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Levi Chaaan
Но русская печатная “D” пишется не как английская, а так Д, ну или с острой верхушкой
Comment from : Levi Chaaan

Фердинант Валиуллин
I'm so proud to be Russian друзья!
Comment from : Фердинант Валиуллин

Alex K
Comment from : Alex K

Александра Дивеева
Почему буква "Д" написана латиницей?
Comment from : Александра Дивеева

Маша,обожаю твой голос )) ,он создан для асмр
Comment from : gitlerkaput9051945

1 2 3 4 5 вышел зайчик погулять
Comment from : Видео

I hope you will make some new Russian lessons Maria (=
Comment from : GUNIT SOLDIER4

Jesus Christ
Comment from : Mastashake

R W Van Dyke
Make the captions live, as she has a very soft voice. TU
Comment from : R W Van Dyke

Andrei Morozov
Блин она стареет и смотрется не очень уже!
Comment from : Andrei Morozov

Машенька, а можно видео на русском? Очень жду🙏🙏🙏
Comment from : Nastassya

Haider Raja
You do know that all the students in ur class will fall asleep?
Comment from : Haider Raja

Jenny Trout
Watching this video in 2019 to supplement my Duolingo.
Comment from : Jenny Trout

Juraj Vivana
More Russian lessons please😔
Comment from : Juraj Vivana

My russian teacher was sooo big and huge, i didn`t like her im so glad to find Maria, kindness, smaller, cute and relaxing
Comment from : M

olivia draper
i’m thinking about studying russian in college so this is helpful
Comment from : olivia draper

Tagito man
we've just met
Comment from : Tagito man

Príncipe Carbono
13:35 when Jesus comes to the room.
Comment from : Príncipe Carbono

Patrick Fitch Jr.
Please Maria, more learn Russian I beg you!!!
Comment from : Patrick Fitch Jr.

George D
Comment from : George D

в Україні, Українська мова а не російська !!!!!!
Comment from : ash

Jesus christ.... Where the microphone is.
My god peeping at teacher like a fekn teen 🙄🙈

Comment from : Stuff&Things

stephanie whitaker
Make more like these!
Comment from : stephanie whitaker

Хаха неплохо но почему так тихо? Почти ничего не понял🤔
Comment from : Енот_Кампот

I could watch hours of these
Comment from : Stephanie

Meredyth Seo
1.1 million students later.
Comment from : Meredyth Seo

Every women there have those large breast to?
Comment from : Mr.Ocote

Alfie’s Flight videos
Do British 😂
Comment from : Alfie’s Flight videos

Neo Hosteen
Comment from : Neo Hosteen

Ingela Eenola
English: Three
Russian: Три [tri]
And then we have my mother tounge, Estonian: Kolm

Comment from : Ingela Eenola

Bajker Volta
Russan langue sounds really like Slovenian language, i can say that two of them are closes brothes, compared to Croatian, Serbian, Bosninan :D

But still in some parts of videos i tought that u switched to Slovenina langugae :D

Comment from : Bajker Volta

Merrydean Grant
Classic ASMR I say
Comment from : Merrydean Grant

Leonie Robertshaw
I’ve watched this video every night for a week and haven’t got past 5 because I keep falling asleep, the power of Maria’s old videos amazes me 😂
Comment from : Leonie Robertshaw

Блюститель православный
Д д = D d
Comment from : Блюститель православный

HOV :3
Бля я пытаюсь найти ёбаную матрёшку не магу найти как иностранца находят бляяяяя
Comment from : HOV :3

dola eid
I want to pass you and I am 21 years old from Egypt
Comment from : dola eid

Julia Martins
My goodness. What a sexy voice!
Comment from : Julia Martins

Kristena Patron
Can you make more ❤️
Comment from : Kristena Patron

Massive set
Comment from : Mastashake

t sam
Here I am back again after.............aaaaahhhhh a few years. I like your language lessons. Go Maria!!!!!!!
Comment from : t sam

I’m currently trying to learn russian and I’ve loved your asmr for ages so these are perfect 😂💞💕💗💖 It would be amazing if you could continue/Make maybe a few more if/when you are able to or want :) much love from UK :)
Comment from : SneepSnoopSnape

Meriem Hamiti
Thank you maria for these videooooos. Please make more Russian lessons and culture education
Comment from : Meriem Hamiti

steve rugerguy
I love you maria
Comment from : steve rugerguy

Corvus Morve
This was my first ASMR video, back when it felt kinda weird and taboo. Still one of my favorite videos, to this day!
Comment from : Corvus Morve

tim feleppa
Watch at .75 speed it’s even better. Thanks
Comment from : tim feleppa

Maggie 21
I love these old videos!!!
Comment from : Maggie 21

pls continue these lecons

Night Burning the sun
1.1mil students in this class
Comment from : Night Burning the sun

the river olga accent is the russian version of the boston accent. change my mind!
Comment from : mcm1322

LPS Sparkle cherry
Sorry mam a I’m 7 years late
Comment from : LPS Sparkle cherry

I do appreciate a teacher with assets...
Comment from : tatjoni

Joannie Trotter
I can now count to ten in Russian because of you Maria 😃.. can you please consider making more Russian language videos? They are brilliantly educational and relaxing. Thanks 😊🇬🇧
Comment from : Joannie Trotter

Willow Wisteria
Still watching this video over and over again in 2019. I wish we could get more lessons!!
Comment from : Willow Wisteria

OMG Love this. If I had a language teacher like this, I'd have to be well rested; otherwise, I'd be falling asleep to her voice all the time. ASMR aside, good teacher. Learned a lot.
Comment from : ReclusiveMountainMan

Jenna van der Merwe
My boyfriend is Russian and I wanna learn a bit of Russian just for fun. Love all your videos, Maria! 💖
Comment from : Jenna van der Merwe

Night Burning the sun
Comment from : Night Burning the sun

When Maria said 5, I could only think of a quote from an Anomaly twitch highlights video...
Когда секс ? Пять минут назад!

Comment from : The_LTG

It's the 7 year anniversary of this video
Comment from : LaurenTiare

Dlovan Ramzi
Comment from : Dlovan Ramzi

rippetoe 38
0:54 personal time stamp
Comment from : rippetoe 38

Pella Aleksandrova
The russian and macedonian numbers are VERY similar.
Comment from : Pella Aleksandrova

Mike Nino
Could still here your voice not really whispering.
Comment from : Mike Nino

Winter Oaks
Any time you say "Kievan Rus." mega tingles
Comment from : Winter Oaks

Winter Oaks
I get soooo many tingles from this. I keep coming back to it to refresh my counting 1 to 10, also.
Comment from : Winter Oaks


Comment from : ZUCKITS

JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K
So sexy pre and post pregnancy 🔥👌🏽
Comment from : JustAGuy OnYoutube!4K

Lisa Starseed Expat
tere :)
Comment from : Lisa Starseed Expat

Mia&Ani Cone-Wade
Anyone in 2019?
Comment from : Mia&Ani Cone-Wade

Steve Broggie
These are amazing. Gives the the phrase, "Hot for teacher" a whole new meaning.
Comment from : Steve Broggie

Бля, че это было? Спасибо, подрочил? Баба с сиськам и выжжеными волосами шепчет что-то про русский язык? Поэтому иностранцы типа "учат" русский, потому что там всегда фигурирует какая-то дешевая "сексителка"? Очки хоть поменяй, они немодные и уродливые, фу.
Comment from : Anast

i can't roll the R (Р), how do i do it?
Comment from : tjyb

Damien Brelay
18:45 uhhhhh
Comment from : Damien Brelay

Gerald Graven
Comment from : Gerald Graven

Dark Cloud
you are stacked!!!!!
Comment from : Dark Cloud

Paula Lore
Please Maria back with these lessons! They're great!!!
Comment from : Paula Lore

Dana Barnes
I am a huge fan and I think that you should redo this with better audio. Love you. Thank you
Comment from : Dana Barnes

ooh!!! so beautiful MARIA!!!! [100%=RELAX].thank you!
Comment from : Denis

jannatul ferdoushi
u talk too slow
Comment from : jannatul ferdoushi

Tyler Elliott
How much Russian do you know?
Comment from : Tyler Elliott

Petr Korotkov
Ой ну красота, нашёл где можно учить английский на раслабоне, я прям засыпаааююю................
Comment from : Petr Korotkov

Lydia casper
Watched after work , mega head rush tingles immediately 💗👩🏼👏🏼
Comment from : Lydia casper

joe orlando
Great tits
Comment from : joe orlando

Amelia Edwards
My dad used to come home from work at 12, 1 or 2 in the morning from his shift. He would always watch YouTube to wind down. Particularly, he used to love watching videos that helped him learn. One night, he talked to me and said "I found this video of a lady teaching Russian. But its weird, she's really quiet. I have to turn it all the way up to understand anything she says." My dad accidentally introduced me to ASMR
Comment from : Amelia Edwards

Alesha Ololosha
Comment from : Alesha Ololosha

this was 2012???
Comment from : oof

Broke Dog
zank you for teaching me how to zpeak ruzzian language, now I will be able to get those zekrit documents and win ze Var !! ! ! !
Comment from : Broke Dog

tim feleppa
Ur awesome
Comment from : tim feleppa

Steve Kent
You're a credit to the Russian people.
Comment from : Steve Kent

Odin is indeed, a number 1 god.
Comment from : NathanRomml

1M views yeahh 🎉✨🎉✨🎉
One of my favorite video 😊

Comment from : Brgm-

Ven detta
best of the best of the best of the best teacher
Comment from : Ven detta

young Indian zero degrees
Hello dear ***can you send a English translation on russian a b c d e f g h.........z all on WhatsApp
Comment from : young Indian zero degrees

Artem Lobov
Khabib is done in one
Comment from : Artem Lobov

jesse j
Maria is beautiful😍
Comment from : jesse j

18:13 - 19:06 I've never been so invested in listening to someone count from one to ten.
Comment from : DragonRings

Nerdy ASMR
Wow, you are talented! Learning a language with a different alphabet would be hard.
Comment from : Nerdy ASMR

El Grande
I'm very distracted for obvious reasons.
Comment from : El Grande

8 c
I love this video, and I love the Russian culture and language
Comment from : 8 c

8 c
Are you Russian?
Comment from : 8 c

Danny's floor service.
This keeps make me fall asleep lol xd
Comment from : Danny's floor service.

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