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Would be more helpful to see what cards were dealt out before picking high and second high hand.
Comment from : JackMar60

Saurav Kumar Roy
Sir, you didn't mention about the role of joker in this game unlike poker wherein a 52 card deck is used. While in Pai Gow a 53 card deck is used including a joker. A joker usually represents an 'Ace' while it can be used to complete a flush, straight and straight flush. Due to this feature of joker, there is an additional poker hand named 'Five of a kind of Aces' which ranks higher than a 'Royal Flush'. Apart from this, there are also fortune bets which takes into consideration 7- card hands in some situations, e.g. 7 card straight flush, 7 card straight flush with joker and Royal match (a royal flush and 2 cards of a King and a Queen of any suit). Such rules makes this game quiet a lot different from usual poker.
Comment from : Saurav Kumar Roy

Pedro Henrique
pai gow you lose again
Comment from : Pedro Henrique

Brian Cline
Take off the huge ID tags before making videos lol
Comment from : Brian Cline

Ray Bonassi
Where is the close-up camera?
Comment from : Ray Bonassi

Brendan Hughes
Thanks! Always was curious about this game
Comment from : Brendan Hughes

This game is a time killer
Comment from : krazziejrboi

Noe Garcia
My favorite game to play besides texas hold em
Comment from : Noe Garcia

Big Will
Good video
Comment from : Big Will

Uhohhotdog Gaming
You really need to show the cards up close.
Comment from : Uhohhotdog Gaming

Stephanie Childers
Seems simple enough. Thank you for the tutorial.
Comment from : Stephanie Childers

Also there is one thing i am wondering about your board the yellow circle and the A circle ?
Comment from : sam111880

great explanation one thing i am confused about is does the strategy matter if you focus more on high hand or more on low hand. Is it better to focus on making the high hand great or low hand great or splitting the focus up. Anyway great explanation on how the game fundamentals work but for somebody that has say a full house should he uses it as a 3 of a kind and uses the pair as the low hand for example...
Comment from : sam111880

Pai Gow is pronounced "pie now"
Comment from : EnderSlayer

shunyao xie
nicely explained. The camera angle is bad.
Comment from : shunyao xie

Jon Veliky
family guy brought me here
Comment from : Jon Veliky

Benedikt Ondřej
What i must do if i want work for WinStar World Casino and Resort? I have 10 years experince in american rulete (europe version - frech wheel/american style, black jack, stud poker, russian poker and ultimate texas holdem - texas holdem against dealer). Till now im working on german borders.
Comment from : Benedikt Ondřej

David Kaye
Nobody can see your fuckin cards jackass
Comment from : David Kaye

Joseph Saeteurn
on the last hand. Say if I got the dealers hand. couldn't I use 2 pairs for the highest hand instead of low pair for low hand and high pair for high hand? this way my highest hand has 2 pairs that should beat any high pair like ace or kings right? it would be a push rather than a lost.
Comment from : Joseph Saeteurn

Joseph Saeteurn
this kind of game is very slow and its just like killing time cause most time its always push. we were at the casino last night for 5 hours playing this game and it was so slow. not much chips transferring.
Comment from : Joseph Saeteurn

Shinobi Kenobi
great way to practice poker if you're still confused this will get you goin with all the hands....BUT not so sure how well anyone can do at the real tables...i feel like it wil be a lot of pushes, then followed by more losses than wins ...we'll have to see tomorrow! goin gamblin for the first real time n this is my fav game
Comment from : Shinobi Kenobi

camera angles aren't good.. get a 2nd camera setup overhead so you can SEE the cards on the table...
Comment from : pesto12601

Challah Bread
Pai Gow poker looks fun but if it's Pai Gow poker night, go to the casino only if you feel confident and lucky. The atmosphere completely changes and all the money flows to the high rollers' area almost immediately.
Comment from : Challah Bread

Thanks for the tutorial.  I used to play a while back, but forgot how to play.  Now I'm all set. Thanks
Comment from : tjstraw1

I lost everything playing this game. Ffuuuuuuucccckkkk. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh. My life is worthless. I have to go
Comment from : jdvicvega0

Chris Albright
hey thanks this helps alot
Comment from : Chris Albright

Narmada Ramesh
yeah im soo addicted to online poker, you should get started with a no deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds from this poker site get it here POK22.COM و عشق فقط از جایی شروع می شود که دیگر هیچ انتظاری برای گرفتن هیچ چیز وجود نداشته باشد
Comment from : Narmada Ramesh

Berthold Chiang
they forgot to mention the joker (bug)...
Comment from : Berthold Chiang

Jose Herrera
awesome game I have played it 3 times and I like It and I will continue to play it.
Comment from : Jose Herrera

thanks alot for teach
Comment from : BachTuanHuy228

Daniel Carr
no this is a great game for people with not a huge amount of money because it often results in a break even, i spent 2 hours at a table recently and only ended up down about $10, got all the free drinks in the meantime so was great overall
Comment from : Daniel Carr

Damien Gar
no they dont..
Comment from : Damien Gar

zheer tawfiq
the worst game ever the casino has a big advantage in this game.
Comment from : zheer tawfiq

@dadsabrat you do and in the vid he does say you do deal with all positions,but this is a demo
Comment from : Metalman200xdamnit

@xFuJai Poker Rank of Hands (high to low): Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, Pair, High Card
Comment from : witttiger93

What is the betting system
Comment from : serpico56

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