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Brian Williams
Might want to cover the -$9000 this session part to make a better video.....of winning lol.
Comment from : Brian Williams

Jo Becker
I've been trading binary options with Alexander Livingstone and it's been wow, he has really helped me achieve my dreams
Comment from : Jo Becker

Should make this a real bankroll like $100 or $200
Comment from : washin4fun

Mark Watson
so odds of winning are 4/5 and risk is 5 times greater then expected profit ... great only an expected LOSS of $60 over 5 bets...
Comment from : Mark Watson

Fievel Mousekewitz
If you're willing to bet against the 1:128 chance of losing your martingale on the first go, you'll make more than this with one round of martingale on a high-limit table than you will with this system in hours.
Comment from : Fievel Mousekewitz

Lets say you play with a 500$ bankroll and with 1$ on chips. So you have a 30$ input every round. It will happen that the ball doesnt hit your numbers and at this point u are already ruined. You have to double your input and this will cost you 90$ in total without winning anything. If you win you get 72$ so you are still 18$ in lag. So you have to double again. If you win still 6$ in lag. So again double to be 6$ in plus. Lets say you are losing the first double you are already 210$ in lag because you have to double the 60$ as well. And thats a 20% chance when you lost the fisrt 30$ input. It will come to this point at one time so my advise. DONT ever play Roulette because the Bank will always win
Comment from : Snapper

Kenn espanya
GOLD MINING THE ROULETTE WHEEL’ book on amazon is one of the best roulette systems. Well worth a read.
Comment from : Kenn espanya

Angel Farsia
Just one loss will fuck you in doggy style 🤣🤣
Comment from : Angel Farsia

Please I'd password
Comment from : STAR LIVE

Roulette Guru
Here is a good strategy that it's working in 2019: www.youtube.com/watch?v=szm8ZxbxE8k
Comment from : Roulette Guru

Viv Sh
dont follow his f** strategy
Comment from : Viv Sh

Ronex Ronex
It is not real money
Comment from : Ronex Ronex

George Feb
I play Sic Bo out there, the best Bitcoin Casino: coinroyale.com/?r=bfyw4gcc

Simple, without bells and whistles, works flawlessly!

Really awesome casino, strongly recommend!

Comment from : George Feb

lol, your odds of playing a single number are far higher. put a straight up bet on the last number and you beat this system.
Comment from : M P

No good. No work. Never play
Comment from : AIR TEEN

Manoj Tiwari
The people are calm only when they play on Demo, the accumulated pressure, after the loss, cannot be felt.
Comment from : Manoj Tiwari

2020 progress
Interesting strategy - I think better to vary the red numbers each time and only play this on live table!
Comment from : 2020 progress

Session win -9K its a winner LOL
Comment from : 8bitjunkies

Seems like a decent strategy, liked and subscribed.

Could you do another video with a $1000 bankroll and $1 bets for comparison?

Second question, when you were already double betting at 6:15 and 7:45 what happens if you would have lost? Keep using the existing bet you were on or double it again at that time?

Comment from : RedbirdsJunkie

Hey, thank you for your truck but this only work for 35x payout straight, can you find out for 29x payout output
Comment from : Life's JOURNEY

Manikandan Sekar
Can’t we select all 36 numbers ??
Comment from : Manikandan Sekar

lotfi allili
Auch ich habe nach seiner Strategie bis jetzt Gewinne eingefahren! Obwohl ich mich nicht bei ihm registriert habe,(Aber ich denk ich werde) , und ich in meinem O.C. gespielt habe!
Comment from : lotfi allili

yoga prima
already play casino online from indonesia www,nomorlangit88a,com the best website ever seen
Comment from : yoga prima

Asif Shams
u are stupid... u r doing vedio with this fake app... when u go to real online casino they will fucked up ur all trick... i am experience person and i know how it works...
Comment from : Asif Shams

maddy cool
Worst trickk
Comment from : maddy cool

Hoàng Minh Nguyễn Phước
So this is a good strategy to win. However, your problem is when everything go to shit, you have to win 5 rounds to cover your loss. That actually reduces your win percentage 5 times
Comment from : Hoàng Minh Nguyễn Phước

Mikes Craftsman
it works. 8/10 times win for me.on app
on real-life its more like 6/10 wins
very informative video!

Comment from : Mikes Craftsman

Rob K
I have tried a total disastrous day I dont trust u
Comment from : Rob K

Raghu Nandan
Please be pateint
Comment from : Raghu Nandan

Raghu Nandan
very typical strategy
I found an easy strategy
devide the roullete in four part.
a- 0,3,4,15,19,21,26,32,35

Choose any of the one set
start with 10 dollar on each of the number
make it double on every bet untill you win.

if you lose in (double on every bet) then
you can double the bet after 2 bet
for example
1st bet - 10 dollar to each number
2nd bet - 10 dollar to each number
3rd bet - 20 dollar to each number

Try this two strategy
I hope you will win surely in the end of the day.

Comment from : Raghu Nandan

Hasan Lakhani Technology
I lost 6.9Million On a App
Thank god I never went to a casino senior

Comment from : Hasan Lakhani Technology

way to risky even if you have monster bankroll
Comment from : PONOR

sanjay kumar akunuri
i Lost 300$ in Casino Because i followed your Strategey The Ball Fell on 36....! What should i do now....? 300$ Loss...!
Comment from : sanjay kumar akunuri

Instructions were unclear lost my house and all my money and im about to kill myself.
Comment from : AUTISMlvlINSANE

Andrea Solla
It is misleading to say that you win every spin... You don't look serious...
Comment from : Andrea Solla

Nice work! This is my favorite of your videos
Comment from : RouletteMan

king maker
Simply u follow only red 18 every time double ur bet
If u have bankrolling budget 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Comment from : king maker

May be good for lightning roulette
Comment from : SURENDRA

Thomas Uhrin
so stupid if someone use this because in life can get uncover numbersmanny times ,this short video did t say anything if undercover numbers come up again and again and again,
Comment from : Thomas Uhrin

Sandeep Raj
What if we win on black does any one get 36 times
Comment from : Sandeep Raj

Rohan Seebaruth
If u sure of winning y u don't try it on true machine??
Comment from : Rohan Seebaruth

Jamei 90
Fist you have to realise that there isnt much about luck in roulette you will realise you cant calculate to wich emty field he will go even if you bet on every number you lose
Comment from : Jamei 90

If you bet 18 on black, you're winning 18 not 60.
Comment from : MAJOR FLOW

nitin mishra
Sab har gya mein
Comment from : nitin mishra

BARTO 2.111
Comment from : BARTO 2.111

Catto's random vidz
If probability of winning is more, then why double your bets when lose...u could just keep the same amount as they were originally and eventually you'll keep making profits, right?
Comment from : Catto's random vidz

Peter Blake
You will lose
Comment from : Peter Blake

Roulette & Blackjack -Secrets finally revealed
This strategy will land you bankrupt. It's horse shit!
~Phantom 'was here'

Comment from : Roulette & Blackjack -Secrets finally revealed

chokri mzoughi
It’s impossible to beat the roulette with the math
Comment from : chokri mzoughi

don't car 0
Comment from : ME MY SON

Robert Pintaric
I was in a German state casino with real tables. It came 12 times red in a row. If you only bet on a number with a 10 dollar chip and you bet on black, you have to double at 12 times, have exactly 40960 thousand dollars, unfortunately, all tables are limited to 1000/2000 or 10,000 thousand dollars everywhere. So you have a big chance to lose everything. Everything can go 100 times well, but in the end, you lose everything. Best regards from Germany. Robert ps.: Zero and double zero is also at the table
Comment from : Robert Pintaric

tony nelligan
you do know that here in north america we have 0/00 on our tables,does it effect how you play?
Comment from : tony nelligan

songs Abc
High risk..if we won chance to 0 ...we r totally loss
Comment from : songs Abc

kamlendra kumar
You don't talk about 0....
Comment from : kamlendra kumar

Sydney black
It works very well but it's a high-risk but hit one of the red numbers that you didn't bet and you're going to lose you're spending a lot of money to win a little also the double zeros are big variable too good system tho
Comment from : Sydney black

Nelson Serrano
Comment from : Nelson Serrano

Anil Khatana
Hii i want to buy your channel
Comment from : Anil Khatana

This is nuts! Got $1561 today alone because of this web site here no1profits.club?116 Exactly how is this possible?
Comment from : JOSHUA OJO

Cutiya bana raha real roulette mai khel ke dikha
Comment from : RAMAN SINGH

Roulette Player
There is no always winning strategy. But I mastered system of my own. You have to have discipline and cannot get greedy. I decided to publish every game I play so all people can continuously see how is my bankroll doing over time.

Comment from : Roulette Player

ashok kumar chinta
so your have placed 180 doller on black, 120 dollers on 12 red numbers...which totals 300..good
lets say you win on red number and you got 360 doller....but you lost 180 doller on blacks and also the other 11 red numbers which totals 110 dollers. total u lost 180+110=290....so gain subtract loss...360-290=70.....then why is it 60 doller....wer is the other 10 doller...????

Comment from : ashok kumar chinta

Neil Spadanuta
Sorry charted 80 spins one time 7 losses in row .
Comment from : Neil Spadanuta

Ankit Pandey
I am just sitting in casion and lost 2000 hkd using this trick.. Don't try please..
Comment from : Ankit Pandey

Amar Pinnu
Don't bloody teach stupid game
Comment from : Amar Pinnu

aaron neef
stil i lose allot on the 0 hits and other reds i dont have...
Comment from : aaron neef

dan graesser
Okay I do like what you are saying, BUT....does it say your hit percentage is only 26 and your loss is 74???
Comment from : dan graesser

True Dice Gambling
you need create Partner ? CALL ME !! search True-Dice in Facebook!
Comment from : True Dice Gambling

Ishaan Kaushal
Hey, which site or software do you play on? Can you provide link?
Comment from : Ishaan Kaushal

Did this on free play, started off with £1000 and by the end of it I had £238. This doesn't work and you still lose it all in the end.
Comment from : Anonymous

Jason Rinaldo
Yes! This one works!!!! But short term- If you’re getting $10 on 12 reds and $180 on black- if 0 or another red you didn’t bet on comes up, if you brought $1000 bankroll, you just lost 1/3 of it. If you want long term play, keep the bets low! Those $10 bets will eat you alive!
Comment from : Jason Rinaldo

Still a chance you could lose everything if you get an unlucky string of numbers.
Comment from : Anonymous

Dr. Fabritzio Van mong
Thank you for that. Gentlemen 👍
Comment from : Dr. Fabritzio Van mong

Muhammad waqar
Wtf waste of time and money.... it’s all about your luck
Comment from : Muhammad waqar

Liviu Stoica
after 139 roulet number counting in excel with pivot table formula y get -66 units so this strategy is not working
Comment from : Liviu Stoica

Shotgun Jake Canucks
Ya the double your bet does not apply here ... Cause your only win double the winnings not the entirety of your previous bet actually less I think you need to bet 6 times your previous bet it somewhere around there to get it back God forbid you don't lose again but if your pockets are deep and the table limit isn't low then the math works, un less your drunk and stray from the plan.
Comment from : Shotgun Jake Canucks

upeksha nanayakkara
Herr Richter bietet das bereits seit vielen Jahren an, das ist ein Geheimtipp. Viele Leute zweifeln seinen Trick zwar an, man muss aber sagen seine Software funktioniert. Ich habe das persönlich gestestet. Das hat alles Hand und Fuss, das muss man definitiv feststellen
Comment from : upeksha nanayakkara

loosed all doing this at real online casino
Comment from : Mr.Beast

Thank you for the useful video....iy

Sharon Lee
If you have good bet selection then this could be interesting. You should checkout theroulettecode.com
Comment from : Sharon Lee

BrothaTruth BeTold
Think you have a better return if you play 2 on (1-18) and 1 on (3rd 12), when playing America roulette.
Comment from : BrothaTruth BeTold

Joe Black
It's definitely a con because of any system with only a betting sequence = 3 will 100% lose sooner or later!

If you want proof then record tossing a coin 100 times; heads and tails
Correctly guessing within 3 tosses the correct result every session is impossible!

The best method is to wait for the method or system being used loses, and then start betting with real money for only a few spins, would be an improvement, but only having a bet sequence of only 3 is suicidal!

What I call Zig-zag is better, bet on; 1: red, 2: black, 3: red 4: black, if most the previous 7 spins or so were black, but it still wouldn't be long enough, or if most the previous sevens spins or so were red then bet 1: black, 2: red, 3: black, and 4: red.

About 1 loss (L) in a row= 50 spins, 2L= 25 spins, 3L= 12 spins, 4L= 6 spins, 5L= 3 Spins, 6L= 1 spin
4L+5L+6L = at least 10 losses - Out of millions of spins played by the roulette wheel impossible to accurately guess when a loss will occur! It would be like being able to predict the future, in which case play the stock market instead!

There are probably about 500 spins in each session within a real casino.
Probably the longest published losing run is 32 Reds - Hence having a bet sequence of only 3 is suicidal!

Every time I have to guess a 50/50 question that I don't know I usually get it wrong the majority of the time, the more guesses I have the more likely I am to get it wrong - so much for 50/50% statistical probability!

Statistical probability actually and literally doesn't work unless 100% proof the same as 100% proof in Pure Mathematics!

There has never been a perfect roulette table ever made.
Impossible for croupiers to throw the ball completely randomly that is why croupiers are changed.

'Roulette Clocking' verifies that the so-called experts relying on Statistics probability are talking actually and literally complete balderdash (nonsense).

Research 'Roulette Clocking', if you want proof!

That is why; calculators and pocket electronic devices aren't allowed in the majority of casinos throughout the world, and why using even; a calculator or pocket electronic device is a criminal offense (go to; prison or jail) in the majority of casinos anywhere in the world, far too easy to win millions instead of peanuts or losing money!

It appears that Man's Life isn't completely stupid, because he is probably making his money from adverts:
The more people discuss his stupid systems, the more money he probably makes, interesting!

Mr. Saleemovitch are you still, (very, extremely lucky because having a betting system of three long is actually and literally completely useless) winning money every session?

Another problem is that the majority of casinos in the world that their table limits are far too low; 250, 500 or 1,000 that also verifies that casinos aren't stupid and don't trust the statistic probability!

Comment from : Joe Black

Adithaya Varma D
useless n waste trick definitely it will not work in live casino
Comment from : Adithaya Varma D

Haider Khan
Are you retarded? How is 18 on black returning $60? Its a 2-1 payout on black
Comment from : Haider Khan

What if ZERO comes out?
Whats ur solution to that strategy of yours?

Comment from : MrDevilgodspeed

mark jackson
not good, its similar to laying the last 33% of a horse racing book, you are losing at 3/1 but winning odds on, not good mate.
Comment from : mark jackson

wow awesome. wish i had a high bankroll to try this. Thanks for the tips
Comment from : Tetele

Isaac Thompson
My name is Isaac, I have a vast amount of experience in the betting industry and I run a small betting syndicate here in the UK - All transactions are done via PayPal with a weekly payment made to all syndicate members from results that week. I am looking for a group of around 20 members. All you will need to do is download the encrypted messaging app 'vipole' then add my username 'juggapokez8' and I will be happy to get you started for as little as £20.

Kind Regards,

Comment from : Isaac Thompson

Doug Lucas
35 to 1 not 60 to 1
Comment from : Doug Lucas

siddarth varma
this is the best strategy among all i have seen till now. Just we need to know when to quit the table..all you need to do is play for 15 min or play only 20spins. take a break for 10-15min then again start the session for next 15min or 20 spins.you will definitely overhead for sure
Comment from : siddarth varma

lau max
Comment from : lau max

Brigitte Van Holder
`-56.75675676 7 on 37 0.189189189 %
48.64864865 30 on 37 0.810810811
your system is a -EV system over time
no martingale no betting system can sort a negative ev system

Comment from : Brigitte Van Holder

Comment from : TheBlackZionist

Maria Teresa And friends
I alwy win 😝
Comment from : Maria Teresa And friends

So there are 7 numbers on which you will lose and 30 on which you will lose. Like betting on 5 out of the 6 streets and also leaving the 0 uncovered. This system will lose for sure because not only will the house advantage wipe out the bankroll eventually but also this bet selection is poor because it is completely random, whereas the roulette results are not. Get 'the roulette winner' by Lee Tutor which not only includes this type of system but also has strategies that win over 95% of the time taking advantage of both the dealer and the numbers that are being spun.
Comment from : nightrise007

Don't play this system because in the long run you will lose all your bank. Very very risky system.
Comment from : silkywizard

Jose Bartolome Moo Huchin
what is your email? I am interested in thiswin strategy
my email es jose.mooh@gmail.com

Comment from : Jose Bartolome Moo Huchin

dhia jouini
what about 0 !!
Comment from : dhia jouini

Anubis Cerberus mwks
Wouldn't it be the same if I bet one unit each on 30 numbers? And double it if I lose?
Comment from : Anubis Cerberus mwks

Narco - Gaming
put subtitles on and wait for him to say "Zero" Hyahyahyah
Comment from : Narco - Gaming

Red Angel
The best program for roulette here www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdBaigbxQEY&t=3s
Comment from : Red Angel

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