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If you have any questions on video poker or want to know a few ways to practice at home, watch the following video and ask away in the comment section: www.youtube.com/watch?v=esdFpzSTC5w
Comment from : ClubMikeV

Disagree. NO GAPS. Only open ended if you're dumping Js or higher.
Comment from : Big10fluff

You are often better off going for the open-ended straight on the three-card run over throwing the hand away. There are several possible opportunities with this vs throwing away the hand and hoping for Js or better.
Comment from : Big10fluff

Artobuk AOB
On the 94th hand 24AJK why not hold the 3 high cards rather than just the J and K?
Comment from : Artobuk AOB

Maxine Fletcher
Good video
Comment from : Maxine Fletcher

Comment from : muthashuckka@gmail.com

William james
that's funny I was rooting for you to get the Royal to
Comment from : William james

John Smith
I love these video poker series. In case anyone is wondering about the royal flush draw at the end, here is how to calculate the exact expectation when drawing 1 card to the royal.
Qs = 4,000 x 1 card = 4,000 coins

Qc,Qd,Qh = 20 x 3 cards = 60 coins
9s,8s,6s,5s,4s,3s,2s = 30 x 7 cards =210 coins
Ac,Ad,Ah,Kc,Kd,Kh,Jc,Jd,Jh =5 x 9 cards=45 coins
all other cards = 0 x 27 cards = 0 coins. Add up totals and you get 4,315. 4,315 /47 cards = 91.8 coins expectation. Average payout is more than 3 times holding the flush (30 coins)
The expectation is actually slightly higher when holding 4 to a royal and needing a ten because you can make 3 more paying pairs ( 10s arent a paying pair)

Comment from : John Smith

cori Miles
You go way too fast
Comment from : cori Miles

I noticed on a couple hands that you tossed face cards and kept low pair. Result was loss but holding the two face cards would have resulted in 2 pair. Apparently the paper odds are better to hope for another pair on draw, but seems like the chances would be better to pick up one or both held face cards?
Comment from : SGTSnakeUSMC

Shivas Irons
5:13. I like to keep the facecards with the 3s. 8 outs.
Comment from : Shivas Irons

Shivas Irons
1:40 you mentioned Optimal strategy, I'm pretty new to all things poker in general, though I'm intrigued. I guess the thing now in poker is G.T.O. Game Theory Optimal, I wonder what opt.strategy on vid poker translated to live card poker could tell us?
Comment from : Shivas Irons

khalil Gibran
Name of the sofware? Good video
Comment from : khalil Gibran

John Lupo
a couple OF aces NOT: a couple aces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : John Lupo

Nik Baret
What luck on the demo...... nice hit on the queen but wheres tge payout?
Comment from : Nik Baret

Cameron Fuchs
14:40 Why is the low pair better than 4 to an open ended straight?
Comment from : Cameron Fuchs

Jay Rock
Does anyone have a good coin betting strategy such as starting with 1 coin then increasing to 2 coins after a win then 3 coins after a second win then going back to 1 coin after a loss? I've tried many experiments, just wondering if anyone has a certain game and coin betting strategy that works all the time

Comment from : Jay Rock

Ken H.
Thought I knew how to play. I don't.
Comment from : Ken H.

John Chandler
where do you get this software?
Comment from : John Chandler

Seems like you always break even when you win or get steadily slaughtered.
Comment from : Hexapplan

Christopher Manley
what is this program?
Comment from : Christopher Manley

Roman Hernandez
I need more practice on the jacks or better before I go to Vegas . Don’t know where to find that video poker practice software
Comment from : Roman Hernandez

Roman Hernandez
Can you make another video like this
Comment from : Roman Hernandez

That Guy
Really good info thanks a lot. I play almost the same but I like the flush lesson in the end and holding two of the lowest high cards instead of all three cuz then you have three shots at the jacks or better with those in lieu of just two
Comment from : That Guy

Frank T
What software is this? Nice vid!
Comment from : Frank T

4:50 you hold the two same suited high cards king jack because very easy to make money back and you can actually make a straight flush or two pairs or even a straight As u were already intending by getting a ten
Comment from : Tooktoomuchmolly

why is it the two small ones you keep on 3 high card
Comment from : stevegot710

Stefan Bates
Would you hold 3 to a royal on a made straight or flush or is that only 4 to a royal when you go for it
Comment from : Stefan Bates

raymond cancel
What Video poker site do you play or Poker side or casino site do you play on .Here is my email raymondatw34@gmail.com , my email will be up for 5 days if you care to send me a private massage?
Comment from : raymond cancel

I thought I had video poker down pat, but I missed 3 of the hands due to the play concerning chances at getting a royal flush...you proved it on the last hand...but I am still skeptical...thanks for the info...
Comment from : M79Man

Peter Teixeira
Amazingly you had almost no tough decisions to make in those hundred hands.
Comment from : Peter Teixeira

yetor K10 benton
Another reason to go for 4 to the Royal is you still have outs another spade or a Queen for the straight to save the hand...
Comment from : yetor K10 benton

James Lyndon
at 10:29 why do you pick the 10 as well as the K ?
Comment from : James Lyndon

Thanks for the vid. Why did you hold the 10 at 10:30 ?
Comment from : crazy360playa

In approximately 9:03 minutes you went for a gut shot and you said earlier never go for gut shots. Correct me if I’m mistaken.
Comment from : 絶対正義

Danny J
Good info...Thanks. I got 6/10 right....Helped me out a lot!!!
Comment from : Danny J

74 Visuals
What about when you have 3 to a straight flush and a pair?
Comment from : 74 Visuals

Poker Snob
Your payouts are little off, but I guess it depends on the casino!
Comment from : Poker Snob

Steve Hydock
I can't believe you had a Royal on the last Hand it sure seemed like it was Staged but I believe you.... That was great thanks!
Comment from : Steve Hydock

Bradley Love
Excellent video! Thank you
Comment from : Bradley Love

Cole Almonte
I am curious, is holding the two lowest high cards when dealt 3 high cards better because it leads to more straight possibilities?
Comment from : Cole Almonte

Sheldon Cooper
Thumbs up if it hurts you inside to throw out 3 to a royal in favor of a paying pair! It's hard to keep the pair, but if the jackpot isn't big enough, the 1 in 1081 longshot chance at a royal isn't worth it.
Comment from : Sheldon Cooper

Paul Bakajin
At 5:38 you have a Q,K,A,9,4 and said to Not hold the Ace, can you please explain why..??

thanks and I love ur videos.. SUBSCRIBED.

Comment from : Paul Bakajin

Brian Gray
I think I agree with everything but an open ended straight is too tempting to stick with a small pair instead lol
Comment from : Brian Gray

Dave Gelormino
Mike - new to the game and like to get started with Jack's or Better.But at the casino kept seeing Ultimate Video Poker machines .Or other machines with jacked up payouts.Advise?
Comment from : Dave Gelormino

Justin Hart
Its not staged. It’s just set up lol
Comment from : Justin Hart

Good stuff and very valuable information if you want to play video poker seriously and perhaps win once in a while. The only Royal Flush I ever had was dealt to me in the first hand with max bet.
Comment from : HYDRA DYNAMIC

Eggs is eggs
What software is this? It looks very good.
Comment from : Eggs is eggs

By any chance do you know of any training software for mac?
Comment from : Nostalbit

James Ross
mike can you do a few more videos like this at the end. few more scenarios in jacks or better?
Comment from : James Ross

Very helpful vid. Its hard to keep these straight after a 2 hour bender but practice makes perfect.
Comment from : DegenerateGamblers

Thomas Stillwaggon
Thanks for the video Mike I really like the new format with the quiz can't wait for the double double video to come out.
Comment from : Thomas Stillwaggon

j ybarra
Good video...i think most people that watch your vids are players....dont waste time on the obvious hands....like your tutorials. Royal on last hand...awesome! What is software?
Comment from : j ybarra

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