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MicroGrinder Poker School
Welcome to our 1st lesson for our Poker 101 course, designed to teach complete beginners how to play Texas Holdem!
Comment from : MicroGrinder Poker School

I have watch a lot of videos on poker trying to learn but out of all of them there’s No poker tutorial the explains completely they are always missing something BUT NO ONE has explained when someone CHOPS that’s the only part I’m still confused but no one has explained on there videos.. so not sure why name your video poker 101 or everything you need to learn about poker
Comment from : Dollarbill

Michael Densinger
"We talk" in circles. I lost track of how many times you repeated yourself, also I got confused when you said you can make a hand without using your 2 cards and never elaborated on that...
Comment from : Michael Densinger

19:00 How can someone have 3 tens and another player also has 3 tens
Comment from : Rhin0Neil

jeb bartow
Great explanation, ty.
Comment from : jeb bartow

1954 FA Cup
You've denoted each player is a "chip of stacks?" is that a poker term?
Comment from : 1954 FA Cup

Thank you! My first lesson... I really like it!
Comment from : MrGil12

Dominique Sabbs
I've watched so many videos. Yours explained best. Still have questions but I'm playing online just to make sense of everything
Comment from : Dominique Sabbs

Tyler Collins
The terminology was killing me, makes it hard to follow.
Comment from : Tyler Collins

Anton Chigurh
Someone said lets take the game of poker and make it have as many convoluted rules as possible.
They came up with Texas Hold Em.

Comment from : Anton Chigurh

Bahar Din
aah yes, Poker.. a simple game to understand but takes a whole life time to master...
Comment from : Bahar Din

Ghost 1111
Content way to slow for me
Comment from : Ghost 1111

jolly jolly
can you have more than 5 players at the table?
Comment from : jolly jolly

Jane Allard
A perfect 101 introduction for our group we are starting. Good pace.
Comment from : Jane Allard

Javier Laffont
Solid simple lecture for beginners, keep it going, thank you
Comment from : Javier Laffont

Yao Hong Kok
Another really easy way to learn to play poker efficiently is through this app:


Comment from : Yao Hong Kok

Perry Coldwell
Just letting anyone who wasn't listening, hes playing no limit...
Comment from : Perry Coldwell

t mac
How does the ante work?
Comment from : t mac

Comment from : elitezlol

Patrice Carrière
Nice video. The only thing I noticed was that during your example at 19:08 comparing two full houses was technically correct but inaccurate. You mentioned that a player with three 10s and two 9s would beat a player with three 10s and two 8s. Of course, that example is impossible as there are not six 10s in the game. But, would three Js and two 7s beat three 10s and two 9s?
Comment from : Patrice Carrière

DarkWing FNX
I looked for something like this Video! I live in germany and didn't found a great Video for beginners in Texas Hold'em. Then I looked in the spanish Youtube videos and didn't found anything usefull and now in english finaly I found you and your video! Great work, keep it up!
Comment from : DarkWing FNX

Val Levi
Great video! I was able to follow along and I've never played Texas Holdem.
Comment from : Val Levi

When do you talk about bluffing?
Comment from : Stunami

Jacob Rosenfeld
The first online class that I really understood
Comment from : Jacob Rosenfeld

dice.one/pocker is good texa holem pocker
Comment from : SON LE DUC

Lacky McFarland
Frans and Friemly
Comment from : Lacky McFarland

You’re a great teacher.
Comment from : OGDC

johnson gurung
If there are 3 players then it means dealer has the first go does it end there if he were to call ?
Comment from : johnson gurung

mally k
You need to slow down. speak slower. Thank you.
Comment from : mally k

Digital Osmosis
Was going to play a home game, but I don't have any frams or fremilies :(
Comment from : Digital Osmosis

Comment from : 曹曦文

here for poker night at the inventory
Comment from : oGrqpez

J&J Productions
Here for poker night
Comment from : J&J Productions

Not impressed by this instruction. Never mentioned is that this is a game that requires a DEALER handling the cards. For a game among friends, does that mean that the actual responsibility of non-playing dealer rotates?
Comment from : RickTorn

Amanda Bracco
Hi! Where did you get your table? I am looking for a table or table top that has The Flop apart from the Turn and River. Thanks!
Comment from : Amanda Bracco

Bee Peer
very well done
Comment from : Bee Peer

For a SB- .25c BB - .50c game. $20 buy in. What should the bet limit be?
I'm trying to find a way to make it fun for some friends that are new to the game...without them losing everything really quick.

Comment from : teamhex

Thaddeus Caldwell
I am a poker beginner and found your video very informative. Thanks
Comment from : Thaddeus Caldwell

Thor Thorbjornsen
Not bad. I have a much better understanding of the game and how it's played. Thanks! :)
Comment from : Thor Thorbjornsen

Carolyn Bell Napa Valley Views
This was a great video. Easy to follow for a beginner.
Comment from : Carolyn Bell Napa Valley Views

Lucky the Ducky
I like Mexican Sweat
Comment from : Lucky the Ducky

Spencer Gillett
Thank you for the video but please cut the fat from the information, you sometimes get a bit ahead of yourself and it is a little overwhelming. Thank you
Comment from : Spencer Gillett

billy whaley
vega baby
Comment from : billy whaley

A call is the same amout as a previous raise?
Comment from : Ju1ceem4n

Emanuel FN
I thought you had 2 cards for your poker hand pls explain
Comment from : Emanuel FN

Randy Lona
I was the 900th like son!!! Whoa 😮
Comment from : Randy Lona

Carl Anderson
Thank you.  Very nice content and comments.
Comment from : Carl Anderson

Thankyou for this video.
It is longer than a lot of others but you go through everything in a way that makes sense.
Aswell as a demo which was a nice addon.

I picked up quite a bit from it.

Comment from : quizr

Richard Rivera
I like your video it was great. I got to understand it much better. Thank you.
Comment from : Richard Rivera

Jordan Winders
Here for red dead 2
Comment from : Jordan Winders

Rabin Singh
I'm 40, you're the first person to ever explain this well to me. Cheers!
Comment from : Rabin Singh

Dilemma Beats
26:38 Home game with "Fam's and Fremly"!
Comment from : Dilemma Beats

Arman Handa
What are your thoughts on online poker sites? Would you advice playing on these with real money?
I've read they are rigged, is it true? I'd like to know your opinion on this!
By the way great video!

Comment from : Arman Handa

You are using poker terms without even explaining them, im already lost at the start of the video coz i dont know what is to call, or fold, ...???
Comment from : Ridics

Hookz TV
Hey everyone. I was wondering in how do you even know if you have a good or bad hand before the 3 community cards even show up?
Comment from : Hookz TV

Lucifer morningstar
Thnx the best easy tutorial ever
Comment from : Lucifer morningstar

I don't understand why the dealer pushes forward those other flop cards with the winning five set. The nine for example is irrelevant to the winning five set.
Comment from : Trius

Bradley Hinman
Comment from : Bradley Hinman

Big Alex
since u were out of position, why not c-bet w ur JJ to see where ur at? since u were the original raiser, a $0.50 bet might have took it down post flop.
Comment from : Big Alex

Thank you!!!
Comment from : reseller7

Steve Archer
As a complete novice it was helpful but not completely. You spoke too much about what you are not showing. Thanks
Comment from : Steve Archer

Bob 357
Thanks. Subscribed, hope to learn more, you're a good teacher.
Comment from : Bob 357

LOVEME freestyle
I PLAYED poker first TIME lost ONE trillion. Now im one trillion negative.but according to the demokrats. KILLARY n OHBASTARD im a trillion richer because negative is. NEW MONEY
Comment from : LOVEME freestyle

So what it exactly is the function of a small blind and a big blind.. already confused.. clicks off video at 4:033
Comment from : Bigredd217

I go out with a 7 and 4 off suit and two sevens and a four is flopped...so annoying.
Comment from : _PM21_

tom clark
You state that a three 10s and two 9s full house beats a three 10s and two 8s full house. Is that with wild cards? How do you get six 10s into play?
Comment from : tom clark

Róbert Flórián
One of the simplest vids to learn poker. I enjoyed your teaching. But if you a beginner I can offer you another cool place to understand this game. bit.ly/2nF6kz4
Comment from : Róbert Flórián

David Curtis
VERY GOOD . Thanks .
Comment from : David Curtis

This is a good video for beginners. I had trouble understanding the betting before from just reading. Much clearer when you see it. Thanks!
Comment from : injanhoi1

David Ekstrom
Okay, so if I'm at a Casino and the dealer button is infront of me, I have to deal the cards out? I thought the dealer that works for the Casino would always be the dealer.....
Comment from : David Ekstrom

Charles Sandomenico
Thanks 👍😎♣️♠️♦️♥️
Comment from : Charles Sandomenico

Mark Chronister
Enjoyed this very much
Comment from : Mark Chronister

Viraj Dharmarathne
Could you please answer me for below senario
Community cards-4,8,5,7,6 ( straight )
Player 01- 5,8
Palyer 02-Q,Q
Player 01 win or split ?

Comment from : Viraj Dharmarathne

Michaël Cornelis
Hi Alton, nice courses! I was just curious, are you going to release a poker 201 class? I hadn't seen it in your videos/playlists. Thanks!
Comment from : Michaël Cornelis

Going to a party where they're playing poker. I didn't know what I was doing until I watched this. Thanks.
Comment from : DGAntonio

Caleb Clay
Fands and framily lol
Comment from : Caleb Clay

MR.spicy Sauce
I was making jokes about poker but now i can make the jokes come to life and start becoming a pro at poker
Comment from : MR.spicy Sauce

Bobby Blue
He gave the instructions for the lb and bb way too much. I guess he really wanted to stress the fact that it moves clockwise lol.
Comment from : Bobby Blue

Tiffany Hernandez
Thank u for explaining the game it helped me understand the game
Comment from : Tiffany Hernandez

How do you know if you have a good hand in the pre flop round just based off of two cards
Comment from : Davis

I thought if you just placed your red chips in the center slots you'd have the best chance at a connect four.

But you're telling me a connect four is beaten by a "flush"? Hah, yeah right, bud.

Comment from : MaxPro

Charles Ogle
Starting at the bare bones beginning is perfect for me. Thanks!
Comment from : Charles Ogle

Steve Miller
Hi, if you ever want to use a poker hand replayer in your vlog, hope you'll check out ShareMyPair. Please visit www.ShareMyPair.com and contact me at steve@sharemypair.com with any questions. Thanks!
Comment from : Steve Miller

Patrick Giffen
Hey Alton, Very well done! I've been playing online THNL for over 10 years and have bought a couple of your courses to help me with the math. I decided to check out this new basic video course you posted and it is Right On for the newbees. I wish I had this back when I started out, but never hurts to go back and review the basics. Thanks.
Comment from : Patrick Giffen

shaun holm
Great video
Comment from : shaun holm

Alton Hardin
Hope you guys like this video!
Comment from : Alton Hardin

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