offers 9/6 Jacks or Better with normal typical pay outs except for a 1000 to 1 pay out for a royal flush on 5 coins play. Then that game is beatable?
Comment from : David Jackson

they have cameras evrywhere. who and how gonna pull a strategic card out. they wont come up to you?
Comment from : prtbone78

Brandon Bippus
And the answer is....
Comment from : Brandon Bippus

Help Me
Is it possible to be a jacks or better professional?  I have a background in playing hold em and bankroll management and was looking for a game I could play sitting next to my gf.  I've been messing around with training software and I seem to be running well using the fundamentals.  It just seems "too easy".  (Haven't tried the real deal yet.)
Comment from : Help Me

He gives great advice but remember they call it gambling. not sure-thinging (maybe I made up a new word?) That said, there's always 1 thing to remember about video poker: if it's an 8/5 payout DONT PLAY....and also, as regards Blackjack (or 21) if it says on the table blackjack pays 6 to 5......RUN LIKE HELL away from that table :-)
Comment from : ITILII

lex marky
Over here, Henry.
Comment from : lex marky

I have played Video poker for over 25 yrs rather regularly and have never hit a royal ever.  Guess those that hit them a lot took mine. Just one please
Comment from : mksrookies

I have found that moving around a lot can help your winnings. A machine that is only taking and not paying needs to be left to sit a while. Jackpot hands usually come within a few minutes of sitting down. Don't stay at a machine that isn't paying. Move around like the bee until you find the flower with the nectar. 

If you can play good enough to stay close to the break even line,  plus get the VIP check in benefits with the comp package,  you're a winner in Vegas. Just focus on doing that and not so much on breaking the bank and you'll have a better time. Also,  everyone knows gambling is a thinking art and booze gives the house more of an advantage. This is why it's free. 

Comment from : tcfunvids

i play high limit slots in s cali and the strip i tried to find the best payback on your site w no luck can u tell me where pays the best i have hit over 750k in jackpots in 2014 alone i have them all posted on my channel here on YT

Jeffrey Thomas
Total, complete bullshit.  You can take all your "strategies" and "formulas" and at the end of the day you will be lucky to break even but mostly likely be broke. 
Comment from : Jeffrey Thomas

Doug S
why the 8 5 poker machine n the beginning
Comment from : Doug S

colin wilson
Think about it people, the casino has machines in them to make a profit, yeah the odd person is going to get lucky on them, but it is only like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey, all the other gamblers think it could be there turn next. you have to play them for fun and not mind losing what you have, because if your on your last 100 quid dollar whatever and your going to try and double up, forget it, unless you hit a machine thats ready for paying it is going to take that 100 dollar and laugh in your face, then your going to go home and beat yourself up, thinking i could of had a good drink on that or bought yourself food for the week. DON'T GAMBLE UNLESS YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE. I play texas holdem online for real money i play on w s o p i have had a few wins most won 126 dollars in one tourney won it outright. you have more control over your betting, you decide if your 2 cards can beat the rest,so i would say study for hours a day on what you think you could be good at and do it dont waste your hard earned cash on Bandits, they are not called bandits for nothing they steal your cash.
Comment from : colin wilson

Ida Bucks
has anyone purchased this American Casino Guide?
Comment from : Ida Bucks

APM Aerospace
I think the best strategy to win A LOT of money is to first:
- Choose a small denomination (say, 25 cents), then bet like you normally would.
- After losing, say, 4 times in a row, then go to Menu, and choose a higher denomination ($5 for instance)
- Now bet, and if you're confident enough, bet multiple.

My theory is that you're effectively eliminating many loses and dramatically increasing your odds of winning way more money. I downloaded a video poker app for iPhone and started with $250, did this trick, and my max winnings is $29,615.50 ...I've had the app for just a few days, played maybe avg of 1hr/day.

Comment from : APM Aerospace

I noticed that in the Video someone played mostly Max Bet, is that a better Strategy or is it the same Pay Ratio? I thought that if you bet 4xcoin  you win or loose 4x coin, the same ratio of 1x wins or looses 1x, or am I missing something?
Comment from : LaAttiDah

Michael Boatright
I actually beg to differ with the skill factor say on a regular 9/6 jacks or better no wild game is 99% vs the 7/5 I play at 96% is kinda irrelevant unless you play through 20 thousand dollars. Basically it's all luck and each game differs with it's rng set up I believe. I think it's based on a 52 card deck but with variations in the amount of 4 of a kinds within that particular machine. I can't say this for sure but I think some gamnes have more 2-pair-2 pair and f houses and some are blank blank____ then 4 of a kind hits. It's evens out to the same just with a different rng set up.
Comment from : Michael Boatright

I've noticed in this video, that whenever you have 3 cards of the same suit and pair on the board, you always choose to keep the pair. Would this be different if you had 3 cards to make a straight flush in the starting hand and a pair?
Comment from : Sean

J Stern
Of all the jackpots I have hit at casinos 85%+ have been on Video Poker.
Comment from : J Stern

Jeremy Guthart
does anybody know where to get that basic strategy game for free
Comment from : Jeremy Guthart

Pat Wilson
Yes, it had several games, and it also had $1 plays and 25 cent plays. I must have looked at the $1 plays but actually played the 25 cent game. Thanks for letting me know.
Comment from : Pat Wilson

I have never heard of a pay table changing in that manner. Were you at a video poker game that had multiple games available? If so, perhaps, you looked at one game intially and then looked at a different game when you sat down to play? Also, many times casinos will have different pay tables on the same game based on the denomination. The $1 game may be 9/6, but the quarter game may only be 8/5.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Pat Wilson
I was at Mohegan Sun and checked many video poker machines and they were all set to 8/5 not 9/6. Finally, I found one that was set to 9/6. I sat down, but before I could put my player card in the slot, the machine changed to 8/5, like all the others. Can they change the payouts so quickly? Is it legal? It really disappointed me and made think less of Mohegan Sun.
Comment from : Pat Wilson

You can't use the same strategy at regular poker against other players because the odds are different.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

There is no time limit. You can take as long as you want to pay your hands.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Pat Wilson
Do you think one can use the same strategy used in regular 9/6 video poker when playing against human players at a casino table? Can you take the same strategy used on video poker and apply it to a 5 card draw table against people?
Comment from : Pat Wilson

Pat Wilson
You said: "The idea isn't to make a living at the game, the idea is to enjoy playing in the casino and have fun without it costing a lot of money." I really like this answer. It is true and gives a reality check to us all and also puts things in perspective.
Comment from : Pat Wilson

Pat Wilson
Do the 9/6 Jacks or Better Video Poker machines have a time limit? If I take too long to decide, does it time out? Thank you for these videos.
Comment from : Pat Wilson

On a video poker machine you can tell what the machine is porgrammed to pay back by looking at the pay table that is shown on the machine. You can't do that with a slot machine.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Luke Michalowski
how do you find out what percentage machine payback at?
Comment from : Luke Michalowski

There is nothing in this video that says you will make millions of dollars playing video poker. What you fail to understand is that video poker is one of the better casino games. If someone wants to play in a casino, then video poker is the one game that can allow you to play at a break-even level, or at a slight advantage. The idea isn't to make a living at the game, the idea is to enjoy playing in the casino and have fun without it costing a lot of money.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Going to a casino is a means of entertainment, no different than going to the movies or playing golf for a day. In general, you paying for the opportunity to entertain yourself. Do you sacrifice all of your entertainment options in the hopes of thinking of a business idea? If people enjoy going to casinos, it is then in their best interests to know what they are doing before they get there. It will save them a lot of money. And if they're lucky, they could walk out with a few bucks.
Comment from : JVIPER88

No problem. I think pretty much everyone knows that the casino will win in the long run. They just hope to have their money last long enough so that they can play for a while and have some fun. VP is a much better game to achieve this since the casino's advantage is less. For a nickel slots player the casino advantage is probably around 12%, but for a nickel VP play the casino advantage would be closer to 4%. The only problem is that VP takes some study and most people don't want to work at it.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

I appreciate the honesty of your response particularly that your methods allow people to 'break even' or play alternatively 'at a slight advantage'. I was also heartened to read that gambling is 'not to make a living' and that the main idea was of having 'fun'. That has made your position clear to me and I apologize for my original questioning of your stance.
Comment from : infaride

We do not claim to be professional gamblers. We do, however, know the casino's matehmatical advantages on the various games that they offer and we can truthfully say that video poker is one of the best games. If someone wants to play in a casino, then video poker is the one game that can allow you to play at a break-even level, or at a slight advantage. The idea isn't to make a living at the game, the idea is to enjoy playing in the casino and have fun without it costing a lot of money.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Why would these two resort to writing about gambling if they knew how to win - they'd be multi-millionaires and wouldn't have two cares to give to the rest of us. Is my logic flawed?
Comment from : infaride

Well, it depends on how far you want to take it. There are professional gamblers out there who do make a living by playing in casinos. Most people don't want to study that much. By being a smart gambler you can learn how to play a fairly break-even game and take advantage of the casino comping system. It is the players who don't want to take the time to learn who will lose the most and, therefore, subsidize the play of the smart gamblers.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

So a smart gambler knows the difference between losing a lot, and losing less than a lot. OK. Got it.
Comment from : bottleracket

There are plenty of people who have lost lots of money in business ventures and inventions. Everything in life is a gamble.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

There are plenty of things that people can learn in order to be a smarter gambler. All casino games have a mathematical advantage for the casino. Why make a bet that has a 17% house edge when you can make a bet that only has an edge of just a quarter of one percent? A smart gambler knows the difference.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

The way to win VP is to NOT play VP and instead invest the time thinking of a business idea or inventing something. In the worst case, you lose your time (which you would have lost gambling anyway). I like my odds there a lot better!
Comment from : FortNikitaBullion

"a smarter gambler" lol. this must be paid for by the casinos.
Comment from : bottleracket

Why come here and discourage people from purchasing this man's information? Would you want some random person to block your potential sales for a product you were selling? It would be one thing if he was trying to scam people. He's not. So go away...
Comment from : TheBronxUberVillain

Max Better
With video poker machines, if you can't play 5 coins, be prepared to see jackpots that you could have had, but will never get. I have seen $ 2,000.00 pay outs reduced to $ 160.00, and $ 4,000.00 payouts reduced to $ 500.00. If you're happy with winning a few bucks, then you'll be fine playing less than 5 coins. As for me, I get disgusted when I hit a Royal Flush, or 4 of a kind with a kicker and only have 1 coin bet.
Comment from : Max Better

The payback percntage is determined soleyl by the paytable. If they have the same paytable, they have the same payback percentage.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Well, you have to make your decision based on the best possible mathematical outcome to get the highest EV (expected value). Just because you have a chance to get a straight flush that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the correct decision to get you the best EV.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

About 15, or so, years ago there was a team of players in the southern states who found a flaw in the double-up feature on video poker machines that allowed them to know the card that was going to appear. I believe they made sveral million dollars before the flaw was fixed by the machine's manufacturer. More recently IGT had another exploitable flaw in their VP machines, Google the term "video poker double-up flaw" to read more about it.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

The casino advantage on video poker is almost always less than 5%. If you use the double up feature you won't win more often. The casino has zero advantage on that feature. It's a 50/50 chance as to whether you will win or lose. However, you will not get any points on your players club card if you use the double-up feature.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

It would be a mistake to always go for a straight flush as that is not the correctv strategy. You should invest in some strategy cards, or video poker software to learn how to play your hands correctly. The only time you would want to always go for a straight/royal flush is in a video poker tournament when you would need a royal or straight flush to help you win the tournamant.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Elliott Reed
The South Point... Play double bonus it pays 9/7/5
Comment from : Elliott Reed

Paul EJ
How to win at video poker? They are COMPUTERS folks Hold the right cards as per odds and then be LUCKY!! OR DON'T PLAY And keep your money in your pocket!!
Comment from : Paul EJ

Sorry, but I would disagree. He explains that to win you have to find the best-paying machines, use the right strategies, and take advantage of the Players Club benefits. This explains precisely how to be a winner. As far as there being no strategy mentioned, the problem is that the strategy for each game will change depending on the type of game and the paytable offered. If you want more information on VP strategies watch our other YouTube video titled- Video Poker - How to Win and How it Works
Comment from : americancasinoguide

The title here is How to Become a Winning Video Poker Player, but it gives NO strategy for the game while telling us about the author's book, player's club card, benefits from the casinos and the monthly magazine. Perhaps a new title is needed.
Comment from : PitchToTheRhino1

I do not know of a site with tha information.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

You need to play at the casinos that have the best video poker pay tables, just as you would at a land-based casino. You can do research on video poker pay tables at vpfree2(dot)com.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Marci Oldham
Excellent informative video! Thank you!
Comment from : Marci Oldham

Well, theoretically, you should win on a mchine with 100+% ER if you play maximum coin and play perfect basic strategy. However, it's not guaranteed to happen. There is always a "risk of ruin" that can be mathematically calculated.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

OK. I would agree with that too. However, a player should also factor the players club benefits into the equation when determing their return on the machine. A player should learn how to analyze the players club to get the most benefits and those benefits should be added to the overall return. For example, you probably get cashback for your play which is a definite benefit, plus monthly free play offers? Those also add money to your return. It all adds up and should be included as a benefit.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

I would agree with that statement. However, I would also add that the odds of being a long time loser are vastly greater than the odds of being a long time winner, even employing 'perfect strategy' to video poker machines.
Comment from : hubertandclyde

I would agree with that statement. However, I would also add that there is no guarantee that you will have to lose.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

It's not possible to guarantee a win on any video poker machine in the short or long run.
Comment from : hubertandclyde

Gaming regulations require that video poker machines deal you cards randomly, just as if they were dealt from a shuffled 52-card deck. The cards you will be dealt is not decided until you push the "deal" button. Your skill in playing the cards will definitely affect the outcome in the long run. The better you play your cards, the better the return on the machine, in the long run.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

I think it would be a bad idea to try and double it.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Your chances would be 50/50. The casino has no advantage on the double down feature. On average, you should expect a royal flush about once every 40,000 hands, depending on which game you play. I have gotten about 10. Once I got two within 20 minutes of each other. One on a quarter machine and one on a $1 machine. The total win was $5,000, but I was partnering with my son so we split it. Also, one time I partnered with a friend who was dealt a $4,000 royal. About 650,000-to-1 odds!
Comment from : americancasinoguide

I have only played poker in a poker room about five times. I enjoy playing video poker much more. I only play the best-paying machines in the casino and I take advantage of the perks of the player's club . This allows me to come out as a winner, or very close to it. It's much better than playing slot machines, which most people do.
Comment from : americancasinoguide

Thomas Williams
i love playin poker do you ?
Comment from : Thomas Williams

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