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Alien Zone
4:30 your welcome
Comment from : Alien Zone

david smith
Comment from : david smith

Dominic Gregorio
I did the same few times,but on a much lower bet . I was over the moon :) once,I stepped in a bookie shop in London, William hill,I saw at one of the fobt machines the last number was 32 and straight away I placed a max bet on the reverse of 32 which is 23( my lucky number) and I won £500 ,I went to the till and the girl working there refused to pay me :)
Comment from : Dominic Gregorio

Aleksandar Aca
Comment from : Aleksandar Aca

Hakki K
Perkele!!! 😅👍🏻
Comment from : Hakki K

Dragonara allows players to win? That's news for me ;-)
Comment from : RouletteMan

Ross Buchanan
you are an irritant
Comment from : Ross Buchanan

Cedric Lorblanchet
Comment from : Cedric Lorblanchet

alfie norman
How much did he win ?
Comment from : alfie norman

Why was that wheel spinning at 60mph?
Comment from : Anonymous

Book of STE
Sti Cazzzzzz🤩
Comment from : Book of STE

Poker Beast
Only one 0 on the board is better odds
Comment from : Poker Beast

Benno DelRicoh Meric
how u knew 11 was coming?
u were so sure about that?

Comment from : Benno DelRicoh Meric

My mom work at dragonara casino
Comment from : DoubleLucky777

Kenzie Aponte
I’m a dealer at a casino and we have an online table, I don’t know about online Blackjack tables but no, the online roulette tables are not rigged. And his spin is obviously good but it’s not all that, when your vision is confined to a camera, trust me it makes the wheel look like it’s going a lot faster, and it makes the dealer’s spin look a lot better.
Comment from : Kenzie Aponte

Naymar Jr
Believe me you win today and you will lose tomorrow or next day!! It’s a bad addiction
Comment from : Naymar Jr

Ștefan Florin
Comment from : Ștefan Florin

I'm right You're wrong
If you believe this you're a mug
Comment from : I'm right You're wrong

Martin Stöberl
Good Job Men you win in 1 Minute the same money for what i must work 4 years ;D
Comment from : Martin Stöberl

Peter B
This Hit would be the last, because i would Never Play again
Comment from : Peter B

ze yang Yong
he should change his name , called " black 11"
Comment from : ze yang Yong

giga gigaa
I am a human and I like butter, just saying
Comment from : giga gigaa

How you guess

Mark High
This reminds me of what I love Elite Crash! I hit 65x this week and made up for all my bad crypto trades on Bitmix.. Elite has less than a 1% house edge and I enjoy playing way more than traditional games.
Comment from : Mark High

Hiram Acevedo
where wesbte intenret find? i can enjoy but if you give real wesbte that
Comment from : Hiram Acevedo

Zero Unu
fukkk y
Comment from : Zero Unu

Roberto D
Perkele wooooo 😂
Comment from : Roberto D

Danny Brockman
Bullshit! You never win online
Comment from : Danny Brockman

Tapio Aaltonen
Comment from : Tapio Aaltonen

If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette
Comment from : If You Want Roulette Software #Roulette

Gangsta Vic
Simply amazing!! Now that's what you call a perfect picture all you have to do is just take it..
Comment from : Gangsta Vic

Lone Surviver
I like to wait like 3 spins then go where they haven't hit in a while usually gets me up early
Comment from : Lone Surviver

Jay Lopes
30 years ago in Vegas i went broke on Roulette and thought well let me just stay and watch for a few spins, this one guy was playing my number 17 so i watched him it was like midnight, this guy dropped $50 per spin on 17 till 05:00 and it never hit !!! I went back to the hotel shaking my head, that's Roulette a very cruel game
Comment from : Jay Lopes

www.jarttu84.com Why the clicks to deposit is no access,it is not working ?
Comment from : MOHAMAD KHIR Samson

Kamlesh Patel
Hallo YouTubber!
Comment from : Kamlesh Patel

Varunee Hattawong
It will be really good if excapt CC...
Comment from : Varunee Hattawong

roulette killer
Hi Everyone, If someone is after a system that truly works then get in contact you will not be disappointed. I am sick of seeing peoples selling shit to people that want to win. Never believe the red and black double up bs or cover these sections all that is made me anyone can do it. I have over 22 years experience on roulette "European roulette" were i know what numbers ( neighbors ) are coming out next. from zero to 36. If your serious about making a couple of hundred to 1000s then get in contact with me. roulettekiller35@gmail.com to speak further. No one can offer you a better service then a live broadcast and hit numbers.
Comment from : roulette killer

He will be working on the mines again...soon.
Comment from : Nodrodsky

Nikola Buer
Play for free on: bet-in-home.com/game/european-roulette-pro
Comment from : Nikola Buer

Terry Baker
I played at that casino today
Comment from : Terry Baker

Mega Roulette
Die zuverlässigste Art, Roulettetrick.net zu verdienen
Comment from : Mega Roulette

Noranda Noran
Great video! If you guys wanna learn real roulette method, search in google for "croupierbunny roulette". Worked like a charm.
Comment from : Noranda Noran

Mohd Shafiq
damm you talk so much.. you play lke a kid
Comment from : Mohd Shafiq

One does not simply
you couldnt set this up, could you?
Comment from : One does not simply

nimo hobbs
That was bullocks..
Comment from : nimo hobbs

David Blake
what a load of old shit
Comment from : David Blake

this never happens the table is rigged in your favor because you are sponsored fuck outta here
Comment from : Saimir

Dejan Simic
Whatever on the end casions take everythings
Comment from : Dejan Simic

Adrenaline Only
Repeats, video ends haha unlucky all that excitement to loose lol bye bye 18k
Comment from : Adrenaline Only

Forex secrete
Great Strategy
Comment from : Forex secrete

LuckyP Slots
Wow nice game bud, check out my wins :-)
Comment from : LuckyP Slots

RM Studio
Good job bro
Comment from : RM Studio

Max Lee
I would love to hit him in the head with a Brick.
Comment from : Max Lee

huba buba
and hi loss this all
Comment from : huba buba

calvan candy
Nice win bro
Comment from : calvan candy

Roland Bodor
How many bets have u made before recording the hitted one lol? 40000€???
Comment from : Roland Bodor

Michael John Murphy
Hey man do you play casino games for a living?
Comment from : Michael John Murphy

Michele juventus
Comment from : Michele juventus

All online casino be it regulated or not are rigged. Never gamble online.
Comment from : Edcademia

www.youtube.com/watch?v=51bc1ypNsrU&t=98s the chance is >0% wenn du das siehst und kombinierst
Comment from : pikniker

And, how do you do after 2 months? Have you already lost everything?
Comment from : xXOxIdEXx

David C
Get the fudge in !
Comment from : David C

PC Brah
lend me a tenner? :)
Comment from : PC Brah

Linda Sunshine
Comment from : Linda Sunshine

1KinG TV
itss strange couse u wait and wait and wait and then bet and win how the fck is that possible
Comment from : 1KinG TV

PronXcalcio Gold PronXcalcio
Comment from : PronXcalcio Gold PronXcalcio

crnkaaa babikooo
The Secret?? The Book ?😂
Comment from : crnkaaa babikooo

Zack Smith
Comment from : Zack Smith

Luca urs.
Ma vaffanculo coglione
Comment from : Luca urs.

Kürsat Göze
Hahaha this man is crazy i Love hims Play.
Comment from : Kürsat Göze

Niko Kovanen
Hehe this is so Fake
Comment from : Niko Kovanen

Amir Bajrami
Cheers for the Video! Forgive me for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried - Mahorrla Earning Gamble Method (do a search on google)? It is a smashing one of a kind product for making money with a proven roulette system without the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy at very last got great success with it.
Comment from : Amir Bajrami

Kristian Dimitrov
well done bro :) my favorite numbers are 5 8 11
Comment from : Kristian Dimitrov

hutun villu
greetings from finland
Comment from : hutun villu

Sickest spin ive ever seen
Comment from : 6stijn6

Fiona Vapes
Crazy. Crazier. Jarrtuslot.
Comment from : Fiona Vapes

Даша Кацурина
Hi! How can i cooperate with you? Can you give me your contact? Skype, mail? Thanks a lot!
Comment from : Даша Кацурина

Adrenaline Only
Hope you got a cash out incredibly lucky and some real gambling lol woulda hurt loosing
Comment from : Adrenaline Only

Adrenaline Only
Did he keep on playing to loose everything ? Didn’t even show next loosing spin lol
Comment from : Adrenaline Only

www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVjuEbHo_lk&t=11s katohan tää :D
Comment from : Käpätzy

Christian Sbaglia
I would like an advice
I play from Italy
you can recommend me, an online casino with the program on the net-ent that plays with limit 1-75.000 and that is definitely paying
a good mess that do not scam customers ... and pay for winnings thanks

Comment from : Christian Sbaglia

Jack Rees
This is so fucking fake it’s untrue , if you believe this, you are a moron
Comment from : Jack Rees

Keyboard Man
if I hit it like that, I will definitely cum on my pants. amazing!
Comment from : Keyboard Man

Lassi Luoma-nirva
Onnee! harmi ku missasin striimis ton :D
Comment from : Lassi Luoma-nirva

jody courtney
Comment from : jody courtney

paul collins
its Easy he says .....yet i can only dream ....Congrats Jarttuslot :)
Comment from : paul collins

Vain 18x bet :D eisentäs congratz! :D
Comment from : Neqpwn

Comment from : Dagon

Casinomann - Best of Twitch
wow! again?
Comment from : Casinomann - Best of Twitch

Comment from : rtownz251251

Goog Le Kon To Lie
How can he know the next number?
Comment from : Goog Le Kon To Lie

Incredibile man perchele youtube
Comment from : CHESTOR ITALIA

Adam Larsen
100€ skrill for me? 😂
Comment from : Adam Larsen

and again... xDD i cant belive it!
Comment from : Purefreakstyle

erkki alatalo
onse jarttu ihme miäs
Comment from : erkki alatalo

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