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Would be better without the spoken English.
Comment from : lightdark00

Ray Charles
Comment from : Ray Charles

Skylar Ace
Dose this work
Comment from : Skylar Ace

For some reason I'm using more Russian dressing than usual .
Comment from : ElmwoodParkHulk

Какие-то деревянные фразы :-)
Comment from : poe12

12:32 yes, because I want to learn Russian to ask people if they speak another language I also don’t speak.
Comment from : Kurt22

Comment from : LooperballAgain

Edward Williams
Does this come with a free MAGA hat?
Comment from : Edward Williams

hichem Gym Art
from algeria time now 01:58 AM i feel sleep ;)
Comment from : hichem Gym Art

Littletiger Gameing4000
I’m British
Comment from : Littletiger Gameing4000

Littletiger Gameing4000
I really want to talk Russian or a amarican Acsent my British
Comment from : Littletiger Gameing4000

kitty kat
Who here is a Russian guy i can date?
Comment from : kitty kat

_[λэητυ]_ ΞληΞ
Надо будет подучить русский.
Comment from : _[λэητυ]_ ΞληΞ

Ольга Третьякова
Comment from : Ольга Третьякова

you should speak slowly specially in russian words but u r doing opposite to that u speaks russian fast and english slow.i didn’t understand you learn us russian or english
Comment from : MOHAMMAD VASIM

gagan paswan Paswan
Comment from : gagan paswan Paswan

Remember, no Russian.
Comment from : N33

its mariam
Wait so u think imma let my phone open for 8h? If i didnt use it for 10min it'll be closed its self lol
Comment from : its mariam

Ayush Sharma
Any Russian here willing to help and be friends?
Comment from : Ayush Sharma

It's Austin
I fall to sleep to this every night. I dream about vodka and the Glorious Soviet Empire.
Comment from : It's Austin

The Great Shorungan
Does that kind of thing even work? I’m curious
Comment from : The Great Shorungan

Billy The Kid
I woke up with a hard on
Comment from : Billy The Kid

Alex Spring
I want to learn Russian so i can insult people on counter strike in Russian
Comment from : Alex Spring

S Gill
Repeats every hr.
Comment from : S Gill

Manoj Lucky
If you learn Russian while sleeping,then you will speak while dreaming only🤪😂
Comment from : Manoj Lucky

The Machine
Nice try KGB but you are not turning me into a sleeper agent today.
Comment from : The Machine

Epicness Obama
Thanks for thinking I get 8 hours of sleep
Comment from : Epicness Obama

Pizza time
Now I can speak to my fellow comrades
Comment from : Pizza time

Useful for CS:GO

Comment from : Adam

Elizabeth fox
Привет, могу помочь с русским))))
Hi from Russia))))

Comment from : Elizabeth fox

dylan t
Is it me or is the Russian speaker mumbling
Comment from : dylan t

Number 9 Number nine
Please we need learn ukranian while you sleeping
Comment from : Number 9 Number nine

Caution don’t. Listen 👂 to this and drive 🚗 you are drunk 🥴 already Vodka language 😆
Comment from : Isaac

ana ana
Is this real?😂
Comment from : ana ana

John Bryan
Does it work
Comment from : John Bryan

iulian infinite
Good morning
Comment from : iulian infinite

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ya zhivu v ismarcia
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

Adam Van Stalleon
I thought our ear became paralyzed when sleeping
Comment from : Adam Van Stalleon

Nice Tea
Comment from : Nice Tea

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Mebya zuvut jonah ya polcho kak uchit askiski офиу ф ьзсу вфн
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

Dennis Sabrievski
I woke up seeing Putin in front of my face the next day!
Comment from : Dennis Sabrievski

Mor' du
I woke up the next day and I was a gas mask and Adidas I love it
Comment from : Mor' du

Wølvez AJ
Hhhhhh im filipino why am i even learning this?
Comment from : Wølvez AJ

Ok I'm trying this tonight
Comment from : J G

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Paka udivimysyem
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

أدهم الأدهم
Very good
Comment from : أدهم الأدهم

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Kak Vy znat ruski
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ya dyevit
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

Ramesh Mirza
Start good morning after 20 pharse again 😡
Comment from : Ramesh Mirza

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Spasaiba za pomoshch mam
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ka vy
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Vy ya uhit english
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ya khachu vyuchit angliskiy
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ya studyent ata sholkia
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ya panimayu ruski menogo
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ya hope ya know ruski zafrtra
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Bam shto eta evean
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Ya cant speak ruski otailhonia
Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

лзбфл жзюкюзф
Kak ne this

I already know russian

Comment from : лзбфл жзюкюзф

Silvania Carvalho
É bom o vídeo....
Mas essa voz que fala russo poderia ser mas nítido.. pois nem dar pra entender direito 😞

Comment from : Silvania Carvalho

Rosita Guerrero
Because I ❤ Putin.
Comment from : Rosita Guerrero

Nadim 191
Russian part was hard to understand and not very pleasing
Comment from : Nadim 191

Mason what are this number means?
Comment from : Speedwagoonbestanimegirl

Lil Cuffie
I'm just here to learn because of stranger things...
Comment from : Lil Cuffie

Jesus’s Eternal Son
Babushka, pacilluj kiss 😘 Kak-djella (means how do you rest djella is synonym for restoration)

Malachi 4:2
But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.

Comment from : Jesus’s Eternal Son

russian spade
I’m awake right now and I’m gonna play this when I go to bed. I’m so excited

Does this work for other people too? Just making sure so I don’t wake up speaking fluent Japanese haha

Comment from : russian spade

Mark Anthony
Thank you so much for your videos!!!!
Comment from : Mark Anthony

Declan Lokison


Comment from : Declan Lokison

Ganesh Saw
I love to so much Russia
Comment from : Ganesh Saw

Thich Tong Tru
Guten nachmittag.
Comment from : Thich Tong Tru

Yunus Emre Yaldız
Will i be Putin tomorrow?😂
Comment from : Yunus Emre Yaldız

20:09 I cannot do this.
Comment from : TheSaturnDay

Anya Molina
Hey guys am learning Russian and i was hoping someone can help me and I’ll help you with either English or Spanish let me know
Comment from : Anya Molina

I woke up and Putin was in my room drinking vodka
Comment from : J J

Sophia Pertchik
I’m russian and my family speaks I’m trying to get better at it hope it works
Comment from : Sophia Pertchik

I woke up the next morning and I was a Russian.
Comment from : M.O리사

Chupa Cabra
I'm greatly impressed with all of the very young talent that I've seen on various Russian talent shows. I'm blown away with how good they are at such a young age. I'm sure Russia is very proud of that fact!
Comment from : Chupa Cabra

Как ты
Comment from : Manuar

Samantha Phelps
Привет i’m still learning but how long do you think it will take me to be fluent in Russian. I just started.
Comment from : Samantha Phelps

Alisha Shepherd
What if I wake up speaking Russian lol
Comment from : Alisha Shepherd

Sarah K
"I feel sick" lol
Comment from : Sarah K

siyavash zare
I love to learn Russian language but I don’t know how??
Comment from : siyavash zare

Guys I woke up with some weird octopus flag on the side of my bed and everyone is speaking Russian
Comment from : Apantard

луна лионетти
Yeah I don't think the Germans speak Russian either

Comment from : луна лионетти

Komrade Yeeter
The effects work better if drunk on vodka, and wearing ushanka.
Comment from : Komrade Yeeter

Im from Bosnia and i mostly understanded this
Comment from : Spitfire

Jason Voorhees
Do people really believe this ?
Comment from : Jason Voorhees

Мария Джимми
I really want to sleep how can I learn?
Comment from : Мария Джимми

gee, thanks.
Yo I had it on 2x no wonder I couldn't understand the Russian lol
Comment from : gee, thanks.

Licis LV
0,75 😂
Comment from : Licis LV

Aztec Warrior
Slow down and pronouce the Russian by syllables, slower pronounction
Comment from : Aztec Warrior

Tat Abi
If I could sleep 8 hours a day I could learn russian
Comment from : Tat Abi

Feteh Freundschaft
Good evening, why do Russian prefer Vodka over other spirits ?
Comment from : Feteh Freundschaft

Bella Kroner
I woke up squatting on top of two bottles of vodka, I would definitely reccomend this video
Comment from : Bella Kroner

I woke up I thought 💭 I was Vladimir Putin 🇷🇺 so I called Kim Jong Un 🇰🇵 and drank vodka while arranging our next summit in Russia
Comment from : Isaac

Anonymous Artist
About to fall asleep listening to this. I’ll tell you if I know the language tomorrow.
Comment from : Anonymous Artist

I thought all you commenters are meant to be sleeping 😴 8 hours why do I see comments? 🤔 👀
Comment from : Isaac

Тима Назарова
Я хочу изучать английский язык кто может помочь мне
Comment from : Тима Назарова

Lil Meow Meow
Comment from : Lil Meow Meow

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