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CEG Dealer School
Thanks for watching! If you want more David playing Paigow, let us know in the comments and don't forget to leave a like! :) - Timmy
Comment from : CEG Dealer School

tyler stawicki
Hello I have been watching your videos for the past two weeks and I like them very much. I’m 21 and been playing black jack a lot
Comment from : tyler stawicki

yasmin sparrow
I remember playing war at Harrahs about 20 years ago...fastest I've ever lost a 100 bucks! ): LOL
Comment from : yasmin sparrow

Jake Lambert
Hey guys

Just played my first game of Pai Gow (we don’t really have it in the UK) at the JACK casino in Cleveland.

$25 dollar table which was a bit rich for me but made $150 profit!

Looking forward to seeing Vegas tomorrow!

Jake L

Comment from : Jake Lambert

John M.
My first Pai Gow session and hand a lady next to me hit the spades royal at Caesar’s Atlantic City. She nearly gave me a heart attack.
Comment from : John M.

11:09; That hand wasn't played properly. It should be Jack-9 at top. Wouldn't have mattered anyways.
Comment from : Tubewings

Chase Reed
I've been trying to learn Pai gow tiles. Such a cool game
Comment from : Chase Reed

Bender Bending Rodriguez
do you know how to play Paigow with dominoes? Also, could you make a video explaining how to play craps?
Comment from : Bender Bending Rodriguez

Kyle Nagamine
David "Perfect" counter: 12
Comment from : Kyle Nagamine

ricky kim
I just came back from winstar and lost $500 in blackjack and turned $30 in to $200 somehow in slots then turned that in to $600 went all in last hand to show sum balls and got blackjack lol
Comment from : ricky kim

Mario Jair Cantú Escobedo
Love your vids, i have learn a lot
Greedings from Mexico ;)

Comment from : Mario Jair Cantú Escobedo

Kyle Nagamine
David's "Dude" counter: 20
David's "Fantastic" counter: 4

Comment from : Kyle Nagamine

Do you guys do the paigow tiles game?
Comment from : BryanCarthell

dan sanford
More check it out with dave
Comment from : dan sanford

Comment from : Sluicer

robert mascarenas
Absolute love your guys's videos now after my knee surgery I look everyday to your videos that make me very happy &look forward to meeting you guys when i feel better and can walk around in 6 to 8 weeks ! Ps more craps videos please👍
Comment from : robert mascarenas

Matthew Combs
Can you do a instructional video on stud?
Comment from : Matthew Combs

Matthew Combs
I love your vids guys... some people find it boring to watch card games, but I love the long videos and stories
Comment from : Matthew Combs

I would love if you guys do a meet up in Albuquerque. Me vs David Blackjack.
Comment from : ts5553

Michael Johnson
When we were a bottle in at O'shea's, We took over the War table. A whole lot of fun. Completely no thinking involved, just pure drinking and talking a whole ton of trash. Dealers and Pit Bosses were in on it. Great times.
Comment from : Michael Johnson

Sam Boyd
My first time playing was on my last trip to Vegas at The Orleans. The two dealers basically taught me the game from the ground up. I also had a lot of fun playing a face up version at Binion’s later that night.
Comment from : Sam Boyd

Shain McKay
That’s exactly why I like Pa Gow Poker too David. Lots of pushes and lots of drinks.
Comment from : Shain McKay

Mike Kutzler
I used to live in Albuquerque
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Mike Kutzler
Timmy probably the only one who was disappointed with winning
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Mike Kutzler
Comment from : Mike Kutzler

Scott Daniel
Love David’s stories!
Comment from : Scott Daniel

Ajay Z
Thankss mann!! I love this game!!!!
Comment from : Ajay Z

Brad S
Why are the videos blacked out?
Comment from : Brad S

Ryan Gignac
Love your content!!!! All the way from Canada!!! Do you guys sell or ship any blackjack mats or sets??
Comment from : Ryan Gignac

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