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john devsin
Lol man..it took you like 8 wins to get even after one loss not to mention this is demo..this is one of dumbest strategies ever seen..crazy amount of money to invest and very low reward
Comment from : john devsin

This is the worst strategy I think I've ever seen
Comment from : T L

Noah Bennett
In my opinion the martingale strategy I an easy way that works to make a fast profit. I play mostly on sharkroulette
Comment from : Noah Bennett

Nestor Alvarez
Comment from : Nestor Alvarez

Atanas Atanasov
On 3,6,1,4 you lose 226usd, on 5 you lose 157usd, on rest you win 38usd per spin. It does not cover all numbers at all as the author claims. ALSO IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO COVER ALL NUMBERS?

Comment from : Atanas Atanasov

I have been working a month...any number that hits wins 15 chip..100%
Comment from : BOB WADAS

are you drunk????
Comment from : MARIO MUSKETER

Scubaman AE
Your invest is to much. If you make 4 mistake it will be game over 1000 lost
Comment from : Scubaman AE

Shelley Fowler
Hi there. I've been playing roulette for nearly 5 years at least 3 times per week and have tried literally DOZENS of systems. I like this strategy a lot.

To make it faster to recover from a loss, I increased the split bets to $3 each so a total bet of $268 instead of $262. It affects your profit only a little. You make $32 instead of $38 if you land on the line bets. If you land on one of the 7 numbers with the $3 bets, the least you will win is $54.

Sure you need luck too. You can have multiple spins land on your $3 bets. But I like how fast it is to recover. Will try it soon at the casino.

Comment from : Shelley Fowler

fat cat
You risk thousand-dollar to make $100
Comment from : fat cat

Comment from : DonnieDarkness

when ze ball has a possibility of hitting a non winning number, then zi is not called a 100% winning strategy
Comment from : Ross

Donatus Kissoon
At the top of the table there are 6 chips on 7 numbers. The entire system can be drastically improved by adding one chip so that each of the 7 numbers at the top have one chip on them.
Comment from : Donatus Kissoon

Kalpana p
Waste stratogy
Comment from : Kalpana p

Rafael Rose
So if you lose, you lose around $230 and if you win, it’s $38 profit? Lmao this guy is a clown 😂😂 the casino will happily take those odds 😂
Comment from : Rafael Rose

Márk Hegedűs
This is a losing strategy, to simplify it, you gave 78% chance to win 38$; 13% chance to lose 226$; 2.7% chance to lose 144$ and 2.7% chance to lose 108$. If you run a simulation over a 1000 games you will end up in an aproximately 7000$ deficit. (unless you are really lucky, but in the long run this strategy won't work)
Comment from : Márk Hegedűs

Jason Rinaldo
This won’t work at a land based casino.....all your chips are the same value. It’s garbage on video / electronic play....lol.... I mean this with the utmost respect, so far you’ve had 1 strategy that worked on one wheel but destroyed me on another wheel- you’re at 50% with success- lol I like a low chip count bet with an efficient coverage system. When I see a ton of chips on the board I already know it’s a loser.
Comment from : Jason Rinaldo

Adsladsl113 Adsl
Comment from : Adsladsl113 Adsl

Notice this wheel has only one 0 and no 00 . Most casino wheels have 0 and 00 . Making your odds much worse
Comment from : Mca0824

Red Vynil
Okay, you won every bet and you walked away with $150.00 you didn't have before but, how much did you have to spend to get it?
Comment from : Red Vynil

Gtmj gtmj de la night
LOL commencer à 1000€ pour finir à 1100 je vois pas l’interêt
Comment from : Gtmj gtmj de la night

فیلم سینمایی
Comment from : فیلم سینمایی

hugh moore
casino tek
Yep !, too smart by half ? 2nd spin 6 black hits & you are down - $226, then you need 7 $50 bet wins to be in profit ? 1 word for it = FAILURE.

Comment from : hugh moore

Drekos Gaming
i actually found a way to win at roulette. tho it requires at least 130k bucks to win 300 euros/hour. i had only 500 bucks and doubled it, but then the losing streak hit me bad and i didnt have enough cash to save it.
Comment from : Drekos Gaming

Devill Angell
Hahahaha is that all ur brain can do,, u almost lose every spin
Comment from : Devill Angell

you can try if you want to lose...you still don't understand, there is no roulette strategy.
Comment from : Can DOGAN

War Gaming TV
Comment from : War Gaming TV

early bird
math genius hahahaha
Comment from : early bird

Tuấn Huỳnh
0 - 1 - 3 - 4 - 6 ( 5/37) you need a big money to win ! Stupid bet
Comment from : Tuấn Huỳnh

What is the point with 6 $2 splits? You stupid fuck. You have no business wasting our time with this nonsense!
Comment from : ElectronicSkateboard

Zero, ok, we are Fked !!! Lol
Comment from : MrNikosnik

Soi Kèo Online
how can play Baccarat Win @
Comment from : Soi Kèo Online

That Finch Guy
Who teach englis to this guy?
Comment from : That Finch Guy

Benno DelRicoh Meric
what happens if you get 1-4-6 etc ? how do you recover from that?
Comment from : Benno DelRicoh Meric

Donald Keyes
winning 35 $ to lose over 260
Comment from : Donald Keyes

it is work but depend about the limit. if the casino limite is 500 or 250 is not working
Comment from : Jesuisbon9

Interesting video, though some of the strategies in your other videos seem more promising.
Please contact me for a possible collaboration. Thanks

Comment from : RouletteMan

this system I made 12k first day then lost 30 k next day
Comment from : 乔一

Oh le gratteur fou en anglais mdrr
Comment from : byGree

lau jieqian
This strategy is the most useless!
Comment from : lau jieqian

High Stakes25
​check out my newest vid, 5000€ W on wolf god!
Comment from : High Stakes25

El Cisne Schwan
Do not happen to bet that formula. they would lose their money
Comment from : El Cisne Schwan

El Cisne Schwan
that bet does not work
Comment from : El Cisne Schwan

Victor Dawidski
Mais c'est le gratteur fou haha extra
Comment from : Victor Dawidski

José Pereira
I got a question, can we choose every number on the roulette?
Comment from : José Pereira

I have win about 25k within 2months
Comment from : 乔少昌

it works very well like it
Comment from : 乔少昌

Aleksandar Aca
You are risking 260 dollars to win 30 . What kind of a math is that ? I'd put 5$ on 6 numbers and spin lol.
Comment from : Aleksandar Aca

reno armagedon
saya ingin maen rolet di winfortun88, ada yg tahu alamat wedbsite nya
Comment from : reno armagedon

Meadow Apple
I tried this and another system. This one does win, but very slowly. I used the other system and went from $1000 to $6500. Then saw this and played for 30 minutes and went down and then finally to $6900. Then I switched to the other method and went to $8500 in ten minutes. This works it you want to spend all day making maybe $15 per hour.
Comment from : Meadow Apple

ahmad watoni
I have a best system for this game.. N 90% winner.. My phone 083129724066 just $200
Comment from : ahmad watoni

alfa sheilla
Alamat system nya apa
Comment from : alfa sheilla

Stephen Sawyers
Find a better strategy
Comment from : Stephen Sawyers

Gard Javidan
What the fuck Strategie ♟
Comment from : Gard Javidan

Paul Merriman
why did it pay $300 on 8 black when you had no chips anywhere near??
Comment from : Paul Merriman

KOH Joo Hua
ALL ARE WELCOME TO WHATS APP KOH --------- +(65) 9433 3363
Comment from : KOH Joo Hua

Chillax films
One thing you should know about roulette is there is no winning strategy, it's all about luck one day your so called strategy will work then most of the day it will lose everything you've got. I know trust me ..
Comment from : Chillax films

so dumb
Comment from : Sh00ternab

Cindy 67 d.
é un fake.. la ruota non gira così a lungo..hai fatto più riprese fino a che non esce il numero
Comment from : Cindy 67 d.

the only way to win in casino is luck or blackjack.
Comment from : LordArioh

Jick Hedge
1 loss 262-36 = 226 loss 7 winning spins winning 38 7x38= 234. You'd want to be a millionaire. Fkn ridiculous system. In the middle of that video when balance went a bit low, if it hits 0 1 3 4 or 6 your 1000 is almost gone. Your doomed. Stupid video... betting $262 to win $38. Fuckoff
Comment from : Jick Hedge

QuanSeattle N
My God....so Stupid. Don't waste your time here people!!!!
Comment from : QuanSeattle N

Mike Prince
this strategy is garbage.
Comment from : Mike Prince

Vikram Chetri
How to u bet 262 ,tell me plz.
Comment from : Vikram Chetri

Republika Dugave
Chances of ball landing on 30 and 33, both 3 times out of 7 spins is just proof that this software is rigged..
Comment from : Republika Dugave

This video is sponsored by tek casino
Comment from : Imjonim

Ice Ro
Comment from : Ice Ro

So if it lands on any number from 7-36 (30 pockets) then you win $300.
There’s only one $2 split bet on 0, 1, 3, 4, and 6 (5 pockets) so if it hits one of these then you win $36.
There are three $2 split bets on 5 (1 pocket) so hitting there will win you $108.
Finally there are four $2 split bets on 2 (1 pocket) so hitting there will win you $144.
Averaging these odds out nets you an average return of $254.92.
This result may seem attractive, but in the end this expected return is actually slightly lower than the $262 you’d have to bet ($50 x 5 + $2 x 6) to get these odds.
Sure these odds look favorable, but as I’ve no doubt learned, you clearly can’t rely on this strategy to turn a profit in the long run.

Comment from : EqualsPeach

Fico Rockmann
You should re-name your vídeo to: "how to win money in youtube with stupid videos"
This is not a strattegy, this is a total waste of time

Comment from : Fico Rockmann

patrick maubon
Comment from : patrick maubon

Clyde Barrow
How BAD is THIS!
Comment from : Clyde Barrow

fucking stupid
Comment from : Mryjin88

Quentin Houriez
c'est toi , le gratteur fou? :o
Comment from : Quentin Houriez

Vincent Sidorski
C’est toi le Gratteur Fou ? Tu as la même vois que lui ?
Comment from : Vincent Sidorski

Garrra Fer
YOU PUT 250 TO WIN 250 ???
Comment from : Garrra Fer

Plz do not waste time on gambling. You will eventually lose.
Comment from : ALCHEMIST

Philps goldie
I've been trading for more than 6 months. During this time, I tried almost all wares. My choice fell on the H.W.A Phoenix 5.0 I decided to give it a try to my surprise, the result was incredible. With the help of Phoenix I earning $3,000 - 4,000 weekly.
Comment from : Philps goldie

Nassim Djemai
Grosse merde ton accent aussi bidon que ta technique
Comment from : Nassim Djemai

StrawHat Teori
Comment from : StrawHat Teori

chum chum
This is a load of crap!
Comment from : chum chum

Justin Ocampo
the voice is so racist
Comment from : Justin Ocampo

Jadore ton accent cest genial 😂
Comment from : Mr.James

Jovanny Davelaar
stop losing at roulette contact @roulettekill7 on instagram 😁 thank me later !
Comment from : Jovanny Davelaar

jon bucedi
How do you win every spin? The rolls where you only won 32$ you actually lost money because you bet 262$....
Comment from : jon bucedi

Hulk Smash
Owned on number 6
Comment from : Hulk Smash

Marco Peter
This is not a winning strategy. You barely managed to get throught the 10min video. And at the end, when you tried to demonstrate the betting, you didn't even get it right.
Comment from : Marco Peter

David Greenwood
At 6:48, total profit is minus $450🤔🤔🤔. Avoid this strategy.😭😭😭
Comment from : David Greenwood

How to strategically lose your life savings
Comment from : 77pex

Anyone stupid enough to believe there is a strategy to Roulette and tries to win by following it deserves to lose their money but people like this who are dangling a carrot of hope and in fact encouraging people to gamble and lose are total wankers.
Comment from : Majowh

Einstein said roulette was the worst game you could play in casino .
Comment from : ThunderLawyer

Steph Cesar
Mais parle français , même les anglais comprendront mieux !
Comment from : Steph Cesar

such a fool :P zhou arhet a french fouool monsenieur. you havvah an baguette in your arhse sirhe
Comment from : mplewp

Try placing 5 bets of 50 or 100, on intersections of:
1, 2, 4 & 5
7, 8, 10 & 11
13, 14, 16 & 17
19, 20, 22 & 23
25, 26, 28 & 29

You cover 20 out of 37 houses, and if you bet 50 on each, your payout should be somewhere around $450 for a net profit of $200, having spent $250 to play.

If you also cover 31, 32, 34 & 35, you have 24 houses covered, for roughly 2/3 winning odds, but you'll spend $300 for a net profit of just $150 should you win. Oddly enough, statistically speaking, you'll break even winnings to losses for both methods lol

Comment from : MBearr1221

Asmr Test
Tu est le gratteur de fou 👌👌👌
Comment from : Asmr Test

Mike Burt
Stick to monopoly you're strategy is what is known in the gambling game as useless.
Comment from : Mike Burt

Ace Spade
Oh man
Comment from : Ace Spade

what may be stop loss and winning target with this system. it suprisingly wins lot. And what has been lingest loosing run with this strategy
Comment from : testsubject

Marcel Rivera
Total idiot :)
Comment from : Marcel Rivera

Senza Nome
che strategia del cazzo ahaha ma fottiti
Comment from : Senza Nome

Taavi Mta
100% hit ??? what a fucking joke
Comment from : Taavi Mta

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