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Love the flamingo for quick trips. going in a few weeks, staying at flamingo night 1 and then cosmo wraparound suite the rest of the trip.
Comment from : FinancialEmpowerMovement

Lori Stone
Thanks for the video. Do you or anyone reading this know the best video poker pay tables on the strip? Does 9/6 even exist anymore?
Comment from : Lori Stone

richard c
Thanks for the list, will be their soon! Probably will do the Kelly Clarkson concert on friday! Great description of the D, Ha Ha. Funny I hit at the airport on the way home! Funny description on El Cortez, funny.
Comment from : richard c

k payne
we prefer the nyny stay there the most have tried many others and always go back tp the nyny and we get the best room through the players card
Comment from : k payne

Ace Rothstein
For what it's worth, I have lived in Las Vegas for over 28 years. I have played and stayed at just about every casino downtown and on the strip over that time period. I'm not a "professional" gambler per se, as I have a full time job, however I LOVE to play black jack, shoot craps, and play video poker. I've won & lost a lot of money but I've never lost that rush of gambling since day 1. So, with that said, let me give you my 2 cents of the best casinos in Las Vegas for a real player (not some tourist who pops $20 in a slot machine and walks away in 10 minutes and says they gambled in Vegas). Keep in mind, a "good casino" perspective changes over the course of time. Some casinos are hot for a few years, then die off. For example, in 1993 I had one of my best craps runs ever and the staff and clientele was cool as hell at Circus Circus. However, I wouldn't be caught dead there today. I won't waste a bunch of space on my reasons, but they are valid.
STRIP BEST BLACKJACK: #1: MGM Grand. (best rules in the world for BJ) #2: Bellagio. #3: The Cromwell. #4: Mirage. #5: Mandalay Bay
DOWNTOWN BEST BLACKJACK: #1: Golden Nugget. #2: Golden Gate. #3: Binion's. #4: Fremont
BEST VIDEO POKER in VEGAS: DO NOT PLAY VIDEO POKER ON THE STRIP. MACHINES ARE TIGHT AS DRUMS. #1: Palace Casino, #2: Red Rock. #3: South Point, #4: Orleans, #5: Santa Fe

Comment from : Ace Rothstein

Comment from : JOHN LUCKETT

Ralph Wells
Thank you so much
Comment from : Ralph Wells

Jani Beg
i did not like the MGM Grand.
Comment from : Jani Beg

Justin E
Funny I was just thinking of something to say Cosmo is not as clean as you think there's a reason why you can get a hooker almost any time of day there
Comment from : Justin E

Justin McGee
Hey just came across your channel, my wife and I are going in September, our 25th anniversary, renew vows, was thinking Luxor because of the Jacuzzi Suite. I’m curious why you were split on the Luxor. Any advice? What’s your thoughts?
Comment from : Justin McGee

Gucci Cano
Great videos!! I went to the MGM and yeah i peeped what was goin real quick alot of people soliciting shit was ghetto as hell . I stayed at the New york New york grear atmosphere. I thought the excalibur was great too
Comment from : Gucci Cano

Just came home from Vegas. Stayed at Flamingo and LOVED IT. Rooms have been renovated and are beautiful and bright. Clean. A great shower. I am returning in September @ Flamingo.
Comment from : ART MCPHARLIN

Jay K
I was only at the MGM Grand once - about 10 years ago. Didn't like it at all. WAY too big. We got lost and as you know - it takes a lot of walking to find what you want to find. Didn't like the vibe at all. I was at the OLD MGM in the 80s (before the fire), I went with my parents and that place was cool. At the time, it had the word's largest casino - size of a football field. It was cool for a 16 yr old to see. One casino that I think has a GREAT vibe (NEVER STAY THERE - beds are soft and lumpy - got comp'd and FREE wasn't worth it) is the Golden Gate. Old School all the way - vibe is great. Another decent place is Main Street Station.
Comment from : Jay K

nick dai
How about Wynn?
Comment from : nick dai

Dee Green
I've worked at the Mirage for 21 years. It's home and I love it. Thank you for making us #4. :) It was built by Steve Wynn. We were the first mega resort on the strip.
Comment from : Dee Green

Knall frosch
absolute great Video!!
Comment from : Knall frosch

Jesus, how much you need to spend for those type of comps??
Comment from : Gabe

Justin C
Great video. I just got back from Vegas for the first time since 2006, and I hadn't been in any casinos since then. The thing I noticed was how much flashier, bigger, and more themed the slot machines are now. In 2006, most of the machines were the mutiple paylines type and had themes, but they weren't very impressive and just regular-size machines. Now there are lots of celebrity machines like Ellen, Britney Spears, Cher, Elvis, Elvira, etc. where the screen is like 8 feet tall. Even Betty White has a machine, lol. Some "movie" machines with scenes from the movie like Titanic. Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy had cool machines. Seemed like every casino on the Strip had an Ellen machine. Buffalo Stampede looked like a cool machine. They're like (expensive) video games for adults now, haha.
Comment from : Justin C

What would you recommend to someone on a low budget. By low budget I mean that I'm a $1 BJ player who is used to spending roughly 90/night for my nearest Hotel & Casino.
Comment from : RememberRobbyKrieger

Justin C
I don't gamble much, but I read the Plaza downtown had good pay on the video poker, I put a $20 in the machine (I think I bet $1 per play), played perfect strategy, but that $20 was gone in about 5 minutes, lol. Maybe I was just unlucky?
Comment from : Justin C

kimberly tibbits
Totally agree with you! I would just switch Cosmo and Bellagio. MGM is the worst!! Only good thing about MGM is KA.
Comment from : kimberly tibbits

Woof Olliesmydog
For full RFB at Cosmo you must be a BIG baller on the slots.
Comment from : Woof Olliesmydog

I work for Marriott in reservations and the Cosmopolitan, an Autograph Collection Hotel is very popular with our guests.
Comment from : pete5668

Both casinos have a shuttle service. I prefer the Aliente Casino. Check their website
Comment from : Biglou

Go where the locals go. Avoid the crowds -try the Red Rock Casino (not the Hard Rock) and my all time favorite -the Aliente Hotel and Casino in North Las Vegas
Comment from : Biglou

Samuel Black
I went to the mgm grand once when i went to Vegas 5 years ago. I thought the way it smelled in the Casino was so awful that it made me want to leave within just minutes of walking through the door. I can see why you think it's the worst in Las Vegas.
Comment from : Samuel Black

The flamingo is great!!! We go every year and stayed at the flamingo almost every single one of those!!! (I totally respect your opinion as I don't gamble, so I don't know if the gambling is good or bad!!)
Comment from : MrBooChris

Sabrina Sora
I loved this video it is so informative! Thank you! My best friend and I are going there in August. I have not been gambling in Vegas yet, but being from Texas, Oklahoma is my backyard and Louisiana isn't too far. So my question is, do blackjack and poker tables play with an ante there? Would you still suggest going to Cosmo for a good payout?
Comment from : Sabrina Sora

damn stop whining over the smokers!!!!GEEZEEE!!!!  lol
Comment from : Stonecoldcwbys

papa 13. Lv raiders
sin City raiders baby 😀😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Comment from : papa 13. Lv raiders

Maureen McDonald
How often do you visit Vegas?
Comment from : Maureen McDonald

Dude, I go to Vegas every year to not only gamble but to visit my parents and i have to say you were spot on for just about everything you talked about!!! I hated MGM,The Venetian and loved Cosmo. I stayed at Bellagio 5 times and each time was better and better even though at the end of my trip i lost some cash.I did hit for 10k playing video poker. I also love Mandalay Bay and stay in a comped suite at Delano/THEHOTEL and it's a great time. If you get a chance go to Summerlin and check out Red Rock. You and your Wife would really like it there. Mostly locals and the hotel and pool is great.Looking forward to going in 2 weeks!! I've stayed at the Wynn twice and have mixed reviews. I won big and lost big but they have comped me both times and the rooms are sweet and the pools are great (even a free topless pool). Lastly, I don't win alot at Luxor but always have a great time there. Even the Carrot Top show is real good at a cheap price. Check him out some day,you can get good seats at those tix4 tonight booths and he's worth it. Thanks for the reviews.You seem like a cool guy!! Steve from Chicago.
Comment from : ChitownStever1

Jim Rosipko
just wanted to add my comment about the MGM Grand. Last two years I stayed there because my friends wanted to, I did have good experience with security once when my wallet slipped out of my back pocket, (now always kept in front pocket) I mentioned to a slot attendant and she helped but also wave to two security personnel and they also vigorously look and found it under a stool at a machine I played. Only one stay did I do well playing, not well other times so over the years, I just do a token play if I am going through MGM to the monorail. Ny Ny always been super friendly, and I am just an average player.
Comment from : Jim Rosipko

RainsWorld VegasSlots
Oh! When I see stuff at the Belagio those flowers plants all that "that lures you" I feel it's great to see but I've found tighter slots there. I'll look and have dinner but I won't gamble at these higher end hotels. My sister in law works at the Venetian forever and she says the slots are TIGHT there and the nicer hotels , generally speaking. People pick hotels based on different wants and tastes so this was a good video to see what's important to you and make your choice from there.
Comment from : RainsWorld VegasSlots

RainsWorld VegasSlots
I like your picks. I've found that mirage and Luxor and golden nugget have the loosest slots. What do you think?
Comment from : RainsWorld VegasSlots

Danny Burleigh
The D is too noisy !!
Comment from : Danny Burleigh

Brianna Lyles
Hi! Thanks for all the great Vegas tips! I am going in September for my 21st birthday, what would you consider a good/decently priced hotel? I'd love to stay at the cosmopolitan but that's definitely out of my price range! I would love to hear your opinion! (:
Comment from : Brianna Lyles

Kristen DiThomas
I think las vegas is overrated and very expensive. it's a tourist trap and built on losers everyone should know that.
Comment from : Kristen DiThomas

very informative video. I live just outside of Vegas and get free rooms every month. But, I prefer to stay off the strip away from the crowds. Where I stay they have a free shuttle to Fremont and the Strip. And I sooooo agree with the El Cortez, first of all some guy tried to rob my aunt and I before entering. No security in sight. We turned and ran in and he took off. It was so fricken dirty and smelled to high hell. The machines just sucked up our money. Oh I forgot to mention where I like to stay. I stay on Boulder at Sams Town. It is an older casino, the rooms are dated but, comfortable. It is like a home away from home for me.
Comment from : ShawnaD716

Otomic Ans
It's interesting to think of MGM being kind of seedy but it makes sense. City center obviously wasn't designed to funnel a lot of foot traffic past and through it. The most prominent store I remember walking by every time is the Louis Vuitton. Buy some art while you're at City Center too! Unless you're richer than say, 99.5% of all people in developed countries, you will be priced out of much of City Center. Then, take the other side of the strip moving south from PH to Tropicana. T shirt shops, cheap souvenirs, Coke (sugar water!), M&M (candy!), the movie theater (see a movie on vacation!), Discount Tickets and that outdoor bar with a stage playing free music. Not to say that people can't get good rooms at MGM, but it does seem more chaotic than Freemont street.
Comment from : Otomic Ans

Mark Brown
the down town grand is nice try it
Comment from : Mark Brown

what is your opinion of The Palazzo?
Comment from : TheUgglyDuckling

cee tee
good stuff thnx
Comment from : cee tee

David Blake
Thanks for the film. I always enjoy hearing other peoples take on Las Vegas.
Comment from : David Blake

Nick S
I agree about the MGM Grand. tightest casino I've been in while in Vegas.
Comment from : Nick S

Nick S
you have to play the old fashioned slots at El Cortez. they are dollar coins that you trade your money in for. these are the loose slots. not the modern slots there.
Comment from : Nick S

Nick S
I've always done really well at the airport slots lol
Comment from : Nick S

I love The D! They have gotten better since they opened. As a matter of fact I'll only stay downtown Fremont since ive stayed there.
Comment from : roginaz

What do you think about Planet Hollywood??
Comment from : Yavess

Never been to Vegas, but I've read and watched a lot about it. This definitely helped for when I plan my first trip. I notice you really only talk about slot play. Do you have any insight or suggestions when it comes to table games at particular casinos? Thanks for the insight on these casinos though!
Comment from : CountryKid38

Alexander Loper
As far as most famous I'd add Caesar's Palace along with Bellagio and MGM Grand. Those are the top three most famous imo.
Comment from : Alexander Loper

Matt Coffee
cant stop laughing at the free pizza story LMAO....going to vegas in july. monte carlo cant wait!
Comment from : Matt Coffee

Shawn Afshar
how do you get points ? use the identity membership?
Comment from : Shawn Afshar

Badgerrr Lattin
Our experience at Cortez (a few years back) were considerably better than reported here. WAS fairly loose compared to the strip. Room was just fine as frog hair (but was an upper floor arrangement) . Place IS old and could surely be cleaner admittedly.
Comment from : Badgerrr Lattin

Greyhound Rick
Long time gambler here. Really enjoyed your rankings and look forward to visiting places on your list we haven't been to yet. Thanks and keep up the great reviews! :-)
Comment from : Greyhound Rick

Olivier Paris
lol I will consider myself pretty lucky because I lose in slot machines in casino but I Winn at the airport !
Comment from : Olivier Paris

For some reason i love watching sports at the Mirage sports book! I like the mirage and caesar palace (good drink service) over all. I think my best casino off the strip is the orleans casino! Easy to get comps there and easy to move around the casino and they have a great poker area with tourney play at 7pm. I agree MGM is just big, i haven't been in that casino in years, no reason to go really! I do like NYNY as you said and the cosmo is awesome! You need to try Zuma restaurant in the cosmo! The wynn has a pretty nice sports book BUT the drink service as horrible, the waitress wouldn't even look my way! The M resort i believe has the best quality buffet in vegas. Just the hotel is waaay in henderson but if your in the area check it out! Another good steak place is Vic and Anthony's in gold nugget! You must try this place! All around excellent meals and service! Flamingo yes i just keep going by it! I would sometimes walk in for a quick 10 mins and back on the strip!
Comment from : Ray

Dean Joel
Go to the Locals Casinos if you want to avoid the strip and crowds.
1. Aliante..North Vegas
2. Red Rock..West Vegas
3. Silverton...South Vegas
4. Green Valley Ranch...East Vegas
5. Best Buffet...Cosmo Wicked Spoon!

Comment from : Dean Joel

Great review, I really enjoyed this! I pretty much agree with your assessment of the casinos I've been to. The #1 thing I look for in a casino is layout and being able to get around easily. So NYNY is my favorite but I'll have to check out Cosmo now. MGM had me feeling like a rat trapped in a maze and I did not enjoy my time there. If you're ever up on Fremont St I HIGHLY recommend the Mob Museum up there. Tons of history of Las Vegas stuff and crime history, so if you're into that stuff it's really fascinating. Also looking forward to catching a hockey game there next season
Comment from : jaske41

I went to the Palms and won about $1,500 my first night. The next time I visited, I went to MGM and probably lost about 35 hands out of 40 on blackjack. I don't understand how it's possible, someone needs to investigate them lol
Comment from : PastyMcGrady

The Kurt's Place Channel
Nice video and fun to watch. Take care now.
Comment from : The Kurt's Place Channel

Rob Murray
to get all the comps you say you got how much did you fuckin spend ?
Comment from : Rob Murray

Marc Carter
My wife and I stayed at the signature suites at the MGM grand in October 16 and played black jack on 3 nights in the MGM and had a fantastic time.We broke even on 2 nights and were up on the 3rd night.The cocktail waitress was superb and we were never without a drink.We shall be returning in 2019 and will stay at the same hotel.I guess its all a matter of opinion.
Comment from : Marc Carter

barry graham
@ el cortez u can just smell the mold
Comment from : barry graham

barry graham
had a lot of fun at the "D" stayed at the nugget
Comment from : barry graham

Cosmo is very nice, I actually prefer Aria overall. Cosmo casino is fun though and probably a little looser based on my random sampling and play
Comment from : gdixonyoutuification

Jimmy Evans
The Plaza Downtown actually has the highest payback% Good Casino too!!
Comment from : Jimmy Evans

How much did you gamble to get hose comps? You lucky duck!
Comment from : Student

George Rinaldi
Good video! I liked the Four Queens myself. Won enough there once to pay for my trip.
Comment from : George Rinaldi

Ancient Warrior
Last Dec. I was in Vegas, we stayed at Planet Hollywood. Never again the casino was so smokey it made us sick. It took us a week to recover.
Comment from : Ancient Warrior

Mary A
flamingo sucks and filled with timeshare losers
Comment from : Mary A

Mary A
nugget is a beautiful hotel and my favorite for downtown hands down. play often and the comps can be worthwhile, otherwise they are pricey but if you save your money and want a 5 star experience with one of the top 7 rated pools in the world, this would be the place to stay.
Comment from : Mary A

Gym S
Cosmo is amazing. however their customer service is a huge disappointment.
Comment from : Gym S

Have you ever stayed at the mandalay bay? I'm curious what the play is like there.
Comment from : Karebear

metallica 2000
I was hoping that you were going to say the MGM was the worst. My girlfriend and I stayed there last year and it was the worst hotel I have ever been at. When we checked in we had a huge wet spot on our floor. This year we are going to stay at the Excalibur.
Comment from : metallica 2000

btw all...as person who is professionally works in statistics, don't worry about what you read for stats on gaming payouts percentages, its meaningless to an individual player just going for a week to play. as an individual playing, you would have to play at one place hundreds of times for the small sway in those stats to mean anything to an individual player. payback percentage numbers mean nothing to an individual player. no such things as "loose slots"....pick a place you have fun playing at...that's all you need. all my "real gambler locals" type friends who enjoy slots, real/video poker/blackjack, sportsbook, roulette all gamble "off strip". That being Boulder Station, The M, Southpoint, The Fiesta, The Cannery, The Sutton and Red Rock casino.
Comment from : livingabovethe12th

interesting to hear opinions and perspectives. I have been living in las Vegas for the last 4 years and over time have gotten to sample almost everywhere. my opinions would be so different depending what I wanted. if I wanted good gaming payouts I would goto certain places, a particular atmosphere would be a diff list, food yet another....etc. perhaps not the best payout but just good and fun "action", a diff answer.... because I live there ppl do ask my opinion about the casinos and i have to ask what's important to them, as that radically changes the answer.
Comment from : livingabovethe12th

Alex J
great video I'm a fan of slots but man Las Vegas is so over rated when I went I just stood in one casino MGM Grand which paid good..It was short trip I want to go back in April... awesome video
Comment from : Alex J

Ryan Fairgrieve
Aria is amazing. Stayed there few years back hotel and casino was both amazing best poker room in Vegas
Comment from : Ryan Fairgrieve

You hit on a very common misconception about the security in Las Vegas casinos.  People think with all the guards and cameras that the casinos would be a safe place but the truth is security doesn't give two shits about the clientele. They aren't there for the patrons they are there for the casino.  Someone tries to pickpocket you or steal a purse or a cash out ticket or a phone they don't care.  At all.  They only care about protecting the casino itself.
Comment from : Poejj

The Mirage is classy with a good buffet! I like 4 Queens noisy & fun atmosphere near all the rest. My machines are no longer anywhere from the 90s era. But I do enjoy just going to casinos. Thank you.
Comment from : LadyT

Pa Slot Player
how much should I tip for a bottle of water or coffee. my local Casino club rep says it is optional. some days I feel bad giving just a quarter. tipping part of an odds and ends video would be great
Comment from : Pa Slot Player

HandleBar ‘Stached
actually, everytime my mom went to the airport slot machines, she won money. for example, we went to the wheel of fortune slots at the airport and my mom went from $20 to $200.
Comment from : HandleBar ‘Stached

Jennifer Isgitt
Headed to Vegas again this summer...we've made it out yearly trip. We stay at a different strip hotel every time we go (this will be 6th trip). I will def book the cosmo this year thanks for the reviews very helpful
Comment from : Jennifer Isgitt

Jade Johnson
Enjoyed your review! I'm staying at The D in March for my birthday, my first time going to Vegas I didn't get to experience downtown at all but good to know you had the D as a runner up atleast! My favorite when I went was The Cosmo as well! All around best casino/hotel in Vegas in my opinion. I'll keep these in mind when I go in a couple of months :) also one question, which casino had the best Walking Dead 2 machine? as far as payout.
Comment from : Jade Johnson

Rob Benick
The Cosmo is our favorite place in Vegas as well. The rooms are the best in Vegas with the balconies, the technology in the room, the bathrooms... ALL 10's in our book! You have to try the Hidden pizza place too in Cosmo. I get comped there as well, so anyone who gets to read this..check out the Cosmo for sure. The pools are incredible as well, especailly the pool overlooking the Las Vegas Strip!
Comment from : Rob Benick

philip rose
your video got me laughing so frikkin hard that I about fell off my chair, it was the El Cortez part, that was good, but all in all a very good review, I enjoyed it, thank you.......
Comment from : philip rose

Windy City Frenzy
Fun video always cool to hear opinions. 😎
Comment from : Windy City Frenzy

romeo tagle
Thanks buddy for all your honest opinion and input it was well address.
Comment from : romeo tagle

I'm heading there in early December for my first time.  Thx for the tips and advice!
Comment from : DrFee1good1987

I very strongly agree with ny ny. They're my top 3 of all Las Vegas. Only know I have is the comps. I've stayed and played over a weekend and went down to see if they can comp me. And nope they said I could only use my resort credits that I have accumulated while staying there. So that sucked. But my main squeeze right now is the palazzo. Place is absolutely awesome.
Comment from : EPL HITZ

Sota Slots
I love The Orleans. Off the craziness of the strip, phenomenal and inexpensive buffet, reasonably priced and nice hotel rooms and decent pays! I always stay there and shuttle into the strip. Thumbs up btw 😆
Comment from : Sota Slots

Julie EE
I totally agree with your comments. Went to Vegas with family like 5 years ago and did not feel safe at all leaving the group. Played a lot on Fremont and had fun but avoid the shady cut-throughout and side streets. Lots of shady shit all over Vegas... Pretty dumpy since visiting 10 years previously. Also majorly catering to Asian crowd now
Comment from : Julie EE

Wonderful review of Las Vegas best and worse casinos. I'm planning a trip there soon and I'll be sure to take notes from your video. Very informative. Thanks for taking the time and posting this.
Comment from : MyMusiclover28

patricia machado
Your right about the Flamingo stayed there back in May was 1st time and last time .and people when you win big don't scream me and my daughter hit it big back in January at TI and two guys followed us around the casino until we managed to escape them and we ran out the door and took a cab to freemont
Comment from : patricia machado

Ann Hinz
Great job! Sounds like you had a fantastic time
Comment from : Ann Hinz

I really love your videos man and I pretty much share the same views as well. Keep up the good work and take care mate.

PS. The picture at 6:20 is not from The Mirage. Might be from TI?

Comment from : joniihh

Thanks for the info. I currently get comped in rooms at Caesars properties- recently had the jubilee suite for 5 nights. What is your spend on your trips at cosmo for the comps? Thinking of calling over there to give it a whirl.
Comment from : heebs77

I used to live in Vegas, up until about 10 years ago. You, sir, are pretty accurate in your judgements. A few observations about things you've mentioned in your video... 1) From my recollection, there were publications that listed payback percentages at all the properties, broken down by denomination. Not sure if they still do that... 2) I had to break in, as a table games dealer, at the el Cortez...thank GOD I worked there during the day. that place was shady af. 3) Excalibur should have made your shit list. I remember that, and circus circus being the biggest strip shitholes...
Comment from : mactionY2K5

Yer Vang
thanks. for your honest advice my friend
Comment from : Yer Vang

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