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Tyrone Heronimo
17:47 he had a 620 bet if he lost this bet woulda been different vid only a 1k max bet. Still only got so high because he was playing 10$ so for any players wanting to try this keep it low for better odds on not busting ! Great vid im
Going to try it with .50 cent bets see how it goed

Comment from : Tyrone Heronimo

What’s the biggest bet you did in this video and have you ever busted all your bank roll
Comment from : MrRichard2418

Igor Widiger
Cool Strategy!!
Comment from : Igor Widiger

Frodo H
I dont understad wtf you are saying... how you win everytime that $751 while you are losing
Comment from : Frodo H

I have never been more confused. There is absolutely no pattern in the betting. I’ve watched this twice lol
Comment from : lucascg1

Dominik Berger
Is it just betting safe and doubling until you go neutral?
Comment from : Dominik Berger

Kaque Burlington
Ok, but can you explain the strategy?
Comment from : Kaque Burlington

Mini on nitrous 105BHP to 205BHP
Not sure when to switch from red to black mmm help . I get the don’t double up like the martingale system each spin . But help if u can
Comment from : Mini on nitrous 105BHP to 205BHP

I had to review the chart in the link provided. So far, this is the best martingale strategy I've seen, especially due to table limits. You'd have to run into some pretty bad luck to be down any money. I wonder about this system with 2:1 odds, like those row bets. Probably wouldn't work as well, but still curious.
Comment from : supercyberfunk

Patrick Kimber Guitar
So the system is bet 1 unit x3, if you reach your goal continue.

If you make a loss double your last unit. If you win go back down to the 3rd series of the previous unit.
If you win that bet you start over.

Is that right?

Comment from : Patrick Kimber Guitar

2020 progress
Can someone please explain in simple English what the step by step process is in this strategy ...because I cant understand any of that 'idiomatic ' verbiage that this guy is using!?? The only thing I can work out is that its a 3 spin tactic??!
Comment from : 2020 progress

Chris Tonks
They haven’t got that roulette anymore lol
Comment from : Chris Tonks

All u need is
Ultra Instinct

Comment from : DeadlyVenomKing

Tomek T
how do you choose the color because you didn't say it.
Comment from : Tomek T

Wong Swee Chen
Does this strategy work for all live and RNG roulette?
Comment from : Wong Swee Chen

Wong Swee Chen
This strategy is regardless either red or black we bet?
Comment from : Wong Swee Chen

John Citizen
Is it just me or is there no actual explanation, you're just describing what I can already see you're doing "spin, re-bet, spin"
Comment from : John Citizen

Arsene Wenger
Sweet video Bro
I used this on betvicor and turned my balance of £750 into £3000 in just two Weeks of play...
I made £2250 TAX FREE CASH doing this for a two Weeks
Without a doubt the best gambling system I have seen..
EDIT..Make sure you make REGULAR WITHDRAWS from your account... They might try to be "Funny" or "Clever" if you try to withdraw £1000's at a time... These online casinos do NOT like it when you beat them.

Comment from : Arsene Wenger

Patrick Drew
GREAT system! I have been trying for a few hours... works great! Question - After how many losses do you stop? I have ended up doubling 8 times before started climbing back up!?!?
Comment from : Patrick Drew

DJ Bidox
nice strategy..one question though for everyone..what is the biggest amount you went down in budget before hitting $1?
Comment from : DJ Bidox

Bruno Garro
I don't understand the strategy
Comment from : Bruno Garro

So this actually works or only on the shown roullette tables he is playing on, like can i master thus technique and use it at a local casino?
Comment from : Daveske

Sokol Llanaj
I've seen it several times but haven't forgotten to understand anything! can you help me please?
Comment from : Sokol Llanaj

Şu sistemi anlayıp açıklayacak bir Türk evladı yok mu? Bir yere kadar tamam da, sonra kafa yanıyor. Ya da adam uyduruyor kafasına göre
Comment from : Erman

I just tried now. It works. Thanks man i will like and subscribe.
(Everyone should consider that you can’t get rich with that, But At least îs a good way to made an extra bucks daily/weekly/mounthly)

Comment from : Abel

Koos Kling
it work well
Comment from : Koos Kling

Daniel Silva
Melhor estrategia que eu ja vi
Comment from : Daniel Silva

Excellent roulette strategy video presentation. You have been lucky though.
Comment from : RouletteMan

Keith roth
I have tested this out Two days 629 bets looks very good so far. I have made over 4,000 pesos profit easily.
Comment from : Keith roth

Senith Dewnaka Wickramarachchi
hi i live in Vietnam i cannot register to this casino please recommend me a good casino like same table limits !
Comment from : Senith Dewnaka Wickramarachchi

Jacopo Cambi
change color every 3 bet?
Comment from : Jacopo Cambi

Also to avoid confusion, can you clarify, at 5:31 you called it "FIRST SERIES" when you span instead of "FIRST SPIN in SECOND SERIES" / Note: 3 spins equals to 1 series
Comment from : TwoStarII

i checked the website but the premium roulette pro is not listed (anymore)?
Comment from : TwoStarII

bestcasinos pl
i give 100% roulette strategy work only if the software that runs the game is randomized.
Comment from : bestcasinos pl

Norita Orellana
good system but very confusing explanation
Comment from : Norita Orellana

Jason Boudreau
US friendly online casino recommendation?
Comment from : Jason Boudreau

Valter Nascimento
And when do we have to switch from red or black? Always 3 times straight with the same color right? If we fail, switch color and double the bet size? I think this is what's all about
Comment from : Valter Nascimento

Valter Nascimento
I'm really slow today, I didn't understand it clearly, when does we have to double the bet?
Comment from : Valter Nascimento

Robert Gossett
What casino can I play in the USA. Thanks love everything about you all
Comment from : Robert Gossett

aaron neef
big mistake i make is having a too low starting budget by most systems, wich make me fail. i know a other one wich works very good, but i requieres a big starting amount, to provide enough cash to double at the right moments... (its the dozen strategy)
Comment from : aaron neef

OC Transplant
So your strategy is just to bet $1 on the same color every time?
Comment from : OC Transplant

Gary Baitson
Im a little bit confused... How long did it take to get from 750 up to 5750 ?
Comment from : Gary Baitson

Niky Wizard
Hi, I've been trying the roulette strategy for about a month and I earned £ 3,700.00! Yesterday I lost my budget for the first time, so I doubled the capital and got to £5,000.00 like in your video!!! Thank you man!! You are the best! ❤️
Comment from : Niky Wizard

comment gagner a la roulette
Great! Thank you for this roulette strategy
Comment from : comment gagner a la roulette

Unknown Unknown
Mookie Betts ⚾️
Comment from : Unknown Unknown

Nitay Harari
there are a lot of holes in this method
Comment from : Nitay Harari

Sohail K Hawaldar
Im gng to try out this n let u know
Comment from : Sohail K Hawaldar

Mr Mr
Comment from : Mr Mr

Obika Beaumant
Comment from : Obika Beaumant

is this recommended game still on the recommended casino? Can't seem to find it on there..
Comment from : makadaka

Ignas Varlauskas
It is Oscar's grind system
Comment from : Ignas Varlauskas

UniQ Freestyler Drum n bass Universe
premium roulette doesnt excist
Comment from : UniQ Freestyler Drum n bass Universe

看起來就像是 1-->1-->1-->2-->2-->4-->4-->8--8這樣循還;如果贏了 像是賭到 2--->2--->4 如果4贏了 就回到2
Comment from : 習威南

Lol I thought I would see a comment about gta
Comment from : Rexyil

it seems nice and thank you. but what is the stop loss point? what do you suggest?
Comment from : litman

Alexandru Cristea
Great system ! Worked perfect for me !
Comment from : Alexandru Cristea

stanley wen
Wtf did I jus watch this so stupid...
Comment from : stanley wen

Christian Knospe
I give this strategy a try and paid in 100euros. Started on 1st of august I won 15euros. Today on 2nd of august I won 11euros. So now I am on up to 126euros. I play with 1 euro bets only to make a low profit of 10 to 15 euros a day. Loooking forward to see if there will be a crash at some point and if a start up bankroll of 100euros is enough to begin with. My game target at the end of august will be around 400euros. Hope to survive this game and this strategy. The only thing I'm not sure about to bet is when to place my chip on red or
black. Will there be a clearer strategy of the right moment of placing the chip on what colour to play for?
I absolutley playing by instinct that far.

Best wishes, christian from germany.😴

Comment from : Christian Knospe

Bojidar Gabarov
Can someone explain this step by step
Comment from : Bojidar Gabarov

Winter Tarzan Jagrup
My man your video is you playing Computer Roulette ?¿?
Comment from : Winter Tarzan Jagrup

Does this only work with the websites you list or is this a statistics strategy
Comment from : CL1CKS

Gürkan Draman
if it turns 18 times red or black get in your ass yes?
Comment from : Gürkan Draman

Maybe I'm missing something. Could someone explain to me a step-by-step process of this strategy for me?
Comment from : Octavariam

Christian Knospe
Very good, bro. I designed complex methods, too. But your red - black betting strategy is very useful, easy to understand and to learn, good to follow and profitable. Maybe to design it in another way and to play dozens or coloumns as a next step?

Best wishes, Christian from Germany.

Comment from : Christian Knospe

Can someone explain how the system works I find the video rather confusing.
Comment from : Ras

Ok tested this since my last message. It works. Slow build, less risks but it works. Daily profits add up 😀
Comment from : Tetele

Thanks for the tips but not very clear when to switch col or. Series n double gets a bit confusing. Will give it a try though. Thanks
Comment from : Tetele

colin rutherford
Do you need such a big account balance for starting with a $1 bet.
Comment from : colin rutherford

Antonio Oliveira
I really want to try this strategy but when I click on the link the Roulette Advanced game is not available. Can someone help where I can find it? Thanks.
Comment from : Antonio Oliveira

Steve James
After loosing everything on roulette I will now save save save build up and play this system and try for once to kick some backside cheers mate 👍🥃
Comment from : Steve James

Roulette Strategy to Win
Great strategy but mine is really Easier, take a look here www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdzgUpNnSco and let me know what you think!
Comment from : Roulette Strategy to Win

Germán Moreno
Excelent trick dude, thanks for share.. really easy
Comment from : Germán Moreno

Thanks foe this excellent method and tricks! It is very useful for me as it amazingly works.
Comment from : myrrhbar05

hani badji
very informative and useful video about How to Win at Roulette...that I can follow step by step. Thanks a lot for sharing
Comment from : hani badji

The Most Craziest Videos
Wooow that's great .. thank you soo much buddy .. LIKE LIKE LIKE !
Comment from : The Most Craziest Videos

My friend, I played roulette many times and I lost a lot of money. This strategy is interesting, but we need to keep in mind that we are hungry for money. No matter how much we did, we searched for more ...
Comment from : Poplave

Ana Mak
Excellent summary that you share about these videos. It's on of the best, really. Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Comment from : Ana Mak

Catalin Daub
I'm a roulette gambler I always look for the best winning strategies. Thanks for this tutorial!
Comment from : Catalin Daub

Lion Heart
Ohh wow, what a great roulette strategy, i love it, i am going to try it out as soon as possible. Thanks so much for the tips.
Comment from : Lion Heart

Thank you for your help it Works!
Comment from : REM 2

Dori Madrileni
Dude you are the best. Thanks so much for the help 🙌🙌
Comment from : Dori Madrileni

the strategy discussed in the video is one of the best actually. thanks so much for sharing. i am going to give it a try.
Comment from : NICK BONNIE

Carolina García
excelente explicacion, esta genial, amo la ruleta, mil gracias por compartir
Comment from : Carolina García

Paul Vlad
Great guide about how to increase chances to win at Roulette and get better odds. Useful indeed. Cheers!
Comment from : Paul Vlad

Colin Resmer
So far SOOOOOOO good. Decided to give this stradegy a go at a live online casino, and I've done nothing but make profit$$ I'll keep u posted on my progress. I like what I'm seeing thus far👍 Slow profits, but profit is profit baby🍻
Comment from : Colin Resmer

Roulette Boss
Great video dude. 99% of people do not take action. I did and now my channel is BUZZING. Cheers
Comment from : Roulette Boss

Maarten V
First of all thank you for the effort to show us your method with your video. It seems great! But to me it's not clear in the video when to double, when to keep it that way and when to stop doubling. There is no clear pattern after losing a few times. It would be great that you write down your whole strategy in your description and write down what to do in case of losing a few times. (9 times or more in a row f.e.) Thank you if you would do that. Because it's not the easiest strategy.
Comment from : Maarten V

Benedict teo
Gambler Casino, Will Your Strategy Work on Land Casino?
Comment from : Benedict teo

Can you recommend a casino wepsite for Europeans?
We cant make an account on the suggested wepsite.

Comment from : ?

Gulgan Burgi
Dear Gambler Casino,
Today I wanted to register on the site and start with the 'Roulette Advanced'. However, this game can not be found on this page. Where else can I use this method?
I would be very happy to receive a quick answer.
Many Thanks!

Comment from : Gulgan Burgi

rayan roux
I had difficulty following this roulette strategy it looks so complicated….
Comment from : rayan roux

marius barbier
Very easy method it works very well
Comment from : marius barbier

Noe Leclerc
Ty 4 sharing this strategy you and your strategy rocks!💪💪💪💪
Comment from : Noe Leclerc

Chief Pipe
This awesome, cant wait to try it out and give feedback!!
Comment from : Chief Pipe

Marry Rouge
Looks slightly complicated for an old lady like me ill have my niece break it down for me, but overall its impressive.
Comment from : Marry Rouge

Elfrieda Hyatt
thanks for sharing this roulette strategy, your system is amazing
Comment from : Elfrieda Hyatt

Lessie Weimann
Nice roulette strategy bro ty for sharing💪💪
Comment from : Lessie Weimann

Vernon McLaughlin
Ty for sharing 💪
Comment from : Vernon McLaughlin

Ted Smith
Nice roulette strategy bro ty for sharing
Comment from : Ted Smith

Peter Kelly
Nice roulette strategy bro ty for sharing💪
Comment from : Peter Kelly

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