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John Pelfrey
I said Texas men you dufas
Comment from : John Pelfrey

Basil M
Can some1 explain to me what's the rules if a player goes all in n show is cards when other players in the hand have more chips to bet against each other and he shows his card b4 they bet but all the cards being dealt already its last round of betting.
Comment from : Basil M

Leon Anderson
There’s one main question that I have left now. What is the minimum and most that the small blind bets?
Comment from : Leon Anderson

Márton Lukács
I know.
Comment from : Márton Lukács

I completely do not understand harsh comments here. This is not a tip for better poker play. He is not explaining strategies. He is only explaining the foundations such as who acts first, how to bet and the order of play. I suggest you people learn the language first then watch english videos coz you do not even understand what the content is all about
Comment from : Patryk

Felix Culpa
Comment from : Felix Culpa

Bobby Blue
Wow that was the worst instructional video ever.
Comment from : Bobby Blue

Commander Z
How can he look so sharp while being so inarticulate?
Comment from : Commander Z

Lorenzo Marini
Mmm raise to 20 to a bet of 10.. good tips
Comment from : Lorenzo Marini

Tommy Kabi
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover how do you train a puppy try Jaffacter Simple Dog Coach (just google it ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.
Comment from : Tommy Kabi

Ivo Zocchi
23 "you know's" in 5 minutes...should be a new record!
Comment from : Ivo Zocchi

Good job, very helpful
Comment from : Youngla14

Once you fold,are you totally done and no getting back in until a new dealer and hand is dealt ?
Comment from : sepultura7771

Jananga Hettiarachchi
Can u please give an introduction about the double flop hold em' poker game??
Comment from : Jananga Hettiarachchi

Claremonts Casino
What an outstanding poker tutorial! You make it very easy to understand.

We too will be releasing a tutorial video series on Youtube. We cover a range of different casino games for the release of our brand new online casino.

Subscribe to our channel for early access to these outstanding tutorials! 

Comment from : Claremonts Casino

Melvina Guernsey
WHOA! Following watching this kind of I thought i would sign up from PokerStar in addition to I came across this marketing code psp15562 and so they matched up my own 1st deposit
Comment from : Melvina Guernsey

these arent tips. its just explaining how it works >.>
Comment from : shadowteam123

can someone explain the beggining to me because i am dumb and dont get it
Comment from : Mr.Ruffles

21 Nights Entertainment
Typically the casino will take a cut from the pot - a "rake" - of around $4 or $5, or 10% of the pot, whichever is less.
Comment from : 21 Nights Entertainment

How does the casino make money then?
Comment from : rodriguezro9999

@cklqkvk i can play poker all night, you should get started with a no deposit bonus. you can get 5 pounds to start playing here => bit.ly/14RDhsL?=eyjgsf
Comment from : czechDJproducts

Comment from : DoorStop444

Also first like vht what ever
Comment from : golden_one

Good vid
Comment from : golden_one

1st and i love poker
Comment from : golden_one

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